A.G.M. 8/8/17



Annual General Meeting  Tuesday, August 8th 2017.



  1. Re-election of Officers
  2. Financial Report
  3. Consequences of growing numbers. A Plan ‘B’ – discussion
  4. Gauge interest in another session – Over 65’s.
  5. Affiliation to the Walking Football Association
  6. Sponsorship
  7. Festival Summer Seventeen. How was it for you?
  8. Any other business.


The meeting took place directly after the Festival Final at King Street Approx 12-30pm.

Abridged Minutes:

1.The Secretary reported there had been no nominations received and all six committee members were returned to office unopposed.

2. He outlined the Group’s healthy financial position and reminded the meeting that there would be ‘no money left’ if we had not gone independent last August.

3.The matter of outgrowing our current format was explained.  We may need to divide into an Over 65 hour and an Under 65 hour if numbers exceed about twenty eight on a regular basis.  John Williams asked if we could not deploy substitutes.  This was an option, although not everyone might enjoy it and we would need supervision from the touchline (or possibly Referee’s) they would  have to take control of substitutions on  a rotating, fair basis.  The Secretary thought the division of both hours was a simpler, more sustainable solution and will definitely be needed if numbers increase over thirty.  It was agreed to wait and see how things develop.

4.The Secretary suggested there could be an extra session on Thursday’s for Over 65’s. Explaining that Under 65 players or those who want a more intense game have the option of playing at Curzon Ashton twice a week. Again this is just an idea at present and will require careful introduction if and when it happens.

5. The benefits of affiliation to the Walking Football Association were explained to the meeting. The W.F.A. is dedicated purely to Walking Football and seems to understand this infant sport much better than the F.A.  It is aiming for a non-contact game.  The Chairman said affiliation was a good idea.  The Secretary did not like the auto-renewal method the W.F.A. were offering and would look into alternative ways of paying. The affiliation fee currently stands at just £15.00 for the kind of links we are looking for.

6. The Secretary explained Hadge Cooper’s former Employer had expressed interest in  sponsoring the group to  a modest degree.  The Sec.  had prepared a sponsorship package some weeks ago that would involve printed training bibs and an eye catching ‘feather sail’ point of playing display  banner for the modest cost of £200. As yet he has had no response. Sponsorship and fund raising is not crucial to our future as a group but it is something the Secretary will pursue in due course.

7. Everyone agreed the Festival ‘Summer Seventeen’ had been  a great success and there was generous applause for the Secretary’s efforts in this regard. Appreciation too for those of Chairman Gordon Nixon  & his wife Janet for providing the food many of us were more than ready for. All can take credit in the way the morning had developed and this was agreed by the meeting.

8. Any Other Business: Keith Oldham explained he plays table-tennis regularly and is now minus his regular opponent  If anyone wishes to play the game at Hyde Y.M.C.A. Keith will happily provide details.

Stewart White wished to publicly thank our Festival record keeper (and erstwhile group photographer) Eve Richards.  She had given the job her full attention and this was much appreciated by the players,  the Referees and  our committee. The Secretary  (Eve’s Grandad) explained he had his own idea of an appropriate reward in mind.

The meeting closed at 1-20pm.