” If you’re a sports channel that doesn’t have football, you are effectively shovelling water…with  a sieve “…Andy Gray


Lots of walking footballer’s  (EIGHT and counting)  from within the ranks of Striders and Amblers want to pursue a Refereeing qualification. With some enrolled with the F.A. for January it’s hope the W.F.A can and will offer training somewhere in the region , which is a veritable hot bed of walking football.  The more  accredited Referees we have from either organisation the better…..


Hardy Amblers !



From Steve Rich. A man clearly frustrated with the way WALKING Football is going – he is NOT alone  ( ‘to call some of this WALKING football is tantamount to FRAUD’ !!  I agree, I am glad it’s not just me,  but I call regular and consistent runners what they are – CHEATS  – Ed.)

…how very timely…please digest this article.



The January F.A. Refereeing course for walking football should have representatives from Third Space Bolton, Wigan Walkers, Vintage Celtic, Middleton Legends, The Nash Amblers, Tameside Striders, FC United of Manchester and ‘Man’ City Etihad.



It’s good news week in the local sports press. THE TAMESIDE REPORTER carries news of Walking Football on the back page. Big splash for The Nash Amblers, mention of Tameside Striders  and an interview with yours truly and David Partington.

Many thanks to Mark Philip for the coverage – Ed.


We are getting lots of exposure lately – <here> is Bill Lancashire’s ‘Community Matters ‘website’


As the keen eyed may have spotted from our header photograph we are now finally affiliated to the Walking Football Association. 

They are currently running a vote on some rule changes. Players opinions have been sought on Facebook but if you are not a user please email me directly with your reactions. It’s a typical 1 to 10 spectrum format for strongly agree/strongly disagree.   This is your game so why not try and shape some part of its future. Thanks – Ed.

YOU CAN CHECK THE OPTIONS & figure out your individual response <here>…we will work out an average reaction and submit it accordingly so everyone’s opinion counts .



BIG NEWS IN TAMESIDE..but it all goes belly up if we don’t WALK !! Worth remembering…

THERE IS A D.W.F.G. COMMITTEE MEETING NEXT TUESDAY WHEN SEVERAL ISSUES WILL BE DISCUSSED. ONE WILL BE MANAGING NUMBERS  AND DEALING WITH OUR SUCCESS MORE EFFECTIVELY.  One idea on the table is for the ‘Over 65’s’ to play at King Street between 10-00am. & 11.00am on Tuesdays…followed by the ‘Under’s’ (or anyone who prefers their more competitive kind of game) to play for the hour between 11-00 and Noon – with  a prompt start. 

Under’s could get things underway more quickly by arriving a few minutes early , and starting their own warm up outside the pitch/fenced area. Importantly this would also negate having to close membership as we could cope with up to 48 players on two pitches over two hours. ‘Overs’ who wished to linger may have that option with the agreement of ‘Unders’ . Please leave feedback on the ‘Contact Us’ facility. 


Further to conversations earlier today and a general consensus among the people I was able to speak to, there will be changes to our competitive agenda in February. These changes have been agreed by the GMWF Organiser, Bill Murney.
There have been developments within the structure of the GMWF League to which it was felt advantageous and convenient to respond to, following recent developments and increased walking football commitments.
The Nash Amblers will remain in Division One for the Spring League, playing games on the first Thursday’s of February ,March, April and May 2018.

The Nash Bees will withdraw from Division Three.
Tameside Striders will enter a team into the GMWF Over 65’s League playing on more or less the middle Thursday’s of each month. There are logistical advantages to this given our planned Thursday sessions. Amblers players and no doubt some Bees who played in the Autumn League are  eligible and entitled to turn out for the Amblers (max. squad size 10, but 8 is ideal) John Smith will hopefully continue to player manage with customary full support from Stewart White who is willing assist in organisation and does not yet qualify for the Over 65’s himself.
It may help to explain this decision if we list list the players (among others) who would qualify for an Over 65’s competition. Gordon Nixon , Colin Fielding , Alan Richards , Barry Smith, Rod Seddon ,Joe Bemrose, Garry Pearce , David Partington (?) Mike Conroy, even John Smith himself now he’s just celebrated a birthday , although he may wish to Amble on for some time yet.
The separation of Thursday duties means that the new Over 65 sessions at Denton – should they take off – should always have committee members available. This also gives Strider’s a regular place on the radar of local competition, not before time.
For those fond of ‘The Bee’s’ – (and I include myself) – the concept, the kit, and the name will not sink into history, rather they will resurface from time to time in friendlies, and knock-out tournaments. Any comments via Contact us from the menu please or raise them in person. Many of us will see each other tomorrow.




….the smile factor was high < have a look >


Well done to The Nash Amblers who finished runners-up in the GMWF Autumn League and congratulations to Rochdale Strollers, Blackpool Senior Seasiders and Wakefield Wanderers who won their respective divisions – The Nash Bees missed out on the Third Division title by a very narrow margin….that’s walking football…perhaps we will go one better next time. Who knows?


PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO WALKING FOOTBALL AT KING STREET BETWEEN CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR. TUESDAY AND THURSDAY SESSIONS  CANCELLED. START  BACK ON THE 2nd. JANUARY and 5th.January.  See the Nash Amblers page for a novelty game on the 27th. December if you want to get involved – United fans v. The Rest £2 per player








 – – – Michael Conroy steps up – – –


You can read about the latest exploits of Amblers and Bees at the GMWF League at <this> link.


The banner has gone up at King Street – counting down to ‘Denton Thursday’


Who’d wanna Ref? At this timely point when (DWFG) have just affiliated AND a few of us are considering courses with the F.A. AND the WFA this article has appeared, written by the man who launched WFU and also (with others) the WFA – Steve Rich. It’s thought provoking and he raises many good points around non-contact and the attitude of players towards Referees. If and when I get accredited I’ll mainly want to Referee our own sessions, festival games  and friendlies (perhaps competitions too) with added authority…and what he says about THE FIRST MINUTE dictating the pace is absolutely spot on. Also some talk on proposed rule changes here too…scroll down a bit at the link <WFU>

Never forget ‘our FRIEND FLICKR’…

we have well over a thousand photographs <here>


We have been asked to engage with substantial  groups of  local people on the subject of walking football and the benefits that can follow participation. This initiative has come from   local organisation ‘action together’ and will involve giving short talks to people male and female in our area  who want to get more active. Not exactly in my comfort zone but I’ll have a go (Ed.)

Stewart White, Gordon Nixon, David Partington and Colin Fielding  have not been slow to offer  help in this which will be invaluable. Thanks all.

<Action Together>

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Video of our Thursday night friendly with Roach Dynamo is linked <here>


We are pleased to announce that after a superb gesture from Curzon Ashton Football Club we WILL be taking part in a Football Association Referee’s course (working to re-shaped rules) in January in ‘The Nash Bar’ on a Monday, and a Friday afternoon – exact dates coming soon . Further community involvement and encouragement from the club, consistently the most welcoming of hosts for walking football. Watch this space for details on cost. There will be a modest charge for individuals  to cover the facility & perhaps a brew or two. If you want a place for your club or group or want to be a part of the consultation process beforehand please get in touch. Contact details are on the header photograph towards the top of every page on this website.



THE WALKING FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION are now talking of staging  a Referees course around this area. This after they were  again reminded   of the need and the abundant number of likely candidates.  We could almost fill  a course with our own aspirants.  This represents progress and I am pleased they are listening. Whilst it in no way affects our relationship with the F.A. and we are currently striving to find a venue for their promised course locally.  The WFA want our applicants to re-send application forms – I know some of you have already sent them online.  I will arrange to have some hard copies printed and we can mail them to the right man within the WFA Organisation.  Progress is at last being made on both of these vital fronts on a very important issue it appears.

Affiliation to the WFA has gone ahead and a cheque has been forwarded.


‘Badgers’ out after dark !…Striders take on Dynamo on their home (asro)turf <report>






Many thanks to Sarah Venning and Tom Elliott of Manchester County F.A. for their time today and their listening response, which was very encouraging around walking football rules, and the training of Referee’s locally.   They met with Garry Pearce and myself and were open to our suggestions and our views on  the game, and some of the difficulties we have with the F.A. Rules. More details as and when we can talk about arrangements but rest assured if you have ambitions to Referee locally, under the rules we prefer on  a certified, accredited basis  then a route to that status may soon be available. Please watch this space…and hopefully others too.



Another good news day…David Partington and yours truly interviewed by  Mark Philip, of the local ‘Tameside Reporter’ (link below) and a productive meeting at Manchester County F.A. – more later on that….




Striders make  the home page of Walking Football United shoot-out screenshot <here>

…or visit <WFU>


Out and about in Denton?  Well, if you go to Morrisons I hope you spot this on your way out – because that’s the general idea 🙂

Thanks to Paul, at Haughton Supplies for allowing us to display this banner for a while.

And to Matt Bonilla of

Bonilla Enterprise for sponsoring our Denton town centre banner December/January.

For more info on Thursday sessions  <click>



<a subjective view> of proceedings.


Survey results: Twelve responses only.  For closing Denton to new members – 100%

For dividing 10-00 to 11-00am to ‘Overs (65)’ 11-00am – midday – 60%

For introducing an ‘Unders’ (65) only session Wednesdays Overs only Tuesdays 50%

the ’65’ is notional. There are some aged 65+ who could still, and do  play with those younger at a slightly increased tempo. There would be no question of rigid enforcement of age separation.

There are other options. None of which will please everybody unfortunately.



Most of the video from the Over 65 Cup is now online – linked here <Heywood>



Almost the whole of Striders penalty shoot out with Blackpool Senior Seasiders is  <here>

Judge which of the penalties were taken in the correct way.  Feedback welcomed.

Footage of games with Hartshill Strollers & Vintage Celtic coming soon.


STRIDERS  Over 65’s COMPETED AT HEYWOOD RECENTLY :  to catch up with what happened  in more detail find  the ‘Rochdale Over 65’s knockout Cup’ page from the menu.  Congratulations to Rochdale Strollers who triumphed on the day, runners-up Chadderton WFC , and to Vintage Celtic to whom we lost in the ‘Plate PLAY-OFF Final’ by the odd goal.

Striders at Heywood – the ‘Badgers’ are back !


We have two of these banners to place locally. The extra one hour  ‘Persimmon’ Thursday sessions  will hopefully begin in mid December. Current players Over 65 are also welcome of course. The first four sessions will be free of charge for each attendee, whenever they take part. It is envisaged that this will rise to £2 after that, for the one hour games which in practice are about 45 minutes after a warm up. The emphasis here is on offering a welcoming, lower intensity  environment to new, more senior players and beginners.  To reduce the ‘power’ element we will initially play a mini-goal game with modified rules and NO goalkeepers. When numbers increase we can go to two pitches and develop the style of the session to suit us all.

Hopefully we can slowly build numbers over winter and attract even more as weather  (hopefully) improves. We can run them until April and see how it’s working out.  This will mean real alternatives are available on almost every day of the week locally. Stewart White has committed his expertise to the new session and Alan Richards will be in attendance too, as will David Wilson.Hopefully other committee men and importantly PLAYERS too. We will soon be organising a publicity campaign on social media and will have some promotional  material printed.  Thank to Persimmon Community Champions scheme for assisting us with extra funds to launch this initiative. Stewart and Alan will be attending a coffee morning at the H.Q. of the house builder in Urmston on Monday next and will convey news of the plans.




Committee members and others will attend a consultation evening at the Football Association’s local H.Q.  in Fallowfield later in the month.  News of a developing strategy for walking football has been announced and such evenings will take place around the country , hopefully seeing an adjustment in the F.A. outlook for the future of the game and the way it is played.

“I WASN’T RUNNING REF”   an interesting article on ‘the heel plant’ from Steve Rich of the WFU.

Click the link and scroll down the page –  <WFU>


A  video from the ‘metropolis’ – what walking football is all about click London…


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Keep visiting the site over the next few days we have considerable video of Amblers v. Rochdale Striders and Strollers…a little of Amblers v. Vintage Celtic and lots of Bees versus Bolton ‘B’ and Wakefield Wanderers.  Takes time to sort even with minimal edits. Bear with us. All clips will be linked on the GMWF Over 60’s page to our daily motion video hosting site.



Bees – just drawn with Wakefield Wanderers…brief interview


We are conducting a survey of Striders on the website as we try to establish the best way forward. All players signed on with Denton Walking Football Group are invited to take part.






Halloween Striders….


In a very respectful way we have  have tried to urge the Walking Football Association to provide a Referee’s course in our neck of the woods.  We cannot be alone in having several players wishing to be ‘trained up’ and accredited – all of whom would be credit to the W.F.A. and its ethos going forward.  Walking football needs this provision of trained Referee’s more than anything else at the moment…a  view shared by most of us and expressed on  a weekly basis!

As the old year draws to  a close lets hope the new one will yield news of developments in this important  direction. We still see the sense in affiliating to the W.F.A. but have been awaiting an alternative subscription method  (to annual  auto-renewal) since our A.G.M. in August.

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Coming Soon to King Street  –  Ballot papers .  Over & Under 65’s Players of the Year :

Sportsman of the Year   :  Clubman of the Year — David Wilson is  in charge of the process.

These awards will be presented at our pre Christmas bash at The Nash.  David Partington has the details….just part of the fun planned for December 15th.  Gordon Nixon is working on a trivia and musical quiz we can all enjoy, and Badger Burrows is also involved in the mix.












Some photo’s of The Nash Bar…a flexible & welcoming venue which should suit our needs well.





The ‘Lingerers’



Our Senior Strider is interviewed on  walkingfootballdotcom> click the link and read how much he enjoys playing on a Tuesday morning – why not register with the site and leave a comment?

It’s one of the leading Walking Football information and promotion websites in Britain and it’s spreading worldwide – the potential for this game is boundless. Bernard’s answers reveal why._________________________________________________

A few changes to the website you may not have noticed.  The ‘match report’ page has been archived and its place a new page ‘Denton internals’ has been introduced.  Sounds vaguely medical though it’s anything but.  Going forward the coverage will concentrate on photos. Stats like scorers and results may figure but mentioning too many individual performances and imposing my version of events on readers will be avoided to  a greater extent .  The reports have done their job of building group camaraderie but it was thought the format was getting a little tired and it’s not easy to come up with fresh words on a weekly basis after eighteen months of doing so. If anyone else wants to pick up the gauntlet and send their reports OR mention personal performance, their own or those of others by email I’ll do my best to publish them here. No criticisms though , keep it positive.







serves as a reminder to all of us to just back off a bit and don’t be tempted to try to win the ball from the back of a man, or from the side.  Head-on blocks are okay but the ethos of non to minimal contact should be uppermost in our minds at all times  in internal games. And of course the more we reduce our speed  it becomes less likely injuries will occur. If a man has the ball shepherd him , shadow him but if he dwells on that ball for a few seconds to express himself or get his head up let it happen.  What does it matter?

It’s what this game should be all about.










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Richards writes -on the miniature goal game  <pass for goal>

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A link to the newly formed Walking Football Association’s website, should anyone wish to check it out <WFA>

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A short W.F.A. film and some more information on walking football can be found


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GOALKEEPING IS A SPECIALISED POSITION !…IT’S NOT EVERYONE’S CUP OF TEA…we are fortunate to have some players who love guarding the goal and even more fortunate they are very good indeed. BUT…if they aren’t around we all know it’s a question of rotating and putting people outside of their comfort zone.  With Brian recently injured by  a powerful shot, constant cannonball shooting testing even the best of our keeper’s what can be done to alleviate risk of more injuries and perhaps encouraging skill over power?


the guinea pigs and their goal


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More shots in a dedicated album on our Flickr feed <Turning Japanese>





A recap on Rules – these are the WFU/WFA version


Contrast the F.A. and WFA/WFU rules here – scroll down the page and look for

‘a game of two halves’

  • – – – – – – – – ——————————————
  • NEW WALKING FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION WEBSITE – heading towards a ‘non-contact game’
  • <click>


..and feedback is always appreciated  here – thank you.




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  • Have you checked our Flickr feed lately? Over 1,500 Photographs from internal sessions, friendly games and competitions – almost fifteen hundred album views so far
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WE EACH PLAY “AT OUR OWN RISK” – as certified on your signing-on form


<April Striders>


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..and our Daily Motion video channel is <HERE>

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and a good video explaining the ideas behind a ‘non-contact’ games – are they workable?


Having seen it  myself and commented thus – it would be good to get more views… please sign up to the forum at and have your say….

“Good video, and much food for thought among people who, unlike some of us here, seldom think about the wider ramifications of walking football participation.

I personally think ‘minimal’ contact under the watchful eye of a good referee is preferable to total ‘non-contact’ because that concept is almost impossible to achieve within the confines of a competitive (even mildly competitive) game. Some of the foul play shown, and some we have actually experienced quite recently  is totally at odds with the spirit of the game of walking football and the guilty parties should be ashamed of themselves. The illustrative passages were very good, especially when talking about upper bodies coming into the equation when players are both honing in on  a loose ball. That is perhaps the biggest bone of contention on pitches without side boards. Outlawing tackles from the side and behind whilst  allowing legitimate blocks from the front in  a ‘head-on’ scenario works for us. Some of the foul play we have seen – on video and elsewhere –  would result in red cards in traditional football, let alone the walking variety.

In conclusion, and to answer the question,  if players cannot control themselves to play within a ‘minimal contact’ framework they shouldn’t be playing the game, and if Referees are not skilled enough or assertive enough to tell the difference between ‘minimal and excessive’ then a blanket non-contact formula as indicated in the video  is preferable to  a free for all , which will just put a lot of people off playing the game many of them have come to love.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Courtesy of ‘Walking Football United’ compare and contrast the two sets of rules for Walking Football.  Last week, the F.A. finally issued their rule ‘book’ whilst WFU have had theirs for some time and they are what we currently adhere to with one or two exceptions.  If you have ten minutes to spare, take a look and make your own mind up



 Conventional football boots with studs of any depth are now prohibited at our internal games both at Denton and Ashton

A common sense measure which met with unanimous agreement and is introduced to minimise the risk of injury to wearer and opponent alike. Fortunately the mind set within our groups are such that none of the current players wear them anyway. Prospective players, new recruits etc. please take heed. We will only agree to friendly games if potential opponents are in agreement.

Astro Trainers with  a  dimpled sole are best for walking football
























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