Bolton Arena win the FAIR PLAY LEAGUE Championship Trophy. Nash Amblers are runners walkers-up ! and Nash Bees took the ‘Ken Richards Cup’ for  Fair Play  home

read all about it <here>


A little French dressing for the Striders squad as Jeremie returns. Here he is almost three years ago just before he scored the Striders first ever goal!  We were playing our first away game at Fleetwood, and Jeremie smashed one in.


A robust player who might have to rein in some  of his exuberant  style for the fair play league but with any luck he will hit the target for the Striders in the FPL tomorrow.  Our squad has been pitifully short of goals in this campaign. Mustering only five in twenty games !

We’ll have six players tomorrow – as yours truly will be Refereeing some of the games. Ed.


Rod Seddon

**BREAKING FPL NEWS ** Rod Seddon pulls out for Wednesday leaving the midweek men down to a bare six.  Striders too as the league reaches a climax** David Wilson co-manager was informed by ‘phone tonight

“Oh No” was his immediate reaction.  It now looks as though Wilson himself may have to play three games for the King Street outfit.


Hail Terry ‘TAxi’ Harrison who called around to our house today to have a fitting of his new Striders rain jacket. It suited him as you can see.  Terry, picture with his Taxi  has had the cab ‘wrapped’ so look out for him in something other than the black traditional FX4 from now on.

Plasyer of the Year 2018 Terry has been struggling with  a groin injury and maybe even  a bit of sciatica of late but he’s hoping to be back with us soon.  Probably testing himself with  the Over 67’s hour at King Street to see how his injury copes. Meanwhile Strider’s squad woes continue with Peter Dixon now withdrawing due to family commitments.

David Partington will probably need to resume his goalkeeping duties.


WE have received news that our Honorary member and regular Referee Alan Graham has been admitted to hospital as a medical emergency. We also hear he is responding well to treatment and send him, and his family all of our best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Update 23/4/19:Alan will soon be discharged from Hospital- possibly today !


Latest Strider’s squad news for the Fair Play League <here>

Good, short,  professionally produced video from ITV south-west – walking football PLYMOUTH down near David Fielding’s old neck of the woods -“they think it’s all over”

< it isn’t !>


News of the Over 70’s League team  on the relevant page from the menu


We are trying to raise a team to enter the T.V. Quiz show ‘Tenable’  Now I knowlittle of this but have seen  a few minutes on YouTube.  The obvious thing would be for the Eggheads crew from 2017 to regroup as a Tameside Striders team for this one.

Barry Smith has stepped up to the plate to augment the team. This all follows an invitation to apply, extended to walking football teams that was forwarded by Bill Murney of the GMWFL – thanks to him for circulating.  It’s worth  a go, might be a laugh and we may even win something if we ‘pass the audition’ and get on the air  – you never know. Quick comments below please.



**D.W.F.G. HAVE A GOOD SPREAD IN THE NEW ‘DENTON CORRESPONDENT’ FREE NEWSPAPER THAT SERVES THE DENTON AREA** Photo’s and text promoting the group – even the cow appears interested !



SUMMER NINETEEN FESTIVAL/FIESTA  – Kicking ideas around <over to you>





  • Strider Ken Dean – back in a couple of weeks




As you might have seen on the ‘Denton Internals’ page, more rain jackets were issued yesterday.  As well as the showerproof material on the outside, the inside reveals a brushed fleece and mesh lining  , this came in handy yesterday when they became ‘Wind-jammers’ as yet another day of cold winds came to Tameside.


Bill Lancashire has been in touch …

“I just thought I’d keep you posted about my injury.  The hip is much improved but it is not yet ready for the rough and tumble of walking football. I was hoping to be fit for April’s over 70 games, but it is not to be, although I hope to be there to cheer on the lads.
Hopefully I could be back in a couple of weeks for a gentle walkout, but we’ll just have to see.
Pleased to see all the new rainwear has arrived and I even noticed a jacket bearing the initials BL so that must be a good omen. “

Meanwhile  Terry Harrison has texted to say he has an injury (groin strain) and is taking a break from the game for one week minimum.  This might  cause consternation to Messrs: Fielding C and Partington ahead of the Over Seventies League games on the sixteenth of April. Reporting from his Haughton Green home Harrison said his chances of being fit were no more than  fifty- fifty but that would go up another 25% if I called him  after midnight or on a Bank Holiday !

Harrison – left.

In another shock Peter ‘mighty’ Quinn one of the  Striders heroes of last months ‘Siege of the Alamo’ on Pitch Three is unavailable for the F.P.L.  finale – the culmination and climax that’s happening on the 24th. With  another hammer blow in the shape of Lawrie O’Toole’s wounded knee and Alan Richards troublesome thigh/hip – rested now until Heywood Over 65’s – in these circumstances the Strider’s will be relieved to see Steve Wingrove return after two months absence, and with four game left  for the team to play all the remaining squad should get plenty of game time.



TAMESTRIDERS T.V. were pleased to assist in the production of a promo video for the good people at GMWFL Heywood in support of their new Over Seventies League of which Striders are founder members – the video is featured on the League’s website and can also be seen



Last six games?  F.P.L. FORM GUIDE  <formcheck>



P.4  W.1  D.1  L.2 F.2 A.2 Pts.4

Photo’s + video + John Smith’s report on the Over 60’s league page….


Here comes the rain…..jackets.








A review of the F.P.L. as it approaches it’s final round of fixtures wholly

from  a D.W.F.G. / NASH perspective  as written by Alan Richards is < here >


The latest newsletter from the Walking Football Association ~we are no longer affiliated but the link is published out of general interest for anyone who fancies a read.

<WFA Newsletter>


Woo-hooo ! – all we need now is a few weeks of rain to try ’em out!  (joking)

RAIN JACKET NEWS:  They are due to arrive on Wednesday.  Distribution will begin on Thursday morning so if you could get to King Street a few minutes early, we can get  a photo of as many people wearing them as possible, for our benefactors. Thanks.


The penultimate round of the Fair Play League took place on Thursday 27th. March. Twelve matches in which fifteen goals were scored.  There was one blue card, with thirteen fair play points awarded and seven deducted.  The results and table can be found online and there will soon be a report on the same website <here>

look for the ‘video links’ page for links to er….video.

The final round of fixtures will take place on the 24th.April

Bernard Roddy made his league ‘debut’ and was joined in the Denton Wednesday squad by David Wenham.  Wednesday climbed off the bottom at the expense of Tameside Striders who had a bare minimum six players fit today. It’s tight at the top with three teams realistically challenging for the title. The ‘Ken Richards Cup’ for fair play and sportsmanship looks to be going to either of the two Nash teams…Bees or Amblers but there’s still everything to play ‘fair’ for.

Final round April 24th.


DWFG competitive teams


On W.F.dotcom yesterday,The chief organiser of our Heywood league was asking if the Over 70’s league was the first in the country. I know most of you don’t look at such media  but…

I think it is.  And we’re really only  in it due to the persistence of one man – because yours truly thought it a team too far . Wrongly.  So  hats off to Colin Fielding, seen here on the left.

 “I recently read a comment online suggesting that the Greater Manchester Walking Football Over 70’s League, which commenced on 21st March 2019 and consisted of 7 teams, was the first such 70’s league in the country. Can anyone dispute this?

Our over 60’s league commenced on 3rd February 2017 and our over 65’s league on 15th February 2018. As a matter of interest, did any such age categorisation leagues start before these dates?” – Bill Murney….GMWFL

  • – – – – – –

My reply….”Regarding the Over 70 league I think it really is a first.  There have been tournaments at that senior level but I can’t recall mention of a league anywhere.  It’s a natural progression. Over 75’s next perhaps? ”

“This was  great initiative that went very well on its first day. There’s not an awful lot between the teams from what I could see, and the level of competitiveness was sensible, and measured for the most part. Let’s hope for many such days at Heywood under GMWFL auspices, and also that this idea catches on around the country.  It’s good to know we were in amongst the first tranche of pathfinders, which is due mostly to the persistence of one of our committee members – take a bow Colin F – who saw this a viable adventure for our group, when I actually doubted the strength of  numbers we had available.  I consider myself refuted.  HE even paid the entry fee up front HIMSELF ! Well persisted Col.”  ☺️ ~ Alan Richards


Might as well enjoy it while we can !

Video of the Over 70’s league games is now online  on Tamestriders TV

< view the trailer >


Regrettably we announce the cancellation of the friendly planned for 23rd. March – more on the ‘friendly fixtures’ page from the menu.


A quite superb, ground breaking day for our Striders Over 70’s

and the game in general at Heywood Sports Village today <read>

– – – – –

KING STREET ACTION TODAY….’Chief’ Brodie goes for goal

Editors note: Following more criticism of our videos from people down south and in other areas too I contacted the GMWFL league to see if they had a problem with their league game footage appearing on our youtube ‘Tamestriders T.V.’  I did this out of respect for the organisers of the competition. A good league that is not perfect (NONE are) and certainly as good if not better than any similar set ups we’ve seen.  Unfortunately some clubs and leagues seem very slow and reluctant  to post video of their games. Which tells it own story.   Even WFA TV is very slim on footage beyond heavily edited short clips.  Now, I do not use this website to have  a pop at individuals  in the wider game however irksome, and childish their comments directed at me/you may be, and that will remain the case.  I can respond, if necessary  to our critics elsewhere.

Anyway the GMWFL gave us the green light for video.  I will hopefully be filming on Thursday. The F.P.L. will definitely remain transparent too – it’s an essential part of the mix of unrivalled coverage.

Running is always a topical issue in walking football which sometimes makes me wish the originators had called it something else.  See ‘Denton Internals’ from the menu above for issues arising from today’s games.

Incidentally, good to see Peter Dixon back today after injury. And best wishes to David Wilson who did not quite feel himself during todays game and retired early. Hope you’re fit for Thursday.


It’s to be hoped we have enough players for Heywood this week.  I advised it  was always going to be tight , fielding an Over 70’s team, and with the leading Fielding not here it’s even tighter !

To be honest I await with baited breath to see if we get the requisite numbers and if we do not this will be a black day in the short history of D.W.F.G. Trying to make contact with  Barry Smith as I write.

  • – – – – – –

Gents outfitting was one of those jobs I avoided – and there were a few  others I didn’t have a go at. Anyway many of you have now tried on a Pendle rain jacket and the news is almost everyone who had an XL hoodie is happy to have a Large Pendle. These three samples I have will need to be returned at the end of the week or we will be billed sixty quid. Just perchance anyone does not want one that’s printed (badge, initial Denton Walking Football  on the back) let me know sharpish please and I’ll hold one back. Otherwise it will be the full monty.

The next grant we manage to secure might be earmarked for waterproof trousers but someone else can do the measuring up !  Are you free? 🙂

I hope to attend Heywood with the Over 70’s on Thursday morning but will first call at King Street for a few ‘fittings’.  Incidentally  a reminder that the pitch has been paid for in advance this time but still give either Peter Quinn or Dave Wilson your spondoolicks.

  • – – – – –



These jackets – similar but not identical to this – will run out at about £26 each. Anyone who misses out will be offered similar rain wear later in the year. Thanks for your forbearance.


  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

For a Striders perspective on Heywood 14/3/19  <look>

There are links to match video from Heywood – follow the Over 65’s progress <click for links>


Following an application on behalf of our group  from  Co-Treasurer Alan Richards,  Denton Walking Football Group have been awarded a four figure grant by

solely for the purpose of purchasing printed rain wear and  bibs for as many of our players as possible. The committee  and myself wish to express our deep appreciation to the society for this award and we are already at work establishing suppliers and ordering sample garments.

The sooner  we can proceed the better in the current  weather, after all (pics below).  Details of allocation will follow but for now let’s celebrate more good news. The cheque from Mr. Joe Swift Clerk to the Trustees arrived today and will be paid into our bank account tomorrow .  We wish to express our appreciation to the trustees,  and also Sharman Birtles for pointing us in this direction after our award from the Duchy of Lancaster in December. Please be assured the money will be spent equally wisely. – Alan Richards Secretary/Co-Treasurer D.W.F.G. + the Committee & players.

  • – – – – – – –  – –


A message from Bernard…..


F.P.L. PROMO VID < check it out on tamestriders tv >


ROUND OF FIXTURES IN THE F.P.L. the trophies are ordered

< trophies >

– – – – – –



  • – – – –
  • Internal sessions will always be our priority. Competitive walking football is an outlet for those who want it. Feedback suggests that it’s becoming a matter of concern to committee members and experienced players alike that the second hour on Tuesday is becoming too fast, and too competitive.  Witness the video from last week for instance.  This is not publicly available as we would  be a target for derision – not that this worries us too much but the risk of injury does.
  • We will be arranging a meeting soon to discuss this, unless matters improve.
  • Not everyone is  contributing to this problem  BUT others soon catch on and feel they have to ‘speed up’ to compete. This makes things very difficult for our Referees, who want you to enjoy the game you have all signed up to play.
  • It’s a problem we need to solve and the first steps lie  at your feet.
  • Each week is different of course in terms of make up and numbers.
  • First and foremost though it should be remembered that we are a WALKING football group.
  • – – – – – – –

Bill Lancashire has an abductor  muscle injury  (hip area)and has been absent for three weeks now.  He has indentified the problem but it could be some time before he is fit to play.  Bill will almost certainly have to withdraw from the first round of Over 70 fixtures at Heywood.

Wishing you well Bill and see you back when you’re fully recovered.

UPDATE: Bill’s been in touch and is having physiotherapy sessions – a work in progress.

Get back when you can Bill but don’t rush it.



NEW NETCAM featuring Denton Wednesday v. Vintage Celtic


More than  a dozen responses to our survey have been returned – please visit the ‘Survey’ page and have your say on video and photography at our sessions and league games.

  • – – – – –


Looks like a walking football element has infiltrated the Nash Ultras !  🙂

Terry Bertenshaw and Barry Thickett  ” COME ON CURZON


VAR  – causing controversy throughout football – our version is no different

< VAR >

Players only ~ Video and photography survey <here>


…. you can’t please all the people all the time and in some cases it’s almost none of the time, and the ‘editor’  here is of course  no exception Never mind, the feeling  is sometimes mutual.   We’ve recently  (since the F.A. Peoples Cup) had a big upsurge in views of our videos and inevitably we have attracted some negative criticism. About six comments , in all.  Verbal attacks on one of our Referees ,  and a  couple of ripe ripostes to yours truly  on the dreaded ‘social media ‘  – Apparently,  I’m  a self-confessed ‘cheat’  and  yes, I have been penalised for running a few times… (regular running = cheating in my book ’tis true) an opinion shared by the Walking Football Association but best  leave that ‘organisation’  out of it.


You might remember we went ‘pro’ with Flickr in January at a cost of about £3.50 a month. One of the advantages you get is a better breakdown of statistics. Please have a look  and SUBSCRIBE at our/your photo channel – we’ve already had 134,00 views – feel free to download but if you use any online a credit would be appreciated. <striders shots on Flickr>

Flickr ‘pro’ screenshot



Read today’s report on the website – look for the ‘monthly reports’ page below

  • – – – –

Our final footage from the People’s Cup is now online on TAMESTRIDERS TV

Split screen opening too as the prod.  learns more about  the new software every day!

<lights – camera -action>

  • – – – – – –

ENCOURAGING STATISTICS FROM almost 1,200 views for Tamestriders TV  in February and 207 in the last 48 hours!  Fair Play League , People’s Cup etc. plus a little help from detractors down Wiltshire way.  Certainly brought a few ‘viewers’ in our direction.

Change of Referee in the Fair Play League  full story on the FPL website updates + news

  • – – – –




  • – – – – – – –
Fair Play League returns next Wednesday

Preview < here >



THE NASH AMBLERS are entered into the F.A. People’s Cup this weekend 23/2/19 at POWERLEAGUE ARDWICK.  The games are played outdoors on tight pitches against boards. In 2016 we won one of four games, and drew two of the others. Losing  in our last match to  a team calling themselves ‘Man City’ The Referees were very poor, and inexperienced.  We hope matters will have improved .  This is a big test for the F.A. ~  A squad of six for these five a side games will be managed by Alan Richards and consists of Gordon Nixon, Woz Taylor, Stewart White, Stephen Hampson,  David Lees and Colin Cuthbert.  This is an Over 50’s competition. Information is hard to glean but the games are scheduled for an afternoon slot 14.00 – 17.00 at this stage we have no idea who any of our opponents will be. We just hope there are some !

  • – – – – – –

Blast from the recent past – The Nash Amblers on ‘EGGHEADS’ <link>



The February fixtures for the Fair Play League are now on the FPL website

follow the <link>



  • Heywood note: Over 65’s default kit is black and white stripes but after discussing this with our Chairman we will play in black and yellow stripes, yellow shorts ,black socks to avoid worrying about bibs. There’s been an out break of B & W at Heywood of late. Also more highly visible. Over 70’s will have the Red and Black stripes, black shorts and red socks. – Thanks…Alan.
  • Receipt for entry fee Over 70 and Over 65.
  • Phenomenal ? <FIFA on walking football>
  • Meanwhile – what’s this all about ? <What?>
  • Not the man but his hoodie – did you pick it up by mistake at Curzon today 15/2/19?
  • Incidentally the round window sticker is also missing – must have fallen off when the tailgate
  • was left open at King Street – so if you spotted  it I hope you hung on to it.
  • _____________
  • Michael Conroy has joined the Striders Over 65 squad for Heywood’s GMWFL on  a month by month basis.
  • Mike Conroy
  • ___________
  • Paul Theobald – nickname ‘Theo’  has become the latest player to sign on with..

    Paul Theobald
  • …Denton Walking Football Group. £5 sign on fees are suspended from the end of April and all players wishing to do so renew  during  August –  Welcome aboard Theo  – Ed.
  • – – – – – – –
  • – – – – – –
  • For those interested in the Curzon Wednesday Fair Play League there’s been a development today you may want to acquaint yourself with   <here>
  • – – – – – – –
  • ______________
  • Well, I’ll go to the foot of our stairs. Seems I’ve won a gift voucher for gaining the most reputation points for January on  If you don’t know the site please check it out sometime soon.  Now….what SHALL I buy ??
  • Too much information? with three cameras in action at the FPL last WEdnesday there’s a lot to sort out. Please checkout out Tamestriders T.V. for the results and our channel on Daily Motion ~
  • here’s a pic of the ‘cutting room’ ~
  • we have over three hundred and fifty videos online, far more than any other walking football group in the country. Speaking of “Walking Football” you can’t please everyone. A very few  people reckon we don’t play the game properly.  These critics  have one thing in common.  They NEVER post video of their own games and leagues. They claim they’re ‘too busy’.  A feeble excuse. Buy a bloody tripod and leave the camera unmanned ! So until we get to see  better examples of  a ‘pure’ walking football  which they continually espouse we should Keep Calm…and Carry On. 
  • – – – – – – –
  • A cheque for £286 has been posted to the organisers of the GMWF League. This pays the entry fee for Striders Over 70’s and Over 65’s teams into the Spring competition which starts next month. Apart from  a six pound Lancashire F.A. affiliation fee all the cash for this has been raised from competing players.  In the case of the Over 70’s squad Colin Fielding has paid the full amount ‘up front’ and players will need to reimburse him as they are selected to play in the teams each month. You’ll need to arrange this with Colin himself, no doubt David Partington will deputise for Colin  in the March session.  The Over 65 squad may still need one or two reinforcement s and Gordon Nixon and Alan Richards will be consulting in the next couple of weeks. Our perennial problem is scoring goals , and we will be looking for a remedy. Whether we find one or not is anybody’s guess ! The Nash Amblers have entered their Over 60’s team once again this time co-manager  John Smith is assisted by Steve Foster and their payment is a separate matter and all in hand we understand.
  • Incidentally you can read the organisers official preview of the Spring League <here> and there is a link contained within to the amended rules and local exceptions. These are also linked on this website so there’s no excuse for  our Heywood players not to acquaint themselves fully with the new demands of this league.
  • – – – – – – –
  • FPL table is now online after a triple check. Thanks to Garry Pearce and Stewart White for assistance in that regard. I have a mountain of video to sort through and check. It will take a week or two to get it all up. Thanks also to Gordon Nixon for his unfailing assistance in collecting some of the gear after the games yesterday and to Mark Bradshaw  who was there early doors sorting out the pitch configuration with myself.
  • <league table>
  • February 6th. – and some of our teams did well today at the Fair Play League, others not so well
  • here’s a link to the FPL website where there will soon be more information on the days events.
  • <link>

Wise words from Glasgae…

Listening to Premier league and browsing old photo’s….

  • Almost one year ago Tameside Striders  beat Burnley F.C  Community Walking Football ten goals to one in  a friendly match inside their ‘elite’ training centre. The elite had moved on to more modern surroundings but this facility was right next door to Turf Moor and all the better for it. We would really  like to do this again someday and we fully expect a much closer contest.  You join the game with Striders leading two nil with goals from Smith and Richards. Look out for a screamer from our Chairman Gordon Nixon  about twelve minutes in. We look forward to renewing our rivalry with Burnley at the FPL next week
  • <check it out>


With temperatures set to climb towards mid week it’s not expected that a busy week of walking football across both groups and the Fair Play League will be interrupted.


  • – – – – –

A pleasure to play walking football at Curzon Ashton this morning – three talented guests from ‘down under’ made for a three touch fiesta in the chilly northern hemisphere air !


today’s Australian guests…
  • – – – – –

Be aware: Free kicks at Heywood all leagues <shoot?>


It’s deep in Denton :

Following January’s postponement ….

  • – – – – –



  • Tony and Barry enjoy a brew


BE AWARE ! Check out these important rule changes from the link below – scroll down.


NEWS UPDATE 26/1/19 – Our own David Partington attended his second  North West England regional trial on Thursday last.

Although typically  he says this is ‘no big deal’ I’m sure you’d all like to know he’s been asked  to attend further training sessions with the successful outfield players.

Pictured below with his Strider team mates at the FPL last month Dave’s next serious goalkeeping action will come on Wednesday next ~ weather permitting.

That he has caught the selectors eye will come as no surprise to those of us who have marvelled at David’s agility and reflexes over the last couple of years and more. We wish him all the best for his international aspirations and hope he keeps us fully informed on his progress



GOOD NEWS I thought I’d share. After  foolishly leaving my  megaphone out in the rain last Tuesday the darn thing went completely haywire and was making a terrible racket even worse than my usual outpourings. I thought it was kaput. Busted, and broken. A survivor from the Referendum campaign in 2016 I thought it’s last utterances had been uttered.

However, an overnight stay in the warmth of our drying cupboard has worked wonders and it’s back on song. I’m sure you’re all delighted. What was it Maggie Thatcher once  said at another time of national concern? – “rejoice in that news” ;-p  Ed.

  • ________________
  • Important: If you are playing at Heywood this Spring in the GMWFL  you need to familiarise yourself with these new rules which incorporate the revised F.A. laws with several (good) local exceptions. Read them two or three times please, and refresh your memory in the days leading up to the league sessions – thank you. GMWFL FA LOTG & Local Rules


Barry Smith   <netcam at the nash>

Dave Cooper is smiling?

Dave Cooper

find out why <here>

  • __________________
  • TUESDAY 22nd. January VIDEO < snowbound striders >
  • ___________
  • NETCAM at King Street – men for all seasons
  • <netcam>
  • _________________
  • 19th. January News in Brief:  Three teams look likely for Heywood – two from Striders one from Amblers ://: Chris Turner is the latest player  side-lined due to a back injury ://: F.P.L. resumes on the 30th. January please be there before 10-00am. for the  10-30 kick-offs ://: Fixtures and a preview on the FPL website ://:  Over 67 hour at Denton deemed working satisfactorily ://: Can two games become a regular feature at the Nash? ://: YouTube channel getting plenty of views ://:
  • New enquiries see players directed to Thursdays which may soon see two games and a return of mini goals on one pitch at least. Numbers and players opinion will dictate such  a move.
  • Peter Dixon reports recurring injury woes will keep him out of the Fair Play League for the rest of the season.  In  a ‘phone call this morning the striker confirmed his frustration at missing out.
  • We are at least grateful to Pete for always keeping us in the picture (very important) and his communication is an example to all.
  • Peter Dixon
  • There’s no doubt he will be missed.  Who can forget his emergency stint in goal for the Striders in September ? and  forcing the best out of Celtic’s Mike Kieron with one of the few shots we’ve actually managed to get on target so far.
  • Look after yourself Pete. we’ll see you at Denton soon we hope, and if you want to man  a flag at the FPL or simply take some photographs of the action then come down to Curzon and don’t stay away for too long.


  • ___________________________________________
  • The note below does NOT apply to the Striders Over 70’s team because Colin Fielding has already pre-paid the cost. You will need to reimburse him  as the months go by and you’re selected to play at £5 per monthly round of fixtures…you’ll soon have your own webpage on this site in accordance with the other two leagues – thanks

  • __________
  • The £146 applies to the Over 60’s Nash Amblers and just one of the Striders teams as £6 is the affiliation fee (per club/group) to Lancashire County F.C. The over 65’s entry fee will incorporate that charge if they enter. If not we’ll add the cost to the 70’s entry fee. As things stand the Over 65 team the most challenged in terms of squad numbers with just five fit players from Denton  showing interest. Alan Richards has overnight  had to withdraw from playing all walking football in the short to medium  term  –  returning hip pain rules it out, so a playing role at Heywood looks less than likely. Any other group member wanting to take part at Over 65 please make it known.
  • We need to make a decision soon.
  • Players interested so far: Stewart White (underage goalkeeper)  Gordon Nixon /Peter Jarvis /
  • Alan Brodie/Martyn Heath/
  • Stephen Hampson and Eric Lloyd (both invited and  signed on  guests)
  • – – – – – – –
  • The Editor’s efforts to find some additional funding for wet weather gear and other items is a work in progress. Here’s a few photo’s of players in their ‘hoodies’ warm but not waterproof and a recent addition to our/your kit
  • <Hoods>
  • __________________

Mark Bradshaw interviewed at Curzon Ashton <link>


We’ve booked a place for The Nash Amblers in this years ‘F.A. People’s Cup.

This is an Over 50’s competition (sadly they didn’t include an older category) so primarily it’s a chance for our younger players with support from those into their sixties and older if they fancy having a go. It’s free to enter. A maximum of fifteen teams are allowed. Striders played in this two years ago and it became very physical. The Referee’s were next to useless in that regard.

It’s played on enclosed pitches with sideboards. Please be aware and let Alan know if you’re interested. Last weekend in February probably a Saturday afternoon in Ardwick ~ thanks


We have had to make a decision regarding our photo archive on Flickr.  The site has adopted a non-free approach and we would have lost almost two thousand photo’s from the last thirty months.  So after consulting committee colleague we have decided to take up their ‘Go-Pro’ option which offers unlimited storage for less than a pound a week. £40 per annum.

We’ve had to pay twelve months subscription  in advance however, but this is easily done and our finances are in good shape despite much activity towards the end of last year – 25% of the cost is coming from Nash Amblers modest funds  too because they feature in many of the photographs. Expect a lot of camera action this year as we build upon our ‘history’ .

The FPL will also be featured.

Check out our 2,800 photos at the link below & add to the 102,184 views we’ve already had !

~New permanent link


some of the Thursday brigade back at King Street


Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019…and before it’s very old….

Grateful thanks to Barry Thickett and Dave Cooper who have already signalled an interest in helping out – more volunteers who don’t mind standing outdoors for a couple of hours in January are needed.

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When are we back at King Street ? <click and watch a short (very short) video !>


If you are interested in playing for the Striders in the F.A. People’s Cup 2019 please visit this page and complete the very short poll – thanks <here>


Check out the twitter feed to the right of the page to see a cheeky example of a one step penalty!

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if you like it please give it a thumbs up on you tube or leave a comment, even if you don’t !



If you’re interested in the new laptop we recently acquired for the group it’s featured


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A David Wenham goal at King Street < short clip>


New balls courtesy of friend and supporter of the group – IAN WILSON


Referee: Alan Graham


Thanks Al.



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End of year report – link here <click>

Ivan and Steve in their new ‘hoodies’


Players of the Year Under and Over 65 pictured at King Street…

Under and Over – our P.O.Y’s Ade and Terry


This is the calendar for Heywood next year. Colin Fielding has  told me (Ed.) that it’s highly likely that between our two groups we will have an over 70’s team in that league.  I’m just wondering what the players in that will do about the Over 65 league. Will they to play in both? As some of the Amblers are now 65+ do they want to remain in the Over 60’s league?

Will we be  able to – or want to – field teams in all three leagues? Remember the FPL on the months final Wednesday does not complete until late April. If it goes again it will start in September,  That means every week for at least five months there will be a competitive day for some players. We don’t want to bite off more than we can chew. Look at the dates and ponder upon the commitment.  Have a think about it and discuss when together. Thanks






If you weren’t at the Christmas ‘doo’ this is a flavour of what you missed


David Partington has become the second Tameside Strider to progress to the next stage of N.W. regional England trials.

David Partington

He must have impressed the selectors with his goalkeeping ability,  and we’ll keep you posted on his progress, and that of David Lees who is through to the next stage of the Over 50’s group.


<you’re having a laugh>


Members of  the Nash Amblers Facebook group  should pay a visit there  soon, especially  if you take part in friendly matches for the Over 60’s team. If you are not a member  and wish to know why please send me an email. Ed.


Two of these WILSON balls will soon be winging their way to Denton from the good ship Amazon currently sailing full steam towards Christmas and loaded to the gunwales with goodies for all and sundry!


These balls come courtesy of regular benefactor Ian Wilson (get it? ). Remember the ‘Wilson’ ball in Castaway? well I couldn’t get exactly the same thing but these are close enough I hope Ian.

Ian was at our Christmas ‘doo’ last night  with brother David and has also agreed to buy us a set of double sided reversible Mitre bibs.

thanks again Ian – Ed.


Adrian Jones is the Tameside Striders D.W.F.G. Under 65 players of the year.  It was a knife edge ballot with three players on six votes. The committee unanimously decided the decision would be judged on appearances and length of time playing with us this year. Adrian has been regular throughout. We were joined in March and a little later David Fielding and Steve Foster respectively.  Each have clearly made an impression on  their colleagues in a relatively short time.

Adrian was not at the Nash last night, and given the difficulty we had in playing c.d.’s the likelihood of a video link to his holiday log cabin somewhere on the moors (I think) was never a realistic option! We’ll catch up with you soon if you’re reading this.

The Over 65 ‘player of the year’ award went to Terry Harrison, our taxi driving goalscorer. Happily, the Haughton Green cabbie parked up long enough to attend and collect his trophies in person.  Don’t forget Terry, you give one of ’em back next November!

The narrowest of margins – just one vote separating Terry from Tony Cravagan who won the Denton Thursday P.o.Y. last week ! Lots of players registered votes. Messrs:Lake, Fielding and Nixon for instance garnered three votes each. Well done to all, once again.

Bernard Roddy was a ‘Committee’ decision  for ‘Sportsman of the Year’ trophy and was a very popular choice. He was in attendance to receive the award from our most recent committee addition Colin Fielding.

As was Tony Berry, awarded a cut glass trophy for ‘Personal Achievement’ in turning around his lifestyle and using walking football as a springboard to more exercise and weight loss – well done.

Tony Berry – personal achiever

Referee Garry Pearce was presented with  a small memento in appreciation of his service to the group – good natured boo’s accompanied the handover but we all recognise the value competent Referee’s bring to walking football.

Referee Garry Pearce

So, those trophies which have not yet found their intended recipient will soon be handed over . and Tony Cravagan will be re-united with his Thursday P.o.Y pot !

Another year almost over and there will be a Secretaries report / summary of the year available around Christmas time wit some  photographs. No ‘end of year’ d.v.d. this time though as just January and February proved so time consuming to do, and  having been very busy with walking football lately  I just cannot summon up the will to spend multiple hours  over a keyboard staring at a screen. This years I might make a monthly episode as we go, simply combining them as 2020 approaches would make things much easier NEXT December, should the need arise.

Awards presentation video <look>

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Thanks to these two for providing an entertaining evening in the face of difficulties

Gordon and David

Not to mention the effort put in by their Wives Janet & Elaine  to create a festive atmosphere – thanks on behalf of the group.

just SOME of the guests enjoying last night’s Xmas ‘doo’

  • – – – – –
  • There are now plans for regional England trials for Over 70’s. If you qualify, think you’re good enough (however ‘good’ that needs to be – and you’re interested in attending (Wigan, in mid-February) let me know soon. You need to be nominated by the group/club but after that the detail will be left for you to work out with the organisers.
  • Can’t help thinking aspect of walking football are getting some distance from what the game  was originally meant to be.
  • (*personal opinion* Ed.)
  • – – – – – –

Strider’s recent N.W. England  Over 50’s regional trialist David Lees has been selected from  a crop of forty to return with fifteen other players who have caught the eye of selectors.

Seen here on the right paying close attention to Gordon Nixon, David  is a versatile midfield player who scores goals and even turns his hands to keeping goal for the Nash Amblers in the F.P.L.

We wish David every success in his international aspirations.

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We don’t play a lot of friendly games but the number must be well into the teens by now. Remarkably neither the Nash Amblers nor Tameside Striders have yet lost a friendly game!

Catch up with the latest one here:







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New player Denton Thursday – John Boyle of Northenden and a pic of the P.O.Y. Trophy

John Boyle
Note the custom badge







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Improved fortunes for The Nash Amblers at Heywood –  a report on the Over 60’s  page (GMWFL)  <click>

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Meanwhile at Denton Thursday we had a ‘Player of the Year’ presentation

Tony Cravagan

<video link here>


UP THERE WITH THE BIG BOYS? Clearly yes, but who gives a monkey’s chuff?

As with traditional football I’m  sick and tired of hearing about ‘BIG clubs’. OH !they’re a big club or NO! you’re not a BIG club or worse still United are BIGGER than City or vice-versa. It’s ALL baloney and the stuff of the playground.  “My Dad’s bigger than your Dad”


YES! but in the words of  Rhett Butler “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”

That’s why I won’t be proposing we join this list and as your Secretary I’m glad we’re now OUT of the WFA – this is an extract from the last newsletter our group will receive as affiliated members.

We’re gone with the wind.







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Overs Unders & Thursday

Our trophies are all here, these and others. Each ‘player of the year’ keeps their engraved trophy shown above permanently, and retains the larger ones (not shown) for twelve months. Total cost was £94.00 from money donated by our Referees throughout the year primarily : Alan Graham, Garry Pearce, Keith Burrows,  and Alan Richards.

Very Pleased with the new custom centres for our trophies thanks to the staff at Paul Hett’s in Hyde. Gives them  the Tameside Striders stamp !

When viewing the graphic below it should be borne on mind that previous winners were ineligible this time….


Our affiliation to the Walking Football Association expires this month and there are no plans to renew it as decided at our August A.G.M. Their latest newsletter  is <here>

While your Editor is linked with sagacity in this issue I claim no such quality. In fact it made me laugh – not always easy. We will not be applying to go on the list of the ‘biggest walking football groups in the country’ although we do qualify in terms of numbers – I’m not wise enough  to see the point in that, to be honest.

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29/11/18 and a great turnout for the Thursday crew despite the blustery conditions with a leaden sky threatening rain. Sharman Birtles  Deputy Lord  Lieutenant of Greater Manchester attended the session to present yours truly with a cheque for £500 which will go towards fifty hoodies – ideal for weather such as today!

Pic: John Boyle

Sharman enjoyed a cup of coffee with us and spoke to several  players about the benefits of our game. She is a football fan herself and husband Graham plays walking football himself  at nearby Droylsden.

  • – – – – –

Most regular players will receive a hoodie. Your size will be guesstimated and as the garments will be personalised this is important.  I need to know by Tuesday next week if the size I have you down for is correct, or near as dammit. I’ve already asked several people directly.  A list will appear on the ‘about us – an introduction’ page later today. Please check your name and size <HERE> and if you wish to change it email me at a.s.a.p.

A good day at the Fair Play League with all four of our teams – checkout the news <here>

Short Colin Fielding interview < here >

A message from one of the F.P.L. organisers <click>

Get well soon Rob Lake, who has been forced to withdraw from the Striders FPL  squad with a dose of influenza ! The Nash Bees lose Trevor Brereton with a recurring back problem. In  surprise move Peter Smith has been loaned out by the Nash Amblers to assist the Striders efforts as Pete Dixon has withdrawn (groin). Laurie O’Toole comes back for Striders, and Alan Richards will ‘appen sit out tomorrow’s session at King Street and will  hope to get a game or two in on Wednesday. Tony Berry is welcomed back into the Ambler’s squad by Stewart White.  Peter Jarvis makes his bow in the competition , now fully fit. Another FPL debutant is Rod Seddon, who  lines up for  Denton Wednesday as does Tony Cravagan, drafted in to solidify the defence.


WASTE NOT WANT NOT – a broken and scrapped  tread mill can still  come in useful….

those markers we use cost over a pound apiece.. hence the Stanley knife..and I kept all my digits intact! #bonus

ever increasing circles…



  • – – – – – –

Called in at Paul Hett’s trophy shop in Hyde this morning to checkout all of our awards which have now been delivered. I carried the text for the engraving with me and the team of trophy technicians that beaver away at the back of the store will soon get to work on personalising most of the trophies.  I’m really pleased that they have come up with  a Denton Walking Football Group logo to go onto most of these trophies.  There will be awards for Players of the Year at Over 65, Under 65, Denton Thursday and all winners will receive a personalised engraved smaller trophy to go with the larger ones we have. The two additional awards ‘Sportsman of the Year’  and another  recognition award will also be personalised.

Past winners, Stewart White, Trevor Brereton and David Partington are still playing  as well as ever of course  but are not eligible this time around.

The ‘Clubman of the Year’ award has been discontinued.


Three touch desired  at Denton this Tuesday in preparation for the November FPL and to create a better game generally. Check out Tameside Striders Co-manager David Partington’s reaction to the Pete Dixon injury that will rule him out of four games this month. Dave is interviewed <here> oddly enough on the interview page.  It’s not all bad news though as Laurie O’Toole constitutes  the cavalry charge to reinforce the Striders squad for a tough day of four games, although to be honest I forgot to remind David of that before the interview went live. Sorry Laurie.

Laurie O’Toole
  • – – – –
  • Both votes for Players of the year are now finalised  and  closed. The committee need to decide when  the results will be announced  (at present only I know the result – Ed.) News of the Under 65’s s knife edge ballot tomorrow and as for the Over’s the vote was a little more complex than the Eurovision Song Contest!
  • Regarding the good news announcement below, enquiries are ongoing and quotes are  being assessed for a black hoodie with DWFG branding applied to be issued to each player with more than fifteen appearance at King Street this year. If you do not want a training/playing top of this type please let the Editor know a.s.a.p. and someone else can have it.
  • Lord Lieutenant of Gtr.Manchester crest
  • Duchy of Lancaster crest
  • It’s thought we can buy up to fifty garments with a little extra from our own funds and we have 61 registered players, most of whom have been regularly attending and of course some have joined us over the last couple of months. The Lord Lieutenant’s Representative Sharman Birtles will present the cheque to yours truly at  King Street at the Thursday session on the 29th. November. It’s estimated it will take a couple of weeks to have the garments produced when a supplier is finalised. Thanks to John Gaskin for bringing this opportunity to our attention and of course to the Duchy’s Trustees for their favourable consideration to our application.
  • – – – – – – –










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Tameside Reporter Mark Philip’s extended interview with Alan Richards and some nicely inserted footage from the Denton Thursday session that was taking place at the time

< here >


The Secretary/Co-Treasurer has applied to the Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund for a one off  grant to purchase warm winter training gear for as many regular players as possible. It’s a bit of a long shot but we fit the criteria and  provide weekly community activity like few other organisations around here – watch this space. I hope those who make the decision visit this website to see the extent of commitment , the smiling faces and the pleasure walking football brings to those who play the game at Denton. Expect some news on this soon.



– – – – – –


A fairly extensive article on walking football on the back page of a special ‘Armistice’ edition of the Tameside Reporter today. Privileged to be a part of an historic edition.

I shall be buying my Poppy tomorrow and as some of you may have noticed there’s always one on the front of my van ! Thanks Sports Reporter  Mark Phillip for the coverage

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A couple of goals and about fifteen minutes of video from November 5th. @ The Nash


  • – – – – –
  • Three years ago our Bernard got a new City shirt for his birthday.

    pic: Colin Fielding
  • – – – – – –
  • Some good reading here at the moment  – if a little long winded – I particularly like

‘FRUSTRATIONS OF A REFEREE’ I’ve met Mick Hill and we’ve often exchanged opinion – Ed.

if you fancy  a read there’s a link <here>

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  • – – – – – – –
  • THE DENTON THURSDAY LOGO (Hammer of Thor) now takes its rightful place on our site header logo. Affiliation to the W.F.A. will lapse soon and ‘the hammer’ has replaced the WFA logo.
  • If the outlook and management style of the W.F.A changes at some point in the future we will review the question of  affiliation.
  • Their latest newsletter shows signs of improvement and you can see it here
  •  <WFA Newsletter>
  • – – – – – – – – – –

Read John Smith’s feedback from this weeks Over 60’s league programme for the Amblers at Heywood + links to the organisers full run down of results , standings + their own report on the way things went on the day, including an interesting development at the top of Division One.

< here >


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  • ___________________

there is an extensive preview <here>

  • – – – –
  • – – –
  • Due to Secretarial persistence and application an eight month old promise of funds from our local Tameside council has been paid into our bank account and we are now £150 better off.
  • Thanks especially to Denton South Councillor Mr. George Newton
  • and his team ‘Denton South’ colleagues.
  • – – – – – –
  • Strider Pete Dixon tests the Vintage Celtic Goalkeeper in the Fair Play League
  • <check it out>


‘MEET’ JOE BEMROSE – his story in his own words <here>

A splendid time was had and lots of ‘glasses more than half full’  apparent here at The Viceroy in Hyde a restaurant specialising in Indian and Pakistani food.

No doubt there were many topics of conversation as the drinks flowed and the photo certainly conveys that impression. One or two absentees, including myself as I was out of the country 🙂


Curzon Wednesday Fair play league is working and is another good outlet for our walking footballers especially those who fancy a little bit of competitive structure and bonding with   regular teammates. Very few Fair Play points deducted so far. Take a look at our very own Nash Bee Adrian Jones – perhaps the best example of a walking footballer maximum movement  you will ever see. Both feet planted in full flight.

Adrian – poetry in motion . Photo credit : Kole of Curzon Academy

Read about our teams progress in the Fair Play League at Curzon today.

Nash Bees 0 Nash Amblers 3


Jim and Sid- with Bob.










Two spectators at King Street today – Jim Pelling (left) who has played twice on a Thursday and could be making his competitive walking football debut for Denton Wednesday at the FPL on Wednesday 24th. Good to  see you both Gentlemen.

  • – – – –


A new website  for the semi-competitive mixed ability league is here



Unusually at Curzon today  a penalty was awarded (and converted) following a foul adjudged to be ‘careless’.  For players information I publish a copy of the relevant rule under Law 13




This is a Manchester County F.A. rule that we assisted in drawing up at the turn of the year.  It has not been used much so hopefully  this clarifies it. The columns to the right denote a blue or red card scenario which definitely did NOT apply to this relatively innocuous incident



The Facebook vote on non v. minimal has overwhelmingly revealed a wish for non-contact walking football to be the maxim by which we maintain our current style of play both in internal sessions and at the GMWFL and the CURZON WEDNESDAY FAIR PLAY LEAGUE.

In other news a spontaneous friendly on Friday saw our hardy Amblers take on a team of youngsters from the Australian Youth Institute for Football. The lads took to walking very well, and Amblers conceded a penalty for three runs ! tut-tut 🙂 However we edged the game by the odd goal in five and by all accounts everyone enjoyed themselves.

Sticking with the ‘international scene’ the group have been asked to nominate four potential England trialists to the new WFA regional England scouting set up with  a view to attending trials.  We all have our own opinion on these kind of walking football matters but so far  three players names have come forward with  a wish to be considered.  These will be finalised this week and if we have more applicants than places  I will consult committee men and Mark Bradshaw at Curzon  before forwarding these candidates names to the WFA reps. In order that everyone who considers themselves good enough to represent England at walking football can all interested players contact me personally by the middle of this coming week please.(Ed.)



EDITORIAL -a personal view

The F.A. revision is rendered unsuitable by one word. Minimal.  I quote..“The ethos of Walking Football is one that expects a minimal contact match, with the players, match officials and other participants all understanding the spirit of the match.”

I personally think that’s far too woolly and is open to misinterpretation and wide divergence when it comes to inconsistency of match officials, not to mention the mindset of a minority of players of various ages who still think they are playing contact, regular football.  Some  of us have come across those.

Our own Manchester County F.A. rules will pertain for now in internal sessions and the Fair Play League but we are  consulting on Facebook, and on our own forum – click on the menu and cast your vote please. We all know contact occurs in  a non-contact format BUT one mans minimal is different from another mans minimal.  Whereas ‘non’ is pretty much unequivocal. The age of the players must be taken into account . We can never eliminate all risk of course –  but inviting risk is where the F.A. laws leave us until EVERY pitch in EVERY competition , tournament and internal game has the benefit of a skilled, assertive F.A. trained Referee with an expert eye and a level  of consistency we’ve not so far witnessed in any form of football, and quite simply, that’s NEVER going to happen.

Please feedback your own opinion on this important subject. The above view is inevitably  a personal one and until we can discuss this , or each have our own say the total adoption of F.A. law for our games remains on the table. – Ed.


We have waited a long time for these – see what you think.



The Nash Amblers played four and drew four at Heywood this month.  More <here>

Some short video clips from last weeks action at King Street

uploaded to Tamestriders T.V. our youtube platform … <click>





The production crew at Tamestriders Telly has come up with an amateurish home made ten minute video to capture the flavour of the fair play league’s opening day and if  you want to watch it you  can see it <by clicking here>


Stewart White sent good wishes before this game today and as it turned out we had an excellent game against our visitors from ~Lincolnshire – report, pics and video soon enough please check the friendly fixtures page in due course – Ed.

Amblers scored 3 goals to 1 but walking football won today



Bernard’s back !

Pete Ward injured his foor yestersay and cannot play in the League’s opening fixture round. David Grimbaldeston has joined the Amblers squad as a one off.

John Gaskin will go on loan to Tameside Striders for one month as his Nash Bees team are good in terms of numbers. Grateful thanks to John for accepting this late change of plan – Pete Dixon WILL keep goal for Striders though he’s not fully fit.  meanwhile here’s a reminder.


  • Session photos from 18th September at Denton  <view on Flickr>
  • Fifty photographs from the Martin Dawson Memorial Trophy at Heywood on…
  • <Flickr>
  • ____________
  • ____________
  • Checkout Striders  Co-manager Colin Fielding’s report from Heywood today 13/9/18
  • <here>
  • unavailable for the launch day. Application forms are starting to come in now and the seven founding teams are looking forward to the commencement of this unique league.
  • – – – – – – – –
  • – – – -Two game Tuesday – link to photo’s (be warned the Ed. is on the cover – for once) 🙂
  • <Our friend Flickr>
  • _________
  • Not everything in black and white makes sense. 20th. century Striders
  • juxtaposed in front of Denton’s 16th. century church.
  • Having made a case for our defibrillator purchase we now have one  to keep it in.

A hard shell, waterproof and on wheels – a must for portability. The defibrillator  will be well cushioned within. Sorry about the colour Colin (Fielding) but there wasn’t an awful lot of choice and NO red ones.I’ll look for a red cross to go across the front of it 🙂

hard case

At least it will stand out and hopefully NEVER be forgotten and left on the touchline. So if you see it standing there looking lost please do something about it. Let’s hope we never need to go into action with this device. I’m awaiting a call from  a paramedic to arrange some training in its use.(Ed.)



  • is  <here>



Committee man Colin Fielding looking mighty pleased with our latest piece of kit – let’s hope it’s only ever a precautionary measure. Thanks to Colin for his valued assistance in this matter.



We’ve cobbled together an overview.


check out the dedicated SUMMER 18 festival page for a link to our daily motion channel

In other news Tamestriders TV’s youtube channel <here> tops 3,500 views.

You’ll rarely see video posted from some clubs and tournaments .

We are open to be judged on our style of play and the way we approach the game


A pleasing email from our latest recruit David Lees  dropped into my inbox today…

Hi Al, it’s new recruit Dave Lees here!


It’s only a week or two since I’ve joined in with you lads & I’m loving it already…guess the decent weather has helped too, but more so the acceptance from everybody of another lad to kick around with.

I apologise for getting to Tuesday’s event later than anticipated, but thank you for squeezing me in – you had more than enough to sort out on the day…& what a cracking day it was too.

I’m quickly getting an idea of the rules, when to turn up & I’m obviously conscious I’m a lot younger than most of the players so there is a lot of caution in my game amongst the chaps. Something I find really attractive about your style of walking football, is the mutual respect quickly shown when somebody takes a knock, no rush getting them off the floor just to restart the game etc..

I have not paid a ‘signing-on fee’ if there is one, just subs to Mark when I’ve turned up, so please let me know if there is money/signing-on form expected from me?

My job is flexible enough to allow me to play every day actually, so if you are short anywhere please let me know.

Catch you soon…

– – – – – – – –


<HERE> On Tamestriders T.V.

  • – – – – – – –

Festival photo album on our friend Flickr <here>


So, that’s the main box ticked. Others – non contact – smiles – laughter – enjoyment

pleasure – camaraderie – goals (well, about four !) – and dry weather ~(90%)

thanks to everyone involved – you are all winners. Here’s a pic of the team that took the Cup home and reports and a link to lots of photo’s will be on on the Summer 18 Festival page soon .


– – – – –

Festival news: David Lees boosts the Thursday squad and in  a move to better balance the Striders team Keith Oldham is being switched (subject to his agreement). Jeremie Coulon made an eleventh hour request to play and he will restore the Amblers squad to seven. Please be at the Nash for 10-00am for 10-30 kick off. Dressing rooms and showers available. Shirts only will be supplied, please make sure these are returned afterwards via your skipper.  It looks like a dry day and I know many of us are looking forward to this different kind of Tuesday. Team Captains bear in mind there will be NO drawn games. Any draws will be settled by penalty shoot outs best of three then sudden death. Nominate just three players per team and they will take ALL your kicks. THREE TEAM RUNS A PENALTY APPLIES TO ALL OF THESE FESTIVAL GAMES.

Captain reminders: Barry Smith: Striders/John Smith: Amblers/ Stewart White: Badgers / David Partington: Bees / Tony Cravagan or David Wilson : Thursday




Checkout the trophy and winners medals on the ‘Summer Eighteen’  FESTIVAL page




August 8TH.  2018  = The Nash Amblers entertained Mancom WF today at ‘the Nash’in  a friendly game and emerged victorious. Maintaining their 100% record in such matches. With most Heywood regulars missing the team acquitted itself very well and the game was played in  a very good spirit.







There’s a full report on the ‘friendly-fixtures’ page from the menu.



As a small token of our GREAT appreciation of Alan Graham and Garry Pearce we have decided to bestow ‘honorary membership’  of D.W.F.G. as a mark of their refereeing services over the last twelve months and more.







  • – – – – – – – –


When new players turn up unheralded at our Tuesday & Thursday sessions they must first fill in a routine basic health screening form which is deposited with the Secretary. The form includes emergency contact details and a disclaimer to acknowledge the signee agrees they are playing the game at their own risk.

There can be no exceptions to the above. Copies of the form will be left  in the on-site locker at D.Y.F.C. for use when the Secretary is absent – thanks.



Phil Dawson writes in ‘In Off The Post’ an opinion forum on

“My club who play 3 touch football recently played another local club who play normal touch football. We agreed at the start of the game that we would play our rules v their rules. The passing & movement of my team despite the fact we have only been playing for about 4 months was brilliant & we played them off the park.

I think that there’s a lot more interaction with 3 touch and encourages players to pass & move….”

Hopefully, the Friday three touch trial will continue at King Street – the league based on that format is only a matter of nine weeks away!




some people were on the pitch – but it’s far from all over….

it’s only just beginning

Following a successful meeting at Curzon Ashton today the


FAIR PLAY LEAGUE came into being. Much agreement around the table from seven local walking football activists towards an innovative system of rewarding fair play and where winning games is not the be all and end all. A warm reception was given to some of Alan Richards ideas,  which were modified and shaped by good natured discussion with Curzon Ashton F.C.’s Mark Bradshaw and the other attendees all men with plenty of walking football experience with original ideas of their own. These key stakeholders agreed to share responsibility. Mark will organise fixtures and Alan Graham is to oversee the Refereeing aspect. Curzon Academy Students will act as Referee’s assistants and also help administer the monthly sessions. Richards has been charged with recruitment of teams. This will be a three-touch league as suggested by Keith Burrows.  It is envisaged that up to four or five of the competing teams will come from Denton Walking Football Group and The Nash Amblers.  This will compliment our involvement in competition elsewhere  to which we are committed, and will not  affect our internal sessions at either venue.

unanimous agreement for a ground breaking league

More news over the coming weeks on this exciting development which is due to start at the end of September and run on the final Wednesday of each month until March or April dependant on the number of teams entered. December will see a mid-winter break.




Opinion is being sought from groups who play three touch all the time. That form of the game is big in Scotland and any competitions up there employ the three touch rule. What do you think?

In praise of three touch <read>

The three touch trial at King Street’s Friday session of the Nash Amblers was judged a great success. So much so that we’re having a Facebook poll on extending it to every Friday for a month! You can also make your feelings known via’Contact Us’ from the Menu. It really did make for a more skilful passing game with the art of the pass very much to the forefront – hardly any running either – we were all to busy remembering to count our touches ! BIG thanks to Referee Garry Pearce for his guidance and firm handling.



.Our ‘Senior Striders’ collected their Finalists medals today at King Street….

click below for a mini-album of presentation photo’s at the back of ‘Bob’.






INSURANCE SUMMARY – Recently renewed at  a cost of £195.00



We now have two more certified first aiders in the camp

Colin Fielding






  •                                                                                                                                    Les Gillan
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After consulting committee colleagues the BLUEFIN Sport (F.A. approved)  accident insurance cover for D.W.F.G. has been renewed and increased to cover five walking football teams (up to thirty five players at any one time). I’ve taken the liberty of committing an extra ten pounds  to double the life cover should one of us expire on the pitch,  to £20,000. Total cost £195. Signing on fees due in August of £5.00 per player  will more than cover this purchase. A significant benefit for our players at King Street (and when travelling elsewhere) I’m sure you will agree, and this is the third year we have been covered.




Read how Keith Yardley – the Amblers latest recruit  – got into walking football and found a friendly welcome with just  the kind of competitive spirit he was looking for.

<Keith’s Story>


A guide for club Referee’s written by Mick Hill who Refereed the People’s Cup Final recently and puts a lot of effort into seeing the game is played the correct way. We are lucky to have our own regular, and excellent Referees, plus others who are equally committed but less experienced (including myself) who might find the insight within of value.

Worth  a look

Club Referee Guidance pdf ver 1.3


Tameside Senior Striders were beaten finalists in the Over 70’s knockout at Heywood today. After winning two group games and drawing the other two we beat Rochdale Blues 1-0 in the semi-final to face the Rochdale Reds in the final. The game was locked at 0 – 0 and the resultant penalty shoot out saw the Rochdale side emerge as winners. Six very taxing games in the heat and humidity at Heywood. More later with pics and eventually video.

Tournament report from Striders point of view and a link to photo’s <are here>

VIDEO of our Birmingham and Bury Relics  games can now  be found linked on the tournament page from the menu at the top of the page.






Click the link for the  new ‘Flickr’ album <here>










If you wonder what King Street looks like on Thursday morning take a look at our film

‘When Thursday Comes’

which is linked within the latest match report on the Denton Thursday page – in other news….

….. here’s a real boost  for the group


We don’t just rely on the internet for group  news – Alan ‘Chief’ Brodie checks the notice board..



Six pairs of Goalkeeper’s gloves purchased at a cost of £145.00. Sizes 8 , 9 and 10 so something for almost everyone who is brave enough to go between the sticks at Denton. We were let down with our previous order for gloves and couldn’t wait until September! Dave Partington and Garry Pearce were both consulted on this purchase before we went ahead with it.

GK Saver brand – based in Reddish

Where possible these will be personalised ‘JT1’for obvious reasons. They have finger protection – designed primarily to lessen the effects of player contact, but this feature can also prevent fingers being bent backwards from  a powerful shot! The gloves HAVE to be better than of the rubbish we bought from Sports Direct last year – not lasted long some of ’em.


Two good games at Denton today – King Street video action is linked on the ‘internals’ page.

Terry Harrison – Steve Tomlinson

New man Steve Tomlinson (right) seen here with Terry Harrison, clearly pleased with his call up to the Strider’s squad for Heywood…


FOR ENGLAND AND ST.GEORGE – The Nash Amblers  numbered ten today….

lots of video of a seven goal thriller – watch the Amblers page  for links over the next few days…



Apropos of the overwhelming show of hands at King Street last week the website hosting and domain name costs have been renewed using  the group’s general funds by utilising our debit card.



Cameragirl  Eve Richards did a good job yesterday keeping up with most of the action.

Eve Richards

There’s a link to a  light hearted 20 minute film focussing on our game with Rochdale Striders

on the Over 65’s page <here>

LINK TO SOME PICS FROM Heywood 12/4/18 <click>

Read the report on the Over 65’s league page from the menu




Jim Thompson’s memorial clock is finished and King Street has a ‘Clock End’ when we play both pitches and a Clock Side when we don’t. It’s powder coated and suited for outdoors, although between games it will be safely stored indoors. I hope you agree it’s a respectful reminder, and a fitting memorial to our Goalkeeper Jim without being too formal. The Clock has had the seal of approval from Jackie, Jim’s Wife which is most important to us  as a group .


Look for the match report on the Denton Thursday page from the menu. It’s a decent read.

(if I do say so myself)


Three touch. Yay or Nay? Food for thought or not for us? Please comment on the news thread – new forum – lots of clubs and groups swear by it and in Scotland it’s the national rule

(which may affect tour considerations)


Aimed at current players both Ashton and Denton….get involved, keep informed – thanks




LOVING this photo from today: Bernard  arrives at King Street for his walking football session



A trio of ‘team shots’ from today courtesy of Alan Graham









28/3/18 and the meeting at St.George’s Park, near Burton-upon-Trent. Those who answered the F.A.’s call to discuss the shaping of walking football’s future from their standpoint as a governing body had a four hour chat about the laws of the game. Few details will emerge at the request of our hosts and the process of formulating this new code will take many weeks, and some months. Whilst nothing radical in the scheme of our groups way of thinking emerged the general thrust of the meeting was encouraging for the way we already play the game. Plenty of people had plenty of slightly differing opinions but the general mood was one of compromise and conciliation. Thanks to Bill Murney of the GMWFL for facilitating our representation at this meeting. Held at  a sumptuously splendid, recently built  venue nestling unobtrusively in agricultural country to the  south of Draycott-in-the-Clay.

An entrance drive of some three quarters of a mile passing pitch after pitch leads to  a large low rise complex complete with  a Hilton Hotel.  We met in the ‘Terry Venables Room’  and strolling through the plush (but not quite opulent) corridors it was clear that past heroes and achievements in the world of English football had been tastefully  honoured and remembered. It was worth remembering though that walking football IS a different game, which was one of my first contributions. Several others followed as part of a lively discussion,  and when the results emerge from F.A. lawmakers in the summer, it will be time to go into them in more detail her




A dozen friendly faces on the pitch  (see the Thursday page for details)and a few more gathered later for a photo, including Jim Thompson’s Wife Jackie  who came out to present the group with  a generous cheque in Jim’s name  –  grateful thanks to Jackie and the family we will be arranging for a permanent reminder of Jim at our home ground soon.

Photo: Alan Richards



Those of you with memories of old time Hyde and some of the pubs that have long since closed might like Bill Lancashire’s poem ‘THE BATTLE OF THE BRIDGE’

A saga of some length which describes how Hyde United supporters would trek on foot to see their heroes take on ‘the enemy’  their local rivals Stalybridge Celtic.

How many pubs do you recognise? – there used to be about five cinemas in Hyde I’m often told -probably five times as many boozers !



The Nash Amblers arrive at Burnley today (20/3/18)

A two-two draw report <here>


I don’t know about you but I’m utterly cheesed off with this weather. Just when we thought we’d seen the back of the ‘beast from the east’ he has popped back again to say a hostile hello! We can only hope that the sessions this week are unaffected.  Tomorrow (Monday) is obviously at some risk with temperatures climbing only modestly.  The strong winds may have cleared some of the pitch at Curzon though so all is not lost.  Speaking of Curzon Ashton their game at Blyth Spartans was postponed on Saturday and this stop start season has meant so many re-arranged fixtures for The Nash first team. On Tuesday The Nash Amblers travel to Burnley for an indoor friendly fixture  The game will  once again be filmed and we are told the opposition will be tougher this time. Garry Pearce will Referee the game watch the friendly fixtures page for a full report in due course.

It’s always good to see new faces at our walking football. Keith and Maurice tried the game on Friday at the Nash and they have been invited down to Denton Thursday which for now, may be a better experience until they get accustomed to the game.  Both played a lot in their younger days for ‘Ashtonians’ and enjoyed some success. I really hope they make it on Thursday.

Several players have been absent for quite a few weeks now, running into months.  Maybe the aforementioned weather has not helped, but injuries intervene at both venues and/or players just decide it’s no longer for them. We hope that’s not the case. Players we would like to welcome back at both venues include Gary Gray, Alan Gerlish, Peter Roberts, the Tomlisson brothers, David Grimbaldeston,  Mark Whittaker, Dave Bridge, Ivan Taylor, Roy Smith,

Peter Brammer – (you may enjoy Thursday’s too) – the list is not exhaustive.

New players  arrive regularly, especially at Denton and the Thursday session is picking up.  Once Spring finally arrives there will be no stopping the Thursday crew and a move to  a bigger pitch, and later two pitches is one we can clearly envisage. As we will be taking up the King Street pitches on four days a week over part of this year it means enough  walking football at Denton to keep everyone satisfied. I personally hope to make most Tuesday’s and Thursday’s – Strider’s league commitments aside. There is to be an Over 70’s knock-out Cup at Heywood in late May and we should be able to field a team there  under the leadership of David Partington.

We hope to follow 2017’s Summer Festival with  a 2018 version – venue to be decided. The warmer months should also see a mini-tournament at Burnley Community, a smaller festival of friendly games over the course of one day and perhaps even a trip across the Pennines for an evening game when the days are long. Lots going on – be part of it.



*Bill Lancashire* now featured on ‘Meet the Players’ <here>

In  a big step forward for a unified game we now have been given permission to include the Manchester County F.A. logo alongside our recently approved and locally sanctioned rules for Walking Football.  If anyone wants a copy, ask Alan at our next session he has a few spares. They  appear on this website just search the menu above.

These rules have met with approval from various quarters within and outwith Greater Manchester boundaries.  The code employed at Heywood in our league games is very similar in ethos and in substance. Non-contact is the key, and despite difficulties trying to persuade some national figures within the game our formula for deterring reckless play with penalty kicks is a common sense move.

This is a notable achievement and development as the process was engineered and initiated by us. Particular thanks to Garry Pearce who assisted me throughout.

Also to Tom Elliott & Sarah Venning of Manchester County F.A. without whom this would not have been possible.

Download, or simply read  a copy of the ‘Manchester F.A. Walking Football Rules’ <here>



In a  joint initiative driven by  ‘Action Together’ we, Vintage Celtic and other interested parties have been asked to put together a document describing the different levels of walking football.

We have come up with four of them, but have yet to agree on final wording.

We all agree though that Level 1 is ‘Slipper Football’ and now Level 2 (Beginners) has been highlighted  if you’re unsure what those are  we have two short films to demonstrate  and explain on our YouTube Channel – please search  at for ‘Tameside Striders’


Get down to Denton Thursday at ten am. for a good, light hearted game of mini-goals, score in the ‘D’ only walking football without Goalkeepers. Yes…Thursday’s !


I asked if they could start an obituary page for obvious reasons. Let’s face it as – someone said “at our age we are all in the departure lounge waiting for our flight to be called” I’ve never liked flying particularly but I got the point…anyway, the sites main man agreed and  here is our little tribute to Jim on  the country’s premier  national website for walking football <Jim>


Hats off to this man


Graham always has a smile on his face and gets King Street looking ship shape for us every Tuesday. Co-Treasurer and valued group mate. Dispenses a fine cup’o’tea too. Cheers Graham….


Claret Adrian Jones at the home of his heroes – Turf Moor


Tameside Striders played Burnley F.C. Community  Walking Football Group and came away with  a 10-1 win.  The Burnley Boys, and ladies are not fully used to playing normal walking football rules and this was a steep learning curve for them.

The result is far less important than the good game that was played in the right spirit.  More in the way of a report later on our ‘friendly-fixtures’ page. Today was special for me and I think for all of our players. Thanks to Denis Cudahy for Refereeing at fairly short notice. To  Sam and Naomi from the Burnley Community team – our paths will cross again I’m sure. To all players for ensuring this game was played in the right way for a walking football match.

   Video is linked from the ‘friendly-fixtures’ page (see menu)…many, many thanks to Tony Cravagan for filming the  game for us and enhancing the day for us with his company.


We keep striving to make our sessions as well planned as possible to benefit our players. This is the latest addition to the group:

what it says on the box….

A ‘DRYBOX’ to store jackets,  / small bags / car keys when playing  obviously you’ll only see it at Denton when there’s rain in the air.  Hope you think it a worthwhile addition. Remember these items are paid from the subs you pay when you play, and the fivers your Committee Referee’s channel back into funds. Money that means small improvements. Please don’t be tempted to sit on these boxes. We’ve been there before ! There’s a ‘KEEP OFF’ reminder printed on top. ‘ Thanks.



We have been asked to make three short films (though we may be able to adapt a current one) of the various levels of walking football. These levels were first mooted almost two years ago locally, so far as I’m aware they are the only ones that actually exist. They were recently approved by Bill Murney and Derek Drabble of Vintage Celtic after a meeting with Action Together.  This was most welcome.

Ruth Madden of the ‘Action Together’  organisation is behind the request for the practical filmed demo of level 1, 2 and 4. Vintage Celtic  will provide a demo film of level 3.

So – we are  looking for four volunteers to demonstrate ‘slipper walking football’ on film. if Mark is agreeable we can do it in the Snack Bar after a session. Four chairs two in each set – facing each other. Wear your slippers and just pass the ball between each other. This is thought suitable for the infirm, dementia sufferers and the really elderly. There will be a packet of biscuits for the tattiest auld slippers , which may well be mine. Ed.

Click the link below for our version of ‘levels’



Order your free Striders branded and Badger badged Beanie hat from 11-00am today – see the notice board at King Street later – there’s a deep , deep Siberian freeze on the way – *apparently*


OVER 65’s OFFICIAL Report on the GMWF league’s opening day <here now>


Approximately  twenty players , plus their Wives, partners and friends  attended the Viceroy in Hyde on Thursday 15th.February,  and a good time was had by all.

Many thanks to David Partington for organising the evening


Events at Heywood…15/2/18 —- Six games in 90 minutes ! In the majority we held our own but finishing let us down. Rochdale based Striders and Strollers  took  two of the  chances  they had (just one-nil defeats)  but we couldn’t convert ours. Three goalless draws in the mix and what turned out to be a heavy defeat – has to be described thus at three-nil in  a ten minute game with ‘Vintage Relics’. Former team mate Colin Cuthbert back to haunt us with a fine hat trick, was our undoing. We are bottom of the league tonight but I’m sure nobody will lose sleep over that ! (least of all me, Ed)There’s a month to go before we can try to put it right so forget it , keep calm and carry on. A few more details on the Over 65’s league page from the menu. The format wasn’t ideal today (nor was that bloody wind)  but there may be more teams added, or other changes going forward.


FANTASTIC DEVELOPMENT FOR CURZON ASHTON F.C. THE NASH AMBLERS AND ANY NUMBER OF YOUNGSTERS WHO USE THE TRAINING PITCHES AT THE TAMESIDE STADIUM – many thanks to all our group who contributed towards the massive sum of money required and of course to the FOOTBALL FOUNDATION for their valued support and not least Curzon Ashton F.C. Management for their


Making friends as we go…

“thanks Alan was a great game we all enjoyed learning how to play proper walking football and have discussed the idea of playing this game from now on so we are more used to playing that way hope all your guys enjoyed the day too will have to set up a return match at yours when the weather is a little warmer…”

Paul Ridgeway ~ Whaley Bridge Corinthians


  • News from Sam at Burnley F.C. the friendly with their community walking footballers next week will be covered by their media team and we will also be looking to film the game – a ‘media area’ is being set up by the side of the pitch.*

The Denton Internals page (see the menu above)  is  a quick run down of goings on at King Street on a weekly basis.  Today we had 24 players over the two hours – about 50% of our  total ‘membership’ at D.W.F.G. John Gaskin has become the latest walking footballer to ‘sign-up’ with us. John has been playing at the beginner’s session at Guide Bridge and does not look out of place in our games at all.

On Thursday ‘the Badgers’ Over 65 competitive players go to Heywood for the GMWFL league.

A couple of players were injured today. David Wenham pulled up with  a hamstring  injury and David Wilson  with  a muscle strain.  Joe Bemrose calf was causing him problems too.

We had a committee meeting after the games but nothing much to report. We will be looking to sign up with Action Together a Tameside related scheme which may bring some benefit going forward. We won’t be surrendering any autonomy going forward or linking up in any official way with any other club or group locally.  Our relationship with The Nash Amblers is of course integral to what we have been doing over the last 20 months or so anyway. Your Secretary will continue to signpost enquirers wishing to try the game to the most appropriate venue. The Denton Thursday sessions will remain at just £2.00. for the foreseeable future – probably reviewed in August at the A.G.M.  All players to pay from from 1st. March (put back  a week due to the postponement of this weeks session. The banners offering ‘free walking football’ have been taken down from their sites and we must view the experiment as a moderate success as we now have about eight players that we didn’t have before.

David Wilson and Graham Brown have shown interest in more First Aid training.  We need more with basic knowledge, especially on Thursday’s and with Graham being no site most weeks he would be an ideal candidate.

Keith Burrows and Alan Richards are looking into woolly black  hats with  our embroidered  Badger motif  for those who want to wear one.  If these can be purchased at a reasonable cost we will go for a job lot. It’s still cold out there. The latter has  ordered similar from Amazon  at his own expense and is kicking himself as it would have been cheaper to wait. (darn…Ed.)


News update 11th.February: Stewart White has a nasty dose of the ‘flu and so David Partington has agreed to take the Denton Thursday session (thanks David, and  get well soon Stewart). Yours truly will be at Heywood with the competitive Over 65’s squad where we face six ten minute games over a ninety minute period.

More news on those on the relevant page from the menu.

*IMPORTANT* The May session for the Over 60’s has been moved to May 10th. due to  a late change in circumstance.

*A report of our recent friendly v. Whaley Bridge is on the ‘friendly fixtures’ page. Next friendly  for the Striders is v. Burnley F.C. Community at Turf Moor no less.  – squad and  details  <here>

*There is a lively debate on several walking football topics in the ‘In off the Post’ forum at  – you maybe interested in reading or indeed taking part but you’d need to register with the site first. You’ll find a few pics from both of our groups on there too.

*There will be a meeting of your D.W.F.G.  Committee after Tuesday’s session (14th.) probably at nearby Morrison’s Café.

* Mr. Steve Rich whom many consider the leading light in national walking football development has resigned his position with the Walking Football Association. The reasons for his doing so are not the concern of this website, but we remain affiliated to the W.F.A.  Mr.Rich continues to host the Walking Football United website which you can find linked on this site.

This subject is also covered on the aforementioned forum <here>


when the going gets tough…



The Joy of Six: Monday’s goings on at The Nash <REPORT>




We now have an emergency pack of EVERYTHING we need to put on a session when regular organisers cannot attend .  It will be located somewhere handy for Denton. Being prepared for every eventuality is the name of the game & plans have  “Come Together” or ‘Something’ like that.


A highly readable report from the February fixtures in the GMWF League from

The Nash Amblers angle – Read JOHN SMITH’s VIEW <here> 



Denton Thursday! some people were on the pitch, they thought it was all over…it hadn’t even started!

find out more <click>

Plucky Performers



Pic: Tom Conrad

Match report <here>


After striking up dialogue around our recent F.A. Referee courses and the direction of walking football in general, we  have been invited to play two friendly games in February, and March at Burnley Football Club’s  Turf Moor’s Elite Training Centre.

We need to select balanced teams of walking footballers from across the two groups and this process will start soon. The dates clash with regular sessions at King Street but this is not an insurmountable problem. It was thought the chance to engage with near  Lancashire neighbours linked to a GREAT football club was too good to let pass by. – Ed.

Both Tameside Striders and The Nash Amblers will feature in name for these games. The squads may be mixed and matched depending on availability. My own view is that friendly games are every bit as enjoyable (moreso*) than the competitive element within our game and as fixtures are primarily my responsibility I will be looking  for more games of this nature going forward.

IF YOU CAN MAKE EITHER Thursday FEBRUARY 22nd. or Tuesday MARCH 20th let me know within the next seven days please . You need to travel to Burnley for 11-00am. kick off 11-45am. 25 minutes each way. FRIENDLY game. Each squad will number SEVEN including a substitute who will get equal game time. ( email, text, or Facebook) – Ed.

*the games are much  longer,  and played in  a slightly more relaxed manner. Often they  involve after game hospitality like a sandwich and a brew/pint.  Who needs points anyway?


It was a record turnout at King Street for ‘Denton Thursday’ today –

sweet sixteen finished all square in a high scoring draw welcomed by our competitive team’s mascot …..

….’The Badger’ (below) – only three ran away!  Game details here <more>


See how The Nash Amblers team fared on ‘Eggheads’ is their quizzing as good (or even  as bad)  as their walking football….inconclusive, we thought.  (tongue in cheek comment)

<BBC i player link>


Tireless Gordon Nixon. Saved a penalty today and provided brilliant distribution from his area in what’s becoming a regular stint in goal but not before he played his  part in a 6 – 2 Over 65 win on Pitch 2, even scoring a crafty goal with his back and taking home a bucketful of bibs to wash!

  ….Sportsman of the Year and we all know why.


Gordon of the Gloves









DENTON LAD…Jimmy Armfield C.B.E.  1936 – 2018  Rest in Peace…



Pic: George Fieldhouse


A quick rundown of some of the main changes to Manchester County F.A. Rules as agreed and taught to the recent candidates at Curzon Ashton F.C.

  1. Walking Football with Greater Manchester is  now a non-contact sport. Although some contact is inevitable not all contact will be judged a foul. Accordingly not ALL contact will be penalised but at the discretion of the Referee all contact MAY be penalised.
  2. For certain offences (guide to follow) in a players defending half of the field a Penalty may be incurred. Usually when recklessness or excessive force is applied. Blue and Red cards are also an option in that circumstance. Deliberate handball is included.
  3. ALL free kicks are indirect (a big departure from National F.A. Laws of the Game of WF)
  4. One Step penalty kicks. After the whistle has sounded the striking  foot must touch THE BALL next and NOT make contact with the ground again before it does so. NO ‘micro’ or mini-steps to shift weight or adjust balance. If this rule is breached and a goal is scored it is disallowed, and there is NO retake.
  5. THE GOAL CLEARANCE (or goal kick) as a way of restarting play the goalkeeper does not touch the ball  a second time before it has been played by another player.  (In effect – restart play with  a single kick or underarm throw from  a stationary point within the ‘D’.
  6. No scoring goals direct from the kick-off.
  7. Running in possession of the ball, to gain  a positional advantage  or to interfere with an opponent is punishable with an indirect free kick. The Referee will award an indirect free kick against any player seen to be moving in a way he judges to be not walking and who is  influencing the game by doing so    If the same player is penalised three times for running he will be shown  a blue card and side lined  (or sin-binned) for two minutes.
  8. Click the link for a table of severity and punishment for various foul play.
  9. Walking Football Manchester Rules – Fouls & Misconduct

These offences, and resultant cards and penalty kicks should be only rarely tested in internal sessions – at least that’s the hope. This week at Denton though we will trial the one touch goalkeeper clearance from  a stationary point within the ‘D’. Precision and care needed from ‘keepers more than ever now when restarting play. Given this change I propose we restart after goals have been scored with a kick off from the centre of the pitch. Any comments please feedback via ‘contact us’.


EXCITING news from ‘Sven’ at Manchester County F.A.

Sarah Venning announces plans for a Manchester County WALKING FOOTBALL Cup. Various age groups but be sure we WILL BE interested in this competition.

Sarah ‘Sven’ Venning

Let’s consider our options for THREE teams across both groups…Striders, Amblers and Bees. When  dates and venues  are fully  firmed up we’ll be recruiting for what should be a great competition – no shortage of Referees now remember. – Ed.




Our great initiative, only delivered  with tremendous support and full on commitment of Manchester County F.A. has produced a dozen officials for our local game. It was a pleasure to be in the company of such serious, attentive and committed  people both in the classroom and out on the Curzon 3g on two bitterly cold , gloomy afternoons.  People from several walking football groups across Manchester. The instruction  and insight of Tom Elliott (Manchester County F.A. R.D.O.) was invaluable and without the help ,awareness and co-operation of Sarah Venning  – (Recreational Football in the community Officer) this would not have happened. Thanks All.


“Many thanks for the game yesterday . What a friendly and welcoming group, I would love to play with you guys regularly”….Peter Dixon , Marple.

“Glad you enjoyed it Peter.  We as organisers try to ensure the game is played in the right spirit and Refereed as firmly as possible. You’re welcome to ‘sign on’ next week if you wish. You’ll be our last new Tuesday  player  for now, as numbers are getting high. 11am. on Tuesdays please.  I can also recommend our partner group The Nash Amblers if it’s not too far for you. Same ethos.

Ex-pro in attendance, competitive but friendly and a decent standard with MORE SPACE ! £2.00 Mondays and Fridays at. Check the website for details and pics / report from yesterday (Tues).” Alan


For the record – two teams entered



January 15th..Following today’s regular internal session at The Nash – details <here> the first stage of our Referee course took place at Tameside Stadium.

Setting up the consultation on rules with Manchester County F.A. was the initiative of Alan Richards and Garry Pearce. Having arranged a meeting with Tom Elliott

Sarah ‘Sven’ Venning

and Sarah Venning, we were both  absolutely delighted with their receptive approach and their  offer of an ‘on-site’ Referee Course for Walking Football. 

Tom Elliott

The word went out and Representatives from Tameside Striders, The Nash Amblers, The Nash Bees, Vintage Celtic, Middleton Legends, Etihad WF, Third Space Bolton and Wigan Walkers took part in the absorbing first session during which we ALL learned a lot.


This involved classroom discussion and input from candidates as Tom Elliott explained some of the finer points of Refereeing. with generous provision of notebooks and whistles we took to the 3g for some practical tuition in correct signalling, mobility on the pitch and ‘in-game’ Refereeing which lasted well over an hour.

Thankfully the rain held off for us.

Tom and Stuart go over the ‘overhead height deflection’ rule.

The afternoon concluded with a classroom review of what we had learned today. There is every chance that the stock of F.A. accredited Waking Football Referees will be greatly increased this week. The newly developed non-contact ‘Manchester’ rules will be digested by candidates over the course of this week with particular reference to foul play, which these rules are designed to deter and to penalise heavily in its most reckless instances. The course concludes on Friday.


Many thanks to Tom Elliott for his enthusiasm and his knowledge. Thanks to Mark Bradshaw at Curzon Ashton for facilitating the venue and to all the candidates for turning up on time and paying the modest venue fee promptly.
See you on Friday.




Note: 13/1/18 almost all the money is in and the Heywood entries have been posted…thanks for your early co-operation.  Some changes to the Heywood rules and set up are on the GMWF Over 6o page which is available from the site menu above.


TUESDAYS – IF YOU REGULARLY played with the UNDER 65’s last year please do not turn up until 11-00am. That way you will get the game you prefer.  Your committee stress that nobody can be guaranteed two games on  a Tuesday.  We are doing our best to accommodate fluctuating numbers whilst the sessions are seemingly ever more popular – apart from when it rains a lot.


Plenty going on at the moment – our F.A. Referee course starts on Monday 15th. Two sessions the concluding session on Friday.  Manchester County F.A. Referee DEvelopment Officer Tom Elliott will school 12 candidates in newly agreed rules which recognise local walking football is  A NON CONTACT GAME  – with provision for game time deterrents against reckless, excessively forceful play.  We thank Tom and Sarah Venning  for their receptive attitude…thanks from me also go  to Garry Pearce for his invaluable contributions, his insight & his enthusiasm for walking football.


DENTON THURSDAY play …wait for it…ON THURSDAY’S  King Street at 10-00am. Miniature goal game, score in the ‘D’ no goalkeepers.  Join us – it’s fun…and FREE for now !

We are actively trying to attract more women players to these mixed gender recreational sessions


January 23rd. 6-00pm. BBC 2 – read the story of our Television trip on our Editorials page from the menu.

The Nash Amblers – on Eggheads !


Checkout our t.v. story up until the filming starts on the ‘Editorial’ page from the menu above.


Quiz team Captain Garry Pearce was interviewed on local radio recently….

<listen to Garry here>

Dateline: Jan 6th. 2018, and the best possible advert for our game

Garry has been busy co-driving forward the new rules agenda with Manchester County F.A. and nobody is better placed to try to ‘sell’ the non-contact format and the social benefits we already know so much about.

Pearce knows the walking game

So good to see the station covering one of the borough’s fastest growing games. Now semi-retired, Pearce is perfectly placed to promote the game as we can hear. Unfortunately unable to play recently due to  a shoulder injury, he has been nothing short of  a Refereeing revelation in recent games…Ed.



Keith Burrows spot-kick equaliser 5/1/18


Garry Pearce and Alan Richards   attended a meeting with  Tom Elliott and Sarah Venning at Manchester County F.A. (Wednesday 3rd.Jan) and  discussed proposed rule amendments for our local game. We presented a good case for a non-contact game & other changes which were largely accepted by two helpful and receptive F.A. staff members and these changes will be the basis for the Referee course at Curzon later in January.

Thanks to Tom & Sarah

  • – – – – – – – – – –


With turnout at King Street today in the low to mid twenties we enjoyed two close games which both ended in draws. A report of the proceedings will soon be on the ‘Denton Internals’ page from the menu – thanks



As affiliates, we now receive a copy of the WFA ‘monthly’ Newsletter.

As this is ‘copyrighted’ I’m reluctant to reproduce it here.  If you are one of our players or committee members and want a copy forwarded by email please let me know your address. Thanks, Ed.



An indoor game at Reddish today (Friday)…defying the snow !

Pic. Mike Conroy


Defiant Bradshaw . Made the difference today

A quite splendiferous turnout for the Reds v. Blues game at the Nash. This must surely now become an annual event at years end.
Reds started off at full throttle on a crowded pitch and it was the reflexes of Bradshaw that stopped them going ahead. The Blue custodian complete with bobble hat was in defiant mode, as usual.

Red Alert


Blue Movers

Superbly marshalled by Garry Pearce , resplendent in yellow Referee’s top, our man in the middle was at the top of his game. Such a one sided first half left Barry Smith in the Red’s goal with little to do for large tracts of play.

Referee Pearce

Huff and puff as the reds did though, they didn’t really come close to threatening and neither side had too many shooting opportunities.
Some contact on a crowded pitch was inevitable but the game was fairly contested with old enmities cast aside as Blues began to assert themselves slowly upon proceedings.
The balance was finally shifted by the presence of Bradshaw now liberated from between the sticks by Keith Burrows who managed to maintain the clean sheet he inherited.  Well done that man!
Bradshaw lashed in the opening goal which left Barry Smith with no chance, and the Curzon Coach then doubled Blue’s lead three minutes later. No doubting the difference he made as a former Professional footballer and a draw might have been a fairer result. If only the Reds had capitalised in that early pressure it  may have been a different story.
However, the game was shaded by Blues and the handshakes after showed we were all winners today. The symbolic trophy (thanks Colin Fielding) was but a mere bauble of a faux supremacy, not taken seriously by anyone, not least by myself to whom it was handed.

Thanks all for yet another memorable occasion at ‘The Nash’ the home of walking football in these parts of Tameside.
Teams: BLUES: Bradshaw (2), Burrows, Cooper, Leach, Lake, Nixon, Bemrose, Richards, Smith P, White,
REDS: Smith B, Partington, Coulon, Foster, Hampson, Brereton, Bertenshaw,  Hibbert,  Cravagan, Fielding

Attendance:2 (thanks to Barry for his wardrobe of Utd. shirts) and to Mike Conroy for the pics.

More photo’s from the game <here>

your photographer today Mike Conroy


Joe says his prayers as the rest look happy enough


News of our second *FREE* ‘Persimmon’ session <here>





David Wilson has become a walking advertisement for Denton Walking Football Group and  he has already been accosted by older men wanting information. Tell them ‘Google Tameside Striders’ David….we’ll soon get you some printed leaflets sorted out. (no cost) and it’s better than this…


Apart from the novelty game noted below John Smith is trying to organise an indoor session at Houldsworth Sports Village in Reddish at 11-00am- details on the Facebook Group or see John on Friday, failing that ring me and I’ll pass your name on to John – Not sure of cost but if similar to last year about three quid each will cover it.  (I’m opting out of this as I want a short break..Ed).


Badger meets Bradshaw


A tremendous night in The Nash Bar was enjoyed by all I think. Sterling work from our extraordinary comperes David Partington and Gordon Nixon, who were assisted brilliantly by Keith Burrows and his Wife Dee who kept the music going throughout the quizzes and later.

Dee and Keith Burrows
A class act







The awards (sponsored by Ian Wilson of EEC Kazakhstan) were presented and worked out as follows. Under Sixty Five players of the year Stewart White. Over 65 Player of the Year David Partington. Full story <here>

David Partington Over 65 Player of the Year
Richards’ ‘Oscar’ for Push ’em up !
Stewart White Under 65 Player of the Year 2018. Award sponsor Ian Wilson on the right.

Gordon Nixon took ‘Sportsman of the Year’ and Alan Richards (yours truly- Ed.) ‘Clubman’ of the Year’ . The Nash Amblers present were presented with their Runners up medals from the Group to mark their gallant efforts at Heywood in the GMWF League’s First Division. The Nash Bees received consolation photographs from their Division Three campaign which so nearly ended in triumph. That’s walking football.

Steve Wingrove – Amblers spearhead – collects his runner-up medal and photo pack.
Gordon Nixon Sportsman of the Year

The smile count on Friday night was incredibly high, the laughter too.
It was great to be a part of it.

The recent dvd ‘Push ’em Up’ brought me an ‘Oscar’- thanks Mr & Mrs. Burrows (maybe a Mr & Mrs Quiz might be an idea for future events?) …thanks also for the generous bottle of Malbec and to all  who expressed appreciation to myself, personally on the night. We are a good group and the part I play within  it brings me a lot of pleasure, stimulation & few headaches.

If we had an award for wacky character of the year I know who’d be sett to win it

Going forward from here  we can go from further  strength to strength and not just in a playing sense. The camaraderie count is high, equally important and shouldn’t be underestimated. Well done all and serious thanks to those who were primarily responsible for putting it all together. Messrs Nixon , Partington and Burrows plus Dee of course.  For the venue thanks to Mark Bradshaw  and Curzon Ashton F.C. to whom we remain grateful for continued  support.

Mark in the middle

The first team play Stockport County at Tameside Stadium on Saturday next at 3-00pm. One of THE biggest games of the season,and it would be great to  see a few walking footballers there.  Don’t forget the Reds v. The Rest fixture on the 27th. December either. The only walking football on offer during Christmas week. Once again – thanks all. – Ed.



More  photo’s from the Christmas bash at The Nash are <here>


TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT – THE NASH BAR from 7-30pm. Christmas get-together…some of our runners up at Heywood can’t make it tonight so they were given their medals and team photo’s by Mark Bradshaw after the session at Curzon this morning (full report of today’s game on the Nash Ambler’s page)…

Striders Players of the Year, Sportsman and Clubman awards ready and waiting…..
Steve Foster
Garry Pearce
Amblers player manager John Smith













Our first Thursday session mixed gender walking football saw eight players have a good game at King Street. Excellent passing on display. The only lady present scored four goals – all well worked. Back again next Thursday for a mini goal passing game ideally with a few more new and regular faces but all present had a good time and declared it well worth the effort.

Free of charge of course…many thanks to Jane for opening up DYFC and providing the brews afterwards.


RESUME – January 2nd. AND 4th.



Tuesday’s committee meeting covered a lot of ground – the most important decisions are reported <here> and affect everyone who plays at King Street regularly.


Didn’t last 24 hours…victim of vandalism




About twelve players turned up today (12/12/17)  but the King Street pitch WAS unplayable today. Frozen snow lying on the surface left Chris Kelly of DYFC no option but to tell us it was unfit. Many stayed on for a brew and chat for half an hour or so. Some Over 65’s said they’d come on Thursday to the new session,  but I had to remind them it might be a very different game to what they are used to on Tuesday’s…the Committee retired to Stewart’s White house for a pre-planned meeting earlier than we’d thought. News of that will come later but in the meantime many thanks to Stewart and his Wife Val for their hospitality and our very nice lunch.


Bear in mind that with snow lying on the ground and temperatures hovering around or below zero, there is just a chance that the King Street pitches MAY be unplayable on Tuesday


One of our top players got a bit giddy & turned up in fancy dress today ! Chasing Barry Smith across the pitch, before hoisting him aloft for a lap of honour.

Amazing strength from the wee man!



Lots of walking footballer’s  (EIGHT and counting)  from within the ranks of Striders and Amblers want to pursue a Refereeing qualification. With some enrolled with the F.A. for January it’s hope the W.F.A can and will offer training somewhere in the region , which is a veritable hot bed of walking football.  The more  accredited Referees we have from either organisation the better…..


Hardy Amblers !



From Steve Rich. A man clearly frustrated with the way WALKING Football is going – he is NOT alone  ( ‘to call some of this WALKING football is tantamount to FRAUD’ !!  I agree, I am glad it’s not just me,  but I call regular and consistent runners what they are – CHEATS  – Ed.)

…how very timely…please digest this article.



The January F.A. Refereeing course for walking football should have representatives from Third Space Bolton, Wigan Walkers, Vintage Celtic, Middleton Legends, The Nash Amblers, Tameside Striders, FC United of Manchester and ‘Man’ City Etihad.



It’s good news week in the local sports press. THE TAMESIDE REPORTER carries news of Walking Football on the back page. Big splash for The Nash Amblers, mention of Tameside Striders  and an interview with yours truly and David Partington.

Many thanks to Mark Philip for the coverage – Ed.


We are getting lots of exposure lately – <here> is Bill Lancashire’s ‘Community Matters ‘website’


Conventional football boots with studs of any depth are now prohibited at our internal games both at Denton and Ashton

A common sense measure which met with unanimous agreement and is introduced to minimise the risk of injury to wearer and opponent alike. Fortunately the mind set within our groups are such that none of the current players wear them anyway. Prospective players, new recruits etc. please take heed. We will only agree to friendly games if potential opponents are in agreement.

Astro Trainers with  a  dimpled sole are best for walking football
























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