Martin Dawson Trophy


This years tournament is on the 16th. September 16th…2018



First video action from the Martin Dawson Trophy and it’s STRIDERS v. ROCHDALE STROLLERS

Check out the first few minutes <here>

…and the concluding minutes <here> when Strollers take the lead….

A different host for the Hartshill Strollers opening minutes it’s VIMEO <VIMEO>

…and the middle minutes of our game v. the English CHAMPIONS Over 60’s <here>

……the concluding minutes of our game with the National Champs featured <here>

……….more bite size chunks of game video coming soon, this is  Wakefield ‘Orange’ ! <Orange>

………….mid-match and Wakefield double their lead, can ‘the Badgers’ bite back? <findouthere>

……………late on in the game  now and the zest of the Orange setts the ‘Badgers’  a <test>

…………………Wakefield Orange – part the last….game over. <finalwhistle>


STRIDERS V. WAKEFIELD WANDERERS BLUE Striders forge ahead  <even higher lights>

As promised to our friends in Wakefield the opening minutes of Blues v.Striders <here>

That’s it for video now – thanks to Nash Ambler, Mike Conroy for acting as cameraman. There’s a limited number of still shots on our Flickr feed <here>

Martin Dawson Memorial Trophy 10th September 2017

Everyone turned up. The kit was packed, the bananas and the water were safely chilling in the cool box, the banner was displayed all we needed was a bright , early autumn afternoon to bless this walking football fun Sunday. Did we get it? Did we ‘eck as like.

But…you can’t have everything , although it wasn’t just the weather that deserted us. From a personal point of view I was not expecting much from the afternoon. I had an inkling we would be out of our depth. But…I was wrong. I’ve been wrong before.

In the early exchanges with Rochdale Strollers we gave as good as we got. they are a good passing team but the plan of playing smaller, silver haired low centre of gravity attackers paid off for all of ten minutes. Only an unforced error led them to their only goal but once they got their noses in front it was always going to be difficult.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Next, Hartshill Strollers. The current over sixties National Champions ! Out of our depth? Not at all. Another narrow one-nil win for our opponents who played some good stuff, as did we at times. We lacked a bit of punch and invention but more than held our own as they advanced looking to increase their lead. They had a player sin-binned for a ‘shove’ but we couldn’t take advantage of this and the game seemed over almost before it had began.
  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    The team rotation was giving everyone a slice of the action. Next up Wakefield Orange proved to be our best opponents on the day by some distance. They finished well and took their chances. We created too few but still moved the ball well at times. Positives came out of this game, not least the Wakefield men are a pleasant bunch.

  • With the Wanderer’s Blue team next up more changes in the line up saw Stephen Hampson and Stewart White return to start. they linked up well , and with Peter Jarvis also in the frame the idea of playing the trio together began to gel. Possibly my best idea in several days. White bagged a brace and Hampson put the cherry on all of our cakes with a third goal (three NIL Mike Conroy) .
    All that stood between us and an early bath was a miracle and Vintage Celtic. The latter posed fewer problems than we’d anticipated (Tameside’s ‘number one club’ remember) and their shooting was very poor. However they created more chances than we did. But could not capitalise upon them. The Heavens opened in a most spectacular way during the game. the driving rain was perhaps the worst most of us had ever played in but we struggled on manfully and in containing Celtic (for the second time in seven months) we put ourselves firmly on the map of local walking football. At last. I think we will stay there.

  • Organisers had to make hasty decisions due to the weather. Kind of a ‘Duckworth-Lewis’ method for walking football !! The semi final and final were scrapped, with the winners under the league system emerging as Wakefield Wanderers Orange, and the runners-up Blackburn. Bravo !
    Thanks to the organisers who deserved a better response from the weather Gods. And of course respect to Martin Dawson, and his family. A man who loved his walking football and its benefits. and to honour his memory in this way must be satisfying for his loved ones.
    Take nothing for granted we may be back next year- most, if not all of us anyway. Life is fleeting and short. We are making the most of what’s left of it.

What Video we have will take some sorting and editing – look here for links over the coming days.  Thanks.


FIXTURES HAVE BEEN POSTED. WE ARE UP AGAINST SOME VERY GOOD TEAMS  (including the current national Over 60’s champions)  <Hartshill Strollers> so this will be an excellent indicator of just where we are in this game…however…

please do not lose sight of the fact that we play for enjoyment and though results matter they are not important in the scheme of things….let’s have a day to remember.



Tameside Striders v Rochdale AFC Strollers 13:30 Pitch 1 Mike Willmore
Vintage Celtic v Hartshill Strollers 13:30 Pitch 2 Matt Howells
Wakefield Wanderers Blue v Wakefield Wanderers Orange 13:50 Pitch 1 Frank Bergin
Hartshill Strollers v Tameside Striders 13:50 Pitch 2 Alan Graham
Wakefield Wanderers Orange v Rochdale AFC Strollers 14:10 Pitch 1 Mike Willmore
Wakefield Wanderers Blue v Vintage Celtic 14:10 Pitch 2 Matt Howells
Tameside Striders v Wakefield Wanderers Orange 14:30 Pitch 1 Frank Bergin
Hartshill Strollers v Wakefield Wanderers Blue 14:30 Pitch 2 Alan Graham
Rochdale AFC Strollers v Vintage Celtic 14:50 Pitch 1 Mike Willmore
Wakefield Wanderers Blue v Tameside Striders 14:50 Pitch 2 Matt Howells
Vintage Celtic v Wakefield Wanderers Orange 15:10 Pitch 1 Frank Bergin
Rochdale AFC Strollers v Hartshill Strollers 15:10 Pitch 2 Alan Graham
Tameside Striders v Vintage Celtic 15:30 Pitch 1 Mike Willmore
Wakefield Wanderers Blue v Rochdale AFC Strollers 15:30 Pitch 2 Matt Howells
Wakefield Wanderers Orange v Hartshill Strollers 15:50 Pitch 1 Frank Bergin


Fleetwood Town Flyers v Huddersfield Town 13:30 Pitch 3 Frank Bergin
Rochdale Striders v Sheffield Vulcans 13:30 Pitch 4 Alan Graham
Blackburn Rovers WF v AFC Blackpool Senior Seasiders 13:50 Pitch 3 Mike Willmore
Sheffield Vulcans v Fleetwood Town Flyers 13:50 Pitch 4 Matt Howells
AFC Blackpool Senior Seasiders v Huddersfield Town 14:10 Pitch 3 Frank Bergin
Blackburn Rovers WF v Rochdale Striders 14:10 Pitch 4 Alan Graham
Fleetwood Town Flyers v AFC Blackpool Senior Seasiders 14:30 Pitch 3 Mike Willmore
Sheffield Vulcans v Blackburn Rovers WF 14:30 Pitch 4 Matt Howells
Huddersfield Town v Rochdale Striders 14:50 Pitch 3 Frank Bergin
Blackburn Rovers WF v Fleetwood Town Flyers 14:50 Pitch 4 Alan Graham
Rochdale Striders v AFC Blackpool Senior Seasiders 15:10 Pitch 3 Mike Willmore
Huddersfield Town v Sheffield Vulcans 15:10 Pitch 4 Matt Howells
Fleetwood Town Flyers v Rochdale Striders 15:30 Pitch 3 Frank Bergin
Blackburn Rovers WF v Huddersfield Town 15:30 Pitch 4 Alan Graham
AFC Blackpool Senior Seasiders v Sheffield Vulcans 15:50 Pitch 2 Mike Willmore


Winners Division A v Runners Up Division B 16:10 Pitch 1 Matt Howells
Winners Division B v Runners Up Division A 16:10 Pitch 2 Frank Bergin

Final 16:30 Pitch 1 Alan Graham


September 10th – Sunday meet at King Street at 11-45am. or make your own way to  Heywood’s West Starkie Street and the ‘Sports Village’  – please be there for 12-15 pm lengthy registration processes may delay kick off and this must be avoided. This is an Over 60’s competition the first for Tameside Striders.  Your kit will be issued on the day and returned please in the bag provided. £3.50 on the day payable by all players and don’t forget your photographic I.D. – Bus passes are okay for this one.  Let’s have a Sunday to remember.Shin pads are advised – some of the players in this comp may be wearing studs so be advised of that too…the squad is:


6-a-side games not sure who we are up against yet but remember we go first and foremost to enjoy it and to take part.

For developments and news check this page – we will play in our white and black kit. Thanks.