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“Alex Ferguson is the best manager I’ve had at this level – well, he’s the only manager I’ve had at this level”   –   David Beckham

Joe Bemrose


MEET THE PLAYERS:  gentleman Joe Bemrose was born six years to the day after the allies stormed the beaches at Normandy ~ this is a brief look at his life….

I am Joseph Bemrose, my mates call me Joe.
I was born 06/06/1950 in Salford.
I have a young wife Karen, who also plays walking football on a Thursday and loves it, she has got the bug too, a daughter Michelle, a step son Ben and a step daughter Finlay.

  • – – – – –
    All my life I have been a sales manager working in furniture shops, a few years ago just before the recession hit I opened my own shop in Middleton, we were doing really well and we thought about opening another shop somewhere else and then when the recession hit, so did our shop we lasted 18 months and then had to close it.

    a lounge unit popular in the seventies

    I enjoy all types of sport, my favourite being of course football, then a close second Rugby, Salford Red Devils.
    My favourite football team is West Ham United because my uncle supported them all my family were Manchester United supporters and I didn’t like them, my dad wasn’t happy at the time.
    When I was younger I played for many football teams, so it has always been in my life.

  • West Ham United – European Cup Winners Cup winners
  • I joined walking football because I thought now that I am older my footballing career would be over until I found out that older men can play it too. I was well chuffed. What a fantastic way to keep fit, keep active and socialise too.
    Joe and his wife Karen

    My favourite holiday is Greece, especially Skiathos, this was the first holiday I had abroad, until I met Karen, she had been abroad many times, I couldn’t believe how hot it was when I got off the plane.
    My favourite UK Holiday is in Llandudno in North Wales, I had never been there before until Karen told me about it and that I would enjoy going there.
    My favourite food is anything vegetarian, I used to eat a lot of meat especially steak until one day while driving I passed a wagon with lots of animals in ready to be slaughtered and it turned my stomach so much that I can’t eat meat.
    My favourite TV programmes are The Discovery Of Witches, I like anything witchy and me and Karen love to watch The Apprentice.

  • – – – – – –
  • My dream car is the Jaguar especially the sporty type.
    E Type Jaguar

    My favourite group/singer is Scott walker and The Walker Brothers.
    Me and Karen don’t drink alcohol, our favourite drink is coke.
    When I was younger I had trials for Rochdale in 1965, I got through all the stages but right at the end a player whose dad knew the chairman of the club got it, I wonder why? I thought I would have made the big time, being a professional football, but it wasn’t to be, Karen would have loved to have been a WAG.

  • a group of ‘WAGS’

    I enjoyed reading that Joe – hope there’s

  • ‘no regrets’ – Ed.

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Meet: Denis Cudahy

Denis Cudahy is a child of the sixties. Just about. He was born in Salford in 1969. He didn’t bother much with football as a lad, nor a young man instead preferring Rugby. He must have been useful as he had trials for Salford Rugby Club.
He was a Gas Engineer by trade but cites his hobby as ‘taking cars apart’ (ok so long as you can put ’em back together again – that’s where I have difficulties – Ed.)
He is married to Sonya – a former hurdler for the G.B. Athletics team. They produced four children, three girls and a boy and now have two Granddaughters and a Son-in-Law.

  • – – – —
    When travelling abroad Denis enjoys a bit of Turkish delight the most, but back in England it’s a certain caravan park on the south coast that tickles his fancy.

    Kingfisher Caravan Pk. Gosport

    Sonya is obviously a good cook as her husband claims ‘anything she makes is my favourite’ !
    When he can kick back and relax you won’t find him with any alcohol in his hand, Denis is ‘tea total’. But he might switch on the c.d. player and have a taste of Queen. Freddy Mercury’s men are his all time favourite band.
    When he’s not taking cars apart his mind might wander to the one he’d covet the most and it’s a part British built  ‘Bentley Bentayga’ and if he switches the telly on it’ll invariably be for a bit of ‘Top Gear’ or anything car related. He likes his automobiles does Denis.

  • Bentley Bentayga

    When he talks about football it’s the magic of Barcelona that appeals the most, but local affections are still claimed by Rugby and he follow Salford City Reds.
    Denis has not been dealt the best of hands health wise and apart from a heart condition he is also suffering from early onset Alzheimers  Disease and Vascular Dementia. He reckons walking football is a great help going forward though. He is a Manchester F.A. badged Referee and also plays at Bolton Arena and Wigan Soccerdome when he’s not travelling over Tameside way to play with us at The Nash.

  • – – – – – –
    He spends some of his time watching internet forums and social media that’s walking football themed and  is often very supportive of our own online accounts and there’s often a ‘like’ or a ‘retweet’ heading our way on twitter.
    Denis has certainly been welcomed within our group at Curzon, he’s  played in our festival and charitable games at Denton too, and with some excellent goalkeeping performances too is also proving a real asset for the Nash Bees in the Curzon Wednesday F.P.L
  • Rock music royalty – Queen




  • That’s Denis Cudahy.
  • ______________________________________________

_______________________ this…is Keith Yardley….

Keith Yardley

One of our most recent recruits over at ‘The Nash’ is Keith Yardley – he’s settling into the game and already showing signs that as a younger man he played a lot of football: here is his story in his own words…

I often wondered if I’d have enough to do once I retired. But as retirement loomed towards the end of 2017,  after over 40 years working in I.T. I knew I had to be prepared.


I much preferred to be doing something rather than sitting around, but what would I do ?

There were times when I’d go out on a crisp autumn weekend morning, and think wouldn’t it be great to play football today. Of course, I was much too old to play, that ship had definitely sailed. No kids or grandkids that were boys even to play footie in the garden with. Thinking back to my playing days and how I wished I’d known then what I know now.

I first heard about walking football when I saw a Barclays in the community TV advertisement.I thought little of it until I saw a BBC program sometime later last year. It highlighted how men in particular can find it a difficult transition going from working all week to doing next to nothing.

Many were unprepared for retirement and some suffered mental health issues. The guys who were interviewed said it gave them a new lease of life, meeting new friends with the bonus of keeping a bit fitter.

But would it be competitive ?  I wouldn’t just want a sedate kickabout with a bunch of old guys like myself.I browsed the Web and discovered just how popular the game was becoming.  I read articles and watched videos to see how walking football differed from the game we all knew.

It was a bit of an eye opener and my urge to try it grew.Where would I play ?  I knew they did it locally in Droylsden and also at the Etihad, both of which I considered. I also knew about Curzon as a mate used to take his young son to play and train in the youth teams.

Not being a blue, I was worried they may get me to wear one of their shirts at the Etihad, so I ruled that out ! I plumped for Curzon partly because of my mate’s recommendation and there was something about the website which made me feel everyone was welcome.

So what’s my experience so far ?


I’ve discovered that the game is not as sedate as people, including myself, have thought. Running may not be allowed but there’s plenty of skill on show. There’s a competitive but not over-competitive spirit.

Keith Yardley (ringed) after a good workout with the Amblers

Passing needs to be accurate as there’s no running.

I need to pass the ball better, too little weight on the ball or too ambitious a pass. I need to take my time to get used to the way the game is played. I probably expected I could play like I used to, which I can’t.

My normal exercise has been walking which is no preparation and muscle strains can be expected. I need to prepare better, maybe by cycling will help, regular stretches. One painful injury I didn’t expect , occurred after a defensive clearance which rocketed into my private parts.

I leaned over, gently massaging the pain, thinking this was one injury I had forgotten hurt so much ! However, there was Mike Caldwell to share some comforting words

‘Good job you don’t use them anymore !’

I was just glad that it wasn’t someone like Joe Bemrose who cleared it or I might have been looking at reconstruction rather than just sore privates !  I’ve only played three times so far but I look forward to it every week now. That’s in no small part due to the guys being so welcoming and supportive. (Good to hear  Ed.)

I definitely made the right decision to join the Nash Amblers.

(An excellent read Keith and I can honestly say you came to the right place ~ welcome aboard – Ed. )


Laurie O’Toole

Laurie O’Toole has become a mainstay of the Denton Thursday sessions and also fitted in well last Tuesday with the ‘Overs’. He has been completely won over by walking football in the few months since trying the game. A player who gives his all and plays with gusto.

Born in 1951 at Aintree, not far from the famous racecourse he is forty four years married, to Sandra, they have two children and three Grandchildren.

In his youth played for Ashton United a couple of times before moving out to Australia where he played for  teams, including Ringwood City Wilhelmina. (see pic below)

A keen golfer in his spare time he reckons taking up walking football was  “the best decision I ever made”. Laurie runs an internet based Spanish Holiday Rental Company. But it’s not a case of ‘Up the Villa’ because he is a confirmed EVERTONIAN !

When it comes to holidays the family enjoyed Florida when the children were younger, but now it’s Italy that holds the special allure.  The food and wine draw him back there regularly. When it comes to his best ever holiday it was a return to Australia to look up old friends and some family members. Laurie loves his music , especially Bruce Springsteen and incredibly has travelled the world to watch ‘The Boss’ perform live in various arenas , something like SIXTY times !

Wrecking Ball was the last c.d. he bought. Laurie is also a film lover, citing The Godfather as one of his firm favourites.  On T.V. at the moment he likes a good  thriller and rates ‘Save Me’ for edge of the seat drama.

Partial to the odd box set too, ‘Mad Men’ rocked his boat.

I hope we all feel we know Laurie O’Toole a little better now.  He was clearly a useful footballer in his younger days and is regaining his touch to become a valuable addition to the playing strength at King Street, whichever day he turns up on . He wanted some more exercise, saw a poster shortly after moving to Denton and the rest is history….welcome aboard Laurie.



Bill Lancashire

BILL LANCASHIRE  was born in Cheshire !Hyde , to be exact, at the height of the second world war in 1943.
He’s been married to Pat for forty nine years and they have three children, a Son Adrian and twins Andrew and Cara. They are blessed with four Grandchildren.

Bill was an advertising copywriter for many years with various ad. agencies both in Manchester and Leeds. He eventually went freelance and ran a creative agency of his own in Stockport.

His writing covered every facet of marketing, from advertisements to literature, radio and tv commercials, and more recently the internet. Bill still writes weekly website blogs for clients of a local digital marketing agency.

I put a few questions to Bill to find out a little more about the man….

“I like to keep fit, these days by walking and in the gym (plus of course walking football). I also enjoy gardening. Pat and myself enjoy eating out, mainly at local Italian or Mediterranean restaurants. I also do some volunteer writing for a local community website and I’ve written a couple of children’s stories.”

Football allegiance?
My grandfather watched Billy Meredith when he played for City at Hyde Road.

Billy Meredith

My dad first took me to Maine Road in the early ‘50s when Bert Trautmann was in goal.

Ethan with his hero

My sons were ‘Junior Blues’ and now my grandson Ethan has been one of the mascots who walked out with his hero Sergio Aguero.

Five generations of true blues!

Did you  play much when younger?
Yes. I first began to play competitively when I was 15 with Union Street FC (a church youth club).  I played with this same team for over 20-years as we progressed through numerous leagues and with considerable success winning many titles and trophies along the way.

I ‘retired’ when I was about 35.

Why ‘Walking Football’?
“Despite the fact that I ‘retired’ from football almost 40-years ago the desire never left me and I frequently yearned to be involved with the game again. I’d often considered walking football but didn’t know quite how to access it. Then I met David Wilson in my son’s barbers shop and he encouraged me to join Tameside Striders. Which I did and immediately enjoyed every minute. Although I considered myself reasonably fit, the first few weeks were subject to painful muscles and joints, but those quickly disappeared and I now feel fitter than before I began to play walking football. One very good piece of advice I received from a physio was to undertake a thorough stretching routine before each game. It’s paid off. It’s been great to feel part of a club again and enjoy the social camaraderie. The best part, however, is to be able to take part in games and kick a ball about again.”

Bill with the Striders – front row left

What’s your favourite holiday destination Bill?

“The tiny island of Tilos in Greece, which lies midway between Rhodes and Kos. It is so tranquil, so unspoiled, very remote and very ‘Greek’, which is why we go back almost every year. Over the years we’ve made lots of good friends including the local Greeks, Brits, Scandinavians and other nationalities. Our team of ‘Ancient Britons’ has even been invited to take part in the island’s foot volleyball tournaments.”

Your favourite food ?
“Probably Italian”

The last CD we bought:

I think it would have been one of Rod Stewart’s.

What’s good on TV?
Not much!  (I agree – Ed.)

My most memorable film:
I love westerns, so it would be True Grit, Dances with Wolves, or maybe even The Magnificent Seven. There are probably many more ‘cowy’ contenders

Any Box Set favourites?
Never had one!

My dream car? : I’m not really into cars; they’re just convenient for getting from A to B. One that ran on fresh air would be my dream car.

My favourite quotation:

“Why you not crapping?” Mr Chow Mein (Benny Hill)




More from Karen Bemrose who is now playing regularly with Denton Thursday and is enjoying it….

Hello, my Name is Karen Bemrose, I am 51 years old and I play Walking Football. I feel so much fitter and I use muscles that I never knew that I had. I love to watch football, my favourite team being Liverpool. I didn’t think for one minute that I would be playing football especially at my age. I also think women playing football is fantastic.

Karen and Joe Bemrose

It gives us the opportunity to show our skills off too. I have never played football before but it is the best decision that I have had to play it, if it wasn’t for Alan Richards setting up a Thursday session at Denton for men and women over 50’s, I would never have played, so a Big Thank You to Alan (You’re welcome – Ed.) we have had a few new players including three more ladies joining us, more the better. My husband Joseph who is 67 years old also plays the sport and he loves it. We both look forward to playing, it keeps us both fit and healthy and it is also good for meeting new people and socialising. My hope for the future is for more women to play the sport and show the men that we can do it too.


Meet Karen Bemrose, our first female player at Denton…

So, Karen…Did you play football when you were younger?
I have never played football before, but I have always wanted to.

What attracted you to play walking football?
I had not heard of it before until my husband started playing it and I thought I would give it a go because I like the fitness side of it, it keeps you fit and active.

What do you get out of the games?
I enjoy it, it keeps you fit and also the social side of it, meeting new people.
Is it hard work playing with so many men & do you wish more women would join in?
It isn’t hard work playing with so many men, they treat me as an equal and yes I do think more women should join. Like myself I had never played it, it is something different and it beats the Gym. Women should try it, if they don’t like it, they don’t need to do it again.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Do you think the male players make special allowances for you on the pitch?
    No, they treat me exactly the same, which I agree with because otherwise the men wouldn’t enjoy it because they would think that they would have to be careful around me and they shouldn’t need to.
  • – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    What’s the language like ? and is it very much a ‘macho culture’?
    The language is fine, I would have expected a few swear words, it wouldn’t have bothered me. No it isn’t a macho culture, being a woman they have made me feel very welcome, and it is different for them too.

What kit do you need? Special footwear?
Wear something that is comfortable and warm and trainers with a grip on them.
(on new 3g wear Astro-trainers – Ed.)

  • – – – – – – – – – — –
    How does it feel to score a goal?
    I feel fantastic scoring a goal, having scored 4 goals in my first ever game of football, everyone cheered which made me feel even better.
  • – – – – – – – –
    Do you come off the pitch feeling tired ?
    Yes, I feel tired but it gets your heart pumping and uses muscles that you don’t usually use, which is a good thing.
  • – – – – – – – – – –
    What would you say to women thinking about trying the game of walking football?
    Women should try walking football, if the younger generation can do it, so can you. It is not just for the men. It is fun, energetic and keeps you fit. You don’t have to wear shorts, like the men, as long as you are comfortable in what you wear, JUST DO IT. If you don’t try it, you never know and you could enjoy it. Just like I do….

…Thanks Karen, see you at King Street with – ‘Denton Thursday’ http://<more here>




A meet the players slot with  a difference.  Recently I passed on the organiser Ian’s questions to Bernard Roddy, our most senior player now aged 82….

Thanks to Ian for the questions – you can find more interviews with  a host of walking football players, organisers  on his website  <here> 

For more of ours just scroll down the page.

Bernard Roddy. 82.Denton – Tameside Striders –  6 months

2.Why did you get involved with Walking Football.

I saw snatches of it on television and kept saying “I wonder if I could do that?” and finally my wife tracked down the nearest place it was played and more or less sent me!

4. How many times a week do you take part

Once a week.

3.What do you do in training sessions that you think are important to avoid injury?

Warm-ups before the game. I have never warmed up in my life before, but I appreciate them now!

5.Have you played competitive Walking Football?

I have not played in any league or tournament, but the games we play are competitive enough for me.

6. Has your diet changed since you started Walking Football?

Not really; I make sure I have a good breakfast (including a banana) – and I take a bottle of water and drink it at half-time; something else I have never done before!

7. Do you feel fitter and healthier since playing?

I can’t say I feel fitter but when I walk, I walk with more purpose – and take a few strides now and again!
8. Have you had any injuries since playing?

Only a few minor aches and slightly pulled muscles but nothing to stop me playing; I do try not to stretch for the ball as much as when I first started!

9. Do you always have a first aid trained person when playing?


10. Has your social life changed since playing?

Only in the sense that for about the two hours a week I find I am happy sharing the enjoyment of football with so many friendly people;

I have also discovered links with other friends who know people that I know. I also have a lot more to tell my friends – and my wife!

11. Best and worst memories?

My best moment is of the silence that went over both teams when I fell to the ground and then, when they realised I wasn’t really hurt a voice called clearly: “Were you playing for a penalty?” And then I was pulled to my feet! 
Worst moment: I was only yards from an open goal and received a perfect pass – only to look at the goal and not the ball – and ‘kicked’ it with my shin. And we needed that goal!

12. How else has Walking Football affected your life?

I look forward to Tuesday morning and am so happy to be playing again and grateful to all the “lads” who have just accepted me into the set up.

13. What do you like most about Walking Football?

Apart from the football itself, it is the concern shown for each other by everyone who plays.

14. What do you like least about Walking Football?

I can’t think of anything; I even like taking my turn in goal. It gives me a rest and a chance to watch others recalling their glory days!  

15. What are you goals for the future?

Just to be able to keep playing and enjoying the football – and it would be good to score a goal!

16. Anything else? Try walking football – you will get a warm welcome and you be looked after. It is great when you realise you can still kick a ball. But remember: “Play to feet,” the others are not as fast as you. (used to be!)




Meet Colin Fielding

Colin Fielding

Colin Fielding was born as the Second World War ended, in Hadfield, Derbyshire. Quite a rural upbringing back then, I would imagine.  He’s married to Adele, and they have four children, six Grandchildren with another one ‘on the way’, and they are Great-Grandparents too!
Colin was formerly a Director of Human Resources – (that’s Personnel in old money) and has also held positions on the boards of several local non-league football clubs, such as Hyde United and Tameside Radio.
His hobbies include walking and he’s ambled the length of Hadrian’s Wall not once, but twice!  Also  a keen gardener who likes his holidays and his football. He has a season ticket at  Old Trafford. His top holiday was a visit to Disneyland in Florida. When he settles down to watch the TV ‘Game of Thrones grabs his attention the most and ‘Breaking Bad’ heads his list of ‘boxed sets’ he has enjoyed. (Me too Colin – must watch it again soon).

A different take from the Rumours cover shoot

‘Pulp Fiction’ the Tarantino classic is Colin’s favourite film, and he’s a music lover too. With  a whole list of favourite albums from Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ to the Rolling Stones ‘Some Girls’ and topically ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ from the Beatles – released fifty years ago in June 1967. Bob Dylan, Simply Red and Supertramp are also big favourites.

Aztec Stadium

Colin has had a varied life. Worked in film advertising,  casting people into roles that brought him into contact with Sir Alex Ferguson and Cristiano Ronaldo, amongst others.  He is a potential ‘Egghead’ challenger  and important member of The Nash Amblers and Tameside Striders playing set up.  You may not know, but  Col’s actually played at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City  before 70,000 fans on one of several long distance football tours with Manchester F.C. He’s played football all over the place….
When asked ‘Why walking football” his reply came back loud and clear “great to be involved competitively forty years after I stopped playing. Also enjoying the company  of  a great bunch of guys every week improves my fitness whilst having a lot of fun. I definitely recommend  it “And so say all of us – thanks Colin.

If you want to feature in ‘Meet the Players’  email  me at  thanks (Ed.)


Exeter Cathedral

Meet Rob Lake.
Born in the lovely old city of Exeter, Devon  in 1953 in his youth he played football for Exmouth Amateurs and Lympstone.

When his work as a Customs Officer took him to London he turned out for the ‘Customs Heathrow’ eleven. Rob definitely has something to declare about his football allegiance. ‘Chelsea’!No surprise to those of us who know him , he takes this opportunity to remind us ‘the blues’ are indeed The Champions

I think for the sixth time in their history. I’ll hazard a guess they all came within Rob’s lifetime.
When  quizzed about his ‘other’ club he admits a fondness for Newcastle United.  Rob is married to Janice (who is a Geordie)  and they have a daughter, Hayley.
He cites walking football amongst his hobbies, and says he found out about it ‘by chance’  loving it from the start.  Other interests include Rock and pop music.

The Beatles, and Muse, are among his favourites. Reading historical fiction is another pursuit of Rob’s.  I may be wrong but I’m thinking maybe Bernard Cornwall might be up his street.
When he takes a holiday Rob and Janice will often head for a mobile home near Frejus in the South of France, or closer to home those wild  (and cooler) stretches of Northumberland and its beaches beckon him the most.
When it comes to TV and film, Rob is a fan of  ‘Prison Break’  , ‘Endeavour’ and ‘The Last Kingdom’ .
On the silver screen ‘Chariots of Fire’ made a big impression.

Confessing a likeness for Indian food, when it comes to a tipple Real Ale and Red wine tickle his fancy. Rob’s not really into fancy Cars and he doesn’t lust after any particular model.
When asked to tell us something we might not know about himself he reveals he is  a ‘committed Christian’.  No surprise there from  a thoroughly decent man who we are always pleased to see at our sessions. His elegance & capabilities on  the ball are well known and I’m reliably informed he also added some steel to our game, when it was needed quite recently.
That’s Rob Lake.  We now know him  a little better.  Cheers Rob.

(if you wish to feature on this page, and a new style of player profile please send an email to:

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Meet Stewart White:

Stewart White

Name: Stewart White
Year of Birth :   1955
Birthplace:       Ashton-under-Lyne
Family:           Married to Val, Sons Jonathan and Robert (both married) and Grandson Elias
Work you do/did Retired Surveyor
Hobbies: Walking Football, Cycling, Gardening, Theatre and walking our spaniels Tanzy and Roxy
Football allegiance   Season Ticket holder at Manchester City and a ‘soft spot’ for Curzon Ashton
Football history: Played open-age football from age 16 for Excise FC in the Lancashire & Cheshire F.A. Subsequently played for Civil Service teams including NW Regional Team.
Lots of 5-a-side from 1970’s up to recent times. Qualified as an FA Coach in 1989 and managed/coached   junior teams at Curzon Ashton from Under 10’s through to Under 16’s / FA Youth Cup (7 seasons. Managed Curzon Ashton Reserves for 4 seasons and retired 1999/2000 Season when I last played 11-a-side…aged 45 for the Reserves.
Why ‘Walking Football’ ?:  “I didn’t imagine I would play again and experience the special camaraderie that is so unique to footballers.”
Favourite holiday: Sorrento / Tuscany (anywhere in Italy really!)
Favourite UK holiday area: Devon / Cornwall
Favourite food : Lasagne / Moussaka
Favourite TV programme : Dad’s Army, Only Fools and Horses and of course Match of the Day
Dream car: Bentley
Favourite Band/Singer: Roy Orbison / Eva Cassidy
Tipple of choice: Cider or a good Cognac






  • Name:            Garry Pearce
    Year of Birth :      1952
    Birthplace:    Knowsley Village (now in Merseyside)
  • Family:    Married to Lisa, two children both well grown up!
  • Work you do/did?:    Sales Manager, corrugated case business in Cheadle.
    Hobbies:   Theatre, reading and of course football. Chairman Stalybridge Celtic Juniors, 23 years with the Junior Club.
    Football allegiance? :    Liverpool F.C. (Started going when they were in the second division). Season ticket at Stalybridge Celtic for many years now.
    Football history ?:   Not much, lots of five-a-side, never played at a great level. Went for quantity rather than quality!
    Why ‘Walking Football’ ?:  Love coaching the Juniors but it’s not the same as playing!  Enjoy the craic!
    Favourite holiday ?:Best place I’ve been to is Las Vegas and loved the west coast of America as well
    Favourite UK holiday area ?:    Lake District
    Favourite food ? :     Cheese (with a glass of red wine!)
    Favourite TV prog ? :   Premier League football. Best sit com for me is ‘Early Doors’, quality.
    Favourite film ? :    Waterworld , a Kevin Costner classic!
    Dream car ?:   Morgan
    Favourite Band/Singer ?:    Bought my first Elton John album in 1970, so guess it has to be him.
    Last CD I bought ?:   Bruce Hornsby, ‘Rehab Reunion’, and also the Strumbellas ‘Hope’ both in July ’16
    Tipple of choice:  Good Cognac, or single malt if pushed!
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Tony Cravagan

Tony Cravanagh
Tony Cravagan







Born: – 1945
Birthplace: – Manchester
Family: – 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren
Work: – Retired design engineer
Hobbies: – WF, table tennis, cycling, gardening
Football allegiance : – Manchester United
Football history: – School
Why Walking Football ?:  Fantastic outlet to be active, most enjoyable, great bunch of players.- – – – –  – – –  – – – – –  – – – –  –  –  –  –  – – –  –  – – – –  –  – – – –

  • Name: Gordon Nixon
    Born: 7/6/1950 in Bradford, Manchester.
    Wife: Janet
    Children: Victoria & Lee
    8 Grandchildren
    Work you did: Retired Prison Officer
    Football allegiance:Manchester City first match V Burnley 1959
    Why Walking Football?: Meet new mates, keep fit.
    Favourite holiday destination: Malta
    Favourite soap: I only use Shower Gel
    A film favourite: The Alamo
    Boxed set: Only Fools And Horses
    Musical preferences: Very wide range Pop to opera
    Favourite cd: Joe Longthorne
    Dream Car: Any you don’t have to put fuel in
    Tipple of choice :Cider
    E.U. Referendum IN/OUT : “I think we have been in the E.U. too long to come out now”
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‘Hadge’ Henry Cooper
Henry 'Hadge' Cooper
Born: 1949
Birthplace: Edinburgh
Family: Wife, two children.
Work you did: Supervisor
Hobbies: Football
Football allegiance: Manchester City
Why do you play Walking football?: Great set of lads. Fun.
Better than the real thing!
Favourite Holiday destination: Turkey
Favourite food: Curry
Favourite Soap: Emmerdale
Favourite film: Blues Brothers
Boxed set of choice? : Game of Thrones
Dream Car: A Bentley
Favourite Band: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Police
Fave cd : Any of the aboves plus Tamla Motown.
Tipple of choice: Bitter
EU Referendum In or Out : OUT

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Terry Bertenshaw Terry Bertenshaw

Name: Terry Bertenshaw
Year of Birth : 1960
Birthplace: Droylsden
Family: Wife Samantha, 23 Year Old Son Lewis
Work you do/did: Self Employed Upholsterer since leaving school
Hobbies: Music,Reading,Football,Golf
Football allegiance: Man Utd
Why ‘Walking Football’: Missed playing for years,fantastic to kick a ball again with a great bunch of lads
Favourite holiday destination: Greek Island of Santorini
Favourite food : Chinese
Favourite soap: Don’t watch soaps
Favourite film: Ghost
Boxed set?: Carry on films
Dream car: Jaguar
Favourite Band: Electric Light Orchestra
Tipple of choice: Disaronno
E.U.Referendum in or out: OUT

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Keith Oldham Keith Oldham

Name: Keith “Pele” Oldham
Born 1952 in Ashton-under-Lyne
Family: I’m down to two distant cousins – distant in the sense that they live in Warwickshire and Norfolk.
Work: Civil Service jobs – Manchester Employment Tribunals latterly until July 2014.
Hobbies: Visiting pubs, table tennis, snooker, darts, watching football.
Football allegiance: Hyde United and anyone who’s playing Manchester United.
I started playing walking football because I wanted to see if I could recreate the glory days of 40 odd years ago playing in a scratch team of friends and school colleagues against other scratch teams on council pitches we probably shouldn’t have been playing on.

Favourite Holiday Destination: Torquay.
Favourite Food: I’ve no particular preference,
Favourite Soap: I prefer comedy and factual programmes.
Favourite Film: I’m not a big film watcher but I’ll say Life of Brian to give you an idea.
Boxed Set: I think the only boxed set I have is Charlie Drake in “The Worker”.
Dream Car: I notice cars only if I’m given a lift in one or if one’s holding up the bus I’m on.
Favourite Band/Album: My musical preference is for Folk Music plus some 80s Indie and other stuff that’s nowhere near the charts – not that I’ve seen a chart for about 20 years.
Tipple of Choice: Beer.
EU Referendum In or Out?: Good question

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Name: Peter Roberts
Year of Birth : 1946
Birthplace: Blackpool
Family: Family : Wife Eileen, Daughter Katherine & Son Stephen in their 40’s now. Two Granddaughters
Emogen & Lucy , one Grandson Liam.
Work you do/did: Cathodic Protection on High Pressure Gas Network
Hobbies: Playing in Brass Band ,Gardening , Touring in Motorhome
Football allegiance:Manchester City
Football History :-
Signed Youth Forms for Blackburn Rovers
Final trial for Manchester County Youth at “The Cliff”
Lancashire & Cheshire Amateur League
Hyde , Gorton & Ashton Sunday Leagues
Why ‘Walking Football’: I never thought I’d play football again in my lifetime.
Favourite holiday destination: British Motorhome Holiday Parks
Favourite food : Chicken Curry with chips and sprouts.
Favourite soap (tv/radio): Emmerdale , Eastenders
Favourite film Dr Zhivago
Boxed set Planet of the Apes
Dream car:
Favourite Singer or Band Showaddywaddy
Favourite Album: Brass Bands
Tipple of choice: Guinness
E.U.Referendum in or out: Gut Feeling OUT Investing IN

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Name:Trevor Brereton
Year of Birth 21.1.1963:
Birthplace: Accrington
Family: Partner Elaine, Stepdaughter Charlotte
Work you do/did Hollands Pies – 22 years took early retirement
Hobbies: Music – Waking Football, Travel, Running
Football allegiance – Manchester United
Football history: Played with friends as a child/played with works team
Why ‘Walking Football’: – I loved playing as a child, I didn’t think I would get the chance to kick a ball around again, I enjoy the camaraderie.
Favourite holiday:New York
Favourite UK holiday area : Lake District
Favourite food : Mixed Grill
Favourite TV soap :Coronation Street
Dream car: Audi Convertible
Favourite Band:Blondie
Tipple of choice: Bulmers Cider
E.U.Referendum in or out:Out

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Name:David Wilson

davewilson (2)

Year of Birth : 1949
Birthplace: Denton, Manchester.
Family: Wife, Angela. Son David, Daughter Leanne.
Work you do/did: Engineering background and later Employment Officer with Tameside Social Services
Hobbies: Football, Painting, Music.
Football allegiance: Manchester United
Football history: Amateur level, Stockport League, Pub and Works team at a good level. Management experience.
Why ‘Walking Football’: Why l like W/F is that l made lots of new friends. I have played at a good level and now I am really enjoying it it’s all about fun and knowing everyone feels the same. With my condition there are people that really care about you if something happens, there’s lots of support and the game helps me to keep fit.
Favourite holiday destination: Wales
Favourite food : Steak and chips
Favourite soap: Emmerdale
Dream car: BMW
Favourite Band: Status Quo
Tipple of choice: John Smith’s Bitter.
E.U.Referendum in or out: Out

Thanks to David, who has been out injured lately and had a stay in hospital too. We hope you’re back playing soon.

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David Partington
David Partington

Name : David Partington
Year of Birth : 1945
Birthplace: Ashton-under-Lyne
Family: Wife Elaine, Children Richard & Stephanie : 4 Granchildren
A paragraph on the work you do/ did: I was a Shell Road Tanker Driver for many years. Elaine and I also owned a Grocery/Off-licence too. Both now retired.
Football allegiance: Manchester United
Footballing history: level/teams etc. Good amateur teams Saturday & Sunday. I was with Blackpool F.C. in the early days
A sentence or two on why you enjoy walking football: Keeps me fit and keeps my mind sharp.
Hobbies: Walking Football, Golf and we love our well deserved holidays.
Favourite holiday: Cruises. Also Lake Garda, and Lake Como
Favourite UK holiday destination: St.Annes, Scarborough & Bournemouth
Dream car any era: I owned a Daytona yellow Ford Capri – and a Ford Corsair.
Favourite food: Braised steak with Onion gravy. I also like Indian Food.
Favourite Soap (opera not Carbolic): None !
Least favourite food: McDonald’s. Took the ‘Grandkids’ once – never again. It’s crap !
Favourite movie: Pretty Woman, The Quiet Man
Last c.d. you bought: I don’t have any
Favourite band – ever: The Hollies
Tipple of choice: Non-drinker : Never liked the taste of alcohol
As it’s imminent: The E.U.Referendum: in or out: No answer.

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Name: Alan Richards
Year of Birth : 1951
Birthplace: Northern edge of Wythenshawe
Family : Wife Susan, Daughter Gina & Son Paul in their 40’s now. One Granddaughter, Eve.

DSCF3772 (2) - Copy

A paragraph on the work you do/ did? : Varied.From Office Manager & Cinema Projectionist (brief) to Long Distance
Lorry Driver – I always thought driving was better than working – now retired one full year. After 13 years they made me redundant a month before I was going to quit a year early anyway. Result!! I like retirement – 48 years was enough.

Football allegiance: City since 1960. Season ticket for last six years – wavering a bit. Fancy some non-league.
I lived and breathed football as a kid.
Footballing history: Nothing spectacular (no surprises there!!) School,Sunday & Saturday league Manchester YMCA from ‘D’ team to Second XI. Work got in the way.

A sentence or two on why you enjoy walking football: Good bunch of blokes. Exercise, great to stroke a ball about and score the odd goal – it’s quite rejuvenating to be honest. Love it.

Hobbies: Walking Football, Internet, Photography, Film & film-making, Politics, Cycling sometimes.

Favourite holiday: U.S.A. 4,000 mile road trip in a Mustang convertible.
Favourite UK holiday destination: The area around Mallaig, Scotland.
Dream car any era: Jaguar ‘S’ Type Nineteen sixties version – like Morse.
Favourite food: Steak and Chips
Favourite Soap (opera not Carbolic): The Archers – no others!

Boxed set?: Vikings / Sons of Anarchy /Boardwalk Empire
Least favourite food: Curry
Two Favourite movies: Shawshank Redemption & ’71’ (Northern Ireland troubles movie)
Last c.d. you bought: Jeff Lynne ELO ‘Alone in the Universe’
Favourite band – ever: Beatles
Tipple of choice: Red wine (five or six quid) and Real Ale.
As it’s imminent: The E.U.Referendum: in or out ?: Passionate (and active) for OUT.
Cheers – thanks very much.


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