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This week we welcomed another female player to King Street on an unusually sunny morning. Tracey joined the Denton Thursday crew and made an impressive debut. We hope she returns.

there’s a few minutes video of the game  <here> & full story and match report < here >


Read John Smith’s excellent report from Heywood Over 65’s –

and a few points in the bag for ‘the badgers’   <get sett>


This is the singer we have booked for our Christmas ‘doo’ at Denton Golf Club

< Claire >

See David Partington, or Gordon Nixon to book tickets at £10 each. Wives , partners and friends welcome. We’ll have food too, a quiz,  and the presentations of Player of the Year x 3 plus other recognition in the form of trophies too. THURSDAY 12th.DECEMBER


The Badgers brought back 5 points from Heywood today in the Over 65’s GMWFL.

Striders achieved two goalless draws,  a two-nil win and  a defeat by the same score line.

We will have a report for you soon.


A ‘prestigious’ award for which we have been nominated



  • We are currently in the act of booking  Denton Golf Club  as a venue for our 2019 Christmas party.
  • The cost of the room will be borne by the group and this will mean a hot buffet will cost around £10 per head for players and wives or partners. Obviously  those who only play at Ashton are also welcome to attend., along with friends of both groups.
  • Please let us know if you’re interested in attending. Make it known to  David Partington or Gordon Nixon at the next session.


  • If you’re coming enter your name in the box below plus wives/partners/friends in total
  • _________________________
  • Could you sharpen up your culinary skills? – a friend of the group has asked us to publicise this venture…AIMED ESPECIALLY  AT OLDER ‘MEN IN
  • Men in Kitchens 2nd Nov ’19 poster
  • __________
  • Nationwide – when do we all play?
nationwide forum poll on Facebook


  • Committee meeting report from 12/10/19 is
  • Changes are afoot and it’s important players  read it please <here>
  • _________
  • ________
  • Having had the charity ‘Clic Sargent’ brought to our attention by a friend of the group, the committee was happy for the Co-Treasurer’s to raise  a cheque for fifty pounds as a donation to assist in their valuable work, details of which may be found at the link below…
  • < Clic Sargent >
  • on the 9th. & 10th. December there are  carol concerts taking place in central Manchester for the  cause, and if anyone is interested the editor can point you in the right direction for tickets, which are priced at £15.00.
  • _________
  • A healthy turn out for the ‘healthy living day’ at Haughton Green –
  • more photos <here>
  • THREE TOUCH ? what’s three touch?  a glaring omission – check here 🙂< FPL >
  • _________
  • Good coverage of the Striders in the Fair Play League in this months Correspondent
  • I’ll have some copies in the van next week, not sure about glory but we got off to  a good start !
  • – –

New banner at King Street

  • ____________
  • Record breakers 8th October – some ‘Stridershots’ on FLICKR <shoot>
  •  ______
  • We are thinking of hiring an indoor pitch (with lines) at the superb Platt Lane complex in Fallowfield for a friendly game between the Thursday and Tuesday players – although there may be some interchanging.  As we cannot rent on Wednesday we are looking at a Thursday or preferably a Friday for this fixture. It is thought it will take place  in early December  and it may be a good idea to return to Denton in the early afternoon and partake of a few beers in  a local hostelry – the Fletcher Arms has been mentioned – they do lunchtime food.
  • If we booked the pitch for 2.5 hours we could open this up to all age groups of players and arrange up to two games on the indoor 3g. If you’d be interested in taking part please enter yes or no in the box below plus your name of course.  Also note any questions or feedback for this idea.
  • Travel to the venue would be by private car at this stage.
  • We could offer lifts from the Fletchers Arms car park
  • (the pitch would be paid for from D.W.F.G. funds)


  • I’ve had more bruises from this than three and a half years walking football.  He’s claiming more victims every week so think on guys – don’t get too close for comfort – please !
  • – – – –
  • 8/10/19 today we welcomed Dave’s  ‘TORQUAY TRUNK’ to King Street !
  •        Thanks for sponsoring some extra storage Mr.Fielding Jnr.- ignore the cruel jibes 🙂
  • – – –
  • John Boyle

    John is one of our keenest players on Thursday mornings. He hails from Kent and was a long time supporter of Gillingham F.C.  He makes a 20 mile round trip from Northenden  to take part whenever he can, and plays the game in the right way.  Lately he has been performing between the goalposts and has pulled off a string of good saves.  The double fist-out  is his speciality. Players like John make the sessions worthwhile and his enthusiasm for the game is undimmed.

  • Long may that continue – take a bow John Boyle.
  • – – – –
  • Latest rating news from ‘youtube’ show more people are watching our videos for longer
  • < check out the stats here >
  • – – – – –
  • NEWS 6th. October
  • We have had permission to display  a permanent banner at King Street and it’s been ordered.  This should catch the eye of the very many people who use the facility every week.

We also await two new pairs of goalkeeper gloved for the Thursday sessions which may soon need four custodians between eight posts ! The transition to two games may mean a few weeks of mini-goals on one pitch  to accommodate growing numbers. Ten v. Ten on one pitch is not really ideal and although everyone on a Thursday shows commendable restraint we need to take a close look at the situation. Everyone will get  a full forty minute match of regular walking football whatever format we adopt. As for Tuesday’s it should be borne in mind that  a second game is a bonus, not an expectation if numbers continue to grow.

  • – –

Receipts are holding up well and the Co-Treasurer makes regular monthly trips to the bank in Hyde to pay in to D.W.F.G.’s bank account.

  • –  –

Thanks to Mike Caldwell who has donated a bag full of  used  kit including a full set of short sleeved Accrington Stanley shirts.  Some of it will be at King Street on Tuesday so have a rummage and help yourself to a pair of football socks, or shorts. We will keep the Accrington shirts together as a full kit – thanks Mike.

  • The proposed indoor game at  the Platt Lane complex in  Fallowfield is still very much a possibility. However we cannot  play there  on  a Wednesday as that’s when the University side uses the facility.
  • The committee will be meeting soon and this is one of those items for the agenda.
  • Others will include annual awards and thoughts on  another  function around Christmas time. Please make your  thoughts known at this weeks sessions if you want any other points discussed.
  • – – – – –


  • BREAKING NEWS in the F.P.L. <read>
  • – – – – – –


  • Five-one winners today – THE REDS (minus Dave Wenham)
  • 26th. September and eighteen players at Denton Thursday as the Striders  Over Seventies squad competed at Heywood’s GMWFL.  The report from our ‘home’ ground is on the Thursday page from the menu.  We hope to have Colin Fielding’s thoughts on the 70’s soon
  • Meanwhile the F.P.L. League table is  <here>


Checkout the 70’s Tournament page from the menu above  to read of Striders’

opening day of the Autumn league at Heywood Colin Fielding reports in full.


All competitive walking football requires players to wear these – they aren’t expensive, especially if you don’t opt for leading branded guards. Please equip yourself with  a pair for both Heywood and the Fair Play League


Heywood action ? – checkout the link below…



Tony Cravagan has been co-opted onto the D.W.F.G. Committee.

Tony Cravagan

Nominated by David Wilson and seconded by Secretary/Co-Treasurer Alan Richards there was unanimous approval of this move.  Tony has demonstrated commendable commitment to both Tuesday and Thursday sessions and it’s hoped his support, intuition  and initiative will play  a full part in the development of Denton WALKING football.

We are determined to maintain the correct emphasis on the walking game. Only yesterday our regular Referee and honorary member said last Tuesday games for the Over 67’s were a good example  “how walking football should be played” We are not looking for perfect pedestrians but the pace must be reasonable.  There is work to do on the second hour on Tuesday’s and that will start this week.


19/9/19 :- We had times at Heywood today when our over 65’s had their backs to wall,but our last line of defence didn’t let us down

Striders number one at Heywood today


  • Both Alan Richards and John Smith report on the first day of the GMWFL Autumn league
  • <here>
  • “Well worth  a read” – he said !
  • _________
  • WHY HIDE OUR LIGHT UNDER A BUSHEL? – the group has been the recipient
  • of special praise from some of those that matter most  <here>


  • 17th.September  ~ Today’s photos – mostly by David Wilson
  • <Autumn Almanac>


12/9/19 ~Steven Edwards from Manchester County F.A. visited our session yesterday….I had an email from him today in response to thanking him for coming over from the Etihad complex…

Afternoon Alan It was great to come down yesterday, thank you for the warm welcome. I thought you’re a great group and was so nice to see so many people involved and participating. Thank you for the report and the attached photo. Great group photo. I look forward to attending a FPL session in the coming months.

See you soon. Thanks…. Steve


12-9-19 ~ Good to meet Pryce Humphries at King Street today. He was driving a small tractor and re-invigorating the 3g surface with an attachment. He is of an age where walking football might appeal and watched his first game today.  He also accommodated  me in shooting a little film about drop kicks, which I’m convinced are legal under F.A. law , and maybe even W.F.A. – call them half-volleys if you like it’s a way of a ‘keeper clearing the ball – NOT restarting play which is a ‘goal clearance’ and something different. Pryce – who plays five-a-side and manages a couple of teams at Denton Youth  might be trying the walking game soon and we hope to see you on a Tuesday at eleven am.


Another new man at Denton Thursday –  full report <here>

A mixed morning for Gerry Markland
  • – – – – –

GMWFL NEWS: The Over 70 and Over 65 fixtures are published on the relevant pages from the menu above.


Unfortunately the system that tells us how many people are visiting this site has crashed and it seems highly unlikely we’ll be able to recover it. So a ‘hit counter’ is being added to some of the pages. Just before it packed up we were on 95,000 visits in three years and two months. Thanks.

but for now it’s ‘s back to square 1,2,3,4,etc etc….not that it really matters, well, it matters but it’s not important – a bit like results.

Last weeks visitor stats:


September’s Over 70’s Heywood  league fixtures are reproduced here  <link>

  • – – – –
  • 9/9/19 – Two new enquiries for Denton in the space of five minutes this morning with a Gerry and a Steve looking to join us on a Thursday and Tuesday respectively. Both will be assured of a warm welcome.  A reminder to all that we need to wear Astro trainers on the new surface at King Street. The phone rang within minutes of getting home from the Nash Amblers session – you’ll of course find details of that on our ‘sister’ website


Interesting research on walking football and our bodies !



Some photo’s from yesterday 3rd. September on ‘Stridershots’ our FLICKR pro account

<on this page>


  • ______

Your local free newspaper with constant coverage of walking football in the locale –



In praise of three touch < view >


Editor’s news in brief...


The A.G.M. was held last week after the festival and basically reported on finances which are healthy and sustainable. Regular reports to the committee are made in the cause of transparency and regular members are welcome to even more details if they approach any committee member.

Other talking points mentioned the Size 4 balls we have been enjoying and not much else really.  It was a very well attended meeting which generously supported and applauded the efforts of myself and the committee. Thanks to Chairman Gordon Nixon for presiding.

Check the ‘Sec’s Report’ page for a full rundown of recent events.

Almost everyone has signed on again for the 2019-2020 season thanks for being so prompt as we still have a couple of days left in August – Julie Walker became the latest player to sign on last Thursday – thanks Julie.




Final footage is <here>

be warned, it’s a bit ‘brisk’ !


Well, 34/35 turned up and we had a reserve in waiting.  A great success which you can read about on the Summer Nineteen page < here >

Dave Partington gives Bonkers the Badger a celebratory snog !

– – – – –

DAVID PARTINGTON is organising another one of his ‘curry nights’ at the Viceroy in Hyde.

‘two for one night’

Wednesday the 21st. of August the day after our Summer 19 ‘Festival’

email him at




For the Secretary’s  synopsis of events since the last players meeting in February please check this < link >


More players have joined the ranks of the ‘signed on’ for 2019/20

Mike Kieran , John Boyle ,Dave Cooper, Karen Bemrose, Mike Caldwell, Peter Collins and Terry Clarke join Allan Stone Eric Thomas and Steve Tomlinson join the many more listed (somewhere) below.

….and more today 13th.August – Andy Muir, Steve Johnson , Roy Smith and Eric Thomas also signed on.


Most of us know the FPL team draw is taking place tomorrow for Bees, Striders and Amblers.

The teams drawn will not be set in stone and there will be a limited opportunity for some fine tuning and trading between the three player/managers if they think it makes sense. Two players are on one of the tickets to suit availability needs. I’m (Ed.) on one ticket myself but may well be Refereeing instead, or indeed doing other related  things but probably need to be attached to one of the squads should the opportunity to take part arise, and if selected, of course. We have 21 names featuring in the draw. Remember that if we are seven teams strong once more then some teams will play four games on one morning in half of the rounds. Flexibility, patience and understanding are required from everyone. With  a nine man squad the opportunity to let the least used player take part for no cost is an option, as Striders  did a couple of times last season. At this stage being in the draw is not a 100% certainty you’ll be included in starting line-ups. Thanks.

three team player /managers






THE F.P.L. DRAW’S AHEAD watch the preparation video <HERE>

– also **Monday’s events will be filmed**   ———————


Denton Correspondent article

  • – – – – –

F.P.L. ? wondering which team you will play in?

news  <here>


THURSDAY NEWS 7/8/19 Tomorrow’s game will be filmed and links posted on  a national forum so let’s show how we Thursdayites play the game.  Sadly Frank Matthews won’t be there as he has twisted his knee.  We hope you’re  fit for your upcoming holiday Frank and hope to see you soon.  We know you enjoy the sessions and you will be missed.   Allan Stone, Russell Martin and Jim Stewart have  all signed on and were joined by Terry Clarke yesterday. Others have too but there’s all of August to do the deed and join us for another season of walking football.

Looking forward to getting back after  a couple of Thursday’s away – Ed.


Footage from yesterday’s Under’s hour will soon be posted on youtube – you should know how to find Tamestriders T.V. by now.  Sadly, Chris Turner picked up another injury and is likely to be out for a while – consider trying Thursday games for a couple of weeks when you are ready Chris.  (nice camper van by the way – Ed.)


*BREAKING NEWS*  Fair Play League sees Red ! <click>


Thanks to committee man and Over seventies player/manager Colin Fielding for donating a pressure gauge and umpteen needle valve adaptors to the group today – will come in handy when inflating these two beauties, newly arrived from Pendle Sportswear today.

  • – – – – – – –

This fine FLICKR facility costs us £40 a year so why not check it out

today’s pics < FLICKR >

A bumper day at King Street with thirty three players six of whom joined the list of signed on  2019-2020 . Steve Foster, Terry Clarke, Dave Partington, Trevor Brereton, Paul Theobald and John Williams – joining James Stewart and Allan Stone who did the deed last Thursday.

We also saw some new faces.  Adding to the Denton’s ‘got talent’ pool…

new man – Phil Livesey

It’s easier now to list those who haven’t yet signed up again and that’s what will happen soon. You have untilthe end August to re-sign for the upcoming twelve months – thanks.

Reports on the ‘Denton Internals’ page have already started to come in and some photo’s will follow, of this maroon v. yellow day across three games.

– – – – – – – –

Some news for F.P.L followers on the Nash Walking Football website


DEAD RINGERS? Mike Kieran thinks so – what about you?




  • – – – – – – – –
  • another new pennant! – which like the other two  was made and funded personally by Alan Richards as well as using reclaimed materials. No cost to the group ~ thank you – Ed.


More game video footage has been uploaded to our YouTube channel today 1/8/19

No nominations were received so the current committee posts remain with the incumbents for another twelve months. Gordon Nixon -Chairman  Alan Richards -Sec/Co-Treasurer

Graham Brown Co-Treasurer – David Wilson – Colin Fielding – David Partington

  • – – – –
  • So far the following players have re-signed for the 2019-2020 season…

Hadge Cooper  ,  David Fielding ,  Colin Fielding ,  Steve Tomlinson,  Bill Lancashire , David Wenham  David Wilson  Alan Richards Les  Gillan David  Lees Alan  Brodie  Brian  Stafford  Keith Yardley  Colin Cuthbert  Martyn Heath  David Gibbons Lawrie O’Toole David Moore  Peter Dixon Michael Conroy John Gaskin Joe Bemrose Russell Martin Gordon Nixon  Steve Wingrove Rob Lake, Bernard Roddy, Keith Oldham, Tony Cravagan Ken Dean Peter Quinn Peter Jarvis Peter Quinn:  Update August 27th: the list is not exhaustive and a lot more names need to be  be added.  Very few players have not yet ‘signed-on’ thanks to all who have.

– – – – – –


FESTIVAL DRAW – please note we will probably need another team

important information & guidance  – click to open the link below please



Tamestriders T.V. video cutting room is a hive of activity following the visit of the Bees from Burnley yesterday – first links will appear soon.

no sooner said than done – first half of first half < here >

second half of the first half ! < watch >

and the second half gets underway here <view>

and finally the remainder of the match can be seen < here >

– – – –

A message from Burnley Bees Graham Hill

“Just a quick few words from myself and the player’s of Burnley Bee’s walking football who  would like to say a very big thank you to Alan Richards for the loan of one of their team strips for us to play a very good friendly at Denton. Thank you also to every body who helped with a lovely lunch,  also to all players from both sides and Garry Pearce  our  Referee. Thank you so much for a great day at your facility,  looking forward to meeting again and  Burnley bees well played all ” – Graham Hill

  • – – – –
  • Some photo’s from todays friendly <here>

BIG day at King Street with a splendid Thursday session followed by  a friendly with Burnley Bees.  Checkout the reports on the relevant pages – look for Denton Thursday – and –

friendly-fixtures from the menu above.

here’s a photo of a converted penalty to whet your appetite…

Yes ! it’s on its way in !






For the third year walking our group entered a team in the Stalybridge Celtic Juniors Walking Football Tournament. After reaching the latter stages for the last two years as Nash Amblers, hopes were high that our team of elder statesmen Striders , could compete with the young guns.  With five ten minute games ahead of us, Captain Colin Fielding selected a team of six, from our squad of eight,  for our first fixture against eventual winners Mighty Spartans. In truth we were up against it for most of the game, though Spartans were reduced to long range efforts that rarely troubled our keeper Mike Keiran. When it looked like we would secure a goalless draw, Spartans scored from a free kick.  Our second game was against Walking Masterclass,  again another terrific team . We competed well,  but lost two nil, and can have few complaints about the result.
– – – –
Third up for us , was a very young and skilful  Cancer Warriors team.  In this one we had more time on the ball, and took the lead through a speculative Brereton effort.  When it looked like we were heading for our first win, our young opponents scored with a fine strike.
Our fourth fixture was against PSV Hangover,  where we secured our first win. A fabulous Woz Taylor hat trick  did the trick,  in what was a fine performance from the Striders.  Our final game saw us take on the Lionesses,  who had  looked very impressive in their previous fixtures.
They  focused more on attack, whereas our counter attacking policy paid off with four goals from Taylor (2), Bertenshaw and Brereton.  Two late  penalties for the ladies were well saved by Mike Keiran.
Unfortunately we were eliminated at the group stage,  though it’s not reaching the semis,  it’s the taking part that counts. It was a terrific effort from all the squad,  and a very enjoyable day , for a great cause. Thanks to Colin Fielding for putting our squad together,  Keith Burrows for refereeing our games, and Garry Pearce.
Striders squad
Bertenshaw,  Brereton,  Cuthbert,  Fielding,  Hampson,  Keiran, Taylor, White
Editor’s footnote: The day raised £650 for Cancer  research charity ‘Cancer Warriors’ Congratulations to Garry Pearce and his team of helpers for organising such an enjoyable afternoon.
A short video montage is just  a click away <click>

Tameside Striders took part in the annual Stalybridge Junior Football open age walking football tournament today. Organised by Honorary member and regular Ref Garry Pearce. Other members of the group Refereed most of the games too. A pleasant afternoon in sunshine moderated by a refreshing breeze, well attended and now a much anticipated event in this part of Tameside.

Colin Fielding led the  team, and playing in the Over 70’s red and black stripes they had a mixed day with two wins, a draw and two defeats. They didn’t progress to the latter stages.  There were some skilful players on show in teams like The Mighty Spartans, Walking Wanderers, Expected Toulouse and P.S.V. Hangover!   The standard of walking from the younger men and women involved was exemplary from my point of view as a Referee. In six games I blew up for five runs and a similar number of contact offences.  An example to all of us regulars.

  • – – – – – –


Vive la difference…French for the Strider’s bench

July 2019: And Alan’s up before the bench today. The other one.  This one looks pretty cool if he does say so himself – two benches from outside Bradford. If the rain holds off I’ll get stuck in laters…

Badgers bench – black and white and makes sense !

Bench update: out with the old and in with the older- transformation coming…the tape is a clue

We ‘Badgers’ have new benches ! well , second hand ones – all the way from Shipley in Yorkshire in the back of yours truly’s van. They don’t look much but they’re sturdy, storage friendly and some of the plastic stools we have are  mostly cracked and knackered (and a bit dangerous to be honest) Watch these two benches morph into something more walking football friendly. I’m sure they’ll enhance the King Street experience – Ed.

Entry level and the gateway to the group is Thursday from ten. Come down for a chat


Mike Kieran made his Denton debut today. A clean sheet too. A new goalkeeper as we fondly remember a predecessor.

Read all about it on the Denton internals page


The opposition is a ‘Bees’ team from Burnley who will be wearing our own kit which will be appropriate in the circumstances.  If it gets the game on then it’s not a problem.



Thirty odd photos from Tuesday as JULY kicks in…< link >




“Time well spent at Heywood with friends, co-players and familiar Referees. . I think all of our group – experienced and semi-experienced got something from the day. Classroom and practical. A couple of points I raised with the F.A. rep – up from Bristol – gave him food for thought. He seemed receptive. Of course we will continue to employ some local rules but this kind of get together can only assist in growing confidence, and in developing skills and judgement required for a difficult role. A gateway rather than a destination but I’m pleased I went along. Thanks to Lancashire F.A. and Heywood Sports Village” – Alan Richards

Pic of the Week: Steve Wingrove , one of our most competitive players alongside our ethos buzzwords banner.  More than one way to win with Denton Walking Football Group

Wingrove in the wet
Fielding and Partington – walking football’s Solksjaer and Phelan

Our over 70’s co-Manager’s Colin Fielding (left) and David Partington with LAST YEARS Over 70 knockout cup  runners walkers-up trophy – they were unbeaten finalists. Alan Richards had held the trophy ever since on his back bedroom window ledge but rightly decided it should now have a new home in Colin’s renowned ‘Sports Bar’ at his home in Stalybridge, rehearsal venue for our Eggheads T.V. quiz team.













click for pics :


The new  Nash  walking football website>

and this s the place to look for Amblers related matters now. We have to do this to split capacity between the two sites. The Fair Play League website remains intact and online  for the time being , at least until the Autumn…..







Bolton Arena win the FAIR PLAY LEAGUE Championship Trophy 2018-2019. Nash Amblers are runners walkers-up ! and Nash Bees took the ‘Ken Richards Cup’ for  Fair Play  home

read all about it <here>




FAIR PLAY LEAGUE HERE < f.p.l.>__________



Here comes the rain…..jackets.












DWFG competitive team