Denton Thursday


We have lowered the age limit for female players because the concept of women’s walking football is not appealing to too many locals aged fifty plus. The male age limit will remain at 65 under normal circumstances. We have had request from much younger people to take part but sadly can not offer such  an accommodation at this time.  The Committee agreed some time ago that Walking Football in our group has to be centred on age related qualification first and foremost.


March 22nd. 2018…

6 v. 6 Refereed by David Partington today and a 4- 2 win for the Plain shirts over Yellow Bibs.

We welcomed newcomer Beverley Kirkbride and it was a pleasure to meet Tony Berry for the first time.  Some really good passing once again and really relaxed, but purposeful  feel about the game.  David Wilson is one of the early goalscorers I can recall.  Bibs led 2-0 and Referee Partington changed the teams a little with Bev K donning  a bib. Eric Thompson played well for the Plains alongside O’Toole and Martin and they pulled the score back to 2-2 by half time. Karen Bemrose was on target for Plains as they started to ease ahead. Cravagan was bossing the Bibs defence with timely interceptions but all over the pitch there was effort and movement. Julie Walker for instance who was changing wins and offering an outball for her team mates. Frank Matthews and Tony Berry were also contributing to the cause and Berry scored another of Plains goals. An own goal from Keith Oldham put them further in front I can’t remember the rest of the scorers but it doesn’t matter.  Look at the photo, we all had a good time.

A special word for Jim Thompson’s Wife Jackie who came to see us and donate a very generous cheque to Striders funds, and to give the group a copy of the order of service for Jim’s funeral which took place last week. Another memento in his memory.   More on this in due course.

Well done today, I enjoyed it as much as anybody and thanks to David Partington for Refereeing and to  Jim Bemrose for your support .

Thanks on Thursday to Jackie Thompson for coming out to see us



Media man Cravagan reports…

Denton Thursday 15 March 2018 Tony Cravagan reports:
Venue – King St Stadium
Plains – Partington,Brooke’s,Berry,O’Toole,Mathews.
Bibs – Cravagan,Martin,Thomas,Gaskin,Walker.
Warm and Referee – Stuart White.
Attendance – 2 seagulls and a magpie.

All players shone on this grey morning, a magnificent 10.
An interesting experiment was the introduction of the smaller size 3 football. Initially strange but as the game progressed it resulted in some excellent passing and ball control.

Even at half time 1-1 with goals from Partington and Martin.

Second half pressure from the Plains resulted in two breakaway goals one from Brooke’s and a pick of the bunch debut goal from Berry !
Not deterred was queen of King St, Julie Walker, who was unfortunate not to be on the score sheet.

Result – Plains 3 Bibs 1

Great game concluding it may be worth trying out a size 4 ball.

Thanks to all


8/3/18  No ball  for Wilson’s hat -trick but he did take one today….

Ten of us this day on wet, snowy Thursday in Denton. These sessions are sustaining themselves, numerically and financially now.
Stewart White Refereed (thanks Stewart) and some very satisfying walking football ensued.
With a potential new player watching from the sidelines we set about our game and David Wilson – in a very advanced position at times – claimed a first half hat trick in a Yellow bib. (speaking of which we appear to be a couple of them light so if you took yours home please bring it back next week). David later took  a full blooded ball in his nether regions and he went down in some pain. A mixed day for our committee man.

Teams today Thursday 8/3/18 Pic: Alan Richards
Joe and Karen Bemrose

It was 3-2 at half-time with Plain ‘s trailing. They soon set about turning things around. Goals were shared around the team. Some really good movement  and passing as they overhauled the Bib’s and went into a 7-3 lead.

A foul in the Plain’s ‘D’ led to a penalty for Bib’s though- from the halfway point into an unguarded goal supremely confident Keith Burrows struck the ball unerringly into the small goal.

Thanks to all who turned up.

Bibs: Bemrose K, Martin, Burrows, Wilson, Matthews

Plains: Stafford  Bemrose J , Richards, Oldham, Walker



This is the report on today’s match. I think I have got this right, Dave asked me to write it….

Karen Bemrose reports…
It was a brisk, dry morning in Denton, the session was taken by Dave Partington, due to Alan playing in Burnley. There were 8 players, 4 bibs and 4 non bibs playing with the injured Joe Bemrose supporting his wife Karen.
It was a very one sided game in the first half with the non bibs leading 3 goals to nil. goals from Dave Partington, the new lady Julie Walker and Lawrie O’Toole.
There was a change to the teams at half time where Dave Partington changed to the bibs and Frank changed to the non bibs.
– – – – – – – – –
At the start of the second half the game changed, the bibs were attacking non stop, leading to a goal from David Wilson to make it 3-1, then Karen Bemrose scored to make it 3-2, Dave Partington levelled to make it 3-3, then Brian Stafford scored to make it 4-3 to the non bibs. The game was hotting up, the bibs were hoping for another goal to at least equalise. Dave Wilson trying to pass it to Karen Bemrose who was in the “D” to score but Brian Stafford was always in the way defending well. Lawrie O’Toole had a few falls ( Take care of your knee).
Eventually David Wilson scored to level the game 4-4 with 3 minutes to go, both sides wanted to score to win the game, Dave Partington passed the ball to Karen Bemrose as she was getting into the “D” to score, she actually scored it to make it 5-4 to the bibs.
With one minute to go, a long pass from Keith to Karen to certainly score, nobody was on her, just knock it into the net, she missed a sitter 2 feet away from the goal, the miss of the century, she couldn’t believe it. She won’t live that down for some time. (we have all done that and the century is still young Karen – Ed.)
A few new players didn’t turn up and were missed especially the two ladies, Margaret and Myra.
A good game by all and a thank you to Dave Partington for refereeing the game.
See you all next week.
ps. I am sorry if I got some of the goal scorers wrong, you can tell me off next week, haha.
(Sounds like a good game and a good time – thanks David)
I hope this is all okay Alan, I hope it makes sense.

Denton Thursday is back this week!  22/2/18 with David Partington *please note* THAT session will now be the last of the free to play offer, no matter how many times you have played with us…thanks.

 I’ll be at Burnley F.C. where we are playing their Community WF team (see  you on the 1st.March) (Ed.)

PLEASE NOTE:ALL *FREE* WALKING FOOTBALL ENDS with February  – £2 per player from 1/3/18


February 8th.. Benign weather and two new faces…

An encouraging turnout of eleven today plus myself who tried to Referee and to play simultaneously – jack of both trades master of neither.  A good friendly game and the warm up which preceded it was peppered with laughter. Good to hear. We do not take ourselves too seriously at Denton Thursday and hopefully it will remain ever slightly more light hearted than some walking football we know. (and love actually). Four ladies with newcomer Julie WALKER joning in with Myra, Margaret and our only ever present lady , Karen. Also linking up with us for the first time was Frank Matthews from Stalybridge. Good to have you onboard and on side. Julie scored a goa on her debut and the team in yellow bibs were the better side. The game ended 4 – 1 but the score was soon forgotten as we enjoyed a brew together afterwards.

Next week it’s hoped that Stewart will take the session (assuming he is over the ‘flu’) as yours truly is away at Heywood with the competitive team of Over 65 men. As the ‘Persimmon’ money is exhausted now, it’s the last *free* session no matter how many times you have been. From the 22nd. February we have to ask everyone for £2.00 please. Not bad with  a brew thrown in. This figure will be reviewed by the committee at the next meeting and discussed with all the regular players at the end of February (Tuesday) meetings. (more on those later)

I will be missing the next two Thursday’s as the Striders  have a friendly match at Burnley F.C. Community trust, Turf Moor on the 22nd.  David Partington will be there to greet you all (and take your money I’m afraid).

When the weather improves I can see twenty players turning up at King Street on Thursdays. We might need another set of goal posts or adapt some others we have. When numbers increase to sixteen or more we can use the bigger pitch lay out or ultimately go to two pitches.

If any regular Thursday player wants to attend an F.A. Emergency first aid course at our expense and become a regular first aider at our sessions please let me, or a committee member know.

Committee: Stewart White (get well soon) / David Wilson /David Partington / Graham Brown (Co-Treasurer) Gordon Nixon (Chairman)

Here’s a pic of today’s teams …

Pic: Alan Richards





The surface at King Street looked distinctly uninviting when I arrived this morning.
I set to, clearing the lines and after a quick word with Graham Brown we decided it was playable so long as people were sensible. Indeed they were – eminently sensible.

Clearing the lines
Groundstaff battled to get the game on
Karen Bemrose

Eight players for a four-a-side romp on something that looked like ice, but wasn’t. 3 – 3 was the final score so another honourable draw. The ladies were heavily involved with some good play from Margaret and Karen.            All the men gave it their all and a good workout ensued.
Slowly the 3g merged from underneath white stuff and traction was not a problem – no slip ups and nobody on the deck from what I remember, as Referee.

I congratulate everyone for turning up on a morning like that. I’ve just taken a ‘phone call from a ‘Julie’ in Denton who saw the poster in Morrisons and wants to come next week.
Let’s hope she does.

‘snow problem

January 25th…

DENTON THURSDAY – sweet sixteen finish all square…


Margaret & Myra

Some better weather saw a good turnout of sixteen players today! Well Refereed by Stewart White. A leisurely more relaxed game than  we see on Tuesday’s, but still  a decent work out.  Everyone was involved and we made sure of that. 3-3 at half time it finished 4-4. More importantly I think everyone had a good time. Welcome to new man Steve Rourke who has played at the Etihad complex.  Lawrie O’Toole was back,  his thigh has recovered from a strain. We were joined by two more ladies.

Steve Rourke

Margaret and Myra both  got stuck in and played some good passes.  Karen continued her improvement. Stewart reported a bit of dissent , swearing and people questioning his decisions.  This is a light-hearted  session guys so let’s not be silly about contesting decision.

Encouraging progress then. Soon we may need to go to another pitch which means more mini-goals (I’m going to look for a sponsor or some money from somewhere as quality ones are not cheap.  See you next week, let’s keep it going. Thanks to Stewart for Refereeing, and who even changed Margaret’s wheel for her after the game !  Hope the rest of the morning wasn’t as flat for you as your tyre Margaret.

two went half-time walkabout


Eight turned out today – January 18th. the weather was uninspiring and we had a couple of players who had made their apologies.  Yours truly Referee’d, and we had a good game (after all 4 v. 4 is like five-a-side when you don’t have goalkeepers) Dave Partington added to the mix of regulars with Stewart White on the opposing side there was some good football from the two playmakers. David Wilson & Joe Bemrose took the lions share of goals scored, Joe converting a penalty from the half way line with aplomb.  Brian Stafford and Russell Martin both worked hard for the cause.  Keith Oldham very mobile in an Orange bib. Karen Bemrose is becoming more mobile and dispossessed a couple of players with clean challenges at exactly the right moment, followed by good use of the ball. Alan Graham watched from the touchline and Mike Caldwell arrived with ten minutes to go. No photo today – largely because I forgot ! Some better weather would assist our Thursday turnout but I’d personally like to thank all of those who have 100% attendance and are now paying for the privilege. Russ, Karen, Joe, and Keith. Thank you. I hope the game today was worth two quid 🙂  – See you next week?



Compared to some of the weather we have played in lately, tomorrow (18th) looks relatively benign….however….

Yours truly wont be playing due to an injury flare up and Tony Cravagan is unlikely to be there after missing Tuesday with illness. Lawrie O’Toole may also be considered doubtful with his thigh strain.  Hopefully numbers will still hold up. We only need ten for a decent game of mini-goal score in the ‘D’ walking football so hopefully, with a call going out to committee members we can get  a game on. See you there with all the gear we need.


**we are lowering the age limit for women players to encourage more to try the game with us*

…this on a trial basis so let’s see how it goes…any woman over 35 – ish is welcome to play for free for now


Thursday 11th. January 2018 – steady growth…


new man…Eric Thomas

A growing number like it on a Thursday.  A  vague hint of a brighter morning greeted fourteen players for a mini-goal game.  We warmed up and off we went. Another new  face and a familiar old one swelled the numbers.

Three nil up at half time the plain jackets & shirts inspired by new man Eric Thomas, and Oldham, Bemrose J, and Caldwell providing the goal threat. Second half it was a different story. Lawrence O’Toole went off with  a thigh strain (get better soon but don’t rush it Lawrie) The bibs began to claw back the deficit with Terry Harrison on the mark. David Wilson added a second.  Plains hit back but the result didn’t matter it was a good game and good exercise. For some, this was the final *FREE* week (£2 next time please)  but let’s keep the growing momentum going. We might soon need a bigger pitch or even two of them ! If you are a Tuesday regular hovering around sixty five years of age get down on ~~Thursday’s you will be welcome.  If you do it quickly you will get four weeks in  *FREE* – ends on 8/2/18. Join this happy, smiling throng…

Wilson Thomas Cravagan Oldham Harrison Caldwell Cooper (crouching) O’Toole Bemrose J Bemrose K Martin Williams Stafford pic. Alan Richards



pic: Alan Richards

There shall be NO Goalkeepers.

Score ONLY within the ‘D’.  Any player can enter the ‘D’

Obviously no contact and no running.


RULE ADDITIONS. 1.  No ‘own’ goals can be scored from outside the ‘D’.

2. Penalties :all players behind the ball. Kicker attempts to find the empty net

from the halfway line, or roughly halfway down the pitch or thirty steps whichever is the nearer’ No step restriction in this form of penalty kick. If the kick strikes the frame of goal and rebounds into play it should be treated as a ‘dead ball’ and played out into play from the ‘D’ by a defender. No attacking players in the ‘D’ while he does it.

Other rules may be made up as we go along 🙂



Thursday 4/1/18  –

We are seeing a nucleus of players turning out on Thursday. stalwarts of old and new faces too.
Today we were joined by Lawrie O’Toole who soon settled in and showed some good touches and a willing work rate. He looked a bit tired at the end but most of us were.

Like Arnie ‘he will be back’.
A five v. five that saw a win for Plains by the narrowest of margins. One-nil the goal coming from Russell Martin. They defended well after that and rode their luck to deny the Orangemen + woman an equaliser. Tony Cravagan marshalling his men so well. Mike Caldwell led the orange charge and was in the thick of it often.

Lawrie O’Toole – he’ll be back !

The game was marred near the end when David Wilson went down with a calf injury, limping away from the field.  Hope recovery is swift David.

Richards took to the sidelines to even up numbers. Martin had a goal disallowed near the end and Orange hit an aluminium post.

A good workout for all, thanks to Stewart White for Refereeing and to Alan Graham for stopping by to watch. We will have clarification on some rules for this form of mini-goal no goalkeeper game in the next few days.




After our initial *FREE* session got underway last week with eight players, we had a 50% increase in the rain at King Street today. A tough game and a good workout  too, as  Yellow bibs won 4-0 with goals from Harrison, K Bemrose, Caldwell and Stafford. Try as they might Plains could not get on target within that ‘D’. Good to see increased attendance , we may need a bigger pitch soon.



I LOVE this…and it’s going to get better …good idea to leave the camera rolling <boysandgirlscomeouttoplay>

SCORING FOR FUN ! – more video from mixed-gender King Street <here>


One of our stalwart players Bill Lancashire anticipates and promotes the new session on a local community website <here>



News of our planned Thursday sessions – 10-00am at King Street First four sessions FREE of charge, based on an individuals attendance. Aimed at  OVER 65 MEN WOMEN 50 PLUS THESE TRIAL SESSIONS WILL RUN UNTIL END OF FEBRUARY

(probably longer but by then a charge of £2 per player will kick in for the hour long session)

Walking Football in nearby Denton is thriving with Tameside Striders about to start a new session. On Thursday mornings at Ten ‘O Clock for an hour.
Aimed at Over 65 year old men and Women over 50, and beginners, no football ability or experience is necessary. It’s hoped the Thursday session can build upon our successes on Tuesdays where numbers have risen to levels that now need to be controlled. 

— – – – – – – – – – –

The rules are tailored to make these games ‘player friendly’. A non-contact game is the aim and there are other modifications to remove the ‘power’ element that some younger groups are currently faced with. Nobody has to act as goalkeeper, dealing with hard shots and diving to the ground . We will  play with mini-goals. There is no heading of the ball , no tackling, and the whole idea of the game is to pass the ball and move into space, pass the ball and move into space.
The exercise element can be as demanding as you want it to be, and if you’ve not been particularly active of late don’t worry. It’s quite stimulating and you can always take time out if you need it. There are social benefits too. We share a brew after the games and there’s usually a chat about all kinds of things, not just football, or even walking football. Remember, the two games are VERY different.
You could be a part of a team working towards a common ‘goal’ and when you score your first one you’ll never forget it ! Even better news, your first four sessions are completely FREE.

— – – – – – – – – – –

If you decide to become a regular the charge for an hour of Walking Football will be £2 for this one hour Thursday session. Which includes a cup of tea, or coffee afterwards.
What a great way to walk into the New Year.
All newcomers fill in a basic health questionnaire before they start , and of course, playing with the Striders as in any sport is undertaken at ones own risk. So dust off your trainers (NO studded BOOTS) and get in touch.

current over 65 players are of course welcome and can take advantage of the ‘FREE to play plan’, remember though that this will be the mini goal game and Refereeing will be strict around contact and WALKING