Denton Thursday

Men over 65 and women over 35 for this session please. Originally intended as a gateway for beginners which I why we have tagged on an extended hour from 11-30am. for people to dip their toes into the walking football water. You need Astro-trainers and a pound to take part after completing a basic health screening form with next of kin details –  be aware we all take part at our own risk.

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This session is no longer regarded as suitable for total beginners but…

…if you played football 20, 30 or even forty years ago come and have a look first Over 65’s.



March 12th… BLUE SKY MY FRIENDS…BUT WE WERE BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND…if you found any answers let us know below !  (quite a lengthy report – sorry)

Denton Thursday  12th. March 2020
With sunny skies overhead it might have felt like spring but for the blustery westerly wind.
There was certainly a spring in the step of TWENTY FOUR players who turned up today – ideal for two 6 v. 6 games, with your truly stepping out to begin with because of the equilibrium and Tony Cravagan and Peter Quinn willing to Referee – thanks to both of you – we divided both pitches into blues versus reds. Bib reinforcements were required…we have plenty 🙂
– – – –
Good to see three females in  attendance – it’s bee a while since that happened.  Returners Julie Walker and Karen Bemrose plus Tracey Blanchard who has not been for a few weeks.

To promote inclusion we went for three touch walking football.
I filmed for a while and took  a few photos’ before setting up the gear for pot-a-pen, but more of that later.
On pitch one it became clear that the Blues were well on top and only superhuman goalkeeping from Hayden kept it down to two nil at the break.  At half time I balanced things out a little bit donning a red bib  and thanks to goals from Caldwell and a superb precision drive from Collins that game finished two – two.  Roy Smith took  another blow to the head from  a ball which knocked his glasses off.  He was okay but having been in the wars a little bit of late we were all concerned.  He carried on manfully.  Hayden’s fine performance continued after the break.  Tremendous agility and angle awareness saved the Reds from defeat. Thanks to Peter Quinn for Refereeing.
– – – –
I’m sure Tony will be in touch with events on Pitch two.
We went straight to pot-a-pen after the games had finished. Almost without exception people paid a pound to the charity Sport Relief. The idea being that successful pot shots would get another pound from group funds. Some even paid but disappeared at 11.15 so good on them too – Jim Pelling and Julie Walker to name but two.
Brian Stafford got us underway with a perfect penalty – the other ‘results’ will appear on ‘youtube’ Tamestriders T.V.  soon and there will be a link here. We had more misses than hits.
The upshot was of 27 ‘penalty’ kicks into the unguarded mini goal only six were converted.  No doubt the wind played its part. Jimmy Stewart added to his Tuesday tally, Terry Hayden  capped off a splendid day personally for himself and Frank Matthews, Bill Harrison  and Steve Tomlinson doubled their pounds. Well done all for taking part in this bit of fun for a good cause.  The money raised amounted to £61 pounds from  27 ‘penalty’ kicks and will total £33 afer the group has chipped in.  Over the two sessions including Tuesday  a TOTAL of £78 will be donated to Sport Relief.
sweeper – keeper

After some had enjoyed a brew seven people remained to play sweeper/keeper. I stepped out to make sure the goals didn’t blow over in the ever stronger wind – another job added to my walking football c.v. and my usefulness.

putting a foot down
 I stood there and took  a few photo’s as Tracey Blanchard, Joe Bemrose and Bill Harrison swept aside  Tony Cravagan , John Kenyon and Mike Taylor by several goals to one ,  in a good performance that would have benefitted from slightly  increased numbers, even though we shortened the pitch.
IMPORTANT NOTE: From next week players will be divided by age.  Those men Sixty nine years and over should turn up just before ten am.  Sixty-five year old men ( and the one or two below) to   Sixty eight years will play from just after eleven am.  Women can come to either hour.  We do not wish to cause inconvenience and individual cases of difficulty will be looked at but this is the most sensible way to go with ever increasing numbers.  I know of four or five Thursday  regulars who were not present this morning so it could have been much ‘worse’.  It’s clear we are getting things right as a group.  Of course events might overtake us (virus) and numbers will always fluctuate anyway.  I was told this morning of one player who will have to stay away for a while now because his Wife could be particularly vulnerable to the virus Covid 19.
In such circumstances walking football takes second place. Nothing is set in stone with this new arrangement. We have to think on our feet in all circumstances, your understanding and patience will be appreciated.
Also next week there will be a special sweeper/keeper game on pitch one with a Committee team facing a guest team made up of three or four of our stalwarts and a couple of invited players from Bolton Arena.  The game will be filmed and hopefully used for national promotion of this variant of the game, similar to which  is already  popular overseas. This will kick off just after 12-00pm. so the usual facility to ‘linger’ will not apply next Thursday 19th. for one week only.  (Of course half of the area will not be being used so you’re welcome to make use of that part of the King Street pitch ( Church End ) should  you wish.
Thanks – Ed.


Tony Cravagan’s filed his report :

6 Reds v 6 Blues – 3 touch format.

Good to see the return of Julie Walker for the Reds and Karen Bemrose for the Blues.
The Reds were soon off the mark with Kenyon netting after a defensive misunderstanding. Both keepers were kept busy with Pilling for the Reds and Bemrose J for the Reds pulling off some excellent saves. The blustery conditions made it difficult for both teams but the Reds coped well to allow Brian Stafford  to add to the Reds initial goal.
HT – Reds 2, Blues 0.
Again Brian Stafford  popped up to to make it 3 for the Reds but not deterred Mike Taylor scored the first for the Blues only to make the Reds determined to maintain the difference , with Kenyon adding his second .

A more confident Reds began to dominate with Walker having several chances not helped with the post and Harrison’s goal keeping. The Blues found more space with the Reds forming a high line which enabled  Joe Bemrose  to pull one back for the Blues a only to add another from a penalty resulting from  the Reds 3 runs. The game was finely balanced with keepers Pilling and now Taylor preventing any more goals but this was not to be as White equalised for the Blues to conclude a very good game from all involved. –

Reds 4 ( Kenyon 2, Stafford B 2 ) , Blues 4 ( Taylor M, Bemrose J 2, White ).
Recorded – Runs 4, Contacts 4.

Thank you Tony  – sounds like a great game – Ed.



February 27th. 2020

Twenty five players turned up at Denton Thursday today , no doubt encouraged by some blue sky and a sight of the sun.
David Wilson  got pulses racing as he  often does these days  and most took part in the requisite warm up.
With 7 v. 7 on Pitch 2 Peter Quinn took charge and I did hear a four nil first half deficit was almost turned around but the game ended 4 – 3 to the Reds  for whom Michael ‘tight angle’ Caldwell excelled. We may have more detail later on this one.
Reds on top
– – – –
On Pitch 1 Alan Richards Refereed a 6 v. 5 which produced eleven goals. The White’s strike force of Martin, Thomas and Harrison edged out the Black’s by three goals to two in the first half.  Stafford (penalty 3 runs)  and Oldham had kept the non-bibbed team in contention at the break.
Vincent O’Brien bagged a goal on his debut for White’s and did enough to show he will settle into the ‘Overs’ group without any problems. The second half scoring tipped the game the Black’s way with  a brace from Keith Oldham making him the hat trick star of the day. Stafford B added another before his namesake Steve struck from the spot after goalkeeper egress.
Black’s prevailed

Play wrapped up about 11-15am. and later half a dozen ‘lingered’ to eek out the extension time.  No training equipment today due to logistical problems  – the Secretary’s  garage will soon be accessible once again though so from the 12th. March the gear WILL be back.

Vince O’Brien – debut goal

An enjoyable game of the venerable sweeper/keeper saw a  fine performance from the warming downers. The pitch was drastically shortened. With canny Cravagan and Richards playing the SK roles it was often a game of cat and mouse technicalities with quick passing and angles the order of the day. Mike Taylor, John Leech and Richards won the game four-two despite the latters best efforts to give goals away with misplaced passes, and a misplaced Penalty ! He did manage to get one in via Cravagan’s heel  but the best of the goals were scored by John Leech today with another contributed by Taylor, back from Real Madrid (yes, really)  in the early hours where his team made the trip so very worthwhile. From the Bernabeu to King Street in one hop. Mike didn’t get home until about four am. so tribute to his commitment to the walking game AND Manchester City F.C. too.

‘Real’ Mike

With Bill Harrison and Alan Brodie in front of Cravagan the non-bibs were making the most of the restricted pitch and really a draw would have been  a fairer result.  That man Leech made the difference.
A very nice man called Alan Twigg called to see us with a view to trying the game.  At half-time I told him if he’d arrived half an hour earlier there would have been twenty five men playing two games instead of the fairly paltry six playing  SK.  He went away with a form, an idea of what Astro Trainers are  and I’m sure he will be back. He had a Manchester United jacket on so he’ll be another red to welcome to the fold in due course. One for Colin Fielding to keep an eye on.

I predict that within three months the extension hour will see two games of SK with at least sixteen players lingering to warm down and enjoy this totally worthwhile version of the game which is big on the continent , and will be big here too. On the 19th. we will have an exhibition five a side – filmed by Alan Brodie (Heywood camera veteran) and featuring two  guest walking footballers from Bolton Arena.  Peter Quinn will Referee .  Thanks both.

– – – – –
Alan Richards will be absent next week.  Tony Cravagan will take the sessions Tuesday and Thursday if Gordon Nixon is unavailable.
The Secretary will be back the following week  all being well , and we will carry out the pot-a-pen process to get  a few quid for Sport Relief….don’t forget your ‘extra quid’ if you want to be a part of it. Thank you.

February 20th. 2020

Tony Cravagan reports from today’s soggy session at King Street…..

6 Reds v 6 Blues – format 3 touch.

Blues quickly off the mark due to the Reds defensive misunderstanding enabling Thomas to open the scoring followed up soon after with a goal from Caldwell.
The Reds recovered well with moves originating from Collins through to midfielder Taylor and onto wingers Wilson and Cooper with Stewart taking up a wing back position.
Matthews was busy blunting the Reds attack and linking up with Wenham and White to offer some counter moves.
Play became more centralised which opened up spaces upfront allowing Caldwell to capitalised with his second goal.
The Reds pressed hard with Griffiths now outfield but that man Hayden proved almost impossible to beat in the Blues goal.
In the latter stages the Reds conceded another goal from you know who ? Yep, Caldwell now with a hat trick despite some excellent goalkeeping from Taylor taking his turn between the sticks.
A very open game played in difficult conditions

Final score – Reds O, Blues 4 ( Thomas, Caldwell 3 )

Recorded – Runs 1, Contacts 0

and Alan Richards writes…With nineteen players we decided on  a six v. six conventional game and a four v. four SK with  a player/Referee – yours truly.
— – –
The rain was incessant and at times heavy.
I’ll concentrate on the SK game  obviously and Joe Bemrose opened the scoring for Reds after twenty seconds !
I think they went to  a three nil lead before John Kenyon’s strayed into the Blue ‘D’ and Richards converted the penalty with an arrow straight pass into goal.
Three one when Mike Armitage had to limp off with  a hip injury. Get well soon.
– – – –
With four v. three now Joe came up with the idea of the Blue SK being allowed to stay in the D some of the time which made it harder for Reds to score but they still managed three more.  Blues were not out of it though and thanks to the effort of John Leech and Bill Harrison the scored ended 6 – 4 to Reds.   Not the best example of the game today given the diminished numbers and the downpour but there were too many to have one conventional match and not enough for two.
– – –
I will leave it to Tony Cravagan to comment on the first 6 v. 6  game.
Given the decreased number I withdrew as the games ended leaving it a 9 v. 9 on the bigger pitch which Tony again Refereed – thank you.
No photography today.

February 13th 2020 – Full as a Gun !

photo’s <shoot>

Another record broken at Denton Thursday this time we saw 28 players plus one new arrival at 11.30. The weather was a little overcast but dry throughout proceedings today.
Watching the assembly warm up it was obvious we could just about cope with numbers. Players were divided by age with all the but the sprightliest 69+ year olds ushered down to the Church End.
Tony Cravagan took  this game. Three touch and it ended in an odd goal in five win which we’ll hear more of later in this report.
At the Crown Point End Alan Richards refereed this time Yellows v. Kazakh Blues.
A strange game in  a way. Early running was penalised and both teams hovered on two gallops apiece for a while. Blue encroachment into their own ‘D’ saw Brian Stafford tuck away the resultant penalty. Some good walking football played too.

Geoff Griffiths
New man Geoffrey Griffiths in light blue settled in well and played two of the finest passes seen all morning. He just needs to sort out some more appropriate  footwear and he will be a great asset.  A spell in goal from Geoff in the second half saw him make a number of good saves and blocks.
Second half underway and it suddenly started to ‘rain’ goals.
A third blue run presented a penalty kick to Steve Rourke and he despatched it with aplomb. ‘Tight Angle’ Mike Caldwell increased the lead to three-nil for Yellows and they threatened to walk away with the game BUT a third burst of Yellow  acceleration meant a Blue penalty.  Mike Armitage solid all morning and an exemplary walker ( hope you’re reading this in Hong Kong)  stepped up confidently and despite valiant efforts from Roy Smith the former postal worker Mike reduced the deficit. With Yellows back in it the play developed well. End to end stuff and the pace quickened.  A trio of runs from  Yellows in short order…another spot kick.

Mike Armitage – exemplary walking
Armitage buoyed by his earlier success was  too eager this time and took the kick TWICE before the whistle had blown scoring on both occasions they were obviously disallowed. The  responsibility was passed to the calm Collins and Peter  made no mistake.  Three two and what happened next is fogged by a muddle in the Ref’s  notes.  What is clear is that Blues hauled themselves back to three-three through  that man Armitage with  a neat back heel and the game was won just before the end by Mike Caldwell’s  cool  winner after a goalkeeper clearance error.
A really good game. A few players lost footings on the slick surface and ended up on the deck.
The meeting that followed was very well attended. Check the ‘Sec’s Report’ from the main menu later this evening for a quick rundown of what was said.  Encouraged by stalwart Garry Pearce  the group expressed their appreciation for the Committee’s efforts in the traditional way. Thanks for your attendance this morning Garry.
Bill, Frank, John and Vince (debutant today)

After that, nine players plus new man Vincent O’Brien went straight into  a half hour of sweeper keeper. Alan Richards put the non-bibs ahead with the aid of a very slight deflection off defensive bulwark Frank Matthews.  The dodgy goal panel awarded it to Richards after a few milliseconds deliberation. A few minutes later it was again Richards on the mark steering the ball home from some distance. Tony Cravagan switched teams at half time and the non-bibs welcomed Matthews to the ranks.

This was an excellent game and newcomer Vince settle in well, finding the pace a little demanding he nevertheless kept up with the game and showed enough to suggest he has football in his past and plenty of walking football in his future. His white bibbed team halved the deficit through John Kenyon – a real livewire all morning.  Non bibs continued to press with Clem White on the left and Joe Bemrose centrally pulling the strings. David Wilson in white saw an opportunity to level the game and took it well. Two- two now with all to play for.  John Leech pulled a superb strike out of his locker from eighteen yards – rocket like into the white’s net.
Was that the clincher? Not likely. Bill Harrison a very tidy player who relishes a challenge and  later said “that  was a bloody good workout” equalised with just a couple of minutes to go. Well done all tremendous fun and a fair result.
– – – – –
Some photo’s and maybe some unmanned camera footage from the SK game later. Watch this space. Thanks to all who turned up today. This is a great group and we have no over inflated ego’s, everyone mucks in to good effect and long may it continue. We will face challenges with numbers as we move through the year but together, and  with goodwill and a little patience from everyone the hiccups will be few.  Feedback form below.
Tony Cravagan reports on the day on pitch 2:


Age group 69+, 7 v 7, Format 3 touch.
Attendance – 1 ( some guy from Stalybridge ! )

Fixed keepers with Hayden in for the Reds and Pelling for the Blues.
The Blues settled quickly with an excellent early Cooper goal supported by Bemrose at the back and Martin midfield.

Jim Pelling

The Reds linked up well with rear gunner Mathews keeping out bombing raids from wingers Wilson and Stewart. Hard work from the Harrison Thomas combination was thwarted by a Bemrose breakthrough with a trademark second goal for the Reds.
Second half pressure from the Blues saw Wenham eventually scoring past the usual heroic Hayden. Pilling was also busy at the other end with Dean and Boyle becoming more menacing causing the keeper to step out side the D. The resultant penalty was well covered by Harrison giving the Reds their first goal and with nothing to lose poacher Dean added a second for the Reds.
As excellent game all round with notable contributions from both Gillan and Cooper.

Final score – Blues 3, Reds 2
Recorded – 2 Runs, 3 Contacts.



February 6th. 2020

Photo’s from  a  record turnout in the sunshine today.  <BIG Thursday>

Now and again we can  let the pictures tell the story.  A record turnout at Denton for a Thursday session. A link to our Flickr account will appear here later.
26 players plus Garry, Tony, myself and later Colin Fielding Refereeing.
We were pleased also to welcome Les Burgess , Head of the W.F.A. Referee’s ‘Academy’ to King Street.  He was presenting certificated for recent ‘graduates’ at the Club level. Les was greatly impressed with our set up at Denton and it was a pleasure to meet him.
The games saw a close 2- 0 vicory for Yellow’s  on Tony Cravagan’s ‘Church End’  pitch.  Goals for both of the debutants Dave Nolan and Clem White. This game enjoyed the luxury of regular goalkeepers Kieran and Hayden.
Another conventional game with rotating ‘keepers  at the Crown Point End saw Reds leading four one at half-time mainly thanks to Brian Stafford .  He changed teams at half-time and there followed a Blue rally, but the game ended 7 – 4 to the Reds, by then  Garry Pearce had taken over Refereeing duties from yours truly.
Ten stayed behind to use some training gear, which is probably more demanding than a game for some  in terms of breathessness !  Some match action for Cravagan , Pearce  and Richards followed,  in  a sweeper / keeper format of five a side,  Refereed by Colin Fielding. Unusually it ended in  a goalless draw, the ball seemed to spend more time over head height than on the 3g. (joking) but it was a very stop start affair for some reason – nothing to do with the Ref. who did well and collected his certificate today along with myself.
I also collected a highly strung bungee strap in my left eye while loading the trailer afterwards.  Thanks to Garry for his invaluable assistance at this point. For a momentI thought I’d done some real damage but it’s settled down now and is just  a little sore with bruising.
Not the best preparation for a meeting at Hyde United to discuss a possible Spring  festival at their Ewen Fields  venue.  More on that at next weeks meetings. Thanks to Colin Fielding for the introduction to their General Manager Mr. Peter Ainger.
Good to see Jim Pelling back in the fold after a long absence. Sorry to see David Wenham go early-ish with  a back injury.  Thursdays have been  a remarkable success story over the last 26 months. Numbers have grown steadily.  If they stay at this kind of level that’ll do for me but anymore and we will need a ‘Plan B’ which in the early stages may involve substitutions every few minutes.   Sooner or later we will  need a ‘house full’ notice I think.
The jury is still out on the extension hour.  This will be evaluated in late March.
See you at the meeting 11.15am. next week.  It’s hoped we  can start  a little earlier, and  finish the games in time for a prompt start.




January 30th.  twenty  TWENTY

With twenty players arriving for  ten am. today  it was David Wilson who got hearts pumping with  a brisk warm up.
Everyone was told there will be a meeting on the 13th. after the games have finished at about 11-20am.
Good to  see John Kenyon’s son Daniel out to support his dad today.

Tony Cravagan volunteered to Referee the conventional 6 v. 6.  Peter Quinn took the sweeper/keeper 4 v 4 which I played in today.
It was good fun and ended two -two.  I’m not sure who scored all the goals but  Joe Bemrose got one, I think, and Mike Taylor scored a late equaliser. Jim Stewart  hit the post for white’s and Richards did the same from the half way line ! The game ended in  a ‘Desmond’  Ken Thomas was putting a lot of effort into his game  for the non-bibs and was full of walking.  No runs on the pitch. Keith Oldham had a fine game.


All change after 25 minutes but Richards remained with the mini-goal game. Donning a red bib and teaming up with Russ Martin, Steve Stafford and Mike Taylor.  Another huge dollop of fun versus Dave Wilson, Roy Smith, Peter Collins and David Wenham all in Blue.  Blues were leading three one with not long to go when  a great rally from the reds saw them first pull a couple back to equalise and then go on to win it.  Mike Taylor on target from memory and maybe one or two from Steve Stafford and Russ Martin.
Tony Cravagan now reports from Pitch 2…

Game 1
6 Reds v 6 BluesTwo permanent keepers for this game with Smith in for the Blues and
Hayden opposing for the Reds enabled both teams to retain their shape.
Early pressing from the Reds saw Cooper hit the post after which
Collins    organised the Blues defence to reduce any further threat.
Despite this action shots from Stafford and Taylor kept Smith on his
toes an encouraged the Blues to take more midfield control especially
from Wenham linking up with the ever industrious Blanchard.
Inevitably keeper Hayden produced some excellent saves but Caldwell
was finding more space as the Reds pressed forward with Gillan and
Martin moving up front. Yes you’ve guessed it, Caldwell was on the
ball and despite heroics from Hayden was able to find the net 3 times,
no mean feat against such a good keeper. Wilson almost added to the
Blues score with late efforts from his right wing positioning.
 Final score – Reds 0, Blues 3
Recorded – Runs 0, Contacts 5Game 2
6 Reds v 6 WhitesA change in players for this second game.
Initially chances came the way for both teams with the goal posts
being the ultimate defender denying each side to break the deadlock.
The Whites defence held well with centre back Matthews feeding ever
menacing Blanchard and Bemrose.
The Reds back Oldham played an important part together with Harrison
in dealing with the Whites with keeper Hayden the much called on last
line of defence.
The game became very centralised with Blues wingers Stewart and Gillan
finding it difficult to help Caldwell to make his usual mark up front.
Stalemate continued with Bemrose hitting the post denying the Whites
pressure to open the score but counter attacking Kenyon was thwarted
by keeper Blanchard. The Whites mounted more attacks with Cooper
helping Taylor but Hayden’s experience maintained a clean sheet.Final score – Whites 0, Reds 0
Recorded – Runs 1, Contacts 4

– – – – -.
Richards resumes: Later, ten people stayed on for fifteen minutes training – which almost  everyone described as  ‘knackering’ with some reporting more  breathlessness  than in  an actual game !  We’ll have some short video of that soon.  A 25 minute form of sweeper/keeper followed. Tracey Blanchard gave an almost perfect display of speed walking  throughout and opened the scoring for Blacks. Joe Bemrose scored a superb penalty from the half way line after three white runs. Mike Taylor was on target for White’s and seemed to be really enjoying himself today – as did all of the ‘remainers’ .  The game was Refereed by yours truly and I awarded the White’s a penalty after three black runs.  Unfortunately steered just wide by Roy Smith. It ended 4 – 3 to Blacks.
A fine time was had by all and the weather kept dry too.   Thanks to everyone who helped me pack up the trailer afterwards.  We had a visitor from Reddish (Fred)  on an electric bike who took away a registration form.  These may soon become ‘application forms’ as we are nearly at capacity – apart from 11-30 onwards on Thursday and may have to institute a waiting list.
Ken Thomas ‘signed on’ today – welcome aboard.
Daniel Kenyon enjoyed watching us today and said ‘that looked like great fun’ I’m sure his dad will agree.

– – –
I understand John Leech may attend next week –  a reminder I have your  new jacket in the van and hopefully we can settle up on Thursday next. If you’re reading this John  and this isn’t the case please email me at to arrange a rendezvous.

January 23rd. 2020….

20 players at Denton Thursday today. A still, very grey day to the east of murky Manchester.
Peer Quinn got blood coursing through veins and Tony Cravagan marked the D’s and prepared himself to Referee on Pitch two. Conventional 5 v. 5.
Alan Richards refereed two games on pitch one. Conventional 5 v. 5.
– – – –
The first went the way of the Reds.  Early running offences were penalised but Mike Taylor missed the Blue penalty.  Moments earlier he had opened their account with a good goal following an Armitage assist. Mike is an exemplary walker in his early games.  Gerry Markland equalised  before Reds took the lead through Dean.  A third run from Blues saw Gerry Markland have his penalty kick saved – but micro-stepping would have discounted any conversion. The same man put the game beyond doubt.  Three one to Reds.

After a suggestion from one of the players, and because it was 4- 0 on the other pitch – mostly down  to good goalkeeping from Hayden we switched teams. Both Red teams had won, so some confusion ensued momentarily as blue bibs were exchanged for Red. What we SHOULD have done was just ask Goalkeeper Hayden to swap teams on pitch two and see if the balanced things out.  The Blues on Pitch One were more than capable of turning things around. Anyway, only negligible time was lost. We are always learning at Denton.
– – – –
The second game on pitch two saw the two previous winners looking to further assert their authority. The early pace was quick and two runs were quickly penalised for each team. Mike Caldwell was on target for Blues notching up two good goals before Ken Dean pulled one back for the Reds. Someone missed a blue penalty – can’t remember whom and my notes are not clear. A micro-step would have disallowed it anyway.   Caldwell did the same at the other end – better technique and one step perfection but the shot was well saved.
Game finished two -one to the Blues.

Half a dozen remained to try passing the ball through arcs , sharpening up their skills off the rebounder and having a race via the slalom poles.
After the a good 3 v. 3 sweeper keeper game saw Dean, Kenyon and Brodie take on Cravagan, Richards and Taylor.  Great expression on the ball from all players an NO running to speak of.  We had shortened the pitch to three quarter length playing across. A first half hat-trick from Richards – one from  a very  acute angle ‘ and two more from Mike Taylor ( very potent and precise today)  put plenty of daylight between the teams. Cravagan commanding at the back.   Kenyon and Dean reduced the deficit later on and I think Alan Brodie might have added one too. Cravagan went close and Richards hit a post from about twenty five yards . Great fun and exercise. Good passing on show from both teams.
In closing I recommend all players practice taking a one step penalty. There really is no reason not to get this procedure right. Practice will make perfect.  If in doubt ask for a demo or find one of our videos on youtube’s  Tamestriders T.V. (if you haven’t found this yet you’re missing out on 300 videos).
Tony Cravagan’s reports from Pitch 2 follows…
Game 1
5 Reds v 5 Blues.
The Reds opened the scoring with Caldwell netting after a few minutes this was shortly followed up by Cooper adding an excellent second.
The Blues started to pressurise especially from Martin and Kenyon but good defending by Thomas backed up by experienced keeper Hayden blunted the Blues attack.
Hard working Kenyon supported by Wenham, Martin and Gillan was rewarded with a well deserved goal for the Blues. Industrious Brodie was finding spaces left by the advancing Blues only to leave Caldwell free to add another goal for the Reds. The Blues tighten their defence with Collins trying to restrict Caldwell but canny Caldwell had the last say scoring his third goal.
Final score – Reds 4 Blues 1
Recorded – 0 Runs, 4 Contacts.

Game 2
5 Reds v 5 Blues.
A slight change for the Blues with a new Reds team.
Initial play was dominated by the Reds but incredibly keeper Russel made some excellent saves to hold off threats from Armitage and Taylor.
With a change in keeper Taylor was able to find the net to open the scoring for the Reds.
In midfield Collins and Wenham combined well but Oldham lurking up front took advantage of some gaps and added to the Reds score.
Winger Cooper was finding space on the right but Tomlinson was patrolling the centre to prevent the Blues making progress. Eventually Kenyons hard work gave the Blues a goal on which to build but again Oldham was given too much space to score another hall marked goal for the Reds.
Stewart was in fine form with accurate passing and some really good touches and was crowned with a long distance shot finishing scoring for the Reds.
Unfortunately the Blues could add to their goal as keeper Taylor was proving to be on form.
Final score – Reds 4 Blues 1
Recorded – 0 Runs, 3 Contacts
…and that wraps things up until next week – please note numbers are holding steady and have climbed a little recently. Some players are being directed to sessions more appropriate for their ability and age. We ask for your co-operation in this so thanks in advance.
sign of the times !
Sign of the times?  More gear, more people. With  a record turnout for a Thursday – 29 people in total including Referee’s across the two and a half hours.
David Wilson, fresh from his W.F.A. tutorial course yesterday took charge on pitch two and he will report later.
Meanwhile, Alan Richards writes…
 Reds 2 (Bemrose, Caldwell)   Blues 3 (Smith, 3)
Yours truly – currently  unable to play – selected the sides   and Ref’d the pitch one affair which  was a six versus six affair of conventional walking football.  A close encounter with well matched teams.   Roy Smith striding  briskly for the most part  collected a brace of good goals but garnered  a couple of runs too.  Joe Bemrose pulled a goal back for Reds and a third Blue run presented a penalty for his team. Mike Caldwell’s kick hit the post and rebounded out for Mike Taylor – Denton debutant today – to shoot high and wide with  ‘keeper Kieran on the deck.

Caldwell redeemed himself after the break  to notch the equaliser. Mike Taylor had tested his old pal Mike Kieran on  a couple of  occasions and plays the game in the right way –  a most welcome addition to the King Street crew.

Mike Taylor

Reds notched up three runs but Gerry Markland’s first penalty in walking football (I think) was well saved by Lawrie O’Toole.  A micro-step meant it wouldn’t have counted anyway.  At two – two the game had ‘Desmond’ writ large  but the  irrepressible Roy Smith settled it for Blues notching up his hat-trick.  Not settling for defeat the Reds pressed hard and Terry Clarke hit a post.
Blues hung on and took the spoils of victory, which never amount to much with our group.

Later, after a brew the training gear was hastily assembled and eight lingering players were joined by  latecomer Steve Rourke  and  newcomer Mike Armitage,  a man who worked with me  at Hyde Sorting office in the mid-seventies & we hadn’t seen each other since !  A fan of  Abba in their pomp I recall,  Mike took a chance on us for a quid and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself. Joining in with the exercises with Roy Smith – who had left his glasses at home this time after last weeks spectacle debacle.
A short film will follow Later we enjoyed a five v. five game of sweeper/keeper for which yours truly again selected sides and  Referee’d to boot.
Some really excellent walking football played here.  Colin Fielding back from Dubai and Mike Kieran playing outfield, and playing well…if he was a little physical at times, downing Steve Rourke from behind.
– – – –
This was a real nail-biter with goals going in at either end.  Some precision passing too. Brian McNeil opened the account of the  white bibs but Bemrose rattled off two in reply.  Mike Armitage bagged a brace on his debut. Mike Taylor scored a stunner from distance for blacks and Colin Fielding responded. White’s led five-three at one point  and Frank Matthews scoring a ‘belter’ of a goal, but Bemrose and Kieran who was popping up everywhere reduced the deficit . Then DRAMA ! A penalty award for handball denying a . scoring opportunity saw the wind take Bemrose side footed effort wide.
At five-five it looked like it might end  honours even but  who should pop up to settle it but Mike Kieran with a well struck pass into the mini-goal much to the admiration of all the players on the pitch.  Well done Mike.  “Now I know how knackerin’ this game is” he piped up breathlessly at the end.
Mike Armitage a brace on his debut

We had to turn some away from the extended hour today and I regret that although most seem okay and resigned to it.  At this rate we will have more wanting to stay on but let’s remember this added time is aimed at beginners, and as more show up we’ll have to ration the extra time for our established players.  It’s great fun though, and we aim to innovate more and introduce some more drills and little exercises as we develop it across the coming months.

Thanks for the kind comments about my Refereeing today, especially Lawrie and Joe. The more you do it the less hard it gets, although it’s NEVER easy ! Mistakes are genuine errors and no doubt I make my share.
Thanks to Peter Quinn for the warm up and to all who helped me pack up at the end. I will link the video footage later…watch this space.

(P.S. note to M.Armitage.  If you want to show up at ten ‘oclock next week you’re welcome to do so.)
David Wilson reports from Pitch 2, where he ‘enjoyed’ Refereeing  today….
6v7, Whites v Black, Blacks had  the extra player Whites kicked off.
Some great football from both sides Whites were pushing forward and eventually opened the scoring  with a fine  goal from Keith Oldham.  Some great football from both sides.
half time:
Second half the Whites had the extra player.  Still some good football the blacks broke away with  a great ball from Jimmy Stewart who found Steve Stafford,  after rounding  two players Stafford  shot into  the corner of the net to equalise !
With both teams on two runs the Blacks were awarded a spot kick after White’s ran again.  Brian Mc Neil took the penalty but missed !  Still some great football from both sides and it finished  in  a one-one draw .  A  fair result and an excellent morning  of walking football.  I must add  there were two outstanding  players today in  Frank Matthews & David Cooper.
The pitch two crew



9th.January 2020…

Two games of sweeper -keeper   at the Crown Point End today. With nineteen players we had four games , two conventional 6 v. 6 and a 4 v. 4 and 3 v. 3 with the mini-goals. On reflection we should have made the second game at the Church End 5 v. 5 because three versus three is hard work.  We live n’  learn.
Game 1  saw debutant Brian McNeil fire in two identical goals for the Reds  from the right flank.  Think it was Jim Stewart who pulled one back for Blue but soon after that  Alan Richards steered a moving ball  into the net from distance and after that Blues actually led for a time when Gerry Markland added a third goal (good to see you back).

Brian McNeil

Joe Bemrose walker up in the Player of the Year Vote (Tuesday Overs)  was in top form scoring four more for Reds including a penalty from the halfway marker.   Blues were well beaten by seven  goals to three. Keith Oldham from  a very acute angle topped it off with the seventh.

– – – –
Next up the three v. three featured the ever energetic Roy Smith in Blue.  Brian Stafford’s  Red opener was cancelled out in fine style by Russell Martin and the goals flew in at both ends. Three more from Martin and  a brace from Peter Quinn and a contribution from Smith for Blues.  Reds kept in touch but this was a tiring game. Another from Stafford and then he scored a penalty  – with  a very accurate pass into the unattended goal making it four goals in all for him.  Mike Caldwell added a fifth   My notes say it finished seven five to Blues.
– – –
One or two instances of needless contact but very little running – just one penalty award for three runs across both games.
After  a brew some nine players returned to the field to test the training gear for a few minutes before topping off the morning with a mini-goal game of five a side. Whites v. Yellow for a very enjoyable twenty minutes or so. Whites went in front when a good ball from Richards was latched on to by Joe Bemrose and his trusty left foot did the rest.  Try as Yellows might focussed defending from  White’s denied them.  Mike Caldwell in particular going ever so close on several occasions.  Well worth staying on for. White’s one, Yellow’s nil.
There are some photos and a little entertaining video to sort and link later. Thanks all. AR.
– – – – –
Tony Cravagan comments from Pitch 2 – the Church End.
Game 1
6 Reds v 6 Blues
Keeper Terry Hayden made his debut in for the Reds and was quickly tested by forwards Smith, Wenham and Martin however it was Caldwell who opened the scoring for the Reds with one of his usual opportunist goals. Wilson added another goal for the Reds with his shot deflecting in off the post.

A new ‘keeper – Terry Hayden (67)

Hard pressing from the Blues was rewarded by a goal from Smith but at the other end Caldwell took advantage of lots space and a cool placement gave the Reds a third goal.
Final score Reds 3 Blues 1
Recorded – 2 Runs, 5 Contacts.

Game 2
6 Reds v 6 Blues
With some player changes the game was very constructive especially with diamond play between Markland, Stafford S and Harrison. The game was certainly highlighted by excellent keeping from new boy Hayden for the Reds and at the opposing end by keepers Brodie, Harrison and Cooper.
The attacking Blues left too much for Matthews in defence to hold off rampant Reds with on fire  Bemrose taking advantage interlinking with Stewart and eventually scoring a hat trick.
Final score Reds 3 Blues 0
Recorded – 1 Run 3 Contacts.

2nd. January 2020….


Good to see most people back with us today after the usual seasonal hiatus. (I wouldn’t have minded another week)…fifteen in total although one forgot his three quid. Never mind – we actually lost £8.00 on the day ,  the first time in  a long, long while.  Bear in mind the pitch now costs us £50 on  a Thursday as we have extended. Extra time courtesy of our most recent benefactors ‘Ambition for Ageing’ .

So, with a welcome appearance from local walking football ‘legends’ Partington and Pearce we got the warm up going and a 7 v. 8 ensued.  Three touch on  a big pitch.  Karen Bemrose back in  a bib and playing a half for each team said it was ‘brilliant to be back’.

Karen was one of those who stayed on afterwards for some light training and a shirt game of sweeper/keeper. She scored too.. or was it two ? I’ve forgotten.  The first game ended  one-one  (David Wilson and John Kenyon) and the sweeper keeper three a side match  finished five-two with husband and wife team Joe and Karen enlisting Steve Stafford  to achieve a handsome victory – not that it really mattered.

One more player on each team would have been ideal.

I will put a short film together later capturing this first session of 2020. Look here for a link (not Facebook – I’m trying to spend less time on there to be honest)

Appreciation must be expressed  to Garry Pearce for Refereeing the 8 v. 7 and for another gift of a calendar capturing many great images from 2019 – thanks mate.

Brian McNeil came to have a look, taken a form home and we should see him back next week to try a game.

Note: new email address for the group.


Introducing our new gear : be warned this is six minutes of your life you won’t get back

‘Practice makes perfect’ ….he claimed (the end still cracks me up but…)  < you’ve been warned >

December 19th. 2019…

I’d half expected grey skies and some rain this morning in Denton but I couldn’t have been more wrong if I’d suggested we might have an all Manchester Carabao Cup Final !
I was very busy beforehand setting up training gear  for our ‘dry run’ ahead of expanded Thursday’s  from the 2nd. January – aimed at new people, and returners.  Plus anyone who wants to improve their skills.
Eighteen players showed up for the final Thursday session of 2019 on virtually the second anniversary of these sessions held since late 2017  in the latter half of the week.

  • – –
    Marshalled to the now familiar photographic position, some reluctantly,   many others keen to be photographed as ‘Badgers’ in the black and white striped Strider’s shirt. How the shutter clicked and clicked…then…
  • – – –
    Peter Quinn took the warm up.
  • – – – – –
    Yours truly Refereed both of the ‘sweeper/keeper’ games. When numbers climb beyond 20 then we feature two conventional games with winners playing winners in  the second half hour slot.  How’s that for innovation? Hopefully Red will be beating blue and vice versa otherwise the bib swapping could get complicated for all of us.
  • – – – – – –
    At the Crown Point End playing across the pitch the first of these mini-goal match up’s saw Red bibs walk out winners by four goals to three.
    Pulled up for running very early on Tracey Blanchard reined in her boundless energy and enthusiasm very well for the rest of the game, and her subsequent movement was beyond reproach.
    In red, Mike Caldwell inflicted early damage in  the shape of two goals.  Blues hit back with Platt Lane virtuoso Keith Oldham in  a rich vein of form ,  bagging a brace to level matters.  Blanchard –  arrow accurate  from ten  yards –  put the Reds back in front BUT a super-strike from Pete Collins again  meant nothing separated the teams. Ken Dean , responsible for a third red run which saw Roy Smith steer his penalty kick wide, went from villain to hero as he struck the winning goal five minutes from time.  Another pearler from Dean. Issued with his shirt today, and with something else to celebrate too.
    Highlights of this game included a solid performance from Frank Matthews, much more mobile now and also playing some fine passes. Big improvement across the year for Frank.  Reds, under pinned by the commanding Brian Stafford as sweeper/keeper.
  • – – – – – –
    Next up saw eight willing volunteers transfer pitches and within a minute of the start John Boyle the nominated sweeper/keeper  – after   a momentary  lapse of concentration – handled the ball on the edge of his ‘D’ .
    Up stepped Jim Stewart, brimming  with confidence and jaw set firm against the strengthening wind. Sadly his penalty kick drifted well wide. Blues hit back after this setback that never was, and John Kenyon, enjoying this form of the game scored twice in quick succession. Boyle was relieved at the back by John Leech and our ‘individual of the year 2019’ began to blossom in midfield for Blues, setting up Kenyon’s hat trick with a fine through ball. Reds kept plugging away in the hope of reducing the deficit. Plucky Peter Quinn, fresh from his Referee’s assessment  and  always ‘busy-busy’ encouraging those in front of him.  Stewart, the wide man often un-noticed on the right flank for no good reason apart from his silence. Switching wings late doors though proved beneficial for Blues in general, and Jim in particular. He slotted home from  a very tight angle to give the Reds some hope.
    Those hopes were cruelly dashed a minute or two later though when sweeper Leech strode majestically out of the ‘D’ , imperious in possession shrugged off a couple of challenges and launched a speculative drive from deep. Arrow straight and true,  gasps of astonishment were audible as the ball found the back of the little net.
    Four one to Blues then and they were worth the win. Leech and Kenyon a good combination that’s prospering on pitch one.
    “Thanks to Alan Richards for Refereeing” ,said several people at the end.
  • Tony Cravagan’s reports will come a little later….
  • as it is…
  • – – – – –
  • Game 1
    5 Reds v 5 Blues.Initial attacking from both teams kept Blues keeper Clarke and Reds Martin  busy in dealing with on target shots. Stalwart defending from Blues Tomlinson and Leech was eventually breached by a Stafford S goal.
    Kenyon , always threatening for the Blues was up against marshalling Quinn who was combing well with Stewart expounding some excellent distribution. Award winning Martin found the net for a Reds second goal and the score remained unchanged with Reds Wenham cancelling out efforts from Blues Boyle on the right wing.

    Russell Martin Thursday player of the year 2019

    A well mannered game with lots of open football.

    Final Score – Reds 2 Blues 0
    Recorded – 3 Runs, 3 Contacts.

    Game 2
    5 Reds v 5 Blues.

    The attacking theme was immediately ignited by Wenham making his mark for the Reds but Keeper Clarke kept up his high standard making it difficult for the Reds to score even with Caldwell and Dean up front. Blanchard at the other end made some excellent saves but eventually gave way to a typical Smith shot to give the Blues first goal.
    Pressure from the Reds mounted but Matthews dealt with the situation partnering Quinn both quietly and efficiently.
    Clarke, now in midfield,  showed some deft touches which resulted in a well earned goal but his brace was not to be as later his penalty hit the post after the Reds totted up 3 runs.
    A most unusual goal came from a Collins long shot ,well in his own half ,which surprised keeper Dean and trickled in.

  • Peter Collins – his shot ‘trickled’ in

    The Blues defence held up well with Blanchard and Stafford B shooting at every opportunity but a break away near the end saw Oldham seal it for the Blues.
    A harder game with some over enthusiastic shooting.

    Final score – Reds 0 Blues 4
    Recorded – 3 Runs, 2 Contacts

  • today’s turnout


Feedback welcome from here:



December 12th. 2019…

Alan Richards reports from King Street…
Dank and damp plus a little chilly on this General Election day.
Eighteen moderates  were put through their paces by Peter Quinn.
Yours truly Refereed two games of sweeper/keeper at the Crown Point End where it was raining goals. A Labour of Love given the poor weather.
Right and Left wing  play was evident.
The first finished five-four to the reds. Two goals from Alan Brodie and a fine precision strike from Frank Matthews, latching  on to an excellent pass from Dave Partington. Two goals from Tracey Blanchard in Blue plus a stunner from Jim Stewart  – hit from distance.
Alan Brodie won it for Reds after a fine ball from Frank Matthews . Caldwell pulled another back for Blues and a good contest settled by the odd goal in nine. A Liberal sprinkling of fine finishes and well played passes.
On the Church End pitch at  half time it was a case of Leave , as seven volunteers to switch and one reluctant  Remainer was persuaded.
A change of personnel brought yet more goals.  John Kenyon walked amok with a hat trick in Blue. Keith Oldham put a penalty  (handball prevented a goal scoring opportunity) wide  but scored soon afterwards, Steve’s  Stafford and Tomlinson added one more  apiece. With the game teetering on the brink.  A conservative approach saw Steve Rourke shoring up the Blues ‘D’ defences, as  John Boyle pushed up into midfield  looking to find a decisive pass. In the end it was left to John Leech to win the game for Blues. A precision pass into the net.  One run all match with a fairly strict Referee (some might say).  Well done all.
Two good games.  If early morning results are equally tight it could be ‘squeaky bum’ time for all part-time political pundits like meself !
No photography today. Might make up for it tonight. If you’re coming to the Golf Club see you later.

Tony Cravagan, our other Referee today reports from pitch 2….

Game 1
5 Reds v 5 Blues

Initially both teams cancelled each other out with equally good football especially notable saves from Reds keeper Oldham reflected by opposing keeper Leech. Keeper changes enhanced the Blues defence with midfield commanding Rourke being backed up with Leech this eventually gave way to an Oldham goal for the Reds.
The Reds found the net again this time by Stafford S rewarded from his excellent positional play. Despite some good interplay between Kenyon, Martin and Boyle the Reds held firm thanks to a Tomlinson, Quinn combination. Alas another breakaway saw Bemrose seal the match for the Reds with an additional goal.

Final score Reds 3 Blues 0
Recorded – 1 run, 3 contacts.

Game 2
5 Reds v 5 Blues start reverting to 4 x 4 with sweeper keepers.

The second game began at a quick pace which needed to slow down.
Fielding C started between the sticks for the Blues whilst Partington maintained this position throughout the game for the Reds.
Bemrose opened the scoring for the Blues and his partnership with Brodie proved a real threat. Not to be deterred Caldwell pulled one back for the Blues.
Unfortunately Thomas had to retire  and Fielding stepped down to keep the numbers balanced. The game continued 4 x 4 with the sweeper keepers only allowed to the half way line.
The game opened up with more space allowing Bemrose to add to the Reds score. A penalty was awarded to the Blues following 3 runs from the Reds but Caldwell’s kick kissed the wrong side of the post.
Fielding then replaced Caldwell but the Blues were kept at bay by agile Partington despite hard work from Blanchard, Stewart and Martin. The concluded with another goal from Bemrose giving him a hat trick.

Final score Reds 3 Blues 1
Recorded – 5 runs, 2 contacts.

Thanks to Fielding and Caldwell in helping Eric Thomas who we trust will be ok.


(Wishing you well Eric. Ed.)


December 5th.


(thought for the day – in  a few  weeks time none of us will live in a year ending in ‘teen’ , ever again)

Alan Richards writes…

A stiffening breeze greeted us this Thursday morning. Mercifully the temperature has climbed a little after recent days not so much in the deep freeze and the chiller cabinet. Importantly , it was DRY !

Warm up undertaken by Peter Quinn  today, and the pitches were hastily configured for a conventional 5 v. 5 at the Church End and a 4 v 3 (plus the Referee) at the Crown Point End.
Yours truly was that Referee .
Playing deep in both games in the ‘sweeper/keeper’ role and trying to spot runners and contact. Not the easiest job but it seemed to go ok.

– – – –
In the first game Brian Stafford  in no mood to mess about hit a post,  before striking twice for Blues following passes from the Ref !  David Cooper hit a post from the right wing. This was a quiet game,  a considered game.  David Wenham agreed. Reminded me of a chess match ! For the Reds John Boyle struck the first goal after  a fine assist from Keith Oldham. Oldham was the prime mover in red as he is more mobile than most.  He added a second. Reds winner came from Bill Harrison.  John Leech was solid at the back , defending well and only entering the ‘D’ when appropriate.  They  deserved the win just about – highly enjoyable walking football.  One or two runs at most and no contact to speak of. A bit like Chess. It finished 3 – 2 Reds.

– – – –
The next game had even more goals. Reds attack consisted of Peter Collins,  Jim Stewart and Russ Martin, all anchored at the back by Peter Quinn.
With a blue attacker entering the ‘D’ very early a penalty was awarded and despatched very well by the mighty accurate Quinn.  One nil !. Three more pin-point strikes past the sweeper ‘keeper Richards came from Russell Martin, in impressive form at the moment.  Jim Stewart was a menace on the Red right too but his shots were wayward today.
At the other end John Kenyon  was on the prowl and looking dangerous, conjuring up an impressive hat trick in  a devastating spell, the third goal via a cruel deflection before entering the net.  John’s magic  then seemed to desert him  as three or four more shots went well wide. In any event his new DWFG jacket suits him ! (£27 if you want one)

Magic going forward

It was left to Mike Caldwell to turn the game the Blues way.  His foot shuffling style made up of micro steps is hard to call out as a run. He lives on the edge does Mike. He had a handful of chances but eventually came good to bag  a brace  leaving the final score five- four to Blues. Frank Matthews made a valuable contribution in defence for Blues.

  • – – – – –
    Lots of players were given group shirts at the end. Black and white stripes PLEASE WEAR THEM ON THE NINETEENTH . Pre Christmas week will feature photo shoots. No other group, I’m sure will share their success in such a way. Just to re-iterate these were purchased from steadily growing funds and have nothing to do with our recent grant.  Some of that has already been spent on equipment which we will begin to  use from Thursday 2nd. January. Newcomers welcome and when you’ve had your brew you’re also of course  welcome to come back out and attempt to hone your skills FREE of further charge – so long as numbers allow.  Beginners will be asked for a mere pound ! We’ll train in  a fun way then have a short sweeper/keeper game to round off for about 12-25pm.  It’s realised numbers may be challenged for the first few weeks until the word gets around. No matter.  Pitch rental will paid thanks to ‘Ambition for Ageing’ and if just two or three of us have to hang around kicking a ball about the pitch I’m quite happy to be one of them.  The viability of the extra hour will be kept under constant review by the committee members who are involved with it early doors. If it does not take off it will not be for the want of trying.
  • Primarily messrs: Richards, Cravagan and hopefully Wilson….with Colin Fielding  putting in a later January  appearances before he heads to the sun for a couple of months…will be on the pitch.
    Finally a reminder. The game on the nineteenth will be the last one this year. January 2nd. the first of 2020.  Walking football is available at Curzon Ashton on 23rd. and 30th. December from 11-00am. if you need your fix in the meantime !


5 Reds v 5 Blues.

An immediate start from the Reds with Blanchard scoring after combining with Stewart. Inevitably Caldwell replied to the even the score and a strong shot from Stafford S gave the Blues a commanding lead. Again the Blanchard / Stewart combination produced the Reds second goal with Blanchard once again being successful.
Stern defending from Kenyon and Stafford S enhanced by keeper Clarke kept the Reds at bay. The Reds had little luck with Martin hitting the post and Oldham Blanchard shots just off target.The Blues had their share of post hitting with both Caldwell and Kenyon being denied by the uprights but Blues efforts were eventually rewarded with Stafford S and Caldwell scoring. A close game with contributions from all players.

Final score Blues 3 Reds 2
Recorded – 4 runs, 2 contacts.

Game 2
5 Reds v 5 Blues

A good start for the Blues with Stafford B scoring in off the post. Both Leech and Harrison cemented the Reds defence allowing Blanchard more freedom to combine with Oldham for the latter to score for the Reds. Keeper Clarke at long last played outfield and craft fully scored 2 cool goals for the Blues despite some sterling keeping from Blanchard. Hard working Stafford S was rewarded with a goal before going between the sticks and performing just as well in preventing the Blues adding to their score.
A game producing some excellent combination play supported from all players.

Final score Blues 4 Reds 1
Recorded – 2 runs, 1 contact


NOVEMBER 28th…and it was a SOGGY SEVENTEEN….

Soggy Seventeen….
The impressive turnout for a typical Manchester morning in November so thanks all.
David Wilson warmed us all up. Alan Richards Refereed . Tony Cravagan set up his D’s in a way that reflects his background as a draughtsman.  Very precise. We played 9 v. 8 three touch on one big pitch.

Alan Richards – Photo: John Leech
Blues, one deficient in number raced two goals ahead with a brace from Tracey Blanchard playing in her new Striders jacket (£27 personalised  to order)  and woolly hat.  Good goals too. It looked as though Blues would boss the game but Reds stabilised. They had a chance to pull one back but Steve Stafford couldn’t convert a penalty (3 runs).
Play was evenly balanced, and although it was still two nil at the break, Reds had put the brake on Blanchard  and Caldwell the Blues’  main attacking threats.
H-T 2-0 Blues
Early in the second half David Cooper.  In menacing mood  on the right wing caught Steve Tomlinson unawares and the ball slipped between his legs for a goal.
Reds had a chance to equalise when another  penalty was awarded for heavy contact on the edge of the ‘D’ – John Boyle sent sprawling but all was okay.

John Boyle – all okay

Another John, Kenyon this time stepped up to take the kick but it was saved by Stewart. Conversion  would have been disallowed anyway for incorrect technique (biggish ‘micro’ step) .

– – – – –
David Wilson, busy on the right flank all the match  saw his shot parried above head height by ‘keeper  Russ Martin. The ball then looped over Russell’s head and crossed the goal line.  A goal under Manchester County F.A. rules. Three – one it was now and Blues had their cushion back.
Blues Brothers

Defending well in  a blue bib was Frank Marshall , a solid presence getting his blocks in and playing the ball forward.  The steady drizzle didn’t put off these hardy walking footballers but the pace, perhaps understandable was increasing as the game went on.  Several  comparatively gentle reminders  were issued and the game  allowed to flow but something had to give after a third Blue  run within ten  second-half minutes!. The experienced David Wenham stepped up eagerly  to the crease to show teammates how to take a one step penalty.  Confidence justified.  He put the ball low into the corner with perfect technique.

David Wenham – perfect penalty

Three-two it stayed until the end.  These sessions  are great. As Tony Cravagan said afterwards “that’s as close to walking football as we’ll get” I agreed with him.  Two red runs all morning in what turned out to be  a close encounter of a rather soggy kind.
Everyone involved emerged with great credit.  Kudos all.  Thanks to Tony for taking the bibs home to wash.  More volunteers for that job are always welcome.

the soggy seventeen
Enough rope?

November 21st…

Brian Redfern

After a pleasant lunch celebrating 49 years of marriage, and nursing a nice glass of whisky and dry ginger, my mind turned to events earlier in the day….
….and with eighteen players plus Tony Cravagan and myself this chilly November morning. a brisk warm up soon ensued under the guidance of David Wilson.
With Colin Fielding back amongst us  looking tired after a night spent searching around his vast estate for wayward navy blue bibs and sporting a fine black and white shirt the committee was well represented.
Also back amongst the Thursday crowd  was Tracey Blanchard a forced rapid exit in search of a misplaced mobile phone – thankfully found AND  we had a new man !

Brian Redfern from Gee Cross.  Roy Smith was convinced he’d know him because ‘everyone knows everyone in Gee Cross’  but as it happened,  he didn’t.

  • – –
    I Refereed the first ‘keeper/sweeper’ game and also joined in with a struggling  Blacks team to even things up at 5 v. 5. One down from the first minute (penalty due to ‘D’ ingress ahead of the ball) despatched accurately  by Brian Stafford from the half way marker.  Terry Clarke equalised after  a Richards assist. From that moment on Yellows ran riot. Almost.  For they were the better, more mobile team with Blanchard and Stafford combining well anchored at the back by Roy Smith who had an easy day to be fair.
  • David Moore was also working hard for his team to good effect.  In comparison Matthews, Leech and Clarke, with Richards combining two jobs, (neither one especially well )struggled to get much  forward momentum.  Bill Harrison soon settled into the sweeper/keeper role at the back though, and but for him the Yellows could have been ‘out of sight’ by half time.  An excellent performance despite what followed. ..Three more goals from Stafford – smouldering, if not quite on fire today – plus strikes from Blanchard – her first walking football goal – and I think it must have been a couple from Oldham and perhaps Moore too , but the score ended up  a slightly flattering EIGHT – one !
  • – – – –
    After a break and the import of a few different faces a much closer game ensued at the Crown Point End . This time Peter Quinn Refereed, relieveing Richards  of the whistle to team up with Steve Rourke, Colin Fielding and Peter Collins. The bibbed up opposition consisted of  Ken Dean at the back in the sweeper/keeper role,Russ Martin Steve Stafford and David Wilson forming the attacking formation.

    Referee Pete Quinn

    Martin put his side ahead in fine style.  Richards equalised  precisely from a fair way out after a  good  Rourke pass.  I think Yellows next goal saw David Wilson on the scoresheet but then Fielding popped up in an advanced position to equalise once more.  With Dean’s rearguard reliability  giving Martin licence to go marauding forward it wasn’t long before the latter struck again with  a splendid effort. Three two and all to play for.

  • The lively Steve Rourke broke away and looked sure to level matters  but  with a pursuing David Wilson breathing  down his neck, he put the ball just wide.
    The game was settled by  a fourth bibs goal but I’m not sure who got it.  Fill in the blanks below by all means. An enjoyable game in which to play.  Tony Cravagan’s  comments  from the conventional games at the Church End will follow later…
  • Full time team talk

    Our Referee at the Church End of the  pitch ,Tony Cravagan’s comments…

Tony Cravagan
Game 1 – 6 v 6
New player Brian Redfern made his debut both in goal and outfield showing good skills and soon got to grips with the game with help from Colin Fielding.
Mike Caldwell quickly opened  the scoring for the Blues but was cancelled out by goals from Steve Rourke and Dave Wilson for the Reds. The latter awarded a penalty after 3 runs resulting in a half score of Reds 3 Blues 2.
The second half saw Mike Caldwell bringing up his hat trick after several attempts hitting the post.  Despite a further Blues goal from Ken Dean the Reds hit back with another goal from Dave Wilson plus one from Russ Martin giving a final score Reds 5 Blues 4.
The excellent game was a little marred with too many runs and contacts with 6 runs and 9 contacts recorded – we need to slow down.
Game 2 – 6 Blues v 5 Reds
The Blues numerical  superiority soon became evident with the spearhead of Oldham, Blanchard and Smith breaking away with every opportunity. Despite sterling work from the Reds  the precision finishing from the Blues proved too much with Oldham on fire with a tally of 5 goals.  A Blanchard penalty was saved by Terry Clarke after an encroachment but she soon made up for it with an unstoppable shot adding to the score sheet. Roy Smith completed the  scoring with a final contribution result: Blues 7 Reds 0.
The score did not reflect the hard work and opportunities from the Reds but it was difficult to cope with the Blues in this form.
On the plus side it was a clean game with  only 2 contacts and zero runs recorded.

Tony Cravagan – major thanks for Refereeing today, Tony – Ed.

Oldham Keith “on fire today”









November 15th…and Colin Fielding reports on yesterday’s events on his pitch at the Crown Point End…

Sorry for delay in doing the match details, been busy with poorly grandkids.

Also not sure of all players names but I’ll do my best.
On a cold but bright Thursday morning at Denton Youth we had an excellent turn out. The first game I refereed was a 4 a side, small goals game with keeper/ sweepers. It was an excellent game with Jimmy Stewart and Steve Rourke scoring for Yellows but they still lost 2-3 to Dave Wilson team who was back in good health and on form, scoring 2 goals.
In the second game we had 5 a side with Keith Oldham’s team winning 4-0, Keith himself scoring 2 and Alan Brodie 2.
Both games were excellent, players showing lots of skills and good movement.
Thanks Colin – I like the term sweeper/keeper !  Hope the Grandchildren are on the mend – Ed.
November 14th…2019…
A Thursday with  a difference at Denton Walking Football Group.
With  Mr. Roy Catterall,  a representative of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and Deputy Lieutenant of Manchester visiting us,  yours truly was absent from the pitch along with Tony Cravagan.
We had a lengthy meeting with Roy who as expected asked several searching questions in connection with our nomination for the  ‘Queen’s Voluntary Service Award’ I’m sure we didn’t quite manage to tick every box the process  demands , but the qualities of the group which we repeated time and time again was the inclusivity, the camaraderie, and the way mixed abilities can thrive and develop on the pitch. And let’s not underestimate the social side too. This is a very prestigious award and  if successful  would equate to an M.B.E. for the group !  Grateful thanks to Roy for spending so much time with those of us he met.  It will be next April before we know the outcome, successful or not I’m pleased we were nominated, and when asked to think about what we do in depth, like today,  it makes one realise just how much our voluntary efforts have achieved over three and a half years.
– – – – –
Thanks also  to Colin Fielding and David Partington for turning out to assist matters on the pitches.. We await some words about how play developed across two formats this morning.
It was a blustery, cold day and the turnout was impressive once again. Ten minutes after returning home my phone rang with another new enquiry from  a Gee Cross man who will attend next week. Slow, steady  growth. Tracey Blanchard also messaged to say she couldn’t quite make the session today  but will be with us on Tuesday.  She was also very pleased with the article in the Denton Correspondent this month, as was her Mum, apparently 🙂
– – – –
Several more votes were cast for the ‘Player of the Year’ and the Thursday poll is now closed, unless anyone who was given a slip has still not returned it. Next week without fail please.
No photography today…no time !
Thanks all – Alan.
“The first game i was in charge of was a 5 v. 5 yellow bibs v plain,it was an end to end game with only one run penalised.   Keith Oldham opened the scoring for yellows after a good passing move.  Steve Rourke scored an equaliser for the plains the ball just evaded Mike Kieran, was nice to see Steve back after injury, it was a great pass from Alan Brodie to a team mate who finished well to make it 2-1 to the yellows no more goals it ended 2-1 yellows.  I  stayed on the same pitch with the teams who had just played in the small net game.  Dave Hatton joined in this game along with David Fielding who went in goal and I played out and Refereed  to make it even numbers. The plain team won this one 2-0.  Dave Hatton on the scoresheet for the first time for a for a long while he told me.  The other goal was scored by Steve Rourke.  It was not Steve who scored in the first game my apologies to whoever it was i forgot his name, this game was a good passing game and both teams spurned chances. Both games were played in the right spirit which is what we’ve come to expect rightly so.  Only two runs and very little contact thank you gentlemen.”


Nov 8th. 2019   A BRIEF ENCOUNTER with BEV…..

Bev Kirkbride

Bumped into none other than Beverley Kirkbride in Denton LIDL.
We had a natter, about this and that.
She spoke very warmly about the walking football sessions which she misses, although the winter weather was a bit challenging.
It was an opportune time to see her though and she could be interested in returning to the Thursday session expansion when it’s up and walking.

Enquiring after fellow females Karen and Julie she also spoke highly of most of our male players although some who were taking things ‘too seriously’ did put her off a little bit. Players whose faces may have betrayed their feelings when she, and some of the others  were picked for their team.
I think that’s inevitable as players develop and re-engage with a game resembling football, some still hang on to that competitive mindset – even in internal games. Not a criticism as I can get carried away myself sometimes BUT that’s why we continue  offer alternatives and that’s what the expanded training and mini-goal game hour will give us on Thursday’s. Hopefully Bev, and others  will come back and we will see more total newcomers embraced, even if they have no natural ability.
This time that ethos should not be allowed to change for that segment of our activities.
We should always bear in mind that there are also some excellent sessions just  three miles or so up the road at Curzon for those who regard themselves as  proficient walking footballers  to hone their competitive edge. Different days too so there’s up to three sessions a week for Over 50’s across our two groups.



 Jim Stewart and Tracey Blanchard featured this time !



Referee Tony Cravagan reports from the Church End pitch….

Today’s games
Hard to decipher my rain sodden notes but here goes.
Two 5×5 games on pitch 2.
Reds 4 Blues 3
Well balanced match with new boys Ken Thomas and John Leech integrating well with WF. Mike Caldwell scoring all 4 goals for the Reds including a penalty awarded after 3 Blue runs ( not blue nuns ! ).
A brace from a very active Bill Harrison was complimented by a well deserved goal from Pete Collins.
Recorded 3 runs and 2 contacts a clean well spirited game with some excellent football.
Blues 4 Reds 2
A hat trick from the effervescent Roy Smith , which included a cruel deflection , was complimented by a cool Jimmy Stewart finish sealed victory for the Blues.
The Reds found it hard to beat Mike Kieran but eventually Joe Bemrose’s persistence was rewarded with a goal to add to Russell Martin’s earlier notch up.
Despite some hard work from John Kenyon the Reds were thwarted by excellent blocking from Blues keeper Frank Matthews.
Recorded 3 runs and 4 contacts.
FROM THE CROWN POINT END with a quick rundown of pre-match announcements…
…Meanwhile in the mini-goal format Alan Richards – Refereeing and playing ( not always easy)…
Incessant rain greeted seventeen players at Denton Thursday today,  a good turnout in the circumstances ,  plus myself and Tony Cravagan who decided to Referee.
Ken Thomas
Bernard – stood watching in the rain for a long time

With help from Tony  (splendid D’s) two pitches were set up as Alan took the warm up , encouraged to see everyone joining in with gusto.  Well, lets be honest… joining in.
New man Ken Thomas arrived on two wheels and was welcome by the group. We also had Bernard  as a spectator today but keen to have a go next week.
With the numbers just edging safety limits on one pitch we went for two parallel pitches.  Tony took the conventional games of 5 v. 5 Mike Kieran in goals. Yours truly played and Refereed  in the mini-goal games with seven players four of which wore yellow bibs.
All the players were told of our exciting plans for the Thursday session. We will  be revealing more details as we gather the equipment we need and formalise plans which will retain an element of flexibility. This follows a generous grant from Ambition for ageing Tameside.

This flexibility  is mirrored in the approach of D.Y.F.C. and Graham assures me the club can offer us whatever time we need when we want it.  On days like today for instance we may not stick around for the full two and a half hours when we lengthen the Thursday sessions.
At this stage it look like things may stay exactly the same until very early January. A new year a news system perhaps.
NOW…all that said…..Let the games begin !
On my pitch to start we had a grand match up with NO runs recorded ! My first experienc eof that with a whistle in hand. Joe Bemrose registered two good goals for Blacks, I managed to slot one home myself as well as finding Frank Matthews in  a marvellous position to finish and the former electrician finished with aplomb.   Roy Smith replied for Yellows as they carved out several good chances. John Kenyon – back fit now – had several opportunities but could not quite find the miniature Samba’s.  The game finished four-one to Black’s but that was a trifle flattering, it has to be said.
Next up and fresh from their conventional game came seven more candidates for this technical exercise – the emphasis on exercise.  Passing  to players, moving and passing the ball into the goal is the name of it.
Sokething f a goal fest followed. Yellows raced ahead with Bill Harrison opening their account. Further deposits from new man and Denton debutant Ken Thomas who made it three nil.
Alan’s Brodie and Richards reduced the deficit with long range accuracy  to get their team within touching distance of Yellow’s.
Mie Caldwell took two penalties  awarded for premature ingress – the second from the REFEREE himself.  The angle was not acute enough for Caldwell as he steered both kicks wide from the halfway line.
A setback for Yellows but more goals came from Ken Thomas (2, I think) so well done on a hat-trick.  Taking the ball home on your scooter may have been  a bit awkward but you were entitled to do so – just bring it back next week !
Mike Caldwell may have been on target but my pen had given up the ghost. Another from Harrison made the game safe.   A resilient Black team did reduce the deficit thanks to Peter Collins playing up front and striking emphatically – twice !
It finished Seven-Four Yellows.
All seemed to enjoy these games. They have been devised  partly to spare unwilling volunteers from having to go in goal, to encourage accurate passing and maximum movement at brisk walking pace.
Committee colleague Tony Cravagan has reported above  from his two games, although we both suffered from soggy notes. An occupational hazard on days like this.
Thanks Tony, and  all for another great session.

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL – – Alan Richards reports from King Street….






another election coming

BLUES 5 (Caldwell 3, Martin, Smith R)  REDS 2  (Richards, Oldham) …..No more Halloween gags and puns but the Blues certainly flaunted their superiority today, especially in the second half underlining their ascendancy with three more ghouls.

Still photo’s


In bright sunshine sixteen assembled for a relatively strenuous warm up driven by David Wilson.
Players were reminded that the player of the year vote will commence next week. Thinking caps on please everyone.  The three committee men most involved on Thursday’s will select an ‘individual of the year’ as a separate award.
Todays game was filmed with unmanned cameras, focussed on each goalmouth.
Mike Caldwell , always dangerous in his customary advance position.  You have to hand it to him for his finishing ratio.  Opening  the scoring with his first of  another hat trick.

Reds hit back through Richards who beat Terry Clarke from the edge of the ‘D’after a fine pass from Keith Oldham .
Oldham himself   had a couple of chances for Reds too as the first half went on, in particular one excellent through ball from Richards set him up in space,  but Keith couldn’t find the target.  He made up for it later.
At half time I think Blues were in front two – one.
Specialist goalkeeper Mike Kieran stayed in the goal at the ‘southern end’ as the teams turned around. Most impressive performance  so far was from  the bench! Which withstood the entire weight of four men for the half time photo’s – thanks to Roy Smith for those. Yours truly was dreading a collapse.
– – – – – –
In the second half the ever steady Peter Collins started in goal for Reds with Terry Clarke adding something to the outfield.   Keith Oldham scored a tremendous equaliser for the Reds. It’s to be hoped the camera caught it. At 2 – 2  Richards went in goal but despite a couple of saves the score soon became 2 – 4. Russ Martin and Roy Smith chipping in towards the Blues rising tally. David Wilson limped off with  a thigh strain.
– – – – –
He was replaced by Roy Smith from the aforementioned bench. Roy added his own trademark zest to the Blue performance and in fact scored a fifth goal for his new team.
Five -two at the finish then  but we were not quite done on another day to remember at King Street.  Thanks to the estimable Tony Cravagan for Refereeing once again in his calm, understated way.
We practiced penalty kicks at the end. Using up our alloted pitch hire and it’s something we shall do again.  Thanks to Mike Kieran for going in goal  and to Tony for his whisteblowing.
Mixed results it has to be said.
In conclusion it was  good to see Bill Harrison back and doing well ,  having been unwell for a while, he had some kind words to say about  the group and our online  presence.  Also welcome to John Leech ,  a near neighbour of Bill’s who seemed to enjoy his debut at the back for Blues.
I spoke to Jim Stewart at the end about his background with  a view to penning a story for the local press in the next day or two.  I need to speak to Tracey Blanchard – absent today due to work commitments – if you see this Tracey please ring me or (07387 174934) or email after checking your inbox.
Look out for video highlights and photo links later.




October 24th. 2019 – A gloomy day of ankle taps and careless feet…

REDS 2  (Collins, Smith R)  BLUES 4 (Caldwell 2, Martin, Stafford)

Alan Richards writes…
Thirteen players. Numbers down, partly explicable.  One of the  Stafford’s  in the States, John Boyle afloat,  and fellow  Thursday mainstay Tony Cravagan called up to reinforce the over 70’s team at Heywood in the GMWF League.
Warm up by Wilson. David to be precise , and how he made those players work !

Peter Collins

– – –
Referee Mr. Richards got the game underway – watched from the black and white bench by potential recruit John Leech and injured relative newcomer John Kenyon.
Rock steady and cool headed  Peter Collins put the Reds in front. They had the extra man in this 7 v. 6 encounter. Five men on the Blues team supported by the energetic and highly mobile Tracey Blanchard.
Roy Smith bagged another one for Reds only after being penalised twice for running. Fair to say he slowed down considerably after that. (Well done).
The contact count was mounting as the first half drew to  a close. Teams were adjusted early in the second half as Blues began to tire visibly. With too few volunteers for goalkeeping duty (legitimate reasons) it was let to Russ Martin and Dave Cooper to do double stints  and later Dave Wenham (transferred from Red). Something that needs to be looked at and considered when selecting teams OR doing without goalkeepers altogether,  in  a mini-goal format as we did at the very start of these Thursday sessions. Maybe a note from ones parent excusing goalie duties ! 🙂
Blues started to mount a challenge. Led by Mike Caldwell who bagged a first goal. Russ Martin liberated from the nets added a second.

Kenyon and Leech watching from the bench

A Blanchard pass helped Caldwell score again  to put Blues in front.  Quite a turn round. Reds were reeling a bit as both teams began to get careless with their feet and badly timed tackles from behind and the side left a few nursing bruises I’m sure. An accidental foot plant left Jim Stewart limping for a time and the atmosphere began to change with an exasperated Referee trying to instil some discipline into the players approach. Far too much ‘coming together’ today.
A Brian Stafford drive clipped Peter Quinn’s heel before it entered the net but a late night adjudication panel, my wife, the dog and I awarded it to Stafford. Four two now to Blues.
It might have been five after Terry Clarke  burst forward to record a third run for Reds.
Tracey Blanchard took the spot kick but either put it wide or had it saved- I can’t remember. It would have been disallowed anyway after  a slight micro-step.  Her first penalty under these rules and I’m sure she’ll learn. She was exasperated not to score on a day when she had numerous chances, but the goals will come for this talented  walking footballer.
With the remaining minutes almost about to become seconds yet another foul on the edge of Blues ‘D’ saw the Referee blow his whistle early to bring proceedings to  a premature end.
Let’s see an improvement next week please everybody.

More photos at the link below:



17th.October 2019


Send them victorious…with injured Ken on the left.

Alan Richards writes….

A beautiful Autumn morning at King Street.

Pete Quinn’s warm-up got hearts pumping.
David Wilson Refereeing and an 8 v. 8 red versus blue game ensued.
Ken Dean who retired hurt last week was back, sadly it wasn’t long before he pulled up with his calf once again ready for some ‘Deep Heat’ treatment.  We wish Ken well (a free session when you return – sorry Ken I should have refunded you) but best give the injury some weeks to heal.  In the meantime come as a spectator or helper if you’d like to, you’re an integral  member of the group.

– – –
A maiden appearance for Tracey Blanchard (46) in blue.  Impressive on her debut and once she got the idea of the game her speed walking – especially off the ball – was absolutely exemplary.  One sublime piece of skill near the end may have gone unnoticed by some but wasn’t wasted on the connoisseurs of the game.

newcomer Tracey Blanchard

The Blues , now with numerical advantage won the first half three-nil. Goals from John Kenyon , and Mike Caldwell (2) .
With the numbers redressed by the conversion to red for an understanding Peter Quinn,  his new teammates began to claw their way back into it. Brian Stafford scored a penalty (three runs) Good technique and placement.
Some fine passing this morning from both of the teams. Jim Stewart on the left wing once again impressive.  Energy levels were good but there was too much running – some of it penalised.  A penalty for Red (3 blue runs)  saw Roy Smith try his luck but an amazing save from John Boyle thwarted the Hyde man.  Diving low to his right the narrowboat skipper got  a hand to the ball. Well done John and enjoy your holiday.
Keith Oldham in Red narrowed the gap near the end and 3 – 2 it stayed.

Reds- won the second half !

– – – –
Thanks to David Wilson for Refereeing this one.  Anyone who criticises Referees should have a go at doing it themselves more often, and minimise dissent. Better still, cut it out altogether.

Ten more people registered interested in the Christmas Party.

The indoor game at Platt Lane is now pretty much fully subscribed.

John Kenyon is hoping to join  a depleted Nash Bees squad in the F.P.L. next Wednesday as a replacement for yours truly who is not fit to take part at the moment and may be Refereeing anyway.  (John please ring 07387 174934 if you cannot make it with as much notice as possible please).
Any feedback use the box below please:


Coming soon to Thursday’s ….


The increasing popularity of the Thursday session gave organisers a brief headache.
Messrs Cravagan and Richards were soon on it and devised a cunning wheeze as David Wilson helped mark the pitches and Peter Quinn delivered a  slightly extended warm up.

– – – – Let the games begin

Two games in fact, different in nature.  We had twenty players in total.  Cravagan & Richards sacrificed personal playing time to Referee.

No ‘keepers on  pitch one – the northern end with mini -goals and four a side.
On pitch two a conventional six v six with Mike Kieran in one of the goals and a permanent fixture across the morning.

Ken Dean – double hat-trick then calamity

Fifteen minutes each way both games. Richards was despatched to Referee the small goals game.
John Kenyon opened the plain shirts account ,  but they were soon on the backfoot. Ken Dean took to this format immediately.  In fact he hit, or more accurately stroked  five goals home  for  the yellow’s  registering a first half hat-trick then added a fourth just before the break.
Frank Matthews went close for Plains hitting the side netting.
With support from Caldwell and Collins Yellows looked well on top. Dean added two more goals to his tally.  SIX IN TOTAL ! Referee Richards joined the Plains team  when the score was six one. The extra man made an immediate difference as he soon registered two successful strikes to make the scoreline a little more respectable.

– – – –
Then came  calamity for Ken Dean as he pulled a calf muscle. Treated with Deep Heat on the touchline this was the sad premature end of a remarkable morning for the Marple man .
Richards resumed this time in  a yellow bib to even the numbers and scored again, Yellows seventh ! (he’s found  a format he’s quite good at).  The match ended Seven-Three to Yellows.

– – – – –
The turnaround was achieved in minutes. All but three on Pitch Two transferred to pitch 1.
4 versus 4  once again and this match up was a little different. It took  a while for the players to get the hang of it coming straight from the conventional game.
In Yellow, Brian Stafford scored from distance. John Boyle hit the post for Plains.
David Wenham who had got his head around this format to good effect added another for Yellows and Joe Bemrose added a third. With Yellows coasting Russell Martin missed a chance when scoring might have been easier, at the other end David Wilson did the same. Both did well to get into good positions.
It finished three-nil to Yellow.

– – – – –
Thanks to Tony Cravagan for Refereeing on the other pitch. Players  were very co-operative today and we thank you for that. We are dealing with rising numbers as well as we can. The committee will be discussing the situation at the weekend. I think almost everyone enjoyed the small goal game. It represents a good workout and a useful training exercise. Only two players were penalised for running across an hours play this morning – with a fairly strict Referee, it has to be said. A great performance from all the players. There is much value in this method of play – valuable passing training. …
… but given time and steady growth we might  soon have two simultaneous games of regular walking football side by side.  To be honest though I really like the alternative. We may need to hone a couple of the rules.  We may look at booking another half hour pitch time eventually (further down the road).
Concerns: Ken we hope your calf is not too painful and we hope to see you back fit as soon as possible.
Thanks: to all ,  brews in hand helping  Steve Stafford look for his missing gold ring. Fifteen people combing the pitch – we found it !
Thanks: To Tony Cravagan and David Wilson for helping me put the new banner up. To Graham for lending us a proper ladder, rather than my shorter version.  Sponsored by David Fielding the banner looks good.

Jim seen here with his Grandson

I called at LIDL later to buy  a couple of beers (five to be honest but I’ll share)  and met Jim Pelling on the car park.  He is due to go into Salford Royal Hospital for a back operation.  I wished him well, and suggested he calls to see us at King Street on a Thursday sometime soon when he is feeling better.  He has been in  a lot of pain of late.  I almost rang him (when I contacted  Steve Rourke and  Ronnie Lord if you remember) last week to ask why we hadn’t seen him in a while.  Good luck with the op. Jim and we hope to see you soon.
No memory card in the camera this morning <blush>  so no session photo’s.  It was a slightly complicated session and there may be more like it.  Stick with the growth, it’ll turn out well in the end. Feedback in the box below please…




October the third…

first half of the second half at the link below – thanks to Alan Graham for filming.


Alan Graham

Rest of the game + a bonus at the end 🙂 <view>

I hope everyone noticed the warm up went on a little longer than usual today.  I was actually a little breathless by the end – not always the case – we need to focus on warming up a little more intensively  I think so thanks for co-operating this morning.

What  a good Referee Tony Cravagan is proving to be ? No flannel nor flattery but I like the way he goes about his business on the pitch. We are all thankful to him for Refereeing this morning.

Tony Cravagan

We welcomed Alan Graham  to King Street.  Recovering well from  a major illness. He filmed the game for us today but due to my poor preparation the first half is lost. Supposed to flick the lens cover off – so it resembles a night game where the floodlights have fused ! Apologies to Reds who were ascendant in the first 27 minutes. The second half will be linked in due course so watch this space.  A fine game to play in – of course we all made errors – but the essential enjoyment factor was  always prevalent.  Les Gillan pulled a hamstring early in the second half – get well soon Les, hope you’re not in too much discomfort. Good to see Frank Matthews back after several weeks.  When asked , Frank said he’d noticed  a “step up in quality.”

Denton was Red ! for the first half anyway

Here’s David Wilson’s impressions of the game *edited*

Thursday 3/10/2019 19 players today 10 V 9 Great to see Alan Graham today he did the video camera today.  Alan  Richards took the warm up and Tony Cravagan Refereed.
The game started as it meant go on some great passing from both team the Reds took the lead through David Wilson – who  not played for 9 weeks – ( I  had no problems ).   There was some great football lots  passing from both sides I can’t choose any outstanding player as everybody played so great.  The Reds scored a second goal.  Some great passing Brian Stafford received the ball and scored.  A good goal making it 2 nil to the Reds at half time.
Second half  was different for the Blues, they played some great football passing out on the wing which Jimmy Stewart got the ball in the Reds half and scored a  great goal pulling it back to 1 – 2 Reds.  They  still pushed forward, but could not hit the target then the Blues got the ball and scored a second goal from Peter Collins making it 2 all still the Blues pushed forward again and scored a third goal from Steve Stafford  to go in front.  What  a comeback ! Could the Reds salvage anything from this? It was a question Alan Brodie answered with an excellent equaliser making it 3 all at full time.  A CLOSE ENCOUNTER indeed and a fine  day of walking football at Denton today Tony Cravagan refereed a brilliant game giving nothing away  today . A day of 5 contacts and 2 runs.
thank you David…all in all  another good session. John Kenyon and Steve Stafford are clearly enjoying playing with us. John perhaps just needs to curb his enthusiasm a little and slow down slightly. Some good saves from Mike Kieran today and good to see the cool headed Peter Collins on the score sheet. He always seems unflappable ! Jim Stewart has made great strides on the wing too, and scored a memorable goal today – captured on camera.  Sorry to single people out as everyone is worthy of praise.
When Les was injured and Steve Tomlinson donned a Blue vest the nubers were evened out.  Red’s  had an extra man first half and it showed.  I needed eyes in the back of my head to watch the ever dangerous Keith Oldham on the Red right wing. Steve’s presence made all the difference to Blues.
The session is growing slowly and soon we will be devising ways to utilise two pitches , perhaps one with small goals. Players will be rotated and be assured the enjoyment will not diminish if we have to adapt to growing numbers and play  a different format in the short term – Alan Richards

September 26th. 2019…


Alan Richards writes…

As our Over seventies competitive squad kicked off their latest Heywood campaign the recreational wing of the group met once again on  a mild Autumn day at King Street.

With eighteen players turning up, the organisers went for a three touch format Reds v. Blues with David Wilson back in Refereeing garb with  a green Ref’s bib ,  and doing a good job to boot. Thank you.
– – –
Some good walking football with just  a couple of Red runs early on with new man Steve Stafford penalised. Steve is a useful walking footballer – one of many on the field and just needs to adjust to the pace and  he’ll be a real asset – as was proven later.
Blue took the lead through Caldwell, also penalised for a run today. Finishing well enough to draw applause from teammates. Mike gets a lot of goals and his style of play is prompting those who take tactics more seriously to consider adopting a similar style of forward play.
With Richards in the Reds  goal and blocking a couple of shots he couldn’t get down fast enough to  a blistering drive from Keith Oldham for the equaliser.
– – – –
Half time one -one.
– – – – –
Both teams passed the ball well at times. Les Gillan seeing plenty of it was on the opposite flank to Jim Stewart for Blues  with Caldwell in an advanced position feeding off those behind him.
Keith Oldham found Russell Martin with  a glorious pass and the Stockport man made no mistake with his finish. Reds went further ahead when a well hit ball squirmed off the foot of Richards and found Steve Stafford in space on the edge of the  ‘D’ .  Three one to Reds.
– – – –
Eric Thomas did his best to organise the Blue defence and Dave Cooper dropped back to help.New man Gerry Markland  with an injured calf just two weeks ago came back perhaps a little too early and  had to spend much of the second half in goal.
Steve Stafford struck again following  another Oldham assist and the scoreline took on a slightly flattering look when his namesake Brian Stafford put the icing on the red cake leaving Markland with no chance. Clinical Red finishing today.
– – – –
Five-one was the final score  then,  but nobody in Blue was downhearted so far as I’m aware. We had four ‘supporters’ on the touchline. Thanks to Tony and David for their assistance this morning and to all the players for another good game of walking football.  No penalty kicks for three team runs and only a couple of instances of contact.
Half time Reds minus Wenham, and about to launch a goal fest !
Blues bristled with confidence at half time….even with an interloper in their midst.



September 19th. 2019

David Wilson reports from King Street…*edited*

Today 19/9/2019…..
“There were 13 players that turned out today 6 versus 7  and we played Three touch  David took the warm up and also refereed today’s game. 
A great start to the game both sides were evenly matched some great passing from both sides. 

Reds struck very early on, with  a great shot from Peter Collins.   What can I say ? Some great football from both sides and David Partington controlled the game brilliantly.  First half there was one contact. Two great players on both wings for the Reds, Jimmy Stewart and Les Gillan.

Les Gillan – “brilliant crosses”
They both put some brilliant crosses in.  The Blues also played some good football Mike Caldwell saw a lot of possession,  but could not put the ball in back of the net.  In the first half  both goalkeepers saved some great shots. We changed goalkeepers every ten minutes  still no matter who went in goals it was very hard to score. 
– – – –
half time 1 nil to the Reds
– – – – – – –
Second half still some great football from both sides there was nothing in it between both side at all.  Blues had  a great defence with Keith Oldham and Peter Quinn. They  pushed forward  and Keith Oldham took a brilliant shot and John Boyle saved it I could not believe it  what a tremendous save from John Boyle.  Blues yet again pushed forward again and that man Mike Caldwell  got his just reward,  scoring a great equaliser.    


Keith Oldham – brilliant shot

                                             One goal each now and what  a game to  a  game to watch !  Peter Collins scored another goal but Referee Partington disallowed as it hit another play and went over head height. Reds pushed forward again Jimmy Stewart received the ball and shot it wide.  If it had gone in that would have been the winner.  Time up and a one all draw

 A great result   it was played in great spirt a great days football for all the players they all enjoyed it. 
David Partington enjoyed Refereeing today’s game and they all thanked him for Refereeing today.”
Phew! What  a game I missed – Ed….

September 12th – a big turnout for a three touch game on  a crowded pitch.  3 – 1 to the Reds your truly is off to North Wales and I’ll catch up later with photos and comments, thanks to Steven Edwards from the F.A. for turning out to visit us.  Gerry Markland impressed on his debut but nurse that injured calf – I think we might need a longer warm up. More later….here it is..

Reds 3  (Cooper D, Dean, Stafford B)  Blues 1 (Caldwell)
Alan Richards Reports…
A big turnout at King Street caused us problems this morning.
Good problems to have ’tis true, but problems all the same, and changes may be on the way.
First of all before we get there thanks to Peter Quinn and Tony Cravagan for Refereeing a half each. We all want to play and this selfless act for the good of the group  is most welcome, so cheers to the usual suspects for stepping up to the plate: a gesture that should not be overlooked.
Yours truly  Refereed the full game last week and fancied playing today.   Peter also took the warm up.
– – – – –
So, we had a 10 v. 10 three touch and the pitch was overcrowded BUT most people took it easy and everyone adjusted well.
New player Gerry Markland obviously has football in his past but needs to adjust to the pace and slow down a bit. He took his turn in goal and will be an asset to the group when his calf heals. He limped off in the second half and may be out for a couple of weeks or more.  Don’t be put off coming to see us in the meantime Gerry, now you’re part of the group.
– – – – –
John Kenyon pulled both of his groins  last week and suffered a pulled hamstring.  The photo’s of all the subsequent  bruising were not good. But, he took some good ‘un s for us from the touchline today and it was good to see him, plus Jim Stewart’s fan club of Matt and Rachel on the bench.  We also had a visit from Steve Edwards of Manchester County F.A. who was impressed with the turnout , the set up and the venue. He hopes to visit the F.P.L. sessions that are coming to Curzon soon.
Steve Edwards chats to David Moore
– – – – –
The game? Well it was close.  Jim Stewart  in particular had a very impressive first half and it’s a pleasure to play with the man. I imagine he’d have been  a heck of a winger in his youth.   Everyone on the pitch today was playing in the right spirit but the pace was increasing, much of it behind the Referee’s back.  Assistant’s flag , anyone?
– – – –
H:T nil – nil
– – – –

Early doors Dave Cooper put the Reds in front . Dave is one of those who has improved so much since we started these Thursday sessions.   Ken Dean doubled the Reds lead with  a fine goal that left Les Gillan with no chance.

Dave Cooper moving forward

By way of reply Richards  tested John Boyle twice with firmly struck shots – the first one was double fisted away , the second palmed wide after a full length dive – not bad for a 78 year old.
John, I take my hat off to you Sir. I should have donned a Dunce’s cap minutes later when , with  a corner kick waiting to be taken  to be taken  I put a spurt on to give the kicker options and the whistle went ! Tony Cravagan had done me – quite rightly – although I think that might be the first time a runner has been penalised at King Street when the ball is not in play.

– – – –
To add to the ignominy it was our third team run.  My blushes were spared though when Brian Stafford’s  penalty was well saved by Dave Wenham, who was seeing the game out in the Blue goal.
Mike Caldwell,  in predator mode today pulled a goal back and claimed another shot had crossed the line but the Referee was having none of it.  for a moment it looked like a ‘Desmond’ was on the cards as Blues swept forward.
– – – – – –
 Brian Stafford had other ideas though and with  with virtually the last kick of the game made it three one to Reds – well done.
If the numbers hold up and we get twenty (or more but fewer than 24) any particular week  there will be two pitches set up. One 25 minute match with small goals for a four a side game with no ‘keepers. The other pitch will feature a 6 v. 6 multi touch. The games will not kick off before 10.20am and will be preceded by  a more comprehensive warm up from ten. We will have some ball work, agility and cone dribbling drills as well as small hurdles to work with.  This after consulting Tony Cravagan, one of Thursday’s main men.  Recent injuries have shown that warm up’s are SO important.  When two pitches with different formats of the game are employed players will be given the opportunity to swap pitches so everyone gets a taste of both.
What we really need is twenty four players minimum every week with four willing goalkeepers and two full time Referees !
PLEASE bear with us until we get there on Thursday’s.
P.S. my wi-fi out here is slow compared lightning fast multi-fibre at home so the photo’s may take a while to upload – watch the news page for a link or check the Flickr feed


Alan Richards reports 5th. September…..

GOALS ON THE MENU – more Photo’s from today <shoot>


BLUES 2  (Thomas, Caldwell)  REDS 2 (Stafford S, Stafford B)

Bright and just  a little breezy at King Street as eighteen Striders showed up for some more fun in the sun.  Amongst other regulars we  were minus David Wilson again today, and we wish him well enough to return to the fold as a spectator or Referee soon.

A comprehensive warm up from Peter Quinn and we were underway nine v. nine Blues v. Reds befitting a bunch of walking footballers from England’s premier soccer city.
Mike Caldwell hit the bar early doors for Blues with Russ Martin beaten but Eric Thomas – at last united with his D.W.F.G. rain jacket – put them ahead with  a well taken goal.

– – –
New man Stephen Stafford took advantage of a goalkeeping error – keeper distribution was all over the place this morning – and steered a shot past Terry Clarke to equalise.
The pace picked up and three Blue runs saw a penalty at the Southern end. Nicely tucked away by Brian Stafford .  So it came to pass that reds led.

– – –
After  the teams turned around  they had the chance to go further into the lead but John Boyle saved a penalty after three runs.
Blues got back on level terms as Mike Caldwell pounced to finish nicely.
Some good walking football with a three touch format posing some difficulties for players, there were seven or eight free kicks for ‘four, or more’.
Not too much contact today but two or three players ended up on the deck – no harm done. Overbalancing was blamed and accidental ‘coming together’.
Played in  a good spirit,  there may have been muttering under breath but no public displays of dissent,  as we expect at these sessions – all of our sessions.

A ‘Desmond’ (two – two) and an honourable draw.

Well done all. Thanks to nineteen sixties musical guru Mike Caldwell for thanking me for Refereeing.  I remember ‘The Only One’ 1969 Mike – Roy Orbison ? ‘Mystery Girl on the flip 🙂

Bill Harrison (surely an asset for the seventies team in the New Year)  and John Kenyon signed on for the coming season.

Photos link above…

Feedback – let us  have it !


August 29th 2019 and with at least one familiar face sorely missed today two new ones showed up as Tony Cravagan, today’s Referee explains

Referee Mr.Cravagan of Marple
“Today’s game
17 players –
R,Martin,Stewart,Wenham +
2 ‘Trialists’ – Steve Stafford and John Kenyon ( latter signed on and
had an impressive game)
Warm up – Pete Quinn
Referee – Tony Cravagan
Format – Multi-touch.7 Reds v 8 Blues.
After our new boys were  introduced the game started with an immediate attack by Blues with Gillan testing keeper Kieran who remained in his position
for the whole game.  The attacking format continued from both sides
with keeper Clarke matching Kieran’s ability to keep the score down to
0-0 at half time.
The well balanced sides continued to play some very good football and
again brilliant  keeping this time including Moore resulted in keeping
the score level. In addition to attacking from both side defences were
also playing a vital role especially Clarke and Harrison for the Reds
and Kenyon and Thomas for t’others.The game was played with an excellent attitude with the new boys
showing some great touches.
Although a little faster than in the past this may be the result of
players improving ability and fitness – 3 runs and 10 contacts
Help from Dave Wilson was missed today, we wish him a speedy recovery.”

hear , hear…and thank you Tony.


August 22nd.


the teams: photo Rachel Arrandale

A game of two halves under leaden skies at King Street today.
The Reds led two nil at half-tIme with goals from Martin and Caldwell (I think).
Initially a seven v. seven game the late arrival of the Bemrose duo saw Joe join the Blues after about ten minutes.
Terry Clarke had been busy in goals for Reds and did a fine job.
Bemrose J fired a couple of shots in by the time yours truly had relieved Terry.  They were blocked but slowly and inexorably  the tide began to turn.
Reds defence was full of holes despite the efforts of Oldham to hold it together.
Going forward Jim Stewart was again looking lively and wanted plenty of the ball.
An energetic Roy Smith pulled a couple of goals back and Bemrose once again hit a brace leaving Les Gillan with no chance.  Peter Collins had chipped in and at five-two the gap looked unbridgable. Some late consolation for Reds as Caldwell tucked away  a penalty (3 runs).

Referee Pete Quinn

Thanks to Peter Quinn for Refereeing today.



bring us sunshine….
sunshine in a smile…Jim with Granddaughter Rachel Arrandale





as JAMES STEWART puts the game beyond the Reds…

August 15th. David Wilson’s words…

Jim Stewart

A great turn out 15 players in not too great weather conditions. Peter Quinn took  the warm up and Tony Cravagan refereed the full game. Terry Clarke elected to stay in goal for the Reds and Mike Kieran was between the posts for the Blues.  Due to the number of players we decided to play on the full size pitch and play multi-touch football  both side played some great football passing then the Blues broke away with Alan Richards after 10 minutes,  scoring a brilliant goal from a very narrow angle.  One- nil to the Blues.  Both teams were evenly balanced and  great distribution from both sides. Under poor weather conditions a more open second half with Reds goalkeeper Clarke pulling some great saves from Alan Richards.

– – – –

‘keepers Kieran & Clarke – plus Joe

Eric Thomas had to retire due to an injury.  He is going on holiday soon, and we hope he will get some rest to heal is injury Steve Tomlinson change sides that made the Blues very strong in defence the most improved player Jimmy Stewart secured victory scoring a great goal two- nil to the Blues full time Blues won the game two-nil the game was played in great spirit and every player enjoyed the full game.

Referee Mr.Cravagan of Marple
  • – – — and the Editor’s view..
  • Gloomy skies and slight drizzle didn’t stop fifteen Thursday Striders and a loyal umbrella toting ‘supporter’ – thanks Mike – this morning at King Street. Eric Thomas showed up again, and again unexpectedly and signed on for the 2019-20 season. Taking the field in a blue bib.  He lined up with seven others to face eight Reds . I didn’t know we were a man down because we didn’t play like it. Karen Bemrose led the line for a time supported by Blue movers like myself, and Jim Stewart. The latter had a really good game today.  Reds main threat consisted of Joe Bemrose and David Wilson. Propped up at the back by the burly Steve Tomlinson, an uncompromising presence on the field but who always plays in the right spirit. Terry Clarke, in goal for Reds had made a couple of good saves when Richards fastened onto a ball near the edge of the ‘D’ and slotted it between his legs for the opener.

  • At the other end Mike Kieran had not had too much to do but came into his own eventually with several good saves. In the second half Eric Thomas was forced to retire early and joined Mike Caldwell on the bench. Steve Tomlinson donned Blue and redressed the numerics.  Steve strengthened Blues defence, but they missed Eric’s scheming and playmaking. Always a good eye for the right pass. With numbers even,  the  Reds continued to press forward. Joe Bemrose hit several shots, some off target but others tested Kieran. For Blues Peter Quinn was ‘busy, busy’ alongside Brian Stafford who was popping up all over pitch today. Richards brought the best out of Terry Clarke, who was diving for fun to tip two on target efforts around the post. Denying the Denton man, who could and perhaps should have scored a hat trick today.  Reds never really looked like equalising. The Blues doubled their lead through Jim Stewart, who had been enjoying himself on the left flank. Time and time again he’d found space and played provider to Blues forwards. It was fitting that he fired home the second goal to give Blues the game. A really fine match up. Walking football par excellence (though I WAS penalised for running once! ) Thanks to Referee Tony Cravagan for a fine performance.

  • todays teams


August 8th. 2019…


Yes, E.T. is back….

first half of first half video link: <watch>  

first half concludes <here>

Second half footage <look>

Last knockings (including a penalty) <catch up>

Warm sunshine set the stage splendidly at King Street as sixteen Thursday Striders assembled. Included amongst them was Eric Thomas absent for many  a month (February) it was good to see him and he had a very good game with no ill effects reported at the end.
Warm up taken by Peter Quinn and Referee Richards signalled ‘the off’.

Eric Thomas

– – – – –
David Wilson, in a  blue bib  went closest early doors, his shot going just wide.
Some fluent walking football at a modest pace ensued and all the players were involved in this three touch format.
Reds took the lead when prolific striker Mike Caldwell fastened on to the ball slotting it past ‘keeper Clarke.  Reds were the ‘quicker’ of the two teams all morning and late in the first half their third burst of (modest) speed saw Blues equalise from the penalty spot. Joe Bemrose with  a perfect one step technique placed the ball wide of Mike Kieran’s despairing dive.
Half-time one-one.
Nicely balanced but Dave Wenham withdrew during the break  – he’d aggravated a muscle injury. Rather than stick by the initial plan of specialist ‘keeper Mike Kieran staying at the same end we kept him with the Reds, so the numerical deficit might not be too keenly felt.
Reds gave as good as they got in the second half in terms of possession, but Blues always looked more dangerous.  Kieran had a splendid game in goal, thwarting the Blues with Joe Bemrose and that man Eric Thomas looking dangerous.
Karen Bemrose in Red was seeing plenty of the ball, combining well  with Caldwell and Jim Stewart, a relatively new player who looked to be enjoying himself.
Eric Thomas struck for Blues with the decisive goal about ten minutes before the end.
Reds driven on by the splendid Tony Cravagan  pursued an equaliser.  They  looked to be in with  a chance of finding one when a third Blue run resulted in a penalty kick. Up stepped Ken Dean to try his luck but his kick was saved by Peter Quinn.   A goal would have been disallowed due to  a soft shoe shuffle of his feet before striking.
The clock ran down , though the players to their credit didn’t. Running was fairly minimal all morning. Two or three contact offences didn’t amount to much either.
A good game then, and a close result.  Conducted in good spirit. Thanks to Joe Bemrose, for thanking the Referee.
Blues 2 (Bemrose pen. ,  Thomas)
Reds 1  (Caldwell)  feedback welcome – use panel below.





David Wilson enthuses in his own words about todays Thursday showing at King Street –

Denton WF. 1/8/2019, there was 14 player +the referee today was Peter Quinn and warm up, also there was a new man today called Terry Clarke Tony gave him the signing on form and he said can I play in goals so I can see what walking football was about . (hope he filled it in first – Ed.)
 A bright sunny day at Denton 7Reds V. 7blues we played on the big pitch and played three touches  anther fantastic days football again the Blues had the kick off some great passing from both sides end to end then came an opening that man Mike Caldwell       for the Reds in there goal area and past it to David Wilson and he scored a good goal 1 nil to the Reds some great pass from both sides 1 nil to Reds at half time second half still some great football from both sides still the Blue would not give up the Blues got the ball and David Cooper scored a cracking goal lots of passing the Reds defence was solid then the Reds got the ball with Karren Bemrose and she saw the goal hang Mick Caldwell and he found the back of net 2-1 to the Reds it still was a brilliant days football the Blues would not give up Les Gillian for the Reds received the ball and saw that man Mick Caldwell he turned and score anther easy goal making it 3-1 to the Reds still the game was very tight from both sides the Blues got the ball and Joe Bemrose was having a great game for the Blues and did a rocket shot and scored brilliant goal as usual making it 3-2 to the Reds sorry that there was a winner after a fantastic days walking football at Denton today everybody said  it was brilliant to play at Denton today and Peter Quinn refereed a great game one run no contact at all. (ONE run? that’s almost unbelievable David)
Reds: Gillian  Caldwell{2} Mores  O’tooel K Bemrose  Wilson[1] Boyle
Blues: Collins Bemrose{1}  Clarke D Cooper{1} Stewart  Dean   Cravagan
**Someone called Terry had lost a pair of glasses. I received a text from GRaham in the office mid afternoon, but obviously I didn’t know who Terry could be.  If you found any please let me know – Ed.


July 25th. – David Wilson’s own words give an insight into what went on at King Street today:

Thursday –  fifteen  Players  first half 8 Reds v. 7 Blues
Welcome new man James Stewart me and Tony spoke with him and asked if he was okay to play he said yes then we explained to him if at any time he did not feel right he must tell me or Tony he can go and sit down, it was a very sweltering day at Denton today so Me and Tony spoke with everybody  we said that if there are some leaser ability  player please give them some time on the ball and get use to the game then we explained that there is no contact at all specially from behind I said that this is Denton Walking Football so we can not stop player that are 65 from coming to play on Thursday’s and the same for players that are 67 can come and play on Tuesday’s  (first hour) we also explained to everybody them that have not signed on  please don’t forget ( all of August yet – Ed.).  We played full pitch playing 3 touch every one was happy with that, and we had 4-10 min games with water breaks.
Todays game the Reds had 8 players Tony Cravagan refereed the game and Peter Quinn did the warm up, the game started as it went on end to end brilliant football from both sides both side they played some good football passing and shooting one run a couple of contact the game flowed brilliantly no score after first 10min, I changed from Red to Blues so they 8 and Reds had 7  next 10min same as the first 10min some great football no score after the next 10min same as the first  last 10 minutes next still some good football from both teams last 5 minutes  I went in goals Joe Bemrose received the ball and took a shoot it hit my hand and went in 1 nil to the Reds the Blues would not give up then Brian Stafford got the ball just out side the Reds half shot and scored a great goal 1 all still some good football from both sides Joe Bemrose got the ball again shot and I saved it  full time game ended 1 all a fantastic game of football today at Denton it was also played in good spirit Joe Bemrose come up to me and said well done for what you said to every one at the beginning and thanked Tony for refereeing the game so well they were all talking after when having a cup of tea or coffee they enjoyed the game so well.
Two players signed on today  Alan Stone and James Stewart who also gave me his signed paper you gave him. (I will ring James later David, thanks – Ed.)



July 18th…David Wilson reports…some photo’s here < click >

SOME OF THE FIRST HALF WAS FILMED for Tamestriders T.V. <watch>

Thursday 18/7/2019 Eleven players turned up to day 6 Reds V 5 Blues
A fina waking football day  football day  at Denton as  the Reds  kicked off and within a few minutes scored first with a great goal by Julie Walker.  There was some great passing from both sides before  Blues hit back with a fine goal from Brian Stafford to make it  one all.
Cooper corner
Still I could not fault the football from both sides. Reds had a penalty for three runs Julie Walker took it but put placed the ball wide of David Wenham’s right hand post.
The Blues went ahead with Ken Dean making it 2-1.
half time 2-1 Blues. – – – – –
Second half the Blues went further ahead with a penalty this time a mistake by Julie Walker stepping into her own D ! (I thought it was Frank – Ed) David Wenham took it and made no mistake  it 3-1 to the Blues.
Wenham penalty
Reds hit back with Keith Oldham making it 3-2.  Another goal from that man Brian Stafford made  it 4-2 to the Blues at  full time.
Another  great game of walking football today which I really enjoyed refereeing. *edited*
 Brian Stafford{2} Ken Dean{1} John Boyle David Wenham{1 penalty} Bill Harrison
Julie Walker{1} Les Gillian David Cooper Russ Martin Frank Matthews Keith Oldham{1

July 11th…

Reds 3 ( Stafford, Wilson, Smith R)  Blues 2  (Caldwell, Brodie) ~ Alan Richards writes….

A lively game of 8 v. 8 at King Street this morning.
Alan Richards refereed the first half and disallowed a very early Reds goal from Tony Cravagan after three or four steps of running. No complaints from the Marple man.
Brian Stafford put paid to any Blue relief minutes afterwards, with  an opener for Reds.

– – – –
A fine low drive from Roy Smith flashed just wide as Reds were on top early on.
Reds racked up three runs but Mike Caldwell put the spot kick wide.

After a slick pass from Russ Martin Dave Wilson scored what under ‘laws’  would not have counted. Blue Goalkeeper Peter Collins palmed the ball at head height, it looped over his head clipped the underside of the bar and trickled over the line. GOAL ! (F.A. LAW – no goal – Manchester County F.A. rules – goal).
A brisk Mike Caldwell pulled one back for Blues.
The same man was penalised for running soon afterwards and Roy Smith’s penalty was saved by (not sure, sorry). It would have been disallowed anyway with multiple foot shuffles after the whistle.

  • – – – – –

Referees changed at half time and Tony Cravagan took over.
Alan Brodie scored a fine equaliser for Blues.  While  Richards was  taking his  turn  in goal for Reds, the team conceded a penalty – a total of four runs from one of our Smith’s  this morning. Slow down Roy, please. We don’t want cards but don’t force our hands guys.  Brodie, looking to bag  a  rapid brace squared up to beat Richards but to the ‘keepers relief fired the ball wide.

Wenham left – a happier Thursday & the improving Stone right – fluorescent trainers!

It was the same Smith who clinched it for Reds with  a winning goal – no appeals from Blues but it was close call and  Referee Cravagan called it right.
Good performances from Allan Stone in Blue – improving all the time with highly visible footwear.  Good defending. With Les Gillan providing an outball on the right for Reds and Frank Matthews solid at the back. Peter Quinn and Russ Martin busy as ever on opposing sides. David Wenham enjoying a happier Thursday was  vital in the Red effort as they saw out a deserved win.
Thanks to Tony Cravagan and Alan Richards for Refereeing – said nobody. Not  within my earshot anyway, so I’ll add it here. Any thoughts on the day there’s a feedback panel below – leave your name please….



July 4th – independence day for some….not us yet but I digress.

Arriving at King Street I  noticed what looked like a fairly elderly man (same age as me as it turned out) waiting by the gate with  a carrier bag.  As I parked up and a couple of others arrived I half expected him to make his way to see us.  Instead , as I was getting stuff out of the van I hear  ” Alan, a man has collapsed” That was John Boyle yelling from the gate.  The man in question had gone down. I made my way over and he was conscious and ashen faced.  He told me his name and I recognised it as one who’s ‘partner’ had rang me last week. We sat him up then he tried to stand but his legs buckled. Graham called an Ambulance and luckily it arrived within minutes. Bynow he had rallied a little but the Paramedics took over. The first of three firsts today. An Ambulance at King Street. I hope I never see another one.  – Ed.


New men Allan Stone (left) and Bill Harrison
Pitch two this morning saw a six v. five that ebbed and flowed in strong sunshine.
Blues went in front early doors through Mike Caldwell, just after he’d been pulled for running.
That set the tone as Joe Bemrose, initially quick off the mark scored for Reds,  moments after conceding a free kick himself. A fine low drive.
Things settled down. And the six strong Blues went further ahead when Julie Walker tucked one away with  a tidy finish. Reds came back and Bemrose J  hit the base of a post with another  ground hugging shot. Soon afterwards Caldwell stretched the Reds lead further and the five Blues looked all at sea.

– – -With young Ben , Karen’s Son ‘guesting’ in goals the reds team was almost a  family affair. They made the extra man count. Steve Tomlinson  (signed on today for 2019/2020) and was battling to keep the forward lying  Caldwell in check.Three one at half-time and the numbers were reversed with Les Gillan, enjoying a good game for Reds, donned a blue bib instead.Blues were first to rack up three runs. Joe Bemrose put the penalty away.  Three-two now  but Caldwell’s tight angle speciality made it four-two Blues.Red heads did not drop. Battling Joe Bemrose pressed forward and netted another. Enthusiasm got the better of him soon afterwards  though and another run resulted in  a penalty.  Julie Walker converted at the second attempt (wait for the whistle) .The game finshed 5 – 3 to Blues. Well done all.A couple of players thanked me for Refereeing.  I’m not sure if I’m just expected to do it when I attend on a Thursday.  I turned up to play today , but that’s life. Thanks to Tony Cravagan for offering to do the second half but by then the die was cast :-)……….

.David Wilson Refereed on pitch one and reports the following facts in his (edited ) report:”I refereed the full game I explained to all the players before we kicked off that I am the ref for today and what I say goes they did not have a problem at all and said lets start as we mean to go on and enjoy the game.”5 Blues versus  5 Reds.   David Moore started very well for Reds and before long they were two up thanks to his excellent finishing.  Assists from David Wenham, who was playing well.
Alan Brodie pulled one back for Blues but Moore, on his own in space completed first half hat trick !

The Blues were not to be outdone and pushed forward, that man Brian Stafford got the ball from Peter Quin and scored a great goal: three two now at half-time.
Roy Smith scored in the second half to make it four two to Reds. Brian Stafford replied for Blues and it was four three now ! An exciting game .
Stafford equalised but the goal was disputed by David Wenham who claimed there was some running. David had questioned many of my decisions   and  in this instance came close to my face and questioned ‘am I not allowed an opinion’ ?the accumulation of this led me to show him  a blue card.  He  then told me to “F*** Off”! and I had no alternative in ordering him off the field, with  a red card.
The scoring continued. Further goals from Oldham (2) and Stafford and the final score was 6-5 to Reds.
A goalfest (it’s been a bit hard to keep track of from your report, I think most of the detail has been reported – so thanks Davidd – Ed)
The red card was unfortunate as it’s our first at King Street.  From what you said after the game and the way you have reported it you had little choice. Referee’s volunteer. Decisions must be accepted and there is no excuse for directing foul language at an official. Ed.
                                     comment by all means – leave your name please



27th.June…and both ofour committee men were impressed by the walking football on view today:

here , Colin Fielding gives his impression of his first Thursday visit to King Street…

“The sun shone on the 14 players who arrived for their weekly fix of walking football. Blues v Reds with yours truly  making up the numbers in the blues goal.

Blues took an early lead after a good move from Frank (Stanley) Mathews with Karen Bemrose slotting the ball past John(Danny) Boyle.
Reds equalised when Les Gillan set up Mike( tight angle)Caldwell who blasted the ball into the net.
Bill Harrison helped blues restore the lead when he set up Joe Bemrose who made no mistake.
Yellows equalised when Allan Stone created a chance for that man Caldwell to score his second. Half time 2-2. A much needed break to take on water.

Second half started well for yellows with Caldwell scoring his hat trick following good work by Julie Walker.

Julie Walker – aptly named
Another goal followed for yellows when Russ Martin scored a great volley.
5-2 soon followed when John ?? slotted the ball home after a good pass by John Boyle.
Blues improved their game creating several chances but couldn’t convert  until Keith Oldham scored after good work from Dave(Henry) Cooper and Bill Harrison.
Final result 5-3 to Reds. Thanks to Dave Partington for refereeing the game, with no runs and no physical contact, true walking football. Well done to everyone involved and thanks, I really enjoyed the game.
Nice to talk to Alan Graham at the game today, who is clearly on the mend”

____________good to hear that about ‘big Al’ – Ed. – thanks Colin (and David).


20th. June…and a rare hiccup in the development of our Thursday group.  With no committee men present today and Tony Cravagan busy at Heywood there have been reports of a ‘poor atmosphere’ of too much running, physicality and marginalising of some players by some who consider themselves more skilful.

No match report is forthcoming but rest assured this will be spoken about in the coming days and it will be remedied.  Anyone who fancies themselves as a walking footballer should adjust their attitude on a Thursday at King Street, or play on a Tuesday instead.  Above all you should at least TRY to WALK and play the game as it is meant to be played and on Thursday’s in particular, view the sessions and our group  as INCLUSIVE.  Otherwise you are unlikely to be  welcomed, Thursday or any day. Comment below – please leave your name in confidence.



13th.June…and David Wilson’s  long and detailed report is reproduced below in his own words:

Thursday 13/6/2019 13 players turned up today on a not so great day 7 Reds V 6 Blues  Tony Cravagan took the warm and Refed the full match.
The weather did not deter them from playing Joe Bemrose son turned up with Joe and Karen and asked if he could play in goal for one of the teams I consulted  Tony Cravagan and Alan Richards they said yes but this is only a one-off and great to see Ken Dean back after is injury, Blues had the kick of some good football from both sides the Blues took the lead form a great strike by David Wenham 1 nil to the Blues it did not put the Reds of at all the kept pushing forward there was lot shoot from both sides Karen Bemrose had lots of the ball some good passing had some shoot at goals but could not get it passed the Blues Goalkeeper Tony Cravagan and he saved some rocket shots from Joe Bemrose as well, there was still some great passing from the Reds pushing forward Joe Bemrose got the ball of David Wenham he found Brain Stafford on the left he took it forward  and shoot and scored a great goal making it 1 all still some great football from both side Peter Stones had a great game today lot of the ball some good and passing from him the Reds pushed forward again but Frank Matthews was solid in defence for the Blues there was a penalty  to the Reds for three runs Peter Collins took it and put it wide the Blues Keith Oldham received the ball from Tony Cravagan in goals he saw the goal poacher Mike Caldwell standing on the line he turned and shot but Ben Bemrose saved it he had a great game in goals for the Reds save after save, one or two contacts which I gave free kicks for and runs, Russ Martin for the Blues took it forward and found that goal hanger again Mike Caldwell he took it passed two or three men ad scored,  half time score 2-1 to the Blues, Second half the Blues changed goalkeepers David Cooper for Tony Cravagan Tony was brilliant in defence for the Blues still some good football from both sides Ken Dean was also playing great football passing and shooting he saw Brian Stafford again this time he took it forward and shot making it 2 all the Blues changed goal keepers Russ Martin for the Blues still some running which I explained they had to cut it out or someone will be sinned bin for 3 mins they listened there was no more running at all some great passing from the Red Brain Stafford received the ball from Ken Dean and scored is third goal Making him a hat trick well desired this time the Blues pushed forward but no joy at all as Joe Bemrose was very soiled in defence for the Reds  some good passing from the Reds Kean Dean got the ball and shoot and found the back of the net some Blue players said it was over head no I said it was not and gave a goal, full time 4-2 to the Reds great game of  football at Denton to day everybody said they really enjoyed it and a fair result for the Reds they deceived the win the man of the match was Ben Bemrose in goal for the Reds they all* thanked me for reefing the game and being a assertive.
Tony Cravagan David Wenham{1}Mike Caldwell{1}Russ Martin
Frank MatthewsKeith Oldham
Ben Bemrose Joe Bemrose Karen Bemrose  David Cooper
Brian Stafford{3}Ken Dean{1} Peter Collins
*really?  that’s far more than I get lol. Maybe I’m not ‘assertive’ enough.


6th. June  BEMROSE DUO OUTGUN THE REDS AS BLUES GO NAP… lots of photos <here>

David Wilson reports (in his own unedited words)

Blues 5  (Bemrose J 3, 1pen, Bemrose K, Oldham) Reds 0

Thursday 6/5/2019 Alan Richards took the warm up and refereed the game, we thank Alan for doing that for us.
Great to be back at Denton today and to see Hadge  Cooper here today after a long spell out with a ankle injury,11 players.

First half there were 6 Reds 5 Blues some good football from both sides in the Blues goal was Keith Oldham he stopped a lot of shots from the Reds, the blue did some great passing Joe Boyle and Karen Bemrose worked brilliant together up front Reds had a lot of the ball in the first half pushing forward one or two great shots but could not put the ball in net at all score in the first half was 1 nil the Blues it was that  rocket man Joe Bemrose that scored the first goal, the second half the Blues had the extra man and changed goalkeepers and so did the Reds, still some great football and passing from both side but the extra man the Blues had made a different still some great football and passing from both sides the Reds would not give up shot after shot but the Blues goalkeeper John Boyle

John Boyle and goal he was guarding
stopping all the shots he was having an excellent game in goal for the Blues there were lots of running from both sides the Blues got a penalty for three runs Joe Bemrose took it and scored making it 2 nil the Blues  the Reds still would not give up the Blues keeper had the ball after a shot from Mike Caldwell, John Boyle passed it out to Joe Bemrose he found Keith Oldham who also had a great game he saw Karen Bemrose on the edge of the D Karen turned shot and scored great goal making it 3 nil to the Blues still some good passing from both sides the Reds got a penalty Mike Caldwell took it but missed the Blues push forward again Joe Bemrose passed it to David Cooper he also had a good game he passed back to Joe Bemrose he saw Keith Oldham on the left side of the goals he turn and scored a great goal he dissaved it after having so many shots save or just wide, making it 4 nil to the Blues the Reds seem to put the heads down The Reds got the ball in the middle of the pitch and made some good passing Joe Bemrose got the and shot scoring making it 5 nil to the Blues and Joe Bemrose a hat-trick all the players on both sides had good games all in all a great game of football at Denton on the new Astra pitch still needs to bed in a bit but still looks good.
Blues: J Bemrose {3} K Bemrose {1}  Cravagan   Oldham {1} Boyle
Reds: Wenham Caldwell Cooper H Cooper D {Reds first half Blues second half}
Martin Matthews.
Ref’s notes: “…seven runs in total resulting in two penalty kicks.  One went considerably wide, the other was scored. Very little contact throughout the game.  Remarkable goalkeeping from John Boyle at times. Good finishing from Joe Bemrose.  The surface feels brand new, as it is,  and will take time to bed down to our satisfaction – it’s quite slow and the lightweight Nike balls (players own choice) were slowed down considerably- a link to lots of photo’s soon” – Alan R.
– – – – – – – – – –
Thursday 30/5/2019
REDS 4 (Bemrose J 2, 1pen. Bemrose K, Martin)  BLUES 5 (Caldwell 3, Greenwood, Oldham)
>>>>>Strap yourself in for a thrilling ride, here’s David Wilson’s report in his own words…
11 play at Curzon Ashton today 5 Blues 6 Reds
Alan Richards took the warm and refereed the game which we very grateful for Alan to do the warm up, and reefing today nice to see Ernie Greenwood today.
The Reds had the kick off some great football from both side one two passing Ernie Greenwood received the ball in the middle of the field he found Tony Cravagan he shot but missed still some good passing from both sides the Blues kept pushing forward but could not put it away Reds had the ball David Wenham found Karen Bemrose she shot but Keith Oldham made a great save, both teams changed goalkeepers the Blues Frank Matthews went in goals for Keith Oldham Reds Joe Bemrose went in goals for Frank Matthews he had a good game in goal and at the back for the Blues  the blues pushed forward Mike Caldwell shot twice and hit the up right of the goals the Reds had a free kick David Wenham took it passed Julie Walker back to David Wenham but he put it wide of goals Blues got the ball in the middle of the Reds half it come to Mike Caldwell he took the ball on his right foot and scored 1 nil to Blues, half time still 1 nil to Blues, second half Blues kicked off the Reds got a penalty  for three runs Joe Bemrose placed the ball nicely in the corner of the net 1 all  Blues got the ball in the Reds half and Ernie Greenwood got the ball shot and scored making it 2-1 to Blues Karen Bemrose received a great ball from David Cooper which he received it  from David Wenham  and scored making it 2 all  Blues seemed the better team in the second half Mike Caldwell got the ball in side the Reds half no one near him at all he hit the ball and scored making it 3-2 to the Blues still some great football from both sides Joe Bemrose got the ball and hit like a rocket and scored making it 3-3 to the Blues Mike Caldwell looking for his hattrick he shot it hit Joe Bemrose and went in the goal making it a home goal 4-3 to the blues Reds would not give up Russ Martin got a great ball from Joe Bemrose on the right side of play he shot and tucked the ball away in bottom corner of the net 4-4, Blues got the ball in there half the ball come to Keith Oldham he shot and scored a great goal making it 5-4 to the Blues the game ended 5-4 to the Blues all in all it was a great game of walking football today from both sides at Curzon Ashton.
Reds : Joe Bemrose { 1 +1 penalty}Karen Bemrose {1}Julie Walker
Russ Martin {1} David Wenham David Cooper
Blues:Tony Cravagan , Ernie Greenwood{1} Frank Matthews
Mick Caldwell {2} Keith Oldham {1}
 {Blues had a own goal}
Ref’s notes: Bit harsh that ‘own’ goal award  David in my opinion  The ‘dodgy goals panel’ ie. me today, gave it to Mike Caldwell for his hat-trick . It deflected off Joe but not by much. Joe’s own shooting was venomous today most of it on target too.   The lightweight Nike was perfect for today’s game , and  with little wind only went outside the perimeter fence the once. Some more deft footwork from David Wenham today which drew gasps of admiration and/or amazement from those assembled ! A good goal from Karen Bemrose and…. Ernie is back.  If he was a milkman he’d be the fastest in the vest.  A running vest.  Needs to slow down and we had a chat afterwards. Good to see him back. NO RED RUNS – well done. Five Blue runs and a blue card which could have been issued but wasn’t, due to the conditions.  Thanks for the report David. MY note book was so soggy by the end much of what was written was indecipherable !   solid turnout given the weather and the change of venue.  EVERYONE KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE WEBSITE REGARDS NEXT THURSDAY….Alan.


First  Thursday session at CURZON ASHTON  23.5.19 10.00am. £3.00  Good luck

Tony Cravagan

It went well…as Tony Cravagan reports below..

Familiar faces at an unfamiliar venue.
Denton Thursday makes its debut at Curzon Ashton.
Initially 14 players were eager to experience the excellent playing surface.
Pete Quinn took the warm up and refereed, thanks also to Keith Burrows who turned up to help and played an encouraging part in the game.
Excellent football in the first have with goals from Joe Bemrose and Russel Martin for the Blues and Brian Stafford for the Reds.
The second half was fragmented with Ken Dean retiring and Alan Stone with a suspected hamstring. Rearranging the teams resulted in the Blue dominating with 2 goals from Mike Caldwell and 1 from latecomer Eric Greenwood giving a final score 5 – 1 to the Blues.

Thanks to Curzon for offering their facilities including access to the Canteen.”

__________________________________________Tony Cravagan




Best wishes to the injured Alan & Ken – hope you’re soon fit again – thanks to Tony for the prompt reportage: see you all next week, I hope. Ed.



16/5/19  David Wilson writes up today’s game in his own words…

….Another brilliant days (walking) football at Denton today, 16 players 8 Reds v 8 Blues Peter Quinn took the warm up, and Refereed the full game due to him having a calf problem, Reds kick of some great passing from both sides the Reds took the lead the goal was scored by that goal hanger Mike Caldwell but the Blues kept pushing forward shooting but no joy at all great to see Julie Walker back she had a great game for the Blues lots of brilliant passing from both sides, half time still one nil to the Reds, second half still some good football from both sides, Blues  got a penalty from three runs Joe Bemrose took it but Alan Stone in goals for the Reds he saved it bounce back and Joe Bemrose shot over the cross bar still one nil to the Reds, the Reds were very strong in defence with Keith Oldham and Steve Tomlinson

Steve Tomlinson
then the Reds got a break a great pass from David Cooper he found Ken Dean on the very edge of the goal line he shot and it bent right in the bottom corner 2 nil to the Reds  Brian Stafford and Joe Bemrose were also strong in defence for the Blues Russ Martin and Peter Collins with David Wilson were all up front a long side Julie Walker making some great passes, but could not put the ball in the net.
Full time 2 nil to the Reds David Cooper had also had a great game for the Reds it was a great game of football in good friendly banter from both sides, everybody really enjoyed todays game at Denton.
Mike Caldwell {1}David Cooper Karen Bemrose Steve Tomlinson
Keith Oldham John Boyle Ken Dean {1} Alan Stone
Russ Martin Joe Bemrose Brian Stafford Julie Walker Peter Collins
David Wilson  Less Gillian David Wenham
I seem to keep missing all of this ‘great walking football’ but never mind. Good to see Ken DEan back in the fold. If Julie appears the week after next I will have her rain  jacket – Ed.


David Wilson’s unedited report from Thursday 9/5/19….

…Today 9/5/2019
 Very good turn out today 17 players Peter Quinn did the warm up David Wilson and Tony Cravagan shared the Referring today I refed the first half then Tony refed the second half, some great football at Denton 8 Blues V 8 Reds the Reds had the kick off then lost the ball in there half Joe Bemrose got the ball back past to David Wenham he found Karen Bemrose on the edge of the D Karen turned and scored a great goal within 4mins of the game 1 nil to the Blues both teams played some great football Peter Quinn and Steve Tomlinson were very strong in defence for the Reds still some great football from both sides the Reds pushed forward Ken Dean received the ball from Steve Tomlinson he saw Mike Caldwell going into the Blues area got the ball then went all the way and scored a great goal 1 all half time still 1 all second half Reds kick of the Reds got the ball in the Blues area and Keith Oldham got the ball out side the D and shot it was a fantastic goal 2 one to the Reds still both team pushed forward the Blue got the ball in the Reds half the new man Peter Collins got the ball and shot but it the post rebounded and David Wenham scored a great goal 2 each still some good football from both sides the Blues got the again in side the Reds half Russel Martin had the ball and shot and scored 3 .2 to the Blues Reds pushed forward again but no joy the Blues got a corner David Wilson took it saw Joe Bemrose on the edge of the D he shot and scored a great goal 4.2 to the Blues The Reds would not give up pushing forward again that man Mike Caldwell got the ball on the edge of the D turned and scored making it 4.3 to the Blues still some great football from both sides the Reds got the ball in side the Blues half and some great passing and Steve Tomlinson got the ball just out side the D and hit a great ball and scored making it 4 each full time 4 each was a great result for both side a brilliant day at Denton W.F every body said today was a great game of walking football only one run. Frank Matthews had a good game in defence for the Blues.

FILM OF THE FIRST HALF MAY 2nd.  Wet, wet, wet. <here>

David Wilson reports from  a wet King Street.. *edited*
    Thursday 2/5/2019
Great turn out at Denton today considering the weather 16 players in all one new man  Peter Collins.  Another Peter , Quinn took the warm up  David Wilson and Tony Cravagan Refereed a  half each. Blues played some good football and  took an early lead through Brian Stafford. Alan Richards was filming the game from beneath an umbrella, so may well have captured the goal, which set Reds back on their heels.
Reds reacted  but no joy.  David Wenham busy  in midfield played some good passes.  After three early Red runs  Brian Stafford converted a penalty for his brace. A well taken spot kick.
L to R Stafford , Collins, Wenham
– – – –
Half time 2-0 Blues.
– – – – –

Russ Martin was on the mark to increase Reds lead, and scored a great goal making it 3 nil to the Blues.  Reds had a mountain to climb now  and kept pushing forward .

new man Peter Collins, left.
New man Collins   played well for the Reds and  Karen Bemrose saw  a lot of the ball ,  and was very unlucky not to score. Mike Caldwell also figured prominently  for the Reds,  but could not find the net.  Late into the game now and that man the ‘Royton Rocket’ Joe Bemrose scored a great goal, giving the keeper no chance.

It finished 3-1 to the Blues with some good football from both sides in difficult conditions.  Thanks to alan for capturing some of the action and there will be links emerging over the next day or two.

Steve Tomlinson
In closing, yet again Steve Tomlinson had a good game for the Reds, and all in all a great days walking football at Denton today.
– – – –
Editors note: 2/5/19 There will be video from todays game in due course. For now, here are the <stills>
David Wilson writes up today’s game 25/4/19…
Todays Game at Denton Thursday there were 16 players.
David Wilson and Tony Cravagan refereed the game between themselves.  David Wilson did the first half and Tony did the second half . We did it to let Alan Richard have a full game as he as not played for a while (thanks – Ed.)  there were 7 Reds and 8 Blues.  Peter Quinn took the warm up. Then kick off.  Some good football from both sides .  Joe Bemrose put Reds in front with a penalty.
Russ Martin equaised for Blues and soon afterwards  Keith Oldham  put them in front. It was a fine goal .   Blues took control in the first half when that man Mike Caldwell popped up and the Blues scored a third !  making it three – one Blues at half-time. No doubt the extra man helped Blues.
– – –
HT – 3:1 Blues
— –
Second half David Wilson came on for Tony Cravagan, who was now Refereeing.  But he played for the Reds as the Blues had the extra man in the first half the game in the second half turned completely around. Reds took control got a lot of the ball. Peter Quinn and Alan Richards were very strong at the back for the Reds, then Joe Bemrose got a great pass from Peter Quinn and scored his  second goal for the Reds making it 3-2 . 
Still a lot of football from both sides the Reds got the ball and pushed forward and David Wilson got a fine goal making it 3- 3.  Blues tried to push forward but no joy , and the Reds got the ball to Steve Tomlinson who latched on to it and shot.  The ball rebounded of Les Gillan and David Cooper  put it away making it 4-3 to the Reds still some good football from both sides. the ball come loose again Joe Bemrose got a great ball from David Wilson and shot and scored fine goal making him another hattrick and also making the Reds 5-3 winners but still a fine game of football from both sides.
(thanks for that report David, I’ve edited it a bit to get the scorers in the right order. As you say  a good game and many thanks to you and Tony for Refereeing the game.  I thought Joe had a very good game today along with his hat trick and Steve Tomlinson also needs singling out as I thought he was superb all morning.  Everyone put a good shift in and welcome to new man Allan Stokes. Also pubic thanks to you Dave  Wilson for keeping our  money records so meticulously over the last four weeks I’ve been away – Ed.)
Comment box provided below  folks…
Steve Tomlinson
Peter Quinn Alan Richards Alan Stokes Joe Bemrose {3}Karen Bemrose Steve Tomlinson
David  Cooper {1}David Wilson second half {1}
Mike Caldwell {1}Tony Cravagan first half Russ Martin {1} Les Gillian Keith Oldham {1}
John Boyle Frank Matthews David Wenham
David Wilson reports from King Street…(*edited*)

Thursday 18/4/2019.


David Wilson – enthusiasm
12 players turned up today and it was nice to see Julie Walker back .  One new player Alan Stokes, making it 13 players in total.
 Peter Quinn took the warm up and we both shared the refereeing.   Julie asked if she  and Karen could pick the sides,  we all said “no problem”.  6 Reds v 6 Blues I refereed the first half then Peter the second.
 Blues took control with some good football but the Reds still played good football.  The Blues took an early lead through David Wenham.  A  great goal.
– – – – –
– – – – –
David Wilson came on for Peter Quinn, and  the game changed for the Reds.  They started to push forward a lot.  Plenty of great passing from the Reds.  The Blues laid back a lot,  shooting but missing.  Joe Bemrose  equalised for  Reds. still pushed forward David Moore . A  Keith Oldham own goal made it two one to  Reds.  Then the Blues got the ball but could not do anything with it Reds pushed forward once again ,  David Wilson found Joe Bemrose who shot and scored a great goal.  Three one Reds.  Well on top now Wilson added a fourth following a Dave Cooper ‘assist’ . Reds had most of the play  in the second half, though  Blues still kept pushing forward but the ball found that man Joe Bemrose who completed his hat-trick to make it 5-1.
New man Alan Stokes had a good game on his debut,  and said he will be coming again.
Great day at Denton Thursday.
Blues: Caldwell  Wenham (1) Stafford Oldham (O.G.)  Gaskin  Walker.
Reds:   Cooper D   Bemrose K   Bemrose J (3) Moore  Quinn  Wilson(1)  Stokes.
Any thoughts in the box below please: Mark ‘private’ if not for publication – thanks: Ed.


April 11th. 2019 and a tea time ‘phone call from David Wilson expressing just how much he enjoyed the game at King Street today. These sessions are proving a lot of fun and have now been established for over sixteen months.  Slightly different in flavour to Tuesday’s, but  nevertheless a hint of competition without being silly about it here’s his *edited* impressions of todays five- two win for the players wearing Red bibs..

– – A bright, sunny day saw  14 players turn out.
We needed a Referee so myself and Peter Quinn took half a game each.

David Wilson

Peter took the warm up I Refereed the first half , Peter the second.
Mike Caldwell put the Reds ahead.  Tony Cravagan was solid at the back for the Reds you can always depend on Tony . The Blues kept pushing forward though , with lots of passing from both sides.David Wenham was influential in the middle of the field. Good passes and a couple of shots that were off target. – –
Half time one-nil Reds:- – – –
Blues began the second half by pushing forward , but that man again Mike Caldwell fastening onto a great pass from Russ Martin , went forward and scored again !
Two-nil to the Reds now, and they were cruising. Blues did not give up. Wilson received a a great ball from Joe Bemrose and found Steve Tomlinson. His shot was blocked by ‘keeper Caldwell but the rebound fell to Wilson who finished the move with a goal. Blues halving the deficit.
More good walking football from both sides. As Blues pushed forward yet again John Boyle got the ball and he found Karen Bemrose on the right. After a couple of slick passes she got the ball back and scored a fine goal. So, now it was 2 – 2 and game on ! Reds pushed forward David Cooper who got the ball on the left, he found Russ Martin who found Brian Stafford who finished well. Brian  had missed so many chances, but this time he made sure making it 3 – 2 Reds. Blues would not give up.  Joe Bemrose shooting a couple of times but missing narrowly. Russ Martin went forward to score a fourth goal for the Reds and following a real goalmouth (just outside the ‘D’) scramble Brian Stafford chipped in with a fifth! The game ended in a 5-2 win for Reds. Everybody said what a great day again today, particular mention today for Karen Bemrose who scored that fine goal and never put a foot wrong.

Reds: Mike Caldwell, David Wenham, David Cooper, Russ Martin, Brian Stafford, Tony Cravagan.
Blues: Joe Bemrose , Karen Bemrose , David Moore, Steve Tomlinson, Les Gillan, John Boyle
Referees: Peter Quinn first half – David Wilson second.

– – – – – – – — – –

April 4th. 2019

David Wilson , in his usual enthusiastic style writes about what must have been  a quite remarkable Thursday morning at King Street….. *edited*

David Wilson – enthusiasm

A great day at Denton today. We all received new jackets from Alan, and everybody looked very smart. There was 14 players today, a good turn out. 7 Reds and 7 Blues.
Tony Cravagan Refereed the game as he had a bad leg and was happy to officiate.
Some good football from both sides with lots of passing. That man David Wenham played well for the Blues missing a couple of times.

Mike Caldwell

Blues had a lot of the ball and Peter Quinn was brilliant in midfield for them. Joe Bemrose held the Reds together at the back passing ball around, and he found Les Gillan a few times, he then found that man Mike Caldwell who then found the back of the net ! Making it 1 nil to the Reds, still some good football from both sides Karen Bemrose had a good game winning the ball and she made some great passes.
after half time still the Blues kept pushing forward AND had a lot of the ball but could not put it away. Reds came again, that man Mike Caldwell got the just outside the box and scored a great goal 2 nil to Reds.
Still the Reds would not give up pushing forward once again Roy Smith had a great shot but just missed ball come out from the Reds and it went David Wenham he also shot and just missed Joe Bemrose found Mike Caldwell on the left he took it forward along the line and shoot and scored a brilliant goal making it 3 nil to the Reds.
That was his hattrick, well done Mike. Still the Blues would not give up, Roy Smith went for a ball that Les Gillan had the ball but could not control it. Roy Smith got the ball then found Russ Martin and he shot and scored a good goal 3-1 to the Reds but the Blues had a lot of the ball pushing forward. Roy Smith had the ball once again he found David Wenham he passed to David Wilson he then found the back of the net making it 3-2 to the Reds. The Reds pushed forward yet again through Joe Bemrose he found Karen Bemrose she was on her own going towards the goal but just before the box fell over ! (Oh No! – Ed.)

Karen Bemrose

Unlucky not to score the Blues came forward Roy smith played some great football finding Peter Quinn he passed the ball to David Wenham he found Russ Martin again he hit the ball hard and found the back of the net again making it 3 to the Reds and 3 to the Blues. Some great football from both sides it was a great draw at full time from both sides and some great Refereeing from Tony Cravagan. We all thanked him and all the players said it was a great morning of Walking Football. Very enjoyable not one run at all (? – Ed.)

the man of the match was Roy Smith for the Blues some great ball control and passing the player that had a great game were Les Gillan, John Boyle ,and Karen Bemrose well done to those players today.
Reds: Joe Bemrose Karen Bemrose Ken Dean Keith Oldham Les Gillan Mike Caldwell (3 goals) John Boyle
Blues: Peter Quinn Roy Smith David Wenham Russ Martin (2 goals) David Cooper Frank Matthews David Wilson (1 goal)

David Wilson’s report from King Street 28/3/19 (better late than never) …
 There were 13 players today we played 6 Reds and 6 Blues Tony Cravagan  refereed the first half some great football from both sides the Blues took the lead through that man Mick Caldwell, well taken.   The Reds pushed forward more and more, the Blues had a great defence in Keith Oldham but he could not cover both sides he tried but Brian Stafford got lots of the ball on the Left side. Stafford  took on two players and scored a great goal making it 1 to the Blues and 1 to the Reds. Half time 1 – 1
– – – – – –
Second half Peter Quinn refereed still some good football from both sides, the Blues scored a second goal.  This time it was from nearly new man John Boyle, which great making it 2 -1 to the Blues.  The Reds still pushed forward, then they got the ball out to Eric Thomas who missed so many chances today, but the from Eric he then saw David Wenham going forward he got the ball to  shoot, great goal from David making it 2 each.  Still some great football from both sides the Blues would not give up but the Reds were the better side with Tony Cravagan playing for them. They pushed  forward once again, this time Steve Tomlinson received the ball from that man Eric Thomas, and found the back of the net.   Brilliant goal making it 3 to the Blues 2 to the Reds. All in all  it was a very even game from both sides.  Great game of football at Denton today.  Today’s man of the match was David Wenham.
Blues Team             Reds Team
T Berry                     P Quinn
M Caldwell              L Gillian
D Cooper                  B Stafford
D Wilson                  E Thomas
K Oldham                 S Tomlinson
J Boyle                      D Wenham      Then Tony and Peter change after half time for the Blues
Dave Wilson’s words….
Today’s Game at Denton there were 15 players which meant 7 Blues V 8 Reds
T Berry J Bemrose K Bemrose M Caldwell D Cooper L Gillan F Matthews D Wenham
B Stafford K Oldham K Dean P Quinn R Martin S Tomlinson J Boyle
Peter Quinn took the warm up and I Refereed the game. Reds had kick off, some great passing from both side not like last week bad winds first half Les Gillian and Karen Bemrose played really well lots of passing that man again up front for the reds was of course Mike Caldwell he got the ball just in side the Blues half passed to Joe Bemrose then Joe Bemrose passed back to Mike Caldwell he turned and scored 1 nil to the Reds, still the Blues were not giving up pushing forward all the time just before half time Joe Bemrose received the ball from David Welham and what a shoot and scored Half time 2 nil to the Reds after half time the Blues would not give up still kept pushing forward change of goalkeepers Tony Berry played out pushing forward some great Football from both sides.
– – -A great ball from Tony Berry to David Wenham he found that man Mike Caldwell he went past two players and scored 3 nil to the Reds but the Blues would not give up Peter Quinn reived then passed to Ken Dean he found Brian Stafford he turned and scored 3-1 to the Reds but the Blues kept pushing forward this time Steve Martin found Keith Oldham he shot and scored a great goal making it 3-2 to the Reds then the blue started to push forward Blues come back at the Reds with a great pass from Ken Dean to Brian Stafford he took on three players turned and scored a great goal for the Blues making the final score 3 to Reds 3 to Blues.  A well deserved draw and some good football from both sides scorers M Caldwell 2 J Bemrose 1 for the Red’s B Stafford 2 K Oldham 1 for the Blue’s a game I really enjoyed refereeing today only one run and no fouls at all

March 14th. 2019

David Wilson reports from King Street….

David Wilson – right.

Today  at Denton 13 turned up 7 V 6 Peter Quinn took the warm up and Tony Cravagan Refereed the game today  6 Reds and 7 Blues.  The game was played in challenging condition very bad wind ,Blues had the kick off and scored within the first 15 minutes scored by David Wilson.  As the game went both side hit bad winds, ball going out a lot then the Reds scored through that man Mick Caldwell both side still play some good Football considering the weather anther goal that man again Mick Caldwell.

  • – – –

Half time 2 -1 to the Reds.

  • – – – – – -After the break still more  bad weather.  Both sides still trying to play some good football.  Another goal ! This time it  was that man Tony Berry  with a great shot well outside the D,  making it 3-1 to the Reds.  But Blues would not give in, and  hit the post two or three times then a cracking goal well out from thunder bolt man Joe Bemrose making it 4-1 to the Reds all in all a great game of football, I would also like to thank Tony Cravagan for Refereeing today’s in these conditions.

*edited* – thanks David – Ed.

  • – – – – –

March 7th. 2019

A NIL WIND ?  not at King Street today…4 goals !

Richards reports…

About two thirds of the hard core Thursday group turned out today. Impressive in the circumstances. It was cold, windy and wet. We spared a thought for our Heywood brethren from the Amblers. It cannot have helped cheer the competitive throng.
Richards Refereed, and took the warm. A six v. six playing east to west, west to east on the smaller pitch.

  • – – – – – –
    Closely matched teams brought a goalless first half. Highlights were three efforts just off target from Les Gillan, who continues to improve every week.  For the Reds a delightful bit of ball control and an incisive pass from David Wenham  found tight angle specialist Mike  Caldwell square on to the goal this time , but his shot struck the base of the post and bounced harmlessly away.
  • – –
  • HT 0-0
  • – –
    As the second half started there had been just two red runs and NONE for the Blues (it stayed that way throughout for Blues – well done.
    A fluke of a goal put Reds in front. Tony Berry’s shot found the hands of Tony Cravagan in goal but unable to latch onto it the ball  looped high over his head to drop behind him and just cross the goal line. Second time in three weeks, second time since our close vote that makes this a GOAL !
  • – – – –
    Karen Bemrose, again playing well today  doubled Red’s lead with an opportune strike of some quality.  Blues were rocked back. On their heels. Steadfastly refusing to run although an energetic Tony Cravagan was often on the cusp.
    The wind and damp was starting to permeate outer wear by now.  The exception might have been Mike Caldwell but hi-viz yellow is not the best colour to wear of you’re going to run. To be fair though it wasn’t Mike who took the Red’s total to three and a penalty award for Blues came via a sudden spurt from Joe Bemrose.
  • Cool as cucumber and damp as a slice of sodden water melon, up stepped Steve Tomlinson to fire the ball home with just one step. Game on at 2 – 1 with Reds pegged back at last.
    Alas, this was a false Blue dawn. Their scintilla of hope evaporated as Caldwell advanced with purpose, found space on the edge of the ‘D’ to slot home and restore the Red cushion.
    A good game given the conditions. Thanks to everyone for playing in the proper manner. There were only three or four minor contact offences, and a total of three runs in 54 minutes walking football. Most of the stoppages were for over height balls.  Including one which went over the perimeter fence. Retrieved impressively quickly by the slimline Tony Berry.
  • Several thanked the Referee at the end,  and the Referee thanks Tony Cravagan for taking home the bibs. Pic below is my won – sorry about the water spot on the lens KB.

February 28th. 2019


Alan Richards – a Referee reporting….

February 28th. 2019…
A dozen Denton Thursday players gathered for another bite of the walking football cherry at King Street, on this chilly grey morning. Such a contrast to yesterday’s sunshine but everyone soon warmed up. Especially the Blue team who hit the ground running. Having taken the lead through a superb swivel and strike from Tony Berry into the  Eastern End goal  they gave away a sloppy penalty with a third run not long afterwards. Taken with his left foot after a shuffle from his right Joe Bemrose  let fly.  Tony Cravagan got down to the ball brilliantly to gather it in his hands so no need to disappoint Reds with a denial of a goal. Thanks Tony – great save.
David ‘ National Express’ Wilson brought a fine save from Joe Bemrose after the Royton man had gone in goal. Moments later the exuberant winger hit the post. Russell Martin came close for the Reds but at half-time Blues  still had their noses in front.

H-T 1:0 Blues
Bemrose J, now liberated from goal was peppering the Blue goal with shots bringing out the best in Tony Cravagan, who spent the whole game in goal today. Bemrose K had been enjoying herself in a red bib and seeing plenty of the ball, often using it to very good effect. With a little more good fortune she could have got on the scoresheet.
Keith Oldham in his full blown ‘predator’ mode doubled the Blue’s lead and sealed the Reds fate with a splendidly struck shot from ten yards.
John Boyle-   a stint in goal behind him now – was  enjoying himself on the left flank for the Reds had a couple of excellent attempts after finding himself in exactly the right place at the right time. Shots just off target or saved by Marple man Cravagan.
Blues had a goal disallowed for ingress – David Wilson denied.
No Red Rums Runs at all today. But  Blues set of at  a gallop and clipped a few fences along the way.  Another enjoyable session. Alan Richards Refereed, and was happy to be thanked for doing so by several of the players.


February 21st. 2019…


Alan Richards reports from King Street….

Orange 1 (Bemrose pen)  Purple 0

Eighteen Thursdayites on the big pitch playing three touch. Richards Refereed.
A change of colour scheme in the sunshine with Orange Peels playing Purple Pips.
A ‘goal’ after just three minutes from Orange bibbed Ken Dean. Disallowed as he ran onto the ball to shoot. Hard luck Ken, that was a fine strike.

Parameters set early on we then played the full half with just one more run.

In the second half Purple’s put a spurt on for reasons best known to themselves.
Both teams went close to opening the scoring and the frame of the goal was hit by each. ‘Tight angle’ Mike Caldwell almost opened Purples account at the Northern End.
A fine move the other way saw Keith Oldham shoot just wide after a delicious cross field ball found him in space.
A third Purple run led to a penalty which was tucked away cleanly by Joe Bemrose and the Oranges clung onto their lead despite the best efforts of a Purple team who paid the price for increased pace. Two runs to Orange in fifty-eight minutes of ‘walking football’. Some contact was penalised, some wasn’t . Well done all on a Spring like morning, despite  (or maybe because of) firm Refereeing I think most people enjoyed it.


February 14th. NO MASSACRE…

No massacre on St.Valentine’s day, more a non-contact walking football love in where eight attendees made the most of a slowly warming sun and bright blue skies.  Taking to the pitch in newly laundered bibs thanks to Tony Cravagan.  Peter Quinn Refereed the first half after yours truly took this mornings warm-up – almost managing not to groan outwardly, the walking backwards squatting was a challenge !
Teams tested each other out early doors in this three touch fiesta Refereed very competently by Peter Quinn. Mike Caldwell grazed a post for the Reds  and Julie Walker in Blue flashed a shot inches wide.
Richards performed the save of (his) season actually diving low to foil Caldwell, the ball squirmed away towards predator Mike and it seemed to take me an eternity to get to my feet – I felt entombed in a vat of treacle. Luckily I got there in time with the  lurking Caldwell denied his second chance.
Keith Oldham put the Reds in front after a splendid assist from Tony Berry.
I can’t recall anyone being pulled  up for running in either half today so well done all. Contact seemed totally eliminated. Most of the stoppages were for over head balls.
H:T one-nil Reds.

who is on the far right ?

The second half saw Tony Cravagan assume the Ref’s job. Quinn joined Blues in  an effort to find another goal.  Reds went closest, Mike Caldwell spurned  a couple of difficult chances and  Keith Oldham had a good chance to put Reds ahead.  A word for Frank Matthews in the Blue goal.  How about ‘brilliant’ with some vital blocks. He even recovered from  his poor pass out from his ‘D’ to save superbly when the ball was fired back at him. Well done Frank.
After a good interplay with  Richards Joe Bemrose,  a threat all morning  fired home to equalise. Blues were buoyant, boosted by Bemroses strike.  John Boyle was busy onthe right. Steve Tomlinson a midfield engine firing on all cylinders.
The lightweight Nike  size 5 spent a lot of time over head height today, and yours truly was as guilty as anybody. However, the benefits of that ball are best demonstrated  when it smahes into sixty or seventy  year old limbs and appendages.
A Tuesday player was felled with  a ball in balls this week.  The lighter version could have lessened his pain.
Halfway through the second half Russell Martin and Julie Walker ‘chased’ a through ball. Ruseell got there first and slotted the ball home with a cool finish to put Blues ahead.
They never really looked back.  Sensibly watching the Red strike forces  danger man  Caldwell – always in an advanced position.
A good game. Thanks to Peter Quinn and Tony Cravagan for their Refereeing duties. Much appreciated

  • – – – – – – –

BLUES 2 (Oldham, Bemrose J pen)  REDS 6 (Bemrose K 2, Cooper, Berry 2, Gillan og)

On the most miserable of mornings there was a superb turnout of fourteen walking footballer’s at Denton Thursday today.
The reds and blues battled valiantly against each other AND the elements for fifty eventful minutes, coming up with a total of eight goals. Contact was virtually absent, and there were just three runs per team.
Reds emerged as winners but everyone deserves special mention this morning for their dedication to the cause. Goals from Dave Cooper and Tony Berry put the reds in front before Keith Oldham pulled one back for Blues.
Karen Bemrose restored the reds two goal lead with a smashing goal early in the second half, then added another in fine style. She almost made it four for Reds  from the penalty spot but was denied her hat-trick by Les Gillan who saved well – only to fumble the ball on the goal line when it came back into the ‘D’ and it trickled over the line! 5 – 2.
Joe Bemrose – playing very well this morning  despatched a perfect penalty to keep Blues in it. Tony Berry – with his excess energy put to good use retrieving wind assisted stray balls added a sixth goal from distance. I think I’ve caught most of the detail buy my notepad is basically a soggy mess and I still have no reading glasses to hand – Specsavers later.
Well done all.  Bedraggled but looking happy enough…

Reds and Blues




I am going to King Street at 4-00pm today (Weds) to assess the situation.  If the pitch is still under snow it’s highly unlikely we will be ‘on’ tomorrow Watch this space and the Denton Thursday Facebook group please. – Alan.

  • – – – – – – – –


Dave Cooper

Alan Richards reports….
Blues 1 (Wilson) Reds 2 (Oldham, Cooper D).

  • – – – –
    A manageable number of walking footballers for the Thursday session today and a full 28 minutes each way of three touch walking football ensued.
    Lining up in familiar red and blue bibs thirteen familiar faces plus Paul Theobald.
    Paul “they call me Theo” is just 61 years old and a useful walking footballer. He has been directed to the second hour on Tuesday’s where he will be a better ‘fit’. Exceptions are made for a few special cases and John Gaskin and Steve Tomlinson for instance both a little under 65 but a regular and valued part of our Thursday scene from the outset.
Paul ‘Theo’ Theobald – better suited to Tuesdays

– – – – – – – –
The game today was played in a good spirit. The standard is improving all the time and players like Peter Quinn, Les Gillan, Dave Cooper  Russ Martin and John Boyle are all contributing to the collective in increasingly effective ways.

  • – – – – – – –
    Reds looked livelier early doors and Keith Oldham opened the scoring with a quality assist from in form Brian Stafford. Keith is one of those ‘under the radar’ players and it’s almost a pity he doesn’t play competitive walking football. Great self-discipline and a lethal finisher when his shots are on target. However, Keith knows what’s ok for Keith. 
    For Blues, Mike Caldwell patrolled the Reds final third looking for service. David Wilson and Paul Theobald were providing it, and also going close themselves on a couple of occasions. Eric Thomas was also busy in the Blue midfield. Three touch is not Eric’s natural game but he played well and soon settled into the format.
    HALF-TIME Reds 1 : 0 Blues
    Reds doubled their lead with a fine goal from David Cooper – his first in almost twelve months walking football. With a stint in goal earlier bringing a couple of memorable saves, David had an excellent morning I’m sure he will remember. He even found his misplaced woolly hat, lying forlorn in the back of ‘Bob’. The trusty Toyota is beginning to resemble a lost property office ! Is anyone missing a ‘Karrimore’ top (black) ?
    John Boyle was taking a stint in goal as his teams third run was recorded. David Wilson strode confidently to the spot , ball in hand but his shot bounced off Boyle and was quickly retrieved by the Gillingham born man of Kent. JB will soon be the wearer of a DWFG badged and initialled hoodie – being picked up from ‘ARCO’ Audenshaw next week – £19 if anyone wants one.
    Wilson made up for his spurned spot kick seconds later, finishing superbly to reduce the arrears. Sadly though this was too little too late. Reds walked out winners by two goals to one.
    For the record, yours truly Refereed.
  • photo: Alan Richards

    photo: Alan Richards



NETCAM link <click>

BLINDED BY THE LIGHT – and a tale of busted specs
REDS 2 (Caldwell, Tomlinson)
BLUES 3 (Oldham, Martin, Stafford)

Richards reports….

Fifteen walking footballers arrived at King Street ready for another civilised session in cold sunshine, a marked contrast to last weeks dreary, dismal gloom.A few familiar faces were absent but as Peter Quinn took the warm up it became clear that a an 8 v. 7 was the order of the day with yours truly available  to Referee once more.

  • – – – – –
    Almost all the players wore their hoodies which presented an organised,  uniform look.  Only Northenden man, the  Gillingham born  John Boyle, and Denton’s own Jim Pelling were in their ‘civvies’ . The former has ordered one which should arrive in a couple weeks for the princely sum of £19.00 and this will complement the Striders woolly hat bestowed upon the Boyle bonce this very day.
    A brisk game began in earnest. Blues had the extra man and Keith Oldham exploited the situation along with fellow danger man Brian Stafford.
  • – – – – – –
    Oldham opened the scoring, and midfield general Russell Martin doubled the lead soon afterwards.  Blues were in full billowing  sail on  a windless morning !
  • – – – –
  • Reds couldn’t really get going but when they did they largely walked well,  and kept the right side of not quite running. Mike Caldwell had the ball in the net but was judged to be encroaching the ‘D’ to the relief of Blues custodian Cravagan.
    The goalkeepers at the Northern end were struggling with the low hanging and  ultra bright winter sun, and it fell to group stalwart Tony Cravagan to come to their aid with the offer of a baseball cap. Bright blue skies at this time of year are a  problem and with fewer numbers we could have played across the pitch – but no matter.
  • – – – – –
    As Blues turned the screw , Keith Oldham set up Brian Stafford with a glorious through ball that cut through Reds defences like a knife through a tub of Flora Pro-Active (it lowers cholesterol you know).  The Stalybridge man made no mistake. Three nil !
  • – – –
    Half-time saw Steve Tomlinson , suffering from  a ‘bad chest’ today but playing well, change sides and don a red bib to redress  the numerical deficiency.
    And so it began. Red’s long haul back. Which was assisted when Blues defensive bulwark Frank Mathews had to leave the field with a pair of broken spectacles ! (that’s spectacles, by the way).
  • – – – – –
    Blues were running more now to cover their own numerical disadvantage, but they couldn’t stop Caldwell reducing Reds arrears. with familiar precision.  A third Blue run saw the confident Caldwell grasp the ball to take the spot kick. Perfection in the one-step technique but the ball went a foot wide of the base of the post.
  • David Cooper was often on the cusp of running – his game has really improved over the last few months but needs to watch his speed. Tony Berry has perfected a power walk technique which sees him cover a lot of ground in  a short time. Almost a ‘Brodie-bound’ but not quite.
    Steve Tomlinson, revelling in Red punished his former team mates with a fiercely struck shot that left Peter Quinn with ‘no chance’ and nestled nicely in the back of the bulging net.
  • – – – – – –
    Blues were not giving up easily as the Reds breathed down their necks for an equaliser. Nice control from Les Gillan led to Roy Smith (newly liberateded from goal) going close after  a smart turn,  but a third Red run (Caldwell)  led to a Blues penalty which Russell Martin had the confidence to tuck away in the bottom corner. Goalkeeper Jim Pelling couldn’t do much about it but sadly Martin’s micro-step led Referee Richards to disallow the conversion and it remained three-two right up to the final whistle.
  • – – – – –
  • Reds pressed but Pilling was equal to them with a couple of good blocks. Jim is a big man with big hands and a former goalkeeper in school and pub league football. The former diesel mechanic struggled to don even our largest pair of gloves !
    Catch some of the action involving Jim and the other keepers on our new feature  ‘netcam’ on TAMESTRIDERS T.V.  A link to the highlights – (if I can find a few – Ed.) will appear here in a day or so. Annoyingly though, the camera was sited behind the Southern goal and all five glorious goals were  scored at King Street’s Northern end. Sods Law !
  • Thanks to Alan Richards for Refereeing – (I thought someone should say it) :-p
  • – – – – –
    Serious note. Frank we hope the cost of your broken glasses is minimal and you had a spare pair to hand.


Blues 4 (Caldwell 3, Smith R)
Reds 1 (Oldham)      photo’s at <this link>

Matchwinners – far right

Peter Quinn arrived to Referee today but as Alan Graham put in an unexpected, but equally welcome appearance ‘Quinny’ got to play instead (free of charge as he was good enough to offer to officiate today).
Sixteen players in total then, and  we ‘bibbed up’ Reds v. Blues as usual it took a few minutes for Blues to make their breakthrough, Caldwell in an advance position and a familiar goal from ‘tight angle Mike’ soon led to another one when he doubled their lead.
Richards failed to convert a penalty (3 runs) when Tony Berry got down very smartly to save what was, in truth a fairly poorly directed kick.

  • – – –

H-T :  2 – 0 Blues:

  • – – –
    As the teams turned around Keith Oldham went in goal for Reds depriving them of their main attacking threat. With Pelling, Bemrose and Richards committing to defending with the clear and present danger of Caldwell high up the pitch. Roy Smith was also dangerous.  Eric Thomas, lively and mobile  was clean through on a number of occasions but miscued his shots.
  • – – – – – – –
    Reds played some decent walking football but  a lack of assuredness in the final third was their downfall. Tony Berry, in Blue goal for much of the match was rarely troubled.
    No such problems for Blues as Caldwell beat ‘keeper Richards at his near post from an acute angle, and Roy Smith followed up with a fourth. A powerful low shot down  to Richards’ right.
  • – – – – – – – –
  • Defeated Reds

    Oldham bagged a consolation goal for Reds late in the game – taking it very well indeed – but his team finished well beaten in the end. More potent firepower made the crucial difference today.
    Six running offences in total, I think and a few contact offences mostly accidental and proving harmless.
    Thanks to Alan Graham for Refereeing so efficiently, and for Peter Quinn’s preparedness.

= = = = = *********=======

Back in the hood – with music <watch>


NEW YEAR BLUES – edge it two -one

Seventeen Striders of the Thursday persuasion saw in the New Year at King Street today in a tight encounter of few goals. Almost an hour played and the team in Blue got over the line with a two – one win first half goals courtesy of a Brian Stafford penalty (3 runs) and a Keith Oldham strike following a defence splitting pass from David Wenham.
Tony Berry a late arrival today switched from Blue to Red in the second half and his team enjoyed the lions share of possession. Everyone seemed to be seeing plenty of the ball. Relative newcomer John Boyle – who ‘signed-on’ today was busy on the right for reds.

Reds team

A mighty strike from Roy Smith which left Steve Tomlinson with little chance reduced the deficit and for a time it looked like Reds, with a busy Peter Quinn and an industrious Eric Thomas might snatch an equaliser. The frame of the goal was hit and Russ Martin went close after a breakaway but blues held on thanks to a commanding performance from Joe Bemrose ably supported by the ever improving Karen Bemrose.
Alan Richards refereed the game , there were just five instances of running and several ‘contacts’ mostly upper body. The pace picked up towards the end but by and large this was a good example of a friendly walking football match in the truest sense of all three of those words.

Some more photo’s in due course.
Blues 2 (Stafford pen, Oldham)
Reds 1 (Smith R)



December 20th. DEADLOCK at King Street….

Alan Richards writes…

A 10 v. 9 on the big pitch today Just a few more people and we can get two games.
Thanks to Alan Graham for turning out to Referee. We hadn’t seen him for a while and it gave us our opportunity to present him with a small memento for all the officiating he’s done for us during 2018.

Referee: Alan Graham

The game was a bit dour. A goalless draw, after almost an hours play! But Alan hit upon the Christmas novelty idea of a penalty shoot out. A good idea and another way of filling up those few extra minutes at the end of the extended Thursday session when the scores are tied.

great save
fine save !

About six or seven penalty kicks were taken to no avail when Tony Cravagan stepped up to seal it for the Reds. Some terrific goalkeeping on view from an agile Joe Bemrose today, and the quick reflexes of Jim Pelling who got down much quicker than you’d expect to save shots on goal. Remarkable.

Cravagan wins it !

The only other converted penalty kick came from Steve Tomlinson but as the whistle had not been sounded he had to take it again and it was saved.
Everyone who got one seemed pleased with their hoodies . If you wish to buy one I’ve negotiated a discounted price of £19.08 – let me know please. SOON.
Please wear yours  when we see you next ~  January 3rd. 2019. Thanks.


Tony Cravagan calling from King Street:

Match report 13/12/18

8 Blues v 8 Reds braved the piercing icy wind cutting through the clear blue sky at King St today. Refereed by yours truly and thanks to Pete Quinn for the warm up.

Reds immediately on fire with a Caldwell shot extinguished by keeper Oldham,  this duel continued in the initial stages. The Blues however organised themselves culminating a well deserved hat trick from Stafford. The Reds replied with a typical Caldwell goal. An encroachment led to a pen duly taken by Julie Walker, although on target was saved by keeper Cooper to keep the score down to 3 – 1 at halftime.

The Blues consolidated after the break but even staunch defending from Pilling could not stop Stafford scoring a near post screamer bringing his tally to 4. The Blues continued to press with a strong shot from Berry being well saved by Cooper. To rub salt into the wound a last minute Wenham O.G. deflection resulted in a final score of Blues 5 Reds 1.

An excellent game played in tricky conditions with only 1 run recorded – the score did not reflect the difference between the teams. A most welcomed HOT drink after the game was much appreciated.

(Cheers for that Tony – Ed.)


Player of the Year presentation video <here>

After the Deputy Lord Lieutenant’s Show….


Blues 5 (Bemrose J 3, Bemrose K, Turner)   Reds 2 (Oldham, Martin)

Reduced turnout, possibly due to the grey skies and rain in the forecast. It didn’t materialise.
David Wenham offered to Referee when asked. He took the first half before Tony Cravagan relieved him at the break
Reds v. Blue then and some good passing on display. Chris Turner  put the Blues ahead with a crisp finish.
Keith Oldham, after a solid early few minuts in goal, equalised for Reds and then they went ahead when Russell Martin finished smartly.
There was some unpleasantness in the first half. I won’t mention names because the principal offender was very apologetic afterwards. Perhaps both parties can take lessons from today. With a more experienced Referee a Red card would almost certainly have  have been brandished. We don’t need this at Denton Walking Football Group.

Second half, with Wenham now in Blue, Cravagan with whistle,  and a further adjustment in the teams the Blues began to wear down Reds. Joe Bemrose equalised before two rapid fire goals gave him his hat trick.

– – – – -Reds in resistance,  sometimes passed and moved the ball well, Richards was particularly praised by Wenham (thanks Dave-Ed) for his distribution but, though on target, two of his shots were blocked by ‘keeper David Wilson when more efficient placing of the ball would have brought reward. Oldham was the Reds most productive player, along with Martin. John Boyle on the right did very well – still early days for John but he fits in well on Thursdays. Jim Pilling was often effective as a one man defensive barrier but as Blue began to pass and move to good effect they were clearly the better team. Chris Turner was constantly involved and Peter Quinn very ‘busy’ .
Karen Bemrose, perfectly positioned on the edge of the ‘D’ stabbed the ball home in the final minute to underline Blue supremacy with the five-two result.

  • – – – – – –
    Later, Tony Cravagan was presented with the ‘Thursday Player of the Year’ trophy. An impressive pot. He handed it back without complaint afterwards when his engraved ‘replica’ was pulled out of the box – he keeps that in perpetuity. The larger trophy will be on show at the Christmas ‘doo’ next week alongside a big blow up of the winner. Even bigger than this one !
  • – – – – – – – – – – – –  – –  –
  • Tony polled the lions share of the vote, with Keith Oldham finishing in second place. Votes too for Eric Thomas and the Bemrose pair, Joe and Karen. Well done all. See you at the party we hope.
    Mr & Mrs Martin are the latest couple to signal attendance at our Party and the lead organiser has been informed.
    Next week I wont be at King Street either day so I hope the rain stays away again and you all have a good time. See you on the 20th – Ed.
    More photos and video later this afternoon/evening.


November 29th. 2018

Thanks for a great turnout to greet Sharman Birtles this morning. I think she found the set up most interesting as a football fan herself and having a husband who plays the game of walking football. Good to see John Boyle and Chris Turner trying the game for the first time too.

Grant presentation – photo: John Boyle

Here is David Wilson’s match report :-

We had a another great turn out today 17 players two new men today. Alan Richards agreed to Referee the game, 9 v 8 we played three touch which everybody enjoys playing.   Some good football from both sides today as the Blues took an early lead though Mick Caldwell. Then I thought I had scored but no!   Joe Bemrose however  scored a cracking goal for Reds making it one all.

The wind today did not help anybody at all: half time one each.

  • – – – –
  • After half time still some good football the Blues got a penalty through me doing three runs Mick Caldwell took the penalty Tony Berry in goal saved it.  Tony  played brilliant in goals for the Reds. Next,  the Reds were awarded a penalty for three runs!  Joe Bemrose  took it,  and Ron Lord in goal saved it well.  Both teams pushed forward the Reds got a second goal through Brian Stafford great goal making it two one to the Reds the wind still very bad some good football from both sides everybody really enjoying the game the Reds got a third goal through that man once again Joe Bemrose making it three one to the Reds the game ended in very good spirit from both sides. The Reds were the winners three one. I spoke to the new players and asked if they enjoyed playing. Yes! they did ‘very much’, Spoke with most of the players after and they said they like playing Thursdays.I thank Alan Richards for refereeing the game Thanks Alan. (you’re welcome David – I hope to play next week  – thanks)
  • – – – – – – –

The Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester’s representative Sharman Birtles JP DL  will present a cheque for £500 to the group on Thursday 29th. November.  It’s expected this will be towards the end of our game or, maybe after the final whistle. This is a fantastic injection of funds for us.

  • Enquiries are  ongoing to purchase fifty plus fleece lined hooded winter tops for our players, depending upon cost,  issue might have to be  limited to those with  at least a dozen appearances this year but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it – thanks.

It’s been decided to delay the ‘Thursday’  player of the year presentation until we can gauge who and who is not going to the Christmas party.



Alan Richards writes…and his photo’s from this day are <here>

Denton Thursday
Blues 0 Reds 4 (Bemrose 2, Oldham, Richards)

An exceptional game of THREE TOUCH walking football well refereed by Peter Quinn (give that man a woolly hat).
9 v. 8 on the full big pitch at King Street  with a turnout of seventeen. Eric Thomas with a sore back called in to say hello and return his Denton Wednesday kit to the management team ahead of next weeks FPL.

Referee Pete Quinn – right

New man Ron Lord was welcomed into the fold and seemed to enjoy his first experience of walking football.

  • – – – –
    The highlight of the  first half was a fierce strike from Brian Stafford which was safely handled by Tony Berry in the Red goal. Stafford struck the lighter Nike ball with real venom and kept it low.
    Les Gillan spent some time in the Blue goal and made a couple of excellent blocks. But chances were few and far between for both teams.
  • – – –
  • H-T 0-0
  • – – – –
    With the half goalless the number were adjusted to share the extra man. Alan Richards changing bibs from blue to red. Blues felt the loss of a man quite keenly and found forward momentum hard to establish. Mike Caldwell and Julie Walker not enjoying much possession and David Wilson had to drop back to cope with four Red forwards in Bemrose, Oldham Richards and Martin in fine passing form. Reds had a sound base of Matthews Cooper and Cravagan and Karen Bemrose was involved in midfield regularly finding the right pass to teammates.
  • – – – –
    Oldham opened up the Reds account from a tight angle. With Roy Smith now in goal for Blues their outfield play suffered a little. Richards forced a fine save from Smith, then shot agonisingly wide. Bemrose was more accurate and lashed home the Reds second with power. A fine flowing move saw Reds go further ahead when Richards made it three nil steering his shot into the corner to evade a despairing Smith. Bemrose added a fourth – another good shot on the move. But for Smith and a series of excellent saves the score could have been six or seven. Blues kept plugging away , to their credit. Lord was settling in well,  and Jim Pelling looked an indomitable defender but he was passed around today.
  • – – – – – –
    Some cases of contact with careless feet today but nothing major. I think running was minimal and nobody got anywhere near conceding a penalty as far as yours truly was aware.  THREE TOUCH WORKED BRILLIANTLY. Tried to mention everyone but if I’ve failed I alopogise. Thanks all for a great game , really enjoyable. No daft speeds lets just watch those few careless challenges from feet going forward.
    We’ll have photos later. Thanks to Peter Quinn for Refereeing and to David Wilson for his help, Tony Cravagan too.



Full  (extended) interview from t’other week and some nice Thursday footage to boot…. click the link – thanks to Mark Philip and the Tameside Reporter <click>

15th. November Blues 1 (Oldham) – 1 Reds (Bemrose)

David Wilson writes..

 Second half at Denton Roy Smith Ref’d the game in the second half.  First half Keith Oldham scored brilliant goal he kept hitting the bar but scored a great goal in the second half it was all the Reds pushing forward pass after pass Eric Thomas it the bar a couple of time same with Joe Bemrose but still pushed forward, for the Blues Karen Bemrose had a couple of chances.  The Blues defence was solid with Tony Cravagan and Frank Williams also Tony Berry in goal for the Blues was superb save after save couple of run but nothing more than that everybody just got on with the game and was enjoying it the Reds got a free kick just out side the box David Wilson took it passed to Joe Bemrose he shot and scored a great goal making it one each.  The game never changed,  everybody enjoying themselves some great football from both sides and  the game ended one each.  All the players said they really enjoy the three touch football,  and want to play it every week,  especially when you have so many players turning up week after week, which is fantastic. Also all the players enjoy Thursday more than Tuesdays more relaxed.

Alan Richards here – (I Refereed the first half). Just  a couple of runs and contact offences. The overcrowded pitch did not help but three touch alleviated this somewhat.  There was some good interplay and after coming close twice, Keith Oldham put the Blues in front with a fine goal.

I don’t want to get involved in a debate Thursday v. Tuesdays as both sessions are a little different from each other. Many Tuesday players have been playing for several years now.

Numbers are giving us a slight problem on both days once again.


Remember. this Thursday session was initially  aimed at men OVER 65 and included beginners, plus women over 35.  If your game has improved and particularly if you play on a Tuesday too please consider this. Some players are much improved and could easily cope with games at Curzon too on Monday’s or Fridays. Of course one very wet Thursday could mean all of this might not apply, and if we could raise another half a dozen players every week on Thursday we could have two simultaneous games.

So for now we tread a very fine line every week, victims of our own popularity. Sooner or later decisions may have to be made on how we proceed so watch this space please.

We may soon have to look at the Tuesday ‘Over 65’  sessions too as the first hour is becoming over subscribed with some younger players attending every week, and the second hour has seen  a drop off in numbers . I’ll be seeking committee opinion soon.

The Denton Thursday player of the year vote is now over. Results in due course – thanks.

Good game today and thanks to Roy Smith for taking over Refereeing duties in the second half.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

8th.November 2018 HECTIC…TOO DARN HECTIC..

David Wilson wrote on Facebook:

Great day at Denton a few mishaps a few runs me included I should have carried on reefing but did score but we do need to look at Thursdays due to 19 players turning up my be two games me Alan and Tony will look at it, all the players that turned up today and there was some missing it is fantastic for the Thursdays session still a great day.
Alan Richards replied:Today’s second half in particular was too fast and there was more contact than we’ve seen before on a Thursday. Some people need to calm themselves a little and exert a bit more self-discipline. Too many players on one pitch. We organisers failed this morning and I take responsibility for that.  We have learned lessons and must apply them. Sixteen maximum on the big pitch. Any more than that we need two games with fewer numbers per side,.  Because of the slower nature of Thursday games we let one game take place. We were wrong. Mini goals will be deployed  if necessary but they are a back up to give us extra options , and for now we can continue with the normal goals. Obviously with two games we need two Referees so we need in excess of twenty bodies in total. I think we will hover around this number for the foreseeable future so bear with us while we get the games organised. We need to cap this session at twenty eight players – if and when we reach that number we should consider it at full capacity. When we go from today’s format to a five a side it will feel like one hell of a difference – trust me…but you might get more of a work out and more time on the ball. In retrospect we should have employed three touch today.
what do you think Frank ?
Blues 2 (Bemrose 2 )  Reds 2 (Caldwell , Wilson)
Today was the day we increased time to almost 30 minutes each way and the subs went up giving players more bang for a bit more buck.
We started off at  a moderate pace. There was little to choose between the two teams.
Reds were much less disciplined pace wise and sure enough a penalty for 3 runs was awarded to Blues.  Lincoln  Delve blocked Bemrose J’s  spot kick on the line.   It was Bemrose though who fired the Blues into the lead after about ten minutes, leaving ‘keeper Lincoln Delve with no chance this time .  This provoked a response from Reds who carried their attacking threat mainly  in the shape of Mike Caldwell,  almost always in an advanced position. It was Caldwell who struck the equaliser from an unfeasibly acute angle once again earning the epithet of ‘Tight Angle Mike’ Phenomenal.
– – – – –
The second half saw Richards giving his red bib to David Wilson and taking the whistle. He was almost straightaway taking the first half Ref to task for running !  Contact increased with mistimed tackled from  side and back. Over exuberance or clumsiness to blame.
 Another penalty for Blues ater Jim Pelling – for the second week , we let it go last time – exited his goal area ‘D’. Roy Smith stepped up and Pelling blocked his spot kick only for the ball to rebound to Joe Bemrose who unerringly planted it into the  back of  Pelling’s net.
Blues looked nailed on to win this but late on David Wilson moving at absolute maximum legal pace fastened into the ball closed in on goal and scored past the Blue’s keeper.
Two -to it finished with honour satisfied.
 We already have fourteen voting slips returned for the Thursday ‘player of the year’ – if you haven’t voted already next Thursday is the deadline please.
Many thanks to John Gaskin for pointing the way to the Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent fund. I will be submitting an application for a substantial grant for warm weather clothing,  for the benefit of Denton Walking Football Group.


1st.November 2018

BLUES 4 (Dean 2, Bemrose, Wilson)  REDS 1 (Wenham)

Alan Richards reports from King Street….

Size matters. So this morning yours truly suggested to the Thursday players we use the size 5 Nike Lightweight ball and nobody objected. Another step towards harmonisation with Tuesday games. We can always revert to size 4 if those winter winds gather strength.

Blues v. Reds of course and the first half was fairly even. The ball seemed to suit the players, and it was pleasing on the eye to see the way some were stroking it around the pitch.
Blues had the passing edge. With Joe Bemrose, Ken Dean and Alan Richards linking very well on the left going forward. David Wilson played a couple of excellent passes across the pitch from the right, the weight of the ball making it easy to make the distance. Really ideal for the purpose on a windless day. Julie Walker and Mike Caldwell were poised upfront to pick off any opportunities that came their way.
Jim Pelling, who had brought his Grandson Ben along was stemming the blue flow, along with Dave Cooper who , along with Keith Oldham & Russ Martin were the main red danger on the break.

Ken Dean

It was Reds who took the lead. A simple free kick from Russell Martin to Dave Wenham who drilled the ball home from eight yards. Excellent finishing from the Marple man who has offered to become league statistician for the next FPL match day in November now he has stepped down from the Nash Bees squad.
At the other end some good interplay between Caldwell and Richards laid on a chance for Ken Dean to fire home an equaliser. Dean’s pearler was just reward for his busy performance. We can look forward to seeing him in league action for Denton Wednesday.
The second half saw Blues a man down as Alan Richards was interviewed at the side of the pitch by Tameside Reporter’s Mark Phillip.

Keith Oldham



David Wenham






After about ten minutes equilibrium was restored and the Blues began to become dominant. Another goal from Dean and the Wilson got in on the act. Karen Bemrose and David Wenham struggled to find much in the way of threats on the Blue goal, which was staffed admirably by Tony Berry.
Stubborn resistance from Cravagan, Matthews, Martin and Co. but they were being passed around and Bemrose hit a fourth. Eric Thomas tireless in defence and midfield for Blues.

Eric Thomas
Mike Caldwell







Time has come now to be a bit more scientific when selecting the teams and we’ll have more time to put that into practice next week when time increases and subs go up to £3. We want closer games going forward but the odd emphatic win, or defeat does no harm at all. No heads went down and that’s credit to everyone involved.
It was a really good game and most enjoyable to play in. Contact was virtually non-existent.No team incurred the dreaded third run penalty.

A big thank you to Peter Quinn for Refereeing his first walking football match. I’m sure it won’t be the last if that’s a direction he should choose to take.
From a personal point of view my own game went well and I have no ill effects at the moment, I hope the interview turns out to be another reasonable contribution to the game and our growing group, despite the skin cream and sun damage blotches ! (what  a time for the press to turn up )

Captain Blotchy


  • – – – – – – – – –

FROM NOVEMBER 8th weekly ‘subs’ rise to £3. At the same time we will enjoy an extra half hour on the pitch.

  • – – – – — – -more second half video <here>

Three touch Thursday:thanks to Alan Graham for Refereeing this match….25th.October 2018


  • – – – – –




































































A Referee’s point of view….Richards writes from King Street….

With twenty players turning up in bright sunshine , and only an hour to play with (all were a little early today, thanks) we decided to play one game on the biggest pitch possible on the proviso that everyone slowed down.
With one or two exceptions the Thursday group do tend to walk – briskly of course but the response was good today and the game did not get out of hand.

  • – – – –
    Reds v. Blues then and three new men (to me) on the pitch. Jim Pelling a powerful looking defender who has a calmness on the ball. Lincoln Delve who spent much of the game in goal acquitting himself well, also looked a useful player when he came out of goal but an injury meant he preferred it between the sticks. Bob Woodward, a man with football in his past like most of us who when he adjusts to the game will be an asset for the group.
  • Lincoln, Jim and Bob

    Reds were first to concede a penalty for three running offences. Mike Caldwell stepped up for Blues but put the ball wide.
    Brian Stafford made the same mistake for Reds when they were also awarded a penalty. The deadlock looked set to continue to half time but up popped Julie Walker .  Escaping  the attention of Steve Tomlinson she fired home with aplomb. Moments later Keith Oldham in Blue almost made it two but only found the side netting.
    At the other end Russell Martin missed an open goal and the chance to level things up at the break.

  • H-T 1-0 Blues
    Five minutes resting and the fray resumed.  Monitored by a strict Referee  the pace slowed a little David Wilson ran for a third time but as his transgressions came either side of half time the rule was relaxed. Some will say that’s inconsistent but  I’ve no wish to send people to an imaginary sin bin if I can help it.
  • – –   –
    Russell Martin had a mixed morning. Some great movement and finding space in dangerous places only to be ignored by team mates who preferred to shoot. Unfortunately for Russell he wandered innocently into his own ‘D’ as he was trying to intercept an attack and a penalty was awarded. Roy Smith had his shot saved by Tony Berry.
  • – – – – –
    Both teams had their moments of flourish, and vim. Everyone looked to be having a good time.
    A one-nil win was just about justice especially as the goal was scored by a WALKER! In fact there was some excellent examples of a measured gait out there today so the runners actually stood out like a sore thumb and made my job easier.
    Reds had lots of possession and a gaggle of free kicks close to the goal in the second half.
  • – – – –
  • Another new man from last week Chris Turner attended on the touchline – injured but hopes to be back playing in a couple of weeks.
    Thanks to all who turned up  this morning. The session is now well and truly established and from November 8th. the time on the pitch will be increased by 50 per cent from 11-00 am. to 11-30am. This will give us more ti‘thinking me’ to decide the format AND the configuration.
    For those of you who now understand the game well we may need a rota of Referee’s to officiate once a month so if you wish to volunteer please say so. It can only increase your understanding  other aspects of the game.
  • the reds
  • winning team today


October 18th. at King Street and a WALKER WINS IT FOR BLUES !

David Wilson reports….

10 v 10 today and Alan Richards refereed the game. Blues had kick off there was nothing in it at all a very even game with great football skills from both sides some brilliant passing some running but not too much at all.  Penalty for the Reds in first half taken by Mike Caldwell but he put it passed the post.
The Blues  pushed forward and someone made a great pass which found Julie Walker who  trapped it turned and shot and scored a great goal .  Still nothing in the game at all both sides kept pushing forward and played well.  There were no bad tackles and everybody really enjoyed the game.  The new lads are really enjoying it too. Second half no more goals at all just some good football from both sides.  The Blues were awarded a penalty which Brian Stafford took and missed all in all a great game of football from both sides the game finished one-nil to the Blues.
Thanks David – Referees report a little later.
today’s reds

October 11th 2018

A record turnout for a Thursday session. 20 players including four new who enjoyed a game under the watchful eye of Referee Alan Graham. Great that you were there Alan, thank you.

We may soon have to go to two games if this continues.  David Wilson’s match report has just landed here on the edge of the Merioneth/Denbighshire border and without further ado it’s here for you now:

Thursday 11/10/2018 20 players turned up today including 4 new players who have all ‘signed on’ and paid there fee. Due to players turning up late, we had one match on the  full size pitch 10 Blues v 10 Reds. I played my first game for 5 weeks (Good to hear – Ed.) and Alan Graham refereed the game. Some good  walking football from both sides with little in it at all.  Karen Bemrose played some great passes and Bev Kirkbride  really played well too.  The Blues took an early lead through Tony Berry, but Reds did not give up and  kept pushing forward.  Just before half time the Blues were awarded a penalty after three recorded runs.   Steve Tomlinson took it but put the ball wide of the post.

After half time both teams still played some good walking football and the  the new players really enjoyed the game which  ended 0ne nil to the Blues. I would like to thank Alan Graham for refereeing the game we also told the players please try and arrive  for 9.45am. next week.

(If numbers continue to rise we may have to book ninety minutes with DYFC to give us some thinking time for managing with the increasing popularity of the Thursday sessions – and can review it in the next few weeks.   Next week Heywood intervenes again so we  may see some familiar faces missing – Ed..) – thanks for the report David.


“I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Denton Thursday teams today. My first game in three weeks and my first with Thursday for a good few months. I’m feeling good tonight.

Although my passing could have been more accurate at times I was well pleased with my nifty back heel slot through to Julie – or was it Ken? Can’t remember.

Later, I hit the deck hard after a legitimate block by Dave Cooper but got up again fast – spitting rubber crumb of course.

Thanks to all, especially Referee Dave Wilson who’s timely final whistle saved me a lot of embarrassment after a horrendously poor goalkeeper kick out, straight to the feet of the deadly Keith Oldham ~ as I said at the time “cheers Ref.” ! And well done to Russ Martin- he’d be the prime candidate for man of the match today ” – – – – – – – – – –  –  –  – –  – – – – –   – – – – – –  – – – – – – –  –  Alan Richards


October 4th.. and a one nil win to Blue. We await

Russ Martin – saved Blues bacon then served up a sizzler!

Dave Wilson’s report but here’s a pic of Russell Martin.

Blue’s matchwinner today……

David Wilson writes…

Denton Thursday Game, 4/10/2018

17 players turned up today , divided into eight Blues and Nine reds.
A welcome back to Joe Bemrose and Alan Richards after injury. Yours truly Refereed today.
Blues: Russ Martin Alan Richards Tony Cravagan Tony Berry Eric Thomas  Frank Matthews Steve Tomlinson Julie Walker

Reds:  Les Gillan Joe Bemrose Karen Bemrose Dave Cooper Keith Oldham John Gaskin David Welham Peter Quinn Tony Berry 

Some good football from both sides very even both Julie and Karen played well . there does not seem to be any reaction with Joe or Alan. a couple of runs but still some fine football from both sides.
Russ Martin scored the winning goal just after half time making it one nil to the Blues.
(goalkeeping heroics from Russ in the first half too – Ed.)

There was nothing much between both sides at all, great walkingfootball and fantastic passing again from both sides couple of runs again but a good game from both sides it was a game I really enjoyed Refereeing.

















September 27th 2018

BLUES 2 (Race, Quinn) REDS 1 (Wenham pen)

RACE SETS THE PACE….Alan Richards reports…

Dateline Denton September 27th. Thursday. Fifteen assembled for an hour of walking football fun. 8 v. 7 in both halves with the willing Steve Tomlinson switching teams at half-time. More good performances from all present who  relish the regular game of walking football.

  • – – – –
    John Race (or should that be Roy?) put the Blue’s in front. It stayed that way until the interval. Eric Thomas took a blow to the head in the first half but soon recovered. Be careful out there guys…and ladies.
  • – – – –
    After the break Peter Quinn doubled the Blue’s lead. To make mattersworse for Reds Eric Thomas wandered into his  ‘D’ and the resultant penalty was taken by an initially reluctant Russ Martin. His technique was nevertheless  spot on,  but unfortunately he steered the ball a foot wide of the left hand post.
    A third run for Reds for the energetic Tony Berry (this time) led to a second penalty. Tony Cravagan’s kick was punched over the bar by Dave Cooper but wouldn’t have counted after a shuffle of the feet.
  • – – – –
    Tony’s morning suffered another set back when, after a couple of warnings he was eventually penalised for running which this time led to some consolation for the Reds.
    David Wenham, fresh from his league exploits with the Nash Bees despatched the kick with aplomb to reduce the deficit. The final whistle followed immediately and the score finished two-one to Blues. Well done all. David Wilson and Joe Bemrose were  on the touchline supporting their team mates.
    The game photo was aborted  however, when the Ref cum photographer clicked the shutter. To his horror ‘no memory card’ flashed up before his eye *<blush>* .
    I’m not sure I can show my face next week.
    Please check your signing on status and if you have not yet paid your fiver time is fast running out….unlike most of the players this morning – WELL DONE.
  • For the record I refereed the game.


September 20th..


…and I told ’em OLDHAM!…Alan Richards writes…

Such an interesting game at King Street today as fourteen Denton Thursday regulars plus new man Ernie Greenwood. Tony Cravagan – in the absence of his partner, the injured Dave Wilson had begun to take in the subs – still a bargain at two pounds – as I arrived to Referee. John Race and Ernie Greenwood both ‘signed on ‘ today for the coming season which is already underway.
It was Greenwood who opened up the scoring for the Reds. Both teams looked evenly balanced but both the women present were in Blue bibs today. Julie Walker fleet of foot on the wing and Karen Bemrose, ever improving in the middle of the park with an eye to break forward.
A good goal from Ernie, as he continues to impress in these Thursday games. John Race double the Reds lead from the edge of the ‘D’ and Blues were up against it as half time approached.
Tony Berry almost unrecognisably slim since he fist tried walking football nine months ago came out of goals and was a real driving force for Blues. In my opinion Tony is ready to step up a gear with his walking football if he should so choose.
As the game passed the half hour mark there were only two recorded runs per team – this was the true walking game which has proven elusive .No further runs were recorded but Blues scored two quick goals. First, a well taken striked that outfoxed goalkeeper John Race. Karen Bemrose was the scorer to cap a god performance. The equaliser came soon afterwards when Berry fired home to level the scores.
The seconds were ticking away visibly as, with the last kick of the game Keith Oldham popped up to score a blistering winner to put even broader smiles on Red faces.
A really enjoyable morning. This is a slightly different ‘vibe’ to Tuesday games – vive la difference as they say in Lyon and various other French towns and cities, on this day I got the shiniest fifty pence coin I’ve ever seen and there’s a frog on it ! (checking ebay later)  Team photo later too.

– – – – – –


September 13th. 2018

Thursday women having a ball
Todays Game 13/9/2018 Dave Wilson writes..
Blues: Tony Caravagan Tony Berry Dave Cooper Keith Oldham
           Les Gillan Steve Tomlinson  David Welham Bev Kirkbride
Reds: David Wilson Brian Stafford Eric Thomas  Peter Quinn
        Russ Martin  Karen Bemrose  Julie Walker
Blues had the  kick off and some great  walking football followed  from both sides.
Tony Berry for the Blues played well in mid field and found Keith Oldham and he scored a great goal to make it One – nil to  Blues.  Reds  kept pushing forward Karen Bemrose got the ball just inside the Blues half and found Eric Thomas who found Peter Quinn,  he shot and  just missed !
– – – – –
Very even game for both sides.  Blues got the ball out to Dave Cooper then to Tony Berry, he then shot and scored making it two- nil to the Blues.
After 18minutes into the game David Wilson went down with a bad injury. Out came the medical box and  lots of support from everyone. Wilson was back  up after being attended to, and carried on.
– – –
After half time the Reds had the extra man, we had Keith Oldham.  Blues got the ball once again Steve Tomlinson  passing the ball forward to Bev Kirkbride,  then passed the  ball out to Les Gillan then back to David Wenham he shot and scored making it three nil to the Blues. Reds again still won a lot of the ball Brian Stafford shot a few times, just missing.
Reds won the ball with Peter Quinn passing  to Karen Bemrose taking a shot she just missed, then David Wilson won the ball taking players on and winning. Then  finding Brian Stafford  who played the ball out to Keith Oldham who shot and scored great goal 3 -1 to Blues.
Still both sides played good passing games and shooting. Eric Thomas won the ball again passing to Julie Walker.  She stopped it passed to Peter Quinn, out to Keith Oldham who shot again and scores 3 –  2 to Blues. Tony Berry was in goals for Blues played brilliantly nobody was pulled for running we all could not believe what a great day of walking football we had all three women played some great football Val, Karren and Julie really enjoyed playing Julie said great to be back  Ernie Greenwood turned up but an injury not to bad thinking of Fair play league he took some great photos for you Alan.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
CHECK OUT Ernie’s pics  <here>



September 6th.2018….and a 2-1 win for the Blues-
two new players – Ernie Greenwood (left) and Peter Quinn. Ernie crowned an eventful debut with two goals and a disallowed penalty conversion !

David Wilson reports…below…

Blues 2 (Greenwood 2)  Reds 1 (Wilson)
Today’s game of walking football the 6/9/2018 at Denton 13 players two new players Peter Quinn, and Ernie Greenwood. Peter played on Tuesday.  6 Blues and 7 Reds Tony Cravagan went in goals for Blue first Keith Oldham went in goal for Reds.  Welcome back Bev and Joe after injury.
– – – –
Alan Richards refereed the game, Reds took the kick off some great passing from both sides Blues had a lot of the ball considering they only had 6 players, then the reds got the ball with that man Eric Thomas controlling the midfield yet again with good support from Peter Quinn and John Race which they kept feeding Joe and myself up front’
 – – – – –
Then a new player arrived name of Ernie Greenwood.  He put a Blue bib on making it 7 v 7 still some great football from both sides.  I got pulled for running  (David Wilson) yet again. Karen Bemrose for Blues still showed her skill trapping the ball and looking for someone to pass to.
Just before halftime Reds picked up the ball in midfield by Eric Thomas out to John Race then a though ball to David Wilson which he put passed Tony Cravagan in goals 1 nil to Reds at half time.
– – –
Second half change of goalkeepers Joe Bemrose for Keith Oldham for Reds goals and John Gaskin  for Blues. Tony Cravagan still some great ball skills another run by Peter Quinn making it 2 runs to Reds. The new man Ernie for the Blues made a lot of differece some good ball skills from him using Brian Stafford a lot, and Mick Caldwell.  Caldwell was penalised for running  for Blues. Ernie Greenwood got the ball in the middle from John Gaskin and he shot and scored a great goal .  One each and a  change of goalkeepers for Reds with  John Race for Joe Bemrose, still some good skills played from both sides Karen Bemrose still had a lot of the ball, also did Bev for the Reds.  Another run ! this time from Eric Thomas making it 2 runs each good passing from both side you could see no body wanted to lose this game a draw would be great for both sides as they played well.  Another run from the Blues this time Steve Tomlinson  making it 3 runs to Blues.  Joe Bemrose took the kick and placed it wide.  Just missed.  still one  all,  then that new man again Ernie Greenwood got the ball from Brian Stafford  and took two players on and scored ! Making it 2 -1 to the Blues still the Reds pushed forward not giving up.  Another run this time by Keith Oldham (?- Ed) three runs. Blues Penalty Ernie Greenwood took but was disallowed due to many steps. Still some great football from both sides.  Another great game at Denton and welcome to the new players Peter Quinn and Ernie Greenwood.
Blues: Tony Cravagan Brian Stafford  Steve Tomlinson
          Mike   Caldwell  John  Gaskin Karen Bemrose Ernie  Greenwood
Reds: David Wilson Joe Bemrose Eric Thomas Keith Oldham John  Race
          Peter Quinn Bev  Kirkbride



Today’s Referee Garry Pearce
Woman of the match – Karen Bemrose








August 30th. The Wilson Report…

17 turned up today unfortunate Joe did not play due to injury so he said he would ref no problem, then Garry Pearce turned up which was great he said he had “come to have a look but not to play but would ref if that is okay with everyone.”
Joe said “great” so Todays game Thursday 30/8/2018 16 players 8 Reds V 8 Blues we played the normal walking football game which everybody was happy to play and also some of the players have not played under a good controlled game. I introduced Garry to everyone. Reds had Tony Berry in goals, Blues had Less Gillian. Reds had the kick off and both teams played some great football with some good touches and passing, but the Blues got the ball in the middle of the pitch Eric Thomas passed to Karen Bemrose, she trapped the ball looked up and saw Mike Caldwell. He turned shoot and scored ! Great goal . One-nil to the Blues but still Reds pushed forward. John Gaskin and John Race played some great football between them for the Reds. Mike Caldwell got booked for running ! 1 run against the Blues but still both side pushed forward Eric Thomas got booked for the Blues for contact ! The Blues picked the ball up again in the middle of the pitch this time it was Keith Oldham, he then passed to Brian Stafford he then found Karen Bemrose who found Mike Caldwell he turned and scored ! Two nil to Blues , Karen is not just kicking the ball she is stopping it looking around finding someone to pass to. Some great moves yet again from the Reds I David Wilson had plenty of the ball finding space or someone to go into space. Me and Steve Tomlinson played well together , which he passed to John Race back to me David Wilson I shoot but missed. Then Pick up the ball again, Brain Stafford had the ball passed to Karen again then to Eric Thomas he then found that man again Mike Caldwell making it three- nil to the Blue and Mike’s hat trick, half time we could not wait for it .

  • – – – – – – –
  • Second half brought a  change  of goalkeepers for both sides the Blue’s Tony Berry came out and Dave Cooper went in , Less Gillan came out and Tony Cravagan went in for Reds.  Blues kicked off and same again. Some great walking football from both sides you really could not see that the Blues were better than the Reds as the Reds did not give up at all Mike Caldwell got booked for running three times ! Penalty! to the Reds which Steve Tomlinson took and it was saved. Still the Reds pushed forward but lost the ball again in midfield Eric Thomas picked the ball, up passed to Brian Stafford and he shot and scored great goal Four nil now to Blues. Reds kicked off, the ball went to David Whelan (Wenham? Ed.) he found John Race, he found Steve Tomlinson he shot and scored a fantastic goal 4-1 to the Blues. Still both sides pushed forward Karren entered the D ! (Oh NO!! – Ed.) Penalty to the Reds which David Whelan (Wenham?) took and scored making it 4-2 to the Blues still some good football from both sides if I was to pick a player of the game it would be Karen Bemrose as she played some great all-round football a game which was well refereed by Garry Pearce I thanked him very much for refereeing today’s game it was an experience for some that have never played under a controlled game before but said it was great another great Thursday at Denton Walking Football.


(Unless I’m dreaming David,  you have had lots of  different Referees  on a Thursday over the months.  Sometimes when you were not there. Stewart White, Keith Burrows Alan Graham  and myself to name  but four – Ed.)
AUGUST 23rd. 2018 – and it looks like Thursday’s are becoming Tuesday Mark Two…

Today’s report from David Wilson at Denton….
16 players turned up me and Tony explained would you like to play normal walking football yes everybody said, Mike Caldwell did the warm up 8 Blues v 8 Maroons (what happened to the red bibs? – ED) due to some injuries Tony Berry played in goals for the Maroons and Frank Matthews played in goals the Blues the Martin Heath said let me see how I go on I refereed and played.  Some great football from both  (very evenly matched)  sides.  Joe Bemrose had a lot of shots on goal for the Blues but he could not score. Some good all-round banter from both sides, Karen Bemrose also had a lot of the ball not just shooting but stopping the ball and finding players to pass to. Maroons pushed forward in the first half,  Tony Cravagan sent a great ball to me which I then found Eric Thomas, he shot with his right foot and scored making it 1 nil to the Maroons still some great football from both sides.
– – – – – –
Keith Oldham and Mike Caldwell had a lot of the ball for the Blues but could not put it away.  Change of goalkeepers for the Blues Martin Heath for Frank Mathews,  at half time it was still 1 nil to the Maroons. Second half both sides  pushed forward Keith Oldham got the ball on the left wing,  passed to John Race who then passed to John Woodhouse who shot and scored !  making it 1 all.  Still the Maroons had plenty of the ball. Another Change of goalkeepers for the Blues Frank Matthews went in for Martin Heath. Karren Bemrose had lots of the ball in the second half shooting a lot but could not get it passed Frank Matthews. The game finished a one-one draw.  A very fair result and another great day of walking football at Denton everybody enjoyed the normal game.
Frank Matthews
Joe Bemrose
Mike Caldwell
John Race
John Woodhouse
Keith Oldham
Steve Tomlinson
Martin Heath
Tony Cravagan, David Wilson, K Bemrose, Tony Berry,Les Gillan,John Gaskin,Eric Thomas,David Wenham.



David Wilson’s latest write up….16/8/18

Thursday Blues 0 Thursday Reds 3 (Caldwell, Oldham, Richards)

Weather not looking good at all as 10 players turned up today. A  5 v 5 followed, and wwe decided to play with the small net but different than normal with one defender nominated to be inside the ‘D’ who could  come out but could not handle the ball inside the D.  It will be automatically  a penalty if handled.  You could  change the person in the D at anytime during the game. Myself and Tony Cravagan  refereed half a game each.  I took  the first half . Some great football from both sides and the passing was brilliant.  Both sides had some great shots on goal.  Alan Richards handled the ball inside the ‘D’ for the Reds so there was a penalty awarded to the Blues. Tony Cravagan took it but missed , with the ball going well wide of an unguarded net from the halfway line. Just before half time Mick Caldwell scored a great goal for the Reds to make it one nil.

  • – – – – –
  • After half time both teams still played some good football everybody was still happy with the format we were playing both sides had lots of shots on goal especially Karen and Joe Bemrose.  Then the Reds were awarded a penalty when David Moore handled inside the ‘D’. Richards took the kick and narrowly missed.  Shortly afterwards  Keith Oldham scored a great goal  making it 2 nil to the Reds.  The Blues heads did not drop, they would not give up at all, still coming forward but very unlucky on goal. Then Richards found space took a shot and scored a great goal making it 3 nil to Reds. All in all a great day at Denton everybody really enjoying a mornings day of football.

*already had favourable comments on that format of the game – ideal for 5 v.5 or similar numbers. – Ed.



Thursday regulars who have all signed on for 2018/19….

Russell Martin, Tony Berry, Dave Cooper, Keith Oldham, Frank Matthews, Eric Thomas,Joe Bemrose, Dave Wilson, Tony Cravagan , John Gaskin, Steve Tomlinson, Brian Stafford, David Wenham, …..David Moore today (16/8/18)

THE WILSON REPORT – Denton Thursday 9/8/18 *edited*

Blues 2 (Oldham 2, ) Reds 4 (Caldwell 3, Berry)

Today’s report Thursday 9th August:
2018 10am. at Denton, 12 turned up well come back Eric Thomas six-a-side me and Tony explained that we are going to try playing the normal game that we play on Tuesday’s larger nets they all agreed which we did it was due to some of the Thursday lads that are in team that are playing in the Summer festival have never played with big nets and can not go into the ‘D’ and can shoot anywhere outside the D and can also pass back to the goalkeeper at any time I explained it to them and they were very happy to try it. Reds v Blues, most of the Thursday team played in Red Tony Cravagan went in goals for Reds and Alan Richards went in goals for Blues and I refereed the game.

From the kick off both teams played well. Some great football with excellent passing. Eric Thomas was fantastic in midfield, especially playing along side Tony Berry and Dave Cooper.

You could tell Eric (back after a few weeks absence) had missed playing the game. The Reds took the lead scored by Tony Berry. Some of the lads that had not played this way before looked very promising especially Berry in defence and Dave Cooper. Even Karen Bemrose, watched by her injured husband Joe,  had a brilliant game today. Just before half time the Reds scored another goal, scored by Mike Caldwell, which was a great one making it 2 nil to Reds at half-time.

Caldwell and Berry did the damage

As the second half got underway the Blues soon scored a great goal which was scored by Keith Oldham which is one of my Thursday Team. So, 2 – 1 to the Reds. Some more great football from both sides Karen had a great chance which Alan in goals for the Blues nearly let a shot go in from Karen very unlucky she was, then the Blues scored anther goal scored once again  Mike Caldwell making it 3- 1 to the Reds some great passing no bad challenges just good football then another goal scored for the Blues  by Keith Oldham making it 3 2 to the Reds. There followed some bad defending from the Blues to let that man Caldwell in again (‘keeper cruelly exposed ! – Ed.) to score his hattrick making it 4 – 2 to the Reds. A great game all round and  we asked if they preferred this game or the one with the small nets, all liked this one great day at Denton.

(Editors note: We need to offer something different on a Thursday – otherwise it just becomes an extension of Tuesday. Keep experimenting with formats and there’s no need to go hard and fast on just one so long as everyone is enjoying it. Consider bigger D’s with small goals and score ONLY OUTSIDE the ‘D’ with limited access for defenders, maybe nominate 2. Goalkeepers are not always easy to find for the larger goal game and power shooting will put some off – although we didn’t see much of that today) Thanks to Tony Cravagan and David Wilson for their help with today’s session – which was notable for the amount of laughter !


  • David Wilson reports on today’s game 2/8/18…
Another good turn out 15 players 7 v 8 Blues versus Reds  one new player Martin Heath come today and  I took the warm up.  Some great football from both sides the new player Heath showed he had played this game before but he said he never played walking football at all.  Some nice touches from him to other players.   The Blues went one up before half time scored by John Gaskin, just after the goal Joe Bemrose went down injured.  Hadge Cooper had turned up to watch so we asked him if he would like to play due to Joe’s injury he was happy to make the numbers up.
– – – – –
Half time and it was still one nil to Blues, after half time some more great football from both teams.  New man Martin Heath went close as did  Keith Oldham.  Heath  really enjoyed himself due it being is first time but Blues went further ahead  due to an unfortunate own goal from Ken Dean. Still some good football from both sides no bad football at all, the Blues gave away a penalty due to three runs : David Wilson took it and hit the post.  All in all a great morning of brilliant walking football from both sides. Thursdays are getting to be very popular which is great for everyone involved.
Blues 2 (Gaskin ,  Dean o.g.)
Reds 0
Edited + for the record Alan Richards Refereed the game – Ed.

Here are some photo’s from today. A day when Martyn Heath, Keith Oldham and Frank Matthews signed on for 2018/19 joining other Thursday men Dave Cooper , Russell Martin & Tony Berry plus Dave Wilson , Tony Cravagan and John Gaskin…. all of August to sign up so no hurry. 🙂

August 2nd. Thursday line ups
Martyn Heath
John Woodcock







26th.July 2018 and David Wilson reports from King Street…

A great turn out today of 19 players I refereed first half the Tony Cravagan did the second on a long pitch 9-a-side and  everybody was happy with the teams selected. 9 Blues and 9 Reds some great football from both sides brilliant passing no running at all one contact, we had a water break half way in the first half then just before half time that man again Keith Oldham score a great goal half time Blues 1 Reds 0 we talked at half time we were all in agreement that there can not be more than three players in the D at one time, another great half of football with some brilliant passing once again. Just before full time the Reds equalized making it one all which we all said a great result, every one really enjoyed the game.

(David Cooper signed on for 2018-2019)  Thanks David for the report. Referees don’t pay to play so we owe you and Tony £1 each. Well done and thanks for taking the session to everyone’s enjoyment.

19th.July 2018….

A Bakers dozen at King Street today with  a few familiar faces missing. Red were six. Seven in the Blue team but this was not apparent as Reds looked superior. Roy Smith,  a Thursday newcomer took  a while to adjust to walking but he and Cravagan plus Caldwell made for good attacking intent. Blues packed their defence but  Keith Oldham bagged a fine brace to put them two up and in the driving seat in a game of thirds (heat) . Another relative newcomer John Woodcock found himself defending for Blues.  John Gaskin reduced the arrears with  a  smartly taken finish. Right at the end a third run (only four runs today in all) led to  a last gasp penalty. With  a chance to equalise the game Steve Tomlinson’s  long distance pass into an empty goal struck the right hand post. (not easy to convert) Final Score Six Reds 2 : Seven Blues 1.  Well done all.

Reds 2 (Oldham, 2)  Blues 1 (Gaskin)


IMPORTANT NOTE: Tony Berry and John Gaskin paid £5.00 each signing on fee today. If you did too please remind me – there may have been one more I did not record.  – let me know a.s.a.p. Sign on fees due in August (they help pay for ongoing insurance costs). Ed.



Reds 2 (Wilson, Stafford)  Blues 1 (Oldham)

July 12th…2018 and David Wilson’s recollections of another close encounter…..

I guess that’s why they call them the Blues –  pic:Alan Richards

Another great turn out once again fifteen,  A 7 V 8 Blues V Reds with brand new tops, the  weather was not too great but still,   some great football played from both sides the Blues took an early lead in the first half scored by Keith Oldham.  Then the Reds were awarded (handball)  a penalty which David Wilson took and missed. But near the end of the first half  Wilson got on the score sheet making it one each at half time. When some photo’s were taken…

We did not change the sides round as everybody was happy , second half the Blues were awarded a penalty (handball) which Joe Bemrose took and missed !  Still both teams were playing some great Football some brilliant passing: then from out of nowhere the Reds scored a second goal through Brian Stafford making it 2-1 to the Reds.  Near the end of the game the Reds got a second penalty (three runs) which Brian Stafford took and missed the Reds come out the winners 2-1 fantastic morning’s walking football played in great spirit by all.

Brian Stafford – winning goal

Ref’s note: No contact offences penalised and very little running made this an enjoyable game to officiate. Everyone played their part in an enjoyable morning of walking football.  Even me. 🙂

…send them victorious…pic: Alan Richards




July 5th – and David Wilson reports on a memorable  encounter at King Street…

15 lads plus Karen making it 16 today 8 aside Tony refereed,  but stilled played.  Good even sides we saw the return of Brian Stafford, Kazakhstan Blues  v.  Yellows some great football from both sides first half the Blues took the lead from a fine goal by Mike Caldwell, Frank played really well for the Blues he did not just kick the ball he look for someone to pass to he did not just stand in the box he played out a lot he as come on a long way from starting playing at Denton,  half time 1-0 to Blues, we also had two water breaks in-between.  Second half still an even game then the Yellows scored by the one and only Karen Bemrose assisted by Keith Oldham,  all in all a great game this morning  and everybody enjoyed  themselves.

Kazakhstan Blues 1 ( Mike Caldwell )
Yellows 1 (Karen Bemrose)
We played with the little nets and bigger D  Which was great.  (thanks David…Tony too.
New bibs next week !!  – and welcome back Brian …Ed.)

Note: The  £5 donated to Lottie’s Little Legs’ by Eric was handed over to David Fielding (Lottie’s Grandad)  today at King Street. He was very appreciative “thanks Eric”.

June 28th. 2018


Pic: Alan Richards
Oranges and Blues featured in an 8 v 8 in strong warm sunshine today. The King Street pitch was hastily re-configured.
Blues set about building a barricade in their goal with Bev Kirkbride and Frank Matthews both magnificent in repelling all Orange chances to score until Karen Bemrose put her team ahead.
– – – – – –
We had two ‘half times’ in the heat. Dave Wilson missed a penalty for Orange after Bev had handled the ball in her ‘D’.
Russell Martin’s back heel almost doubled the Orange lead but they had to wait for mobile Mike Caldwell to score their second.
Blues needed to press forward with more invention and Eric Thomas began to provide it, helped by David Wenham and John Gaskin, who pulled a goal back. John then missed a penalty which could have brought the teams level (3 runs). Solid performances from everyone. David Wilson scored the decisive goal for Orange and Blues knew there was no way back.
Eric goes into hospital soon and will be missing for a while. We all wish him well – and thanks for the fiver donation to Lottie’s Little Legs’
Yours truly Refereed.
Full-time Orange 3 Kazakhstan Blues 1

June 21st. –

Twelve Thursday regulars turned up today. First time we’d seen Eric Thomas in  a while. Mike Caldwell took the warm up and selected the teams. A majority wanted the novelty ‘points’ game where both larger and small goals are utilised.
Yours truly Refereed. The ‘Score’ ended  Fifteen points to Seven in favour of the team wearing white bibs.
Keith Oldham was particularly effective and Eric Thomas hit the ground walking. Bev Kirkbride scored a rare goal – or two points in the small goals.
Well done all.

News from King Street of the June 14th. session – Stewart White reports…

Denton Thursday @ King Street
14th June 2018

Blues 13 Oranges 12
(scorer’s goals in brackets)

Blues: Oranges:
Steve Tomlinson (2) Dave Wilson (4)
Tony Cravagan (4) Joe Bemrose (4)
Keith Oldham (5) Frank Matthews
Karen Bemrose Dave Cooper
Tony Berry Mike Caldwell(2)
Russ Martin (2) Referee White (2)

The weather wasn’t as kind as of late and the swirling wind across the pitch, on occasions, made it difficult to control the ball.
However, this didn’t deter this fine band of determined players in their quest to produce a feast of goals.

Today’s game had an amended format of a strike in the mini nets counting for 2 goals / 1 goal for a strike in the larger nets with no ingress into the “D” allowed other than for dead ball retrieval.

This produced a free flowing game of football with everyone seeing their fair share of the ball.

Tony Cravagan’s intelligent play and Russ Martin’s shooting accuracy produced 5 goals in the opening period for the Blues.
Mike Caldwell, Joe Bemrose and David Wilson replied for the Oranges to make it 5-5 at half time.
Frank Matthews and Dave Cooper put in steady performances for the Oranges and Tony Berry with Steve Tomlinson gave sterling displays in the Blues’ midfield.

The second half provided even more goals and Blues Keith Oldham really capitalised on some good positional play to score 5 goals aided by Karen Bemrose’s intelligent running off the ball.
Dave Wilson, Joe Bemrose, Mike Caldwell and Referee White all added to the Oranges’ scoreline but goals from Steve Tomlinson, Tony Cravagan and Keith Oldham’s late strike sealed it for the Blues to edge home the winners.

Apologies to the players for reporting the score incorrectly at the end of play but a later reference to my notes quite clearly shows the final score as Blues 13 Oranges 12.
Well done to everyone for a very enjoyable game.


The session on June 14th. will be taken by Stewart White.  The following week (21st.)  there will be a charity game on the  other pitch. ‘The Longest game on the Longest Day  for Lottie’s Little Legs’ appeal so the car park and the pitch area will be much busier than usual.


June 7th…More sunshine and a nine goal thriller !

It was a six versus five thriller at Denton today, for most of the game anyway.
Six Yellows faced five Greens. Keith Oldham back heeled on to a post for Yellows early doors and started very well. It was Karen Bemrose who levelled Mike Caldwell’s opener for Greens.
Joe Bemrose put the ball in his own goal after being pressurised and the game went from one end to the other
Both teams had chances but Greens had them by the truck load. No end of gilt edged opportunities were spurned by a variety of players.

  • – – – – – –
    Karen Bemrose went on to score a hat-trick in the game and Steve Tomlinson scored a fine penalty from the halfway line. (three Green runs)
    At 4-1 to Yellows Referee Richards joined the Green team. Mike Caldwell pulled one back and then Russell Martin set up a grandstand finish with two chances quickly converted into goals.
    It finished 5 – 4 to Yellows and a fine time was had by all. Tony Berry looks a much slimmer man than the one who first turned up at King Street about three months ago. A remarkable transformation he says he has ‘lost’ forty nine pounds with gym work backing up his walking football efforts. All the players have improved greatly and the increasing fitness is a pleasure to behold. Good to see John Race back after his calf problem.

May 24th..


A dozen walking footballers and one Referee at King Street.  Back to a mini-goal format and a really impressive display from all the players, especially the Black team and Steve Tomlinson deserves special mention. He hardly put a foot wrong.

Steve Tomlinson – impressive

An exemplary penalty put his team  further ahead after Karen Bemrose had opened their account. John Gaskin pulled one back before half time but after the break Les Gillan went close for Black’s and Keith Oldham went closer ! Adding two goals to seal the win. David Wilson missed a penalty with the last kick of the game. All players were really impressive this morning.  It was a good sight to see such improvement in passing and fitness levels. Well done all.

Todays teams

May 17th…

Denton Thursday 17th May 2018

Stewart White reports from King Street….

Black Bibs: 1
Dave Wilson (1 pen), Dave Cooper, Bev Kirkbride, Keith Oldham

White Bibs: 3
Steve Tomlinson (1),  Frank Matthews, Les Gillan, Tony Berry (2)

A lovely sunny day at King Street with 8 players taking the opportunity to shine.
No small goals today so the rules were amended and this produced a lively, entertaining game.
Everyone soon adapted to not entering the “D” and only scoring with a “hit” on the cone placed in the centre of the large goal.

This was a game of 3 “halves” to allow some respite from the very warm weather and Tony in particular was affected with his eyes streaming. White Bibs played with a compact shape and found the “net” 3 times through Tony “Aguero” Berry (2) and Steve Tomlinson (1).

Black Bibs never let their heads drop and played some decent football with several attempts on goal. Black bibbed Dave Wilson scored a late consolation goal from the penalty spot following ingress by Whites into the “D”.

Both sides produced good touches, passes and flowing football and it was a pleasure to referee with virtually no running nor physical contact.
Well done everyone!


May 10th.2018


WHITE BIBS 1 (Gaskin pen) BLACK BIBS 3 (Wilson 2, Walker)
A breezy day saw me struggling to get the banner up at Denton today.
First to arrive was David Wilson (thanks for the printing jobs Dave). We’d expected numbers to drop a little on last week with some hardy regulars otherwise engaged. We welcomed Julie Walker back from holiday in Spain.

  • – – – – – – – – – – –
    Warm up done and teams selected the game got off to a brisk start.
    David Wilson was again on target early doors, then hit another one to establish black supremacy. When Julie Walker added a third it was time to consider changing the teams. As Referee I let the game continue. This was not a trouncing but a fairly even game and we all have to take a defeat on the chin now and again.
  • Frank Matthews

    Frank Matthews must be singled out for praise as he is improving every week – a Rugby man, Frank’s started watching football on telly to pick up tips!
    On the other team Beverley Kirkbride also had a good game and is really getting to grips with passing and blocking the ball.

  • Bev and Russell

    Berry, Oldham  and Cooper tried to get the White’s back in it but it fell to John Gaskin to reduce the deficit with a penalty (3 runs Wilson/Wilson/Cravagan) from the halfway spot into an unguarded goal. A superb ‘straight down the middle’ kick of which Bing Crosby would have been proud !
    H-T 3-1 to Black’s.
    Wilson and Cravagan were again pulled for running after the break . David in particular escaped a blue card simply because it’s Thursday ! Blacks had the majority of the play but White’s were still in the hunt.
    The last kick of the game another penalty after three more Black runs Julie Walker made it a second half trio. This time Gaskin couldn’t apply the same steerage to his kick as it veered ever so slightly wide.

  • A good game , no goals in the second half so that was vindication for not changing the teams early doors. No White running offences all morning – well done.
  • Blacks: Wenham / Walker/ Cravagan /Wilson/Matthews/Martin
    Whites: Oldham / Kirkbride / Cooper D / Berry / Gillan / Gaskin – see photo below.
  • Pic:Alan Richards



When Thursday Comes…May 3rd. 2018

We had to lengthen then pitch at half time today. We live and learn, 8 v. 9 in the first half blacks versus whites. Some good chances fell to the whites as Eric Thomas put the ball over the small goals, Joe Bemrose did the same.  For blacks, Tony Berrie came closest.  The half remained deadlocked: there is video <here>

The teams were evened out in the second half as yours truly abandoned the camers and donned a black bib.  Our team took the lead when Russell Martin put the ball into the net smartly.  Whites were awarded a penalty for a third black run !  Joe Bemrose placed the ball four metres wide from the halfway line – an unguarded mini-goal awaited his kick. Just before the end Bemrose J atoned with  a good team goal and the game ended honours even. Deservedly so.

More video to follow – so watch this space.  If you haven’t heard we have been awarded £600 by ‘Action Together’ for new equipment.  Another set of goals is on the agenda because we will soon need to go to two pitches !  Well done all…enjoy the film which concludes <here>

Thanks to Stewart White for Refereeing.

Denton Thursday – April 26th 2018


Last weeks sunshine forgotten…writes Alan Richards…

Stewart White and myself shared the Refereeing duties today as another bumper turnout of Eighteen saw us move to three quarters of the bigger pitch at King Street.
Black and White, ebony and ivory with the only Race present sustaining a calf injury and having to leave the field in the second half. Treatment with a deep freeze spray may have helped but John was hurting and will need to rest that calf for a few weeks.

John Race – calf problem

The teams were deadlocked in a good humoured first half. No goals to report. Scoring within the ‘D’ was difficult, it seemed.

  • – – – – – – – –

Terry Harrison turned up to have a gander and was impressed by the numbers.  Our group is certainly  prospering as today clearly demonstrated once again.

  • – – – – – – – –
  • The second half saw Stewart White testing his fitness ahead of a Manchester Corinthian’s date in Fleetwood tomorrow. As I took up the whistle and quickly pulled a couple of white bibs for running, they were walking a tightrope. Russell Martin – slightly against the run of play put White’s ahead in accomplished style.

    Russell Martin – matchwinner !
  • Black’s were playing the better football but could not breach white defences which Eric Thomas was marshalling well.
  • – – – – – – – – – – –
    The game was played fairly and in good humour though but a third run gave Mike Caldwell the chance to equalise with virtually the last kick of the match ! Into an unguarded goal from the half way line – a long way today – Mike chose to shoot rather than pass and the kick went well wide.
    So , a White win – not that it mattered. Everyone seemed to enjoy the bigger pitch. Female players Bev Kirkbride and Karen Bemrose were always involved and  are clearly improving as they go, as are so many of our regular male players too.
  • We might well video next weeks game  – suggested by Karen Bemrose.
  • Bev and Tony – team mates today
    Keith and Karen

  • Frank

  • __________________________

Thoughts go to John Race – take care of that injury and we’ll see you back when you’re ready.

There will be photographs later – including one of match-winner Russell Martin,so check back on this page.






April 19th…2018

King Street bathed in warm sunshine? Surely not.

Why aye man…at long last.  A stop start start, as new players turned up.  I’d stripped Bob of his walking football innards, in [reparation for a quick getaway to the edge of the Berwyn Mountains (Wales).  So back home for sign on forms.

Steve Tomlinson – “ready for Tuesdays”

Warm up underway as I returned courtesy of Stewart White. Alan Graham had also put in an appearance. Teams selected your truly donned a black bib and proceeded to play poorly for the most part but with one or two flashes of modest talent.

John Race

The Black team was underpinned with Eric Thomas in industrious mode at the back. Up front Wilson, Karen Bemrose and Cooper were almost permanent features. Whites twin threat of Caldwell and Bemrose J. had a plethora of chances and managed to convert two of them into goals.  New men John Race (no relative of Roy, I asked)..and Steve Tomlinson…supported by nearly new man Gillan  (Les, sorry if I’ve got that wrong). The new Adidas Rosario ball was being stroked about nicely by both teams (sometimes) John Gaskin moving Blacks forward and the indomitable Frank Matthews – white bibbed-  often on hand to repel boarders. We were all warned that the warmth might catch up with us so ‘take it easy’ was the cry. Tony Berry left the pitch for a few minutes but came back looking lively. Everyone else played their part but it would be folly to mention each and every but Karen Bemrose was in the right place at the right time to pull one back for Blacks.

Thanks to Stewart White for his Refereeing, calmly and efficiently. Please let’s not question Ref’s decisions. This is a bit of fun for all of us – not discounting our volunteer Ref.

Final Score. Blacks 1 (Karen Bemrose) :2 Whites (Caldwell, Joe Bemrose)



Clocking on for a demanding shift….BLACK 1  (Oldham) – WHITE 2. (Wilson 2, 1 pen.)

Alan Richards reports

Thirteen on a Thursday, an alliterative gift  which one  can’t easily spurn.

We gathered by the new Jim Thompson ‘Memorial Clock’ in rare sunshine for a photo and paused to reflect.
The game was 7 v. 6 yours truly refereed. Blacks worked hard to overcome the numerical disadvantage. None more so than a seemingly tireless  Lawrie O’Toole who put in a committed shift, knee heavily strapped.
Blacks took the lead with a good finish from Oldham.  A name synonymous with Denton for many years. Oldham’s Batteries were perhaps  the towns premier employer for several decades.  Appropriate then that an Oldham should score the  inaugural ‘Clock End’ goal !  Full of walking today was Keith,  whilst using the ball intelligently.

But White’s fought back.  Eric Thomas the architect lying deep, for the most part. Joe Bemrose another, more advanced and  nursing his knee but  finding some commendable passes with his trusty left foot. The eager Wilson darting here and there,  usually within a few yards of the opposing goal.  Gaskin, ever ready to receive a pass .It was Wilson who drew the scores level and the game then turned into a closely ‘fought’ encounter. Russell Martin in white, eager to contribute,  and always in the thick of it covering every crumb of the rubber based 3g.
Canny Cravagan – who suits a black bib, Charlton-esque (not sure which one yet, maybe Tommy)  pivotal for Black’s and aided by a solid Frank Matthews, with a lively, aptly named Julie Walker up front, a thorn in the side of White’s (especially Joe). Karen Bemrose in support trying to capitalise on ghosting into the ‘D’ while nobody’s looking.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – –

Only two or three instances of minor contact, and the first half running count was low (Wilson one Blacks nil) but as the second half under a warming sun drained the  legs of some, and the end drew nigh, O’Toole – still with energy to burn –  transgressed , as had Cravagan twice earlier and a penalty was awarded.

Ebony and Ivory – feel a song coming on ?

Drama. Up stepped leading man Wilson. Full of confidence  and with a certain swagger about him today. From the halfway line into an unguarded goal a supremely confident  kick which tracked ‘straight down the middle’ unerringly, towards the ‘Clock End’, straight as an arrow to clinch white supremacy 2-1.

  • – – – – – —
  • Well done all. I missed my brew because in all honesty it took me five minutes, struggling on my Jack Jones  to get the clock’s backing panel off the fence!  Back to the drawing board – I shall sling those hooks and find some new, more functional ones. All agreed it’s a welcome addition and a great tribute – and so big you can see it from the furthest corners of our King Street ground – always the intention.
  • More words than normal today as I’m feeling  loquacious – it might be the sunshine (or the beer)  and the fact I later got my fence posts concreted in somewhat successfully. See you next week. Working on  a banner to  enhance  future photographs.
  • Teams:
    Black: Matthews / Cravagan/ Bemrose K/ Walker/ O’Toole/ Oldham
    White: Bemrose J/ Wilson / Martin/ Kirkbride/ Thomas/ Berry / Gaskin
zooming in on the clock – half time shot



Denton Walking Football Group logo with Badger motif courtesy of Keith Burrows:

A gift for Karen from Keith

DENTON THURSDAY 1  ( Walker) DENTON THURSDAY 2 (Oldham, Bemrose K)

Even with some notable absentees we still had a healthy turnout of thirteen players at King Street this morning.

Pic: Alan Richards

Newcomer John Woodcock and Dave Cooper joined in with the group and seemed to enjoy it.
Once the warm up was done we set about a 7 v. 6 game that was keenly contested in the best sense of the word.

Tony Berry and Dave Cooper

Only two running offences (Richards Refereed) in the first half and none I recall in the second half when Keith Burrows took charge of the old British Railways ‘Acme Thunderer’. Contact was virtually non-existent.But this was not a tame game . Everyone was moving and ball was being sprayed about the pitch.
Julie Walker opened the scoring for Bibs, a poachers goal as she turned in an effort from a teammate. An impressive Keith Oldham equalised for Plains who had slight numerical advantage. Some tricky play from Eric Thomas and Tony Berry is regaining his touch of old.
Russell Martin industrious as ever and the improving Frank Matthews were busy for Plains as was David Moore – who picked up a hamstring injury…hope it soon heals. John Woodcock has obviously played the game in his youth.

John Woodcock

The deadlock at 1 – 1 maintained until deep into the second half . Karen Bemrose, always lurking near the Bibs goal just failed to cotton on to a fine long ball from Richards but minutes later she was in just the right place to score the winning goal as Oldham (I think) laid on another glorious chance.
The result was not important though as everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
Another good morning. We may well have to go to the bigger pitch before long.


new balls please – size 4

March 22nd. 2018…

6 v. 6 Refereed by David Partington today and a 4- 2 win for the Plain shirts over Yellow Bibs.

We welcomed newcomer Beverley Kirkbride and it was a pleasure to meet Tony Berry for the first time.  Some really good passing once again and really relaxed, but purposeful  feel about the game.  David Wilson is one of the early goalscorers I can recall.  Bibs led 2-0 and Referee Partington changed the teams a little with Bev K donning  a bib. Eric Thompson played well for the Plains alongside O’Toole and Martin and they pulled the score back to 2-2 by half time. Karen Bemrose was on target for Plains as they started to ease ahead. Cravagan was bossing the Bibs defence with timely interceptions but all over the pitch there was effort and movement. Julie Walker for instance who was changing wins and offering an outball for her team mates. Frank Matthews and Tony Berry were also contributing to the cause and Berry scored another of Plains goals. An own goal from Keith Oldham put them further in front I can’t remember the rest of the scorers but it doesn’t matter.  Look at the photo, we all had a good time.

A special word for Jim Thompson’s Wife Jackie who came to see us and donate a very generous cheque to Striders funds, and to give the group a copy of the order of service for Jim’s funeral which took place last week. Another memento in his memory.   More on this in due course.

Well done today, I enjoyed it as much as anybody and thanks to David Partington for Refereeing and to  Joe Bemrose for your support .

Thanks on Thursday to Jackie Thompson for coming out to see us



Media man Cravagan reports…

Denton Thursday 15 March 2018 Tony Cravagan reports:
Venue – King St Stadium
Plains – Partington,Brooke’s,Berry,O’Toole,Mathews.
Bibs – Cravagan,Martin,Thomas,Gaskin,Walker.
Warm and Referee – Stuart White.
Attendance – 2 seagulls and a magpie.

All players shone on this grey morning, a magnificent 10.
An interesting experiment was the introduction of the smaller size 3 football. Initially strange but as the game progressed it resulted in some excellent passing and ball control.

Even at half time 1-1 with goals from Partington and Martin.

Second half pressure from the Plains resulted in two breakaway goals one from Brooke’s and a pick of the bunch debut goal from Berry !
Not deterred was queen of King St, Julie Walker, who was unfortunate not to be on the score sheet.

Result – Plains 3 Bibs 1

Great game concluding it may be worth trying out a size 4 ball.

Thanks to all


8/3/18  No ball  for Wilson’s hat -trick but he did take one today….

Ten of us this day on wet, snowy Thursday in Denton. These sessions are sustaining themselves, numerically and financially now.
Stewart White Refereed (thanks Stewart) and some very satisfying walking football ensued.
With a potential new player watching from the sidelines we set about our game and David Wilson – in a very advanced position at times – claimed a first half hat trick in a Yellow bib. (speaking of which we appear to be a couple of them light so if you took yours home please bring it back next week). David later took  a full blooded ball in his nether regions and he went down in some pain. A mixed day for our committee man.

Teams today Thursday 8/3/18 Pic: Alan Richards
Joe and Karen Bemrose

It was 3-2 at half-time with Plain ‘s trailing. They soon set about turning things around. Goals were shared around the team. Some really good movement  and passing as they overhauled the Bib’s and went into a 7-3 lead.

A foul in the Plain’s ‘D’ led to a penalty for Bib’s though- from the halfway point into an unguarded goal supremely confident Keith Burrows struck the ball unerringly into the small goal.

Thanks to all who turned up.

Bibs: Bemrose K, Martin, Burrows, Wilson, Matthews

Plains: Stafford  Bemrose J , Richards, Oldham, Walker



This is the report on today’s match. I think I have got this right, Dave asked me to write it….

Karen Bemrose reports…
It was a brisk, dry morning in Denton, the session was taken by Dave Partington, due to Alan playing in Burnley. There were 8 players, 4 bibs and 4 non bibs playing with the injured Joe Bemrose supporting his wife Karen.
It was a very one sided game in the first half with the non bibs leading 3 goals to nil. goals from Dave Partington, the new lady Julie Walker and Lawrie O’Toole.
There was a change to the teams at half time where Dave Partington changed to the bibs and Frank changed to the non bibs.
– – – – – – – – –
At the start of the second half the game changed, the bibs were attacking non stop, leading to a goal from David Wilson to make it 3-1, then Karen Bemrose scored to make it 3-2, Dave Partington levelled to make it 3-3, then Brian Stafford scored to make it 4-3 to the non bibs. The game was hotting up, the bibs were hoping for another goal to at least equalise. Dave Wilson trying to pass it to Karen Bemrose who was in the “D” to score but Brian Stafford was always in the way defending well. Lawrie O’Toole had a few falls ( Take care of your knee).
Eventually David Wilson scored to level the game 4-4 with 3 minutes to go, both sides wanted to score to win the game, Dave Partington passed the ball to Karen Bemrose as she was getting into the “D” to score, she actually scored it to make it 5-4 to the bibs.
With one minute to go, a long pass from Keith to Karen to certainly score, nobody was on her, just knock it into the net, she missed a sitter 2 feet away from the goal, the miss of the century, she couldn’t believe it. She won’t live that down for some time. (we have all done that and the century is still young Karen – Ed.)
A few new players didn’t turn up and were missed especially the two ladies, Margaret and Myra.
A good game by all and a thank you to Dave Partington for refereeing the game.
See you all next week.
ps. I am sorry if I got some of the goal scorers wrong, you can tell me off next week, haha.
(Sounds like a good game and a good time – thanks David)
I hope this is all okay Alan, I hope it makes sense.

Denton Thursday is back this week!  22/2/18 with David Partington *please note* THAT session will now be the last of the free to play offer, no matter how many times you have played with us…thanks.

 I’ll be at Burnley F.C. where we are playing their Community WF team (see  you on the 1st.March) (Ed.)

PLEASE NOTE:ALL *FREE* WALKING FOOTBALL ENDS with February  – £2 per player from 1/3/18


February 8th.. Benign weather and two new faces…

An encouraging turnout of eleven today plus myself who tried to Referee and to play simultaneously – jack of both trades master of neither.  A good friendly game and the warm up which preceded it was peppered with laughter. Good to hear. We do not take ourselves too seriously at Denton Thursday and hopefully it will remain ever slightly more light hearted than some walking football we know. (and love actually). Four ladies with newcomer Julie WALKER joning in with Myra, Margaret and our only ever present lady , Karen. Also linking up with us for the first time was Frank Matthews from Stalybridge. Good to have you onboard and on side. Julie scored a goa on her debut and the team in yellow bibs were the better side. The game ended 4 – 1 but the score was soon forgotten as we enjoyed a brew together afterwards.

Next week it’s hoped that Stewart will take the session (assuming he is over the ‘flu’) as yours truly is away at Heywood with the competitive team of Over 65 men. As the ‘Persimmon’ money is exhausted now, it’s the last *free* session no matter how many times you have been. From the 22nd. February we have to ask everyone for £2.00 please. Not bad with  a brew thrown in. This figure will be reviewed by the committee at the next meeting and discussed with all the regular players at the end of February (Tuesday) meetings. (more on those later)

I will be missing the next two Thursday’s as the Striders  have a friendly match at Burnley F.C. Community trust, Turf Moor on the 22nd.  David Partington will be there to greet you all (and take your money I’m afraid).

When the weather improves I can see twenty players turning up at King Street on Thursdays. We might need another set of goal posts or adapt some others we have. When numbers increase to sixteen or more we can use the bigger pitch lay out or ultimately go to two pitches.

If any regular Thursday player wants to attend an F.A. Emergency first aid course at our expense and become a regular first aider at our sessions please let me, or a committee member know.

Committee: Stewart White (get well soon) / David Wilson /David Partington / Graham Brown (Co-Treasurer) Gordon Nixon (Chairman)

Here’s a pic of today’s teams …

Pic: Alan Richards





The surface at King Street looked distinctly uninviting when I arrived this morning.
I set to, clearing the lines and after a quick word with Graham Brown we decided it was playable so long as people were sensible. Indeed they were – eminently sensible.

Clearing the lines
Groundstaff battled to get the game on
Karen Bemrose

Eight players for a four-a-side romp on something that looked like ice, but wasn’t. 3 – 3 was the final score so another honourable draw. The ladies were heavily involved with some good play from Margaret and Karen.            All the men gave it their all and a good workout ensued.
Slowly the 3g merged from underneath white stuff and traction was not a problem – no slip ups and nobody on the deck from what I remember, as Referee.

I congratulate everyone for turning up on a morning like that. I’ve just taken a ‘phone call from a ‘Julie’ in Denton who saw the poster in Morrisons and wants to come next week.
Let’s hope she does.

‘snow problem

January 25th…

DENTON THURSDAY – sweet sixteen finish all square…


Margaret & Myra

Some better weather saw a good turnout of sixteen players today! Well Refereed by Stewart White. A leisurely more relaxed game than  we see on Tuesday’s, but still  a decent work out.  Everyone was involved and we made sure of that. 3-3 at half time it finished 4-4. More importantly I think everyone had a good time. Welcome to new man Steve Rourke who has played at the Etihad complex.  Lawrie O’Toole was back,  his thigh has recovered from a strain. We were joined by two more ladies.

Steve Rourke

Margaret and Myra both  got stuck in and played some good passes.  Karen continued her improvement. Stewart reported a bit of dissent , swearing and people questioning his decisions.  This is a light-hearted  session guys so let’s not be silly about contesting decision.

Encouraging progress then. Soon we may need to go to another pitch which means more mini-goals (I’m going to look for a sponsor or some money from somewhere as quality ones are not cheap.  See you next week, let’s keep it going. Thanks to Stewart for Refereeing, and who even changed Margaret’s wheel for her after the game !  Hope the rest of the morning wasn’t as flat for you as your tyre Margaret.

two went half-time walkabout


Eight turned out today – January 18th. the weather was uninspiring and we had a couple of players who had made their apologies.  Yours truly Referee’d, and we had a good game (after all 4 v. 4 is like five-a-side when you don’t have goalkeepers) Dave Partington added to the mix of regulars with Stewart White on the opposing side there was some good football from the two playmakers. David Wilson & Joe Bemrose took the lions share of goals scored, Joe converting a penalty from the half way line with aplomb.  Brian Stafford and Russell Martin both worked hard for the cause.  Keith Oldham very mobile in an Orange bib. Karen Bemrose is becoming more mobile and dispossessed a couple of players with clean challenges at exactly the right moment, followed by good use of the ball. Alan Graham watched from the touchline and Mike Caldwell arrived with ten minutes to go. No photo today – largely because I forgot ! Some better weather would assist our Thursday turnout but I’d personally like to thank all of those who have 100% attendance and are now paying for the privilege. Russ, Karen, Joe, and Keith. Thank you. I hope the game today was worth two quid 🙂  – See you next week?



Compared to some of the weather we have played in lately, tomorrow (18th) looks relatively benign….however….

Yours truly wont be playing due to an injury flare up and Tony Cravagan is unlikely to be there after missing Tuesday with illness. Lawrie O’Toole may also be considered doubtful with his thigh strain.  Hopefully numbers will still hold up. We only need ten for a decent game of mini-goal score in the ‘D’ walking football so hopefully, with a call going out to committee members we can get  a game on. See you there with all the gear we need.


**we are lowering the age limit for women players to encourage more to try the game with us*

…this on a trial basis so let’s see how it goes…any woman over 35 – ish is welcome to play for free for now


Thursday 11th. January 2018 – steady growth…


new man…Eric Thomas

A growing number like it on a Thursday.  A  vague hint of a brighter morning greeted fourteen players for a mini-goal game.  We warmed up and off we went. Another new  face and a familiar old one swelled the numbers.

Three nil up at half time the plain jackets & shirts inspired by new man Eric Thomas, and Oldham, Bemrose J, and Caldwell providing the goal threat. Second half it was a different story. Lawrence O’Toole went off with  a thigh strain (get better soon but don’t rush it Lawrie) The bibs began to claw back the deficit with Terry Harrison on the mark. David Wilson added a second.  Plains hit back but the result didn’t matter it was a good game and good exercise. For some, this was the final *FREE* week (£2 next time please)  but let’s keep the growing momentum going. We might soon need a bigger pitch or even two of them ! If you are a Tuesday regular hovering around sixty five years of age get down on ~~Thursday’s you will be welcome.  If you do it quickly you will get four weeks in  *FREE* – ends on 8/2/18. Join this happy, smiling throng…

Wilson Thomas Cravagan Oldham Harrison Caldwell Cooper (crouching) O’Toole Bemrose J Bemrose K Martin Williams Stafford pic. Alan Richards



pic: Alan Richards

There shall be NO Goalkeepers.

Score ONLY within the ‘D’.  Any player can enter the ‘D’

Obviously no contact and no running.


RULE ADDITIONS. 1.  No ‘own’ goals can be scored from outside the ‘D’.

2. Penalties :all players behind the ball. Kicker attempts to find the empty net

from the halfway line, or roughly halfway down the pitch or thirty steps whichever is the nearer’ No step restriction in this form of penalty kick. If the kick strikes the frame of goal and rebounds into play it should be treated as a ‘dead ball’ and played out into play from the ‘D’ by a defender. No attacking players in the ‘D’ while he does it.

Other rules may be made up as we go along 🙂



Thursday 4/1/18  –

We are seeing a nucleus of players turning out on Thursday. stalwarts of old and new faces too.
Today we were joined by Lawrie O’Toole who soon settled in and showed some good touches and a willing work rate. He looked a bit tired at the end but most of us were.

Like Arnie ‘he will be back’.
A five v. five that saw a win for Plains by the narrowest of margins. One-nil the goal coming from Russell Martin. They defended well after that and rode their luck to deny the Orangemen + woman an equaliser. Tony Cravagan marshalling his men so well. Mike Caldwell led the orange charge and was in the thick of it often.

Lawrie O’Toole – he’ll be back !

The game was marred near the end when David Wilson went down with a calf injury, limping away from the field.  Hope recovery is swift David.

Richards took to the sidelines to even up numbers. Martin had a goal disallowed near the end and Orange hit an aluminium post.

A good workout for all, thanks to Stewart White for Refereeing and to Alan Graham for stopping by to watch. We will have clarification on some rules for this form of mini-goal no goalkeeper game in the next few days.




After our initial *FREE* session got underway last week with eight players, we had a 50% increase in the rain at King Street today. A tough game and a good workout  too, as  Yellow bibs won 4-0 with goals from Harrison, K Bemrose, Caldwell and Stafford. Try as they might Plains could not get on target within that ‘D’. Good to see increased attendance , we may need a bigger pitch soon.



I LOVE this…and it’s going to get better …good idea to leave the camera rolling <boysandgirlscomeouttoplay>

SCORING FOR FUN ! – more video from mixed-gender King Street <here>


One of our stalwart players Bill Lancashire anticipates and promotes the new session on a local community website <here>



News of our planned Thursday sessions – 10-00am at King Street First four sessions FREE of charge, based on an individuals attendance. Aimed at  OVER 65 MEN WOMEN 50 PLUS THESE TRIAL SESSIONS WILL RUN UNTIL END OF FEBRUARY

(probably longer but by then a charge of £2 per player will kick in for the hour long session)

Walking Football in nearby Denton is thriving with Tameside Striders about to start a new session. On Thursday mornings at Ten ‘O Clock for an hour.
Aimed at Over 65 year old men and Women over 50, and beginners, no football ability or experience is necessary. It’s hoped the Thursday session can build upon our successes on Tuesdays where numbers have risen to levels that now need to be controlled. 

— – – – – – – – – – –

The rules are tailored to make these games ‘player friendly’. A non-contact game is the aim and there are other modifications to remove the ‘power’ element that some younger groups are currently faced with. Nobody has to act as goalkeeper, dealing with hard shots and diving to the ground . We will  play with mini-goals. There is no heading of the ball , no tackling, and the whole idea of the game is to pass the ball and move into space, pass the ball and move into space.
The exercise element can be as demanding as you want it to be, and if you’ve not been particularly active of late don’t worry. It’s quite stimulating and you can always take time out if you need it. There are social benefits too. We share a brew after the games and there’s usually a chat about all kinds of things, not just football, or even walking football. Remember, the two games are VERY different.
You could be a part of a team working towards a common ‘goal’ and when you score your first one you’ll never forget it ! Even better news, your first four sessions are completely FREE.

— – – – – – – – – – –

If you decide to become a regular the charge for an hour of Walking Football will be £3 for this one  and a half  hour Thursday session. Which includes a cup of tea, or coffee afterwards.
What a great way to walk into the New Year.
All newcomers fill in a basic health questionnaire before they start , and of course, playing with the Striders as in any sport is undertaken at ones own risk. So dust off your trainers (NO studded BOOTS) and get in touch.

current over 65 players are of course welcome and can take advantage of the ‘FREE to play plan’, remember though that this will be the mini goal game and Refereeing will be strict around contact and WALKING