AMBLER of the year

The sun shone for Curzon’s corporate guests and a very pleasant bunch of people they were too. Several conversations with Mr.Battersby & Co from ‘Farrell’s HF Mixing Group’ and every one held an invitation to share in their hospitality, which we eventually did to a modest and respectable degree. Thank You.

At least that was me, I don’t know if anyone stayed on and drank themselves into a stupour at the ‘free bar’ – but I very much doubt it. We’re a civilised lot !

We had arranged to play a demonstration game of walking football in between various matches of European flavour – the firm had flown in teams from across Europe. How come I never got to work for such great employers?

plus Mark Bradshaw – goalkeeper

As we took the field around half-past five it was still quite warm. We’d had a longer than usual warm up and a shooting gallery on Garry had ensued.
What followed was an intense seven v. seven game of Blues versus Greens. A rare appearance from Michael McHale-Smith in green too.

Within minutes I was personally feeling the pace. Every pour in my chest seemed to tingle with the effort. Not as pleasant as it sounds ! We were mostly walking too! with a Referee unused to the walking game, most players – having been asked to walk for the occasion’s sake – did so. Thanks guys. But it was still demanding. Maybe I’m getting past it at Over 50’s level. I dunno. Time will tell, and I won’t ignore it.

No such problems for Stewart White, highly mobile and always looking to make an incisive pass.

Several other players were clearly enjoying it too. John Smith always competent in green and looking a picture of health and composure. Chances were few and far between and at a hastily called half-time it was nil-nil.

Minimum time to get our breath back because we were at it again in less than a minute ! – for a longer second period too. The highlight of which was a Colin Cuthbert goal from the very edge of the’D’ .
Trevor Brereton nearly rescued the Blue’s in the dying seconds with not one but TWO efforts that went quite close. Bradshaw – making a guest appearance in the Green goal was rarely troubled though to be fair. No complaints and handshakes all ’round.

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    Team in Green: Bradshaw / Cuthbert /McHale-Smith/Smith/Bertenshaw/Burrows/ Conroy
    Team in Blue: Pearce /Hibbert / Partington / Carter /Richards /White / Brereton /
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    Thanks to Mark Bradshaw and the club for the invitation, to Bob Derbyshire for turning up to support , for Colin Fielding for turning up to play,  to Tony Cravagan for the photographs. Last but not least our ‘Great’ goalkeeper Garry and ‘Player of the Year’ Terry. Two nicer men you couldn’t wish to meet. Seriously.
  • Coach, co-ordinator, the winner, the great keeper and the other nominees.

    More photo’s on Flickr…thanks Tony 🙂

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