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April 9th. 2020…5-00pm.

This day I’ve spoken to Clem White who lives just north of Crown Point. He is not in the Facebook group. Clem is well and missing his walking football, he was appreciative of the call. A relative newcomer,  we look forward to welcoming him back when we get cracking again. I later rang John Boyle in Northenden. John is another non-Facebooker. He sounded hale and hearty too , along with his good lady he is getting through this difficult period. . John spends his exercise time on his allotment , with nobody else around. He describes himself as “self sufficient in vegetables most of the time”. Very handy at the moment eh? He sounded really pleased to hear from the group and like Clem, misses his weekly game. Terry Harrison called in his cab and dropped off – at two arms lengths the sketch he’s done of me with our dog Floki. He also brought a folder with many copies of other paintings he’s done. I have to say most of them were brilliant.

Terry Harrison

Such a talented guy. He captured one of our favourite Scottish landmarks brilliantly – and he’s NEVER been ! – Glenfinnan Viaduct and Glen Shiel on the ‘road to the isles’ :  Honestly Terry’s art is stunning. Fantastic elephants too ! We should arrange an exhibition of Terry’s work at the next Christmas doo…seems a long way off though, to be fair – thanks Terry – Ed. I will post a couple of his paintings on here soon. In other news Garry Pearce has written  a personal perspective of Refereeing for the new website.  We need content so if anyone has any ideas for an article let’s have it – Ed.

tamestriderstwentytwenties@gmail. com


April 8th. 2020: WORK HAS STARTED ON  A BRAND NEW WEBSITE FOR TAMESIDE STRIDERS: DENTON WALKING FOOTBALL GROUP…stay tuned for more details..currently ‘under construction’ it will have a different look . After four years we need a shake up and this is an opportunity to do just that. As a consequence though updates to THIS site will be limited over the coming weeks.  Stay well everyone.

The current ‘state of play’ – or lack of it. Editor’s thoughts <here>


As walking football ‘news’ is understandably thin on the ground we continue to cover the events of three years ago (or thereabouts) from both venues King Street – our primary concern these days and the many great games lots of us have enjoyed at Curzon with the Nash Amblers.  Here’s a report from a typical Friday  game from  March 2017….when were raising well over a thusand pounds for a perimeter advertising board to help the clubs funds raising efforts.  The aim of these resurrected write ups is to revive memories, and in my case the wrist attached voice recorder was something I’d pretty much forgotten ! ——

this line up from 31st. Mach 2017 different game reported on below…..

“The novelty of intermittent warmth from  an early March sun helped make this morning’s game at The Nash one to live in the memory  – at least until the next one !
Eight versus Eight with winning on their minds but not at all costs. Far from it.  Good natured humour the order of the day as bibs were dispensed and a goalless first half ensued.  Largely due to the efforts of Barry Smith and Mark Bradshaw the respective goalkeepers.
There were not an awful lot of chances in the opening 25 minutes but the football was fluent at times,  hectic and error strewn at others , but the sight of so many older guys playing this form of the game was one to gladden the heart of anyone with this form of football , and sheer sportsmanship at their core.
As the teams turned around Richards fastened on to a through ball burst through but his toe-bunged effort was fingertipped over by Smith. Not the first time Barry would deny the ageing ex-traffic reporter a road to some rare glory.
Plains were passing the ball well now. Eric Leach and Trevor Brereton combining well with  a very mobile Gordon Nixon who was up and down the pitch.  For bibs it was Bertenshaw, White and Wingrove who were the danger men, aided by  a busy Mike Conroy and the wily Gary Gray ever poised to strike.  Garry Pearce, with a rare game outfield was managing this threat well at right back . Always looking to get his winger away down the line. The same tactic from Colin Fielding – newly  returned from Spain and having topped up his tan – soon settled into the routine and was always looking to find his forwards with  an incisive through ball.
It was Eric Leach who opened the scoring – with  just  a hint of a sprint – but no protests at the time from Bibs. and Eric finished with  aplomb, leaving Smith, for once with no chance.
Steve Wingrove equalised for Bibs and, prompted forward by Bertenshaw and Partington they continued to test Mark Bradshaw’s reflexes with  a series of goal attempts.
AS my voice recorder suffered a malfunction I can only partly recall what happened next!
There was an edge of ‘D’ free for all with the ball pinging here and there , up it popped for Richards to chip it home with Barry Smith’s outstretched arm just inches away from another fine save.  Thinking that might be the winner but never to write off this valiant Bibs line up as Bertenshaw got in the right place yet again to find the equaiser after something of a deflection deceived Bradshaw.
White thought he’d got the winner for Bibs on the stroke of full time but the clock denied him and anyway he was adjudged to have encroached the ‘D’.  Sorry if it’s all a bit vague but it ended 2-2 and was a fair result. Everyone had a great time today, I’m sure.
Thanks especially today for donations from Phil Hibbert, an absent Rob Lake, Steve Wingrove and Barry Thickett – another just back from Spain.
I gave Natalie Atkinson £600 of our money  today to settle for the perimeter board. Our artwork is ready – as defined on the website – but that’s not required, quite yet.  With another £120 raised today we will have a healthy excess to divert to Mark’s ‘Crowdfund’ site in due course – hopefully by the end of this week. Details and full acknowledgement to follow. I’ve been asked to attend a planned business event at the club when they entertain F.C.United next month,  to represent the walking football side of things.  Maybe explaining to potential partners  just how much we appreciate the club’s efforts to nurture our games, and the effort we’ve all put in to develop this valuable  activity, which is so rewarding for all. I am hoping Garry Pearce will attend with me.”



2/4/20 it’s THURSDAY !  and here’s a very early report from January 2018 and one of our first Denton Thursday sessions…a familiar name makes his ‘debut’ and it’s worth noting the closing comments…this day was always intended to be different.  It has of course evolved into something similar to what we do on  a Tuesday…but it’s not the same and wasn’t intended to be.  All who attended from the start realised that…there will always be room for innovation.

We are seeing a nucleus of players turning out on Thursday. stalwarts of old and new faces too.
Today we were joined by Lawrie O’Toole who soon settled in and showed some good touches and a willing work rate. He looked a bit tired at the end but we all were.  Like Arnie ‘he will be back’.
A five v. five that saw a win for Plains by the narrowest of margins. One-nil the goal coming from Russell Martin.  They defended well after that and rode their luck to deny the Orangemen + woman an equaliser. Tony Cravagan marshalling his men so well. Mike Caldwell led the orange charge and was in the thick of it often.
The game was marred near the end when David Wilson went down with a calf injury, limping away at the end.  Hope recovery is swift David. Richards took to the sidelines to even up numbers. Martin had a goal disallowed near the end and Orange hit an aluminium post.
We will have clarification on some rules for this form of mini-goal no goalkeeper game in the next few days.

One of those early Thursday line-ups…Margaret and Myra where are you now?



Editor’s note: I’m not feeling particularly jovial  this  April 1st…circumstances preclude tomfoolery for me but I’ve published the first of some previously concocted experiences of big time football – here’s an account of Stoke City beating Manchester City at the Etihad – which some might consider a foolish concept…certainly some of the johnny-come-lately’s in the Etihad crowd that disappointing August day in 2014…. but not me ~  < read all about it ? >


30/3/20 ….staying at home to help the NHS and Boris? .. IT’S IMPORTANT TO KEEP MOVING ! 

…and remember your walking football warm up routines…

Here’s our most Senior player Bernard keeping motivated and keeping moving…


30/3/2020  11-00am..SUPERMARKET SORTE

We took our chances at Morrisons Denton this morning. Turned up at 7-45am. to join  a very orderly well spaced out queue outside the building.  Some thirty five people were in front of us but once the doors opened to non-N.H.S. staff we made swift progress into the supermarket we know so well.  Shelves appeared well stocked.  My own priorities were clear from the start. Some ducking and diving, bobbing and weaving to maintain social distance but the Chocolate Cake , Wine and Whisky were all seized by my disposable gloved hand !  I spied Jim Pelling  across a display of scones.  He confirmed from  a safe distance that he is well.   Meanwhile the Mrs. was piloting her bigger trolley with aplomb and filling it with sensible amounts of essentials plus a few treats to sustain our self-isolation. We emerged hopefully unscathed. Got back home to unload, sanitise ‘Bob’s steering wheel, handbrake and gearstick, remove those gloves and wash hands…one thing I FORGOT !  a tin of white gloss paint….shame that eh?  maybe next time…BUT we’ll not be moving on Morrison’s again for at least  a week.

The end of January 2017 and a narrow win clinched by  Steve  Wingrove…..

the line up
Rain from the start at King Street as another nine a side affair kicked off.
On the touchline , another new face.  Bernard hopes to join us next week. Fair  play to him that he stayed to watch all of the first half. Much of which was not a particularly pretty sight.
One  exception to that was the lively Barry Smith with three or four attempts on goal which varied in accuracy.  Some  passing pearls from Dean too as Ken was playing some really incisive passes forward to team mates who failed to capitalise.  Rob  Lake went closest.
Ivan Taylor made a welcome return after a few weeks away.  Assured early touches from Ivan who is always a cool customer in possession.  An asset to any defence and he played his part in ensuring Plain’s early bombardment was fruitless.
Yes, Plains had been dominating the early exchanges with shots raining in on a succession of goalkeepers but Bib, largely due to the efforts of Nixon, Taylor and Williams had resisted an early onslaught.
H:T 0-0
Second half underway as the rain continued to fall from  a leaden sky and the pace did not relent.  So many interruptions for running infringements  it really was becoming  a needlessly stop start affair.  Remember this is WALKING FOOTBALL.  One or two usual suspects but by no means limited to regular offenders.  Perhaps the answer is a blue card and a few minutes on the touchline for three or more transgressions.
Johnson and Brereton were trying to inspire Plains going forward but the lack of space on the pitch again made passing difficult.  We need to talk about this problem next week at our meeting.  Please bring your ideas with you, be assured your committee has several. There are changes afoot so don’t miss your chance to hear about them in detail .
Barry Smith , in goal now for Bibs plucked a Richards’ shot out of the air with great aplomb and made two or three telling saves as Brereton , Jarvis and particularly Stewart White tested him.  One especially fine drive from White almost beat Barry.
Steve Wingrove was  again mobile and often  a running culprit can never be accused of being shot shy ! Often wayward but today he put a first half attempt very narrowly wide, and it was down to the law of averages that he found the  target today with a stunner,  low to the ground and leaving the Bibs goalkeeper with no chance.
Bibs were proving punchless up front.  The writer had a seven minute spell in goal and did not face one attack!  Partington must have sensed this and pushed forward himself in an effort to make a breakthrough. To no avail.  The Plains back line of Gibbons, Cravagan  and Cooper held firm to see them through to  a another narrow victory with the slimmest of margins.
F:T  Bibs 0 : 1 Plains



This one from the 17th.March 2017 at the Nash…(both venues included in these reports from the archives – which are extensive….just the week before this line up had figured in another good game but read on below for detail of the 17th….

while we can’t play we can look back on some games we enjoyed three years ago….
Number One: MARCH 17th 2017
Nine intrepid Amblers assembled under leaden skies but mercifully the rain held off for the hour in which we were playing.  Or if it didn’t most of us were too busy, and too content to notice.
For this was a wonderful game of five-a-side football. Mark Bradshaw evened up the numbers.  A game  in which every conceivable honour was shared.  There was no man of the match today (I actually forgot I had the award in my bag) but it didn’t matter as there were ten ‘men of the match’ today.
None more appreciated than the two magnificent goalkeepers we were blessed with.  The incomparable Garry Pearce, and our mentor / manager Mark Bradshaw who blocked so many shots with feet, elbows and arms that the writer lost count.  The heroics of both kept the scoreline real,  because on another day both teams might have reach double figures.  So flowing was the football, so strong the work ethic that also played a part in this honourabe draw.
Due to rare egress Pearce conceded a penalty. What followed was a little bizarre as David Partington rolled the ball forward slightly for Terry Bertenshaw to strike. It didn’t go in, but if it had it would not have counted. Every other player should be three metres away from the penatly taker the moment he strikes the ball.
Two minutes later Bibs took the lead when Richards prodded home a fine edge of the ‘D’ ball from Bertenshaw and for once Pearce could not get any of his body parts to it.
H:T 1-0
This goal was all the separated the teams at the break.  We had seen  a succession of good shots from Brereton, Smith and White.  There was very little long distance ball retrieval this morning so most were on target –  a testimony to the Goalkeeper’s effectiveness.
John Smith shot a foot wide at the Stadium end.  Trevor Brereton hit a post. Steve Foster and Richards were making use of the pitches width.  Good service from Partington and Bertenshaw enabling them to get forward often.
For Plains, Danny Tipping was formidable in defence and always comfortable when emerging with the ball. He got forward too, and tested Bradshaw with  a shot.
Stewart White ,  twisting and turning on the ball looking for that incisive pass he can sometimes deliver so well.  Richards shot straight at Pearce when Bertenshaw was better placed to convert yet another chance.  Brereton hit  one on  the turn which  went inches wide, as the end to end shot-fest continued.
It was White who eventually equalised.  A sense of inevitably as the bal bounced off the post onto Bradshaw’s forearm and deflected downwards. The absence of goal line technology – and the absence of a goal line made judgement difficult but intergrity and honesty rules and the ‘Keeper conceded the ball had crossed the line.
Almost in retaliation Bertenshaw fired into the side netting before putting the Bib’s back in
front in fine style with a trademark drive.  The comitment of all the players was admirable as the minutes ticked away. More good esaves from Pearce as Bib’s looked for a cushion, and a third goal.
None came. At the other end it seemed Bradshaw would save the day – and the imaginary three points for Bib’s but up stepped John Smith in the penultimate minute of the game with the  leveller his team deserved. Bertenshaw tested Pearce right at the end but ‘the cat’ pullled off another fine save to deny the ace goalscorer once again.
Both teams trooped off looking tired but satisfied. Great way to spend a grey, outer Mancunian morning.


28/3/20 …2-00pm

From Bill Lancashire..

I just thought I’d share this with you.

A few days ago I was walking on Werneth Low when I met Keith Oldham on a similar mission. Then earlier this week I was walking in the Tame Valley, near Haughton Dale when I bumped into (not literally) Mike Conroy and his wife.

Bill Lancashire – evergreen in Orange

It just goes to show that you can stop walking football but you can’t stop walking footballers walking!

Hope you’re keeping well

Yes, thanks Bill and trust you are too….keep your social distance 🙂


UPDATE WEDNESDAY 25.3.20 – 8-15 am….

How is everyone ? Keeping well and keeping your social distance it’s to be hoped.

Good news  and bad news to report  in  a parochial sense.  The group lap top switched itself off yesterday and is refusing to turn back on.  I’ve tried a home remedy via youtube and a phone call but to no avail.  Of course in normal times I’d pop it into  a repair shop.  It’s less than eighteen months old and has a lot of our ‘stuff’ on the hard drive plus all the latest (almost) video editing software so fingers x’d it’s something and nothing.  In the meantime I’m using my own which served the group well for three years but is comparatively slow. Fortunately we have almost one terabyte of group  history on our external hard drive , and photo’s and videos on hosting sites are unaffected.

  • – – –
    The good news is the support we are receiving from ‘Ambition for Ageing’- Action Together . A phone call last week with Sandra Jackson was followed up with  a letter in the post yesterday.  When speaking with Sandra I explained how a couple of bills were impending in the next couple of months. The internet hosting cost is due in early May followed by insurance renewal which we may be able to defer – but  all F.A. policies are renewed in June .  With no revenue coming into the group  Sandra recognised the need for some help and approved our use of some of the remaining grant for extra pitch time to cover our outgoings.  “So long as walking footballers benefit it’s fine”
  • This will still mean that when we finally manage to get going again the extra hour for however much of the year remains – and beyond – we will still offer two and a half hours of pitch time for our growing Denton Thursday gathering. You’ll remember that we had divided the hours by age. We’ll review that in the future on the other side of this health crisis.
  • I’ll remind you there IS a Facebook Group and if you  use that medium just search Denton Walking Football, all names we recognise will be admitted immediately. Some ‘vintage’ video from friendly games and internal sessions will appear there from to time.   The ‘Whats App’ group has been renamed temporarily from ‘Striders for Heywood’ to simply ‘Striders’ so search for that and join up if you wish there’s been  a spike in activity this last week and most of it is aimed at tickling funny bones with humorous content.
    Do make use of the phone facility outlined below should you wish.
    Yesterday I heard from David Wilson who is faced with twelve weeks isolation after hearing from his Doctor. He’s keeping in touch with family via his ‘phone and lap top and taking a short  walk in the nearby park with his dog  keeping well away from anybody.

    David Wilson
  • I also heard from Mark Bradshaw at Curzon Ashton and the club is closed completely at the moment.  This awful time is a test for everybody  but hopefully we will come through it intact  and eager to get going again.
  • – – –
    I’m off into the woods in  a few minutes  with our dog, mindful of what’s required and determined to do as much as I can to stay well, I hope you are too. How is everyone ? Keeping well and keeping your social distance it’s to be hoped but also trying to keep active.
    Life is not especially easy at the moment for any of us, for some it’s harrowing and much, much worse than that.
  • _____________________

A message from our popular Chairman Gordon Nixon…

Gordon Nixon

“Hello to all Tameside Striders hope you’re  well and looking after yourselves.

It seems like an absolute age since our last session at Denton and I for one  really miss the playing.  But just as importantly  I miss the Chat and the banter amongst us all.  So with NO Football,  NO  Pubs for a pint, and NO  Socialising.  All these restrictions only leaves talking to one another on the ‘phone so if you a fancy a chat to put the world to rights ,  or just to say how you’re doing  you can always give me a ring on 07743 245542.  I’d welcome your call….Gordon”

If anyone else wants me to publish their MOBILE number with a view to hearing from other walking footballers in the group now and again , just email it with your name to  the address below and I’ll compile a register for our own little network.  My own number is 07387 174934 and you can call me too at any reasonable hour for any reason.  I’ll extend that to any walking footballer or organiser anywhere.  Let’s face it , during these coming – long and  extraordinary – weeks some of us are going to get a bit down in the dumps or  really fed up and I will not be immune from that myself sometimes .  Luckily I’m not on my own at home  but  we all know some who are.   You may be isolating but don’t be isolated , especially if you live alone.

email address for your mobile numbers :

Already our Honorary member and Regular  Referee Garry Pearce has signalled a willingness to share his mobile number too , maybe to clarify any walking football point you’re not sure about or anything more generally, you know Garry  he is a sharp witted Liverpudlian  ,  an L.F.C.  supporter who loves talking football,   a wide range of other subjects and  is a good listener too.

You can reach Garry on 07970 197492  – thanks Gaz..I’ll bell you tomorrow ! – Ed.

  • – – –
  • Colin Fielding has also added his name and number to our phone-a-friend directory.
  • Committee man Colin is a bon-vivant of some repute and is always ready for a chat about virtually anything. Music and football figure prominently in his interests.
  • Just back from  a customary, if  curtailed break overseas and it’s good to have him back.
    • You can contact Col on 07580 088080 and he’d be pleased to hear from you.

(all I’d add is keep any calls to sensible hours please we don’t want anyone losing sleep !)



Badger’s Quiz No.2 – the post war years <have a go>



the submission to local Tameside councillors that saw us benefitting from  a  three figure grant…

“Denton Walking Football Group – Tameside Striders now meet and plays for five hours outdoors in all weathers every week. Tuesdays and Thursday from 11.00am.
We have grown steadily since ‘independence’ in 2016 and now have well over seventy registered players between the ages of 50 and 84. We segregate age groups in the main and welcome mixed abilities which we can accommodate on the same pitch with our bank of trained Referees.
It’s a non-contact game and a very friendly group. Beginners are also encouraged to join in during our extended hour on a Thursday from eleven thirty. Friendships have been forged and often cemented over a cup of tea after the games. We held our last Christmas Party at Denton Golf club with players and wives / partners in attendance.
The health benefits of this game are well documented. It’s a non-contact game and a very friendly group. Increasing fitness and mobility are plain to see. Stopping players from running is one of our biggest challenges. These are people who may not have had a run in them when they first started playing. I can personally attest to that, myself.
There is no upper age limit. The pleasure on the faces of older people reconnecting with a football , often for the first time in three or four decades is a joy to behold and our next problem will be managing growing numbers in a confined space with inevitable constraints on time.
Although our games are played in a good spirit as you’d expect between a group of friends and familiar acquaintances (we’ve seen one blue card in over three years and no reds) there is a varying competitive edge amongst some of our players. These can find an outlet in our league teams – once a month at Curzon Ashton F.C. in a league of seven teams which we originated and have driven from the start doing the lions share of organisation. We have attracted other teams from Burnley, Bolton and Stalybridge. We also have an Over SEVENTIES competitive team which has just signed up for our third successive season in the Greater Manchester Walking Football League at Heywood.
Nicknamed ‘the Badgers’ due to our distinctive black and white stripes ( also there are many of these creatures in and around the greener spaces on the edge of the town) we will be staging a walking football festival at Hyde United’s Ewen Fields in May this year.
Our website (just Google Tameside Striders) has been described as the best of its kind in the country and with countless match reports and photos plus links to 300 game and training videos can keep players engaged 24/7 if they want it.
To sum up: this game which is NOT football but a low-risk derivative suitable for older people re-ignites their enthusiasm for exercise. Yes we have sprains and strains, the odd bump or accidental knock but the injured players have to be persuaded to take enough time away to recover ! They often cannot wait to get back playing. It unites people in memories of their younger days, especially men. We have women who play too , our most recent female recruit is a mere forty seven years old and a very good exponent of the game. She fits in well.
For bringing people together for a common purpose, for reducing social isolation with the benefit of shedding a few pounds and feeling fitter, more active and more alert as the months go by there are few games for older folk that can beat walking football.
It’s a fantastic local asset for Denton that we have the areas most successful group playing in the town twice a week and we always manage to remember that while results matter, they are NOT important – playing the game in the right spirit is what really counts.”

WE WILL BE BACK – IT’S JUST  A MATTER OF WASTED  (LOST)  TIME.  keep busy …keep exercising….keep calm and carry on ~ Ed.




18/3/2020 Five minute football Quiz No. 1 ‘EARLY DOORS’ …just a bit of fun ! <have a go>


17/3/20 5-00pm….Only a handful of players turned up at Denton today including Birthday ‘Boy’ Terry Harrison in his Taxi –

many happy returns….


1-00pm. 17th. March – the FPL website is acting up and for the moment cannot be edited.  If it could it would feature the graphic below on its front page.


7-30pm. March 16th 2020…





NEWS OF THE F.P.L. and G.M.W.F.L. Heywood  Over 70’s  will follow soon.


16th. March…

Obviously evets have overtaken the following news items but they have been left online to convey events that led to our suspension of activity.

News: Long chat with Marcus Brown today (Bolton Arena) about the FPL and will we continue? Obviously I don’t know yet,  the remainder of the season well,  it’s in the balance.  Also very complimentary about the league , and the coverage it gets, and talked about the possibility of entering three teams next time around (?) ….we shall see and decide in very late June…Rob Lake has been on the blower…he has a chest infection and is staying away tomorrow…Steve Birtwistle new man is attending on Thursday for the first time as a player. At 67 but no experience of WF I told him to attend at 10-00am…. Another call from Mike Shaw of Hollingworth an F.A. Referee and coach on the cusp of 60 is looking to try our walking football sessions either at Denton or Ashton…once the current Corona crisis is settled and we know what we can and cannot do. I explained the slight differences between the two venues and he might try both ! A text just now from David Moore who has been in Spain very recently and is self-isolating away from people for a week – he won’t be attending tomorrow (very responsible attitude). Last bust not least Bernard Roddy has decided to stay away for a while and is listening to advice from his family – good man Bernard…we will meet up again when normality returns.

Bill Murney – (who must be an extremely busy man) has emailed to say the Over 65’s is going ahead this week but no refreshments will be served afterwards and players can arrived changed and good to go.  I have asked him about the 70’s league with possible draconian announcements for over 70’s of 4 months self-isolation already mooted – will they start the league or postpone it before they have to ?



SOME GOOD NEWS: D.W.F.G. Tameside Striders have been awarded a grant of £100 by our local team of South Denton Councillors…thanks to all of them for their continued support and special mention to George Newton of Haughton Green.  Thank you.



Pot – A – Pen  thanks…we have raised £78 over both Tuesday and  Thursday sessions with sixty one penalty kicks – seventeen of them successful .  Sport Relief should be pleased. Harry looks happy enough !

















*BREAKING* news in the Borough….(we don’t write the headlines!) – now of course…  postponed.


How did todays session at King Street go ?  Find out <here>

POT-A-PEN  part one:  the movie


Just  a couple of short (or long) weeks ago !…..

Corona Virus: Covid 19 you can have one but not the other I learned today…it’s a developing story BUT you must have heard about it by now.  We won’t be going to these lengths …..









…but let’s bear in mind there is a health problem affecting the world at large and we are not immune from it. You won’t be offended if I refuse a handshake I’m sure – and I won’t be offering any for a week or three…common sense reaction to what may become a crisis. Until we know let’s take simple precautions that don’t cost us anything at all. – Ed.

Steve Amison has ‘popped’  a calf muscle and will be absent for a few weeks.

An email this morning confirms the injury and I’m sure we all wish Steve a smooth recovery and will welcome him back as soon as he is ready.  All the best Steve…

  • – – – – –

March fixtures in the F.P.L. Fair Play League are published <here>


Walking football in all of its forms matters…but not for too long. Goals go in at either end and fortunes vary….but all who can come off the pitch breathing hard with  hearts pumping and   shirts wet with sweat  are the winners ! Here’s  an early goal…but can we pull it back? Who can remember if we did, or not ? neither…kinda proves the point. Ed.


March 3rd. and 5th…session news

March dawned and the Editor ‘did one’.  Yes indeed off to Marske-by-the-Sea near Redcar for a brilliant week of sunshine (he kids you not) chilly mornings and neets and long beach walks in  an overlooked corner of the country.


Back next week to pot-a-pen on Tuesday and Thursday at King Street. (bring an extra quid) I just wanted to highlight the good turnout on both days this week and especially recognise the efforts of  committee men  Tony Cravagan , Gordon Nixon, David’s  Wilson & Partington   for ensuring the sessions ran like clockwork with players having everything they needed, and making sure I wasn’t missed. Plus of course Peter Quinn and Garry Pearce for Refereeing once again.  We’re a group ~a good group at that ,  and long may that continue. See you on the 10th. and 12th.   I hear a new player was injured this morning ~ Alan Twigg.  That’s so unfortunate Alan (similar happened to me 4 years ago)  but when you’re ready please come back to try again and even if you just fancy getting out of the house and limping down to see us sooner please consider doing that.  Over and out for now – Ed.



27/2/20 Denton Thursday saw a good turnout – have a look <click>


26/2/20 Check out all the news from today’s Fair Play League

– – –

COUNTING DOWN TO POT-A-PEN TUESDAY don’t forget to bring an extra quid !

may we suggest you stroke it ?


SEVENTY SEVEN DAYS…and counting here ~  <grrrr>



We raised seventy eight quid ! – well done all 17 of your  61 penalty kicks converted


Can you spare a quid for Sports Relief?



Our unmanned camera captured some of our sweeper/keeper action

last Thursday 13th Feb. < channel >


Another record broken on  a Thursday at Denton <details>




11th. February – a few photo’s from today –  < our winter of content >

“TIGER FEET” WALKING FOOTBALL FESTIVAL –more news coming soon ..


…Keep May 20th Free for Ewen me….and him and him maybe her too….(postponed) – AUTUMN ??



Lancashire F.A. short film on Heywood’s GMWFL…familiar surroundings for some of us, some familiar faces too <click>

A thank you to all of our viewers 92 hours in January – must be the short days and dark neets..









At the moment there aren’t enough eligible players, so initially they want to field a team of Over 75 year olds against other leagues. We have been here before with younger age groups, however if you see yourself playing in either friendly (at first)  or later competitive walking football at 75 years plus and attain that age anytime in the next eighteen months or a little more let me know.  You would also have to allow me to share your date of birth with their admin. as this is requested.

send an email to:

It is likely that Colin Fielding would be happy to lead a team into this category.


6.2.19 Two debutants at King Street today with Denton Thursday

David Nolan
Clem White

and each of them bagged a goal in  two – nil win for Yellow’s




Link to photo’s and more details < here >



It starts with  a ‘perfect penalty’ ….

“Unders” hour 4.2.20

Apologies for mis-spelling Mike Kieran’s name on the caption – even I’m doing it now – Ed.



Note new email address please:




29.1.20  Today’s events in the Fair Play League

<read about it here>

Early doors video link < here >





When you entrust your shirt personalisation to someone who maybe hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet….that !  Now I’m sure I’ve got some white dots somewhere…think I’ll give it rolling eyes  #blindbadger #hadtolaugh


New video on Tamestriders t.v. – hot from the Leisure Box, Nelson

links on the friendly-fixtures page.



Two indoor friendly games in Lancashire today for Tameside Striders – see the ‘friendly fixtures’ page for details and photograph/video links in the coming day or two.2-1 and 2-2

Pete Smith pulls one back <watch>


Please visit < tamestriders tv >

and ‘subscribe’ because you might be on it ….and it’s FREE !



Sign of the times

the good side !

16th. January :and a bumper  Thursday turnout

< read all about it >

plus a short video < here >


15th. January 2020: Five more willing students were schooled by Garry Pearce today under  the W.F.A.’club Refereeing’ scheme and are on their way to becoming accredited. In some cases this will mean dual accreditation under local F.A. and W.F.A. rules. A development which can only benefit our group going forward. About 20% of our membership could consist of qualified Referee’s if all goes well.

There are still lots of practical assessments to come and these may take place during your internal game so be prepared for this please. We’d all like to thank Garry for giving so generously of his time and recommend highly the value of such a course in developing Referees.

There is no substitute for experience though so  we’ll all bear that in mind.

D.Wilson, T. Cravagan, G. Pearce, D.Partington, J.Gaskin, A.Richards – apologies for the cup !




“really good to be there today , with the football, friendship and banter. The turn out in the weather we are having is incredible – we must be one of the best supported groups in the country. A big thank you to Alan, the committee and our refs for making this such a great experience.” – Feedback to site…

well, we’re probably not the biggest nor the best by any means  but we must be one of the happiest ! – Ed.


King Street 14th. January 2020

A cold, miserable morning that lived up to a lack of promise weather-wise still attracted

36 hardy, winter battlers for a game or three of walking football at Denton.



Tameside Striders have now withdrawn their Over 65’s team from the

Greater Manchester Walking Football League. A change of outlook from some players and  shrinking availability left us with little choice.  Advancing into the Over 70’s sphere for others means that we have to forfeit our place. We wish all of our  opponents from three or four previous seasons good luck  going forward,  –  we hope to be able to retain our Over 70’s place and will let the GMWF league know soon.

Meanwhile Striders retain their competitive team in the Curzon Fair Play League. <here>


The ‘clashes’ at the Nash will resume soon – 29th. January F.P.L.

checkout the ‘cymballism’ here >>> < crash >




9th.January 2020 —DOWN ? or is it merely across?

Our over seventy team have something to celebrate despite events at Heywood’s GMWFL. I spoke to today’s skipper Colin Cuthbert  and cobbled together a report of the day.

<read all about it



Good to see our Chairman back in the thick of it:

Full story (almost) of today at King Street <here>



  • ___________
  • Wondering what to do with your shirt?
  • If you want it personalised  on the back like this one
  • bring it to King Street on Tuesday or Thursday next. It will cost a fiver and take about ten days…
  • (which to me seems reasonable and what it cost me for this one  I need the money up front please- Ed).
  • An optional badge on the centre front in black too for the same money. Unfortunately he did mine in red – see smaller pic. and it doesn’t cut the mustard, for me anyway, but I’ll get it sorted.


don’t see many red badgers !


  • _________

New style Thursday’s with the extended hour supported by ‘Ambition for Ageing’got underway today at King Street.  Six of us were the pathfinders and after some light training with the new gear we played a 3 v. 3 sweeper/ keeper game that was light-hearted and fun and finished

five – two to the whites !

Just three v. three so we all sported our new white bibs !





Session video <click>  What’s needed now is for a few more newcomers to join us from 11-30am on Thursday’s for the princely sum of  just ONE POUND !  for which  you can get acquainted or re-acquainted with a football by using a variety of methods – rebounders, slalom poles and passing ‘arcs’ to re-ignite your love of a game you’d thought you’d forgotten – or never imagined was for you.   Afterwards we’ll play  a short game between ourselves.  Minimum skill is enough- we encourage we don’t criticise and all levels of ability – even ‘none’ -are welcome to join in. You never know you may be quite good, in which case we can signpost the way to other sessions of ours where you will fit in better and find even more satisfying. Thanks to ‘Ambition for Ageing’ for seeing the potential in this idea and helping us get it underway.





alternative email but I’m still at alartic The server at the domain is continually acting up.


  • Previews will appear on the ‘friendly fixtures’ page
  • 2019 Review pulled from YouTube due to copyright issues
  • (might be back with different audio)
  • _________
  • < try this >
  • _________
  • The next walking football at King St. January 2nd. Over 65’s Women 35+ from 10-returners/beginners*from 11-30am.  Tuesday sessions as normal from the 7th.January.
  • for Men 67+ 10-00am 50+ 11-15am.
  • *Members only new players need to register.
  • (Curzon Ashton sessions do not resume until Friday January 3rd 11-00am.)
  • __________
  • Guess who?
  • ____________
  • How did our Over 65’s get on at Heywood? Find out < here >
  • 19th. December…and we have lots of additions to the “Bah! Humbug” album  on the  our ‘friend Flickr’  facility now, with  many Thursday faces making an appearance today – the final session of 2019.
  • A year celebrated with the almost total  distribution of group colour shirts. One or two still to come AND we have some notable omissions from the album. Colin Fielding, Gordon Nixon, DAvid Wilson to name just three. A couple more shirts have been ordered to satisfy demand. Some ARE slightly different but the black and white striped theme continues – of course !
  • < take a look >

17th. December – We scaled new heights at Denton today with forty five people turning up at King Street.  Fortunately only 35 of them wanted to play. We had three good games. Two for over 67’s and an Under’s game with a late Steve Wingrove winner.

Star in stripes for the day though was undoubtedly John Williams

John Williams

John  hit four goals at The Crown Point End to give his team an emphatic 4-1 win!

We had a large scale photoshoot and your truly has been editing the shots for an hour – I will be seeing black and white stripes in my sleep !

They will appear on our Flickr feed later and we have about ten minutes video for the second hour to get edited and uploaded.  Then I’m tasked to come up with something for next month’s Denton Correspondent – another busy day of walking football.

BAH HUMBUG ! link to more photo’s < shoot >


  • Six of our seven man committee last night

    More Photographs at this link  <click>

Friday the thirteenth of December  and the nation woke up to momentous news.

The events of yesterday could affect peoples lives for years to come….

here are the results:

Players of the Year: Rob Lake  :  Peter Jarvis  :  Russell Martin

Committee choices for individuals of the year:

Garry Pearce  &  John Boyle

Platt Lane plaudit for ‘Player of the Day’  Keith Oldham

as the weekend unfolds and the events of election night are analysed then we’ll have

photographs and video of a memorable evening.


  • Great feedback for GARRY PEARCE and his first W.F.A. ‘Club’ Referee course
  • at King Street this morning. “Brilliant” said one student….detailed theory with practical assessments to come – thanks Gaz.
  • Dave Fielding, Keith Burrows, Colin Fielding, Peter Quinn, Garry himself and Brian Coll


  • Stats: Over 700 hits last week  and now we’re closing in on one hundred thousand visits in just under three and a half years !

  • _____________
  • Thanks to Gary Carter Sports Editor of the Correspondent for the continuing coverage….



Player of the day – Part One video <appropriate choice for Denton>

_________ End of year report from YouTube – That’s more than 27 days ! not bad for a little walking football channel.


F.A. Survey for Walking Footballers < link >


Strange things afoot on the Platt Lane page < here >


Trophy suppliers Hett’s of Hyde have had a problem supplying our custom made ‘badger’ centres. We’ll get some more before the new year is very old. Three players of our year as chosen by players + a permanent to keep  not quite ‘replica’ , two individuals of our year as selected by your committee. To be presented on the 12th. December at Denton Golf Club.

Shirt distribution started at King Street today 3/12/19 . Black and White striped ‘Hummel’ long sleeved shirts in M, L and XL. Regret no XXL but those players have been given a different kind of shirt recently. Keith Burrows is offering a personalisation service – names, numbers etc. I enquired with  a couple of midlands firms about large badges (8 inch diameter) for the plain white back but these were £500 for fifty.

‘Striders’ is a good option for the back with your name but that’s entirely up to you.  I thank the Chairman and the other members of the committee for seeing the merit in this idea once I’d located new quality branded  shirts at a very good  fantastic  price. We will have a photoshoot day on the 17th. and 19th. December with individual pics in front of our new backdrop board –

assuming you want a photo please wear your shirt that week. If indeed by any chance you don’t want a shirt just say – thanks.

Update: nobody refused a shirt and I think we gave 33 or thereabouts to players today.


Focus on MIKE KIERAN with  an action packed F.P.L.  ‘NETCAM’

< Mike >


Just  a reminder – it’s been cold before <brrrr>






Wonder what the Fair Play League is like? Have a look <here>


November Rain – Thursday pics with  <puns and poses>





26/11/19 ~Exciting times at Tameside Striders as  the training equipment for expanded 2020 Thursday sessions arrives. Today we got the bases for the slalom poles. These will aid ball control and balance. The poles are spring loaded and will bounce back vertical if you catch one with your shoulder.  Any other part of your body  you’re probably not doing it right ! 🙂  They are intended to be stuck directly into the ground but obviously you can’t do that on 3g..

The solution?



…a heavy rubber base. Eight of them . All marked up as our property now and ready to make their bow at King Street in the New Year.  I think it will also be beneficial to bring these to Tuesday sessions, incorporate their use in the warm up – with ball or without ball and also for the eleven o’clock arrivers to have a go -maybe a time trial while you’re waiting to get on the pitch for your  hour and a bit ! More weight  for ‘Bob’ the group’s workhorse  but he can stand it.

…and moving on a bit…up the pole

  • – – – –


Sometimes players deserve special mention.


Medium, Large and Extra Large only

The shirt issue has nothing to do with our recent grant for Thursday’s expanded sessions  which will start in 2020. It’s a bit of a bonus to get almost everyone in the groups colours, and we managed to buy them  at a very good price.  It will be good to see more black and white at King Street although of course we have plenty of bibs to differentiate if lots of us turn up wearing them. Distribution will start early next month to almost everyone who wants one


It was a different kind of day at Denton Thursday.

With Alan and Tony  meeting  Mr.Roy Catterall who kindly visited us to find out more about the group, what we do, who we are etc. Colin , and the two David’s took control on the pitches.

Tony and myself were  reminded of the prestigious nature of the ‘Queens Award for Voluntary Service’ for which we have been nominated.  Success would be both a considerable honour, and achievement. The recipients of awards are informed in  April or May ,  next year.

More details of events on and off the pitch < here >



Denton Walking Football Group are delighted to announce more funding from Action Together – Ambition for Ageing.  A generous four figure sum will enable us to increase pitch time at Denton Youth F.C. and acquire training equipment (a rebounder, passing arcs and mini hurdles etc.)  to make THURSDAY sessions longer and more interesting, also to aid co-ordination and balance. Training apparel and point of playing display material are also included. We want to attract more beginners, who in time  will go on to become more proficient , and start to get fitter.


More detail will follow and in the immediate future sessions will remain as they are but expect changes soon after the committee have had a chance to further discuss the methods we can employ and extra equipment, and pitch time  has been acquired.




A very wet Thursday session is reported on the appropriate page from the menu – lots of votes returned for Player of the Year which reminds us…










OUR TALENTED ‘CABBIE’ cum sketch artist Terry  Harrison has been at it again, here a good likeness of John Gaskin, who looks pleased with the results. Incidentally John’s name has been added to the Platt Lane list, and Chairan Gordon Nixon has withdrawn from the action but he will be with us on the day.

(I’m digging that badger badge – it looks great – expect we’ll see more of our ‘hoodies’ as winter draws on…Ed.)






we currently have 27  subscribers and need 73 more before we can have our own customised web address similar to or similar.  Customised URL’s are only  available to channels with 100 or more subscribers.  Videos on the channel also feature F.P.L. and some Heywood games. SUBSCRIBING  COSTS YOU NOTHING – just visit the channel (below) and click subscribe – you’ll be advised of any new content as and when it appears.

Your support would be very much appreciated- thanks




what do we call the other end?

No brainer really – sometimes you don’t realise what’s right under your nose.

St.Lawrence’s Church is 500 years old in 2031 and hopefully lots of us will be around the celebrate that.  Far and away the most significant historical building for some miles around. It’s Tudor, black and white stripes and make perfect sense.

under lights

The Church End then. They have ‘Café Tuesday’s  I might even call in and give the Vicar the good news ! 😉

Just a bit of nonsense really but whilst editing last weeks videos I realised ‘North’ and ‘South’ End’s didn’t quite cut the mustard. Check out the Church at the link below.




<Denton Thursday>



17/10/19 Last week  we welcomed a new female player to King Street on an unusually sunny morning.


there’s a few minutes video of the game  <here> & full story and match report < here >


A ‘prestigious’ award for which we have been nominated



  • _________
  • Committee meeting report from 12/10/19 is
  • Changes are afoot and it’s important players  read it please <here>
  • ________
  • A healthy turn out for the ‘healthy living day’ at Haughton Green –
  • more photos <here>
  • THREE TOUCH ? what’s three touch?  a glaring omission – check here 🙂< FPL >
  • _________
  • Good coverage of the Striders in the Fair Play League in this months Correspondent
  • I’ll have some copies in the van next week, not sure about glory but we got off to  a good start !
  • – –

New banner at King Street

  • ____________
  • Record breakers 8th October – some ‘Stridershots’ on FLICKR <shoot>
  •  ______
  • We are thinking of hiring an indoor pitch (with lines) at the superb Platt Lane complex in Fallowfield for a friendly game between the Thursday and Tuesday players – although there may be some interchanging.  As we cannot rent on Wednesday we are looking at a Thursday or preferably a Friday for this fixture. It is thought it will take place  in early December  and it may be a good idea to return to Denton in the early afternoon and partake of a few beers in  a local hostelry – the Fletcher Arms has been mentioned – they do lunchtime food.
  • If we booked the pitch for 2.5 hours we could open this up to all age groups of players and arrange up to two games on the indoor 3g. If you’d be interested in taking part please enter yes or no in the box below plus your name of course.  Also note any questions or feedback for this idea.
  • Travel to the venue would be by private car at this stage.
  • We could offer lifts from the Fletchers Arms car park
  • (the pitch would be paid for from D.W.F.G. funds)


  • I’ve had more bruises from this than three and a half years walking football.  He’s claiming more victims every week so think on guys – don’t get too close for comfort – please !
  • – – – –
  • 8/10/19 today we welcomed Dave’s  ‘TORQUAY TRUNK’ to King Street !
  •        Thanks for sponsoring some extra storage Mr.Fielding Jnr.- ignore the cruel jibes 🙂
  • – – – –
  • Latest rating news from ‘youtube’ show more people are watching our videos for longer
  • < check out the stats here >
  • Five-one winners today – THE REDS (minus Dave Wenham)
  • 26th. September and eighteen players at Denton Thursday


Checkout the 70’s Tournament page from the menu above  to read of Striders’

opening day of the Autumn league at Heywood Colin Fielding reports in full.


All competitive walking football requires players to wear these – they aren’t expensive, especially if you don’t opt for leading branded guards. Please equip yourself with  a pair for both Heywood and the Fair Play League





19/9/19 :- We had times at Heywood today when our over 65’s had their backs to wall,but our last line of defence didn’t let us down

Striders number one at Heywood today


  • Both Alan Richards and John Smith report on the first day of the GMWFL Autumn league
  • <here>
  • “Well worth  a read” – he said !
  • _________
  • WHY HIDE OUR LIGHT UNDER A BUSHEL? – the group has been the recipient
  • of special praise from some of those that matter most  <here>


  • 17th.September  ~ Today’s photos – mostly by David Wilson
  • <Autumn Almanac>


12/9/19 ~Steven Edwards from Manchester County F.A. visited our session yesterday….I had an email from him today in response to thanking him for coming over from the Etihad complex…

Afternoon Alan It was great to come down yesterday, thank you for the warm welcome. I thought you’re a great group and was so nice to see so many people involved and participating. Thank you for the report and the attached photo. Great group photo. I look forward to attending a FPL session in the coming months.

See you soon. Thanks…. Steve


12-9-19 ~ Good to meet Pryce Humphries at King Street today. He was driving a small tractor and re-invigorating the 3g surface with an attachment. He is of an age where walking football might appeal and watched his first game today.  He also accommodated  me in shooting a little film about drop kicks, which I’m convinced are legal under F.A. law , and maybe even W.F.A. – call them half-volleys if you like it’s a way of a ‘keeper clearing the ball – NOT restarting play which is a ‘goal clearance’ and something different. Pryce – who plays five-a-side and manages a couple of teams at Denton Youth  might be trying the walking game soon and we hope to see you on a Tuesday at eleven am.


Some photo’s from yesterday 3rd. September on ‘Stridershots’ our FLICKR pro account

<on this page>


  • ______

Your local free newspaper with constant coverage of walking football in the locale –



In praise of three touch < view >


Well, 34/35 turned up and we had a reserve in waiting.  A great success which you can read about on the Summer Nineteen page < here >

Dave Partington gives Bonkers the Badger a celebratory sno




  • – – – –

This fine FLICKR facility csts us £40 a year so why not check it out

today’s pics < FLICKR >

– – – – – – – –

  • another new pennant! – which like the other two  was made and funded personally by Alan Richards as well as using reclaimed materials. No cost to the group ~ thank you – Ed.


Tamestriders T.V. video cutting room is a hive of activity following the visit of the Bees from Burnley yesterday – first links will appear soon.

no sooner said than done – first half of first half < here >

second half of the first half ! < watch >

and the second half gets underway here <view>

and finally the remainder of the match can be seen < here >

– – – –

A message from Burnley Bees Graham Hill

“Just a quick few words from myself and the player’s of Burnley Bee’s walking football who  would like to say a very big thank you to Alan Richards for the loan of one of their team strips for us to play a very good friendly at Denton. Thank you also to every body who helped with a lovely lunch,  also to all players from both sides and Garry Pearce  our  Referee. Thank you so much for a great day at your facility,  looking forward to meeting again and  Burnley bees well played all ” – Graham Hill

  • – – – –


Vive la difference…French for the Strider’s bench

July 2019: And Alan’s up before the bench today. The other one.  This one looks pretty cool if he does say so himself – two benches from outside Bradford. If the rain holds off I’ll get stuck in laters…

Badgers bench – black and white and makes sense !

Bench update: out with the old and in with the older- transformation coming…the tape is a clue

We ‘Badgers’ have new benches ! well , second hand ones – all the way from Shipley in Yorkshire in the back of yours truly’s van. They don’t look much but they’re sturdy, storage friendly and some of the plastic stools we have are  mostly cracked and knackered (and a bit dangerous to be honest) Watch these two benches morph into something more walking football friendly. I’m sure they’ll enhance the King Street experience – Ed.

Entry level and the gateway to the group is Thursday from ten. Come down for a chat


Mike Kieran made his Denton debut today. A clean sheet too. A new goalkeeper as we fondly remember a predecessor.

Read all about it on the Denton internals page


Thirty odd photos from Tuesday as JULY kicks in…< link >


“Time well spent at Heywood with friends, co-players and familiar Referees. . I think all of our group – experienced and semi-experienced got something from the day. Classroom and practical. A couple of points I raised with the F.A. rep – up from Bristol – gave him food for thought. He seemed receptive. Of course we will continue to employ some local rules but this kind of get together can only assist in growing confidence, and in developing skills and judgement required for a difficult role. A gateway rather than a destination but I’m pleased I went along. Thanks to Lancashire F.A. and Heywood Sports Village” – Alan Richards

Pic of the Week: Steve Wingrove , one of our most competitive players alongside our ethos buzzwords banner.  More than one way to win with Denton Walking Football Group

Wingrove in the wet

Our over 70’s co-Manager’s Colin Fielding (left) and David Partington with LAST YEARS Over 70






Here comes the rain…..jackets.


DWFG competitive team


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