_________________Curzon have said the walking football sessions  scheduled for the 24th, 28th,and 31st. December CAN go ahead .  So if you want to play walking football over the festive season you know where to go. As reported on the news page Denton is CLOSED from 23rd. December until January 8th 2019.  So, grateful thanks to Mark Bradshaw for his willingness to open up the facility.  Don’t forget the Curzon Ashton v. Ashton United local Derby on Boxing Day at 3-00pm.  Let’s get  a few walking footballers down to the ground to cheer Mark’s first team on in this important game.


Curzon Ashton

December 14th…..
Trevor Brereton’s bulletin from ‘the Nash’
Another great  game this morning,  as the yellow and blue staged a smorgasbord of quality walking football,  amid brilliant sunshine,  and a  chilly temperature. Twelve players used  every inch of the spacious pitch, as an absence of congestion,  enabled a good deal of free flowing football. A strong blues team took an early lead , when a Hampson cross shot went in off Dave Partington’s left hand post. Blues defensive duo of Tipping and Foster did well to stifle yellows attacking threat,  as did Mark Bradshaw,  who made a fine save from a Brereton effort. Yellows Dave Fielding,  Woz Taylor,  and Colin Cuthbert,  were  doing well to contain  livewire Bertenshaw and the wiry Hampson. Partington made a brilliant first half from Bertenshaw to keep his teams hopes alive. Nearing the end of the half yellows equalised. Dave Fielding’s corner was met first time by Brereton,  and flew past the unsighted Bradshaw.  Early in the second half defences were generally on top. A number of players were carrying injuries,  but persevered as both teams looked to gain the upper hand. Yellows took an unlikely lead, when a Brereton flick on was picked up by Caldwell, who got away from Truitt,  and poked the ball past Bradshaw. From then on it was mainly blues possession ,  as yellows defended deeply ,  looking to see the game out. Blues Tipping and Foster were picking the ball up in wide areas,  looking to supply danger man Bertenshaw,  as yellows last ditch defending saw them concede a number of free kicks. With five minutes remaining yellows conceded a penalty ( 3 runs).  A familiar scenario ensued,  Bertenshaw  v Partington. Terry fired powerfully to Party’s left, but Dave guessed correctly and pulled off a tremendous save. Yellows hung on for the win , in a game that was enjoyed by all. Only minor contact  and a few runs penalised today. Thanks to referee Garry Pearce.
Yellows – 2- (Brereton), (Caldwell)
Blues – 1- Hampson

December 10th at the Nash..and Garry Pearce reports…

Quick note about today’s game at the Nash. 18 players plus Mark Bradshaw, made for a 10 v 9 game, with the versatile Barry Smith changing sides at half time. The Yellows were leading two -nil at this point, thanks to two goals form Pete Peter Jarvis, one following a defensive mix-up, when Steve Wingrove gave Pete the chance to tap into an empty net, Pete followed his simple strike with a peach of a curler, just before half time. Dave P got fingers to it but could not keep the shot out.
The second half, and although he blues were bolstered with the extra man, it was yellows who added to their tally, when a deflected Wingrove shot beat David Partington. Yellows got one back through the vigorous Steve Foster and the scoring was completed when the effervescent Stewart White put a screamer past Bradshaw, with just two seconds left on the watch.
Lots of border line running, on such a large pitch, but only two runs penalised. A bit of contact too, but happily, nothing too serious.
Final Score: Blues 3 v 2 Yellows

  • ___________________
  • Curzon Ashton.
    Dec 7th  Trevor Brereton’s bulletin…
    The unsettled weather wasn’t enough to deter 13 regular “amblers” , along with FPL table topping Nash Bees keeper Dennis Cudahy ,  Elliot Pearce, and “the gaffer” Mark Bradshaw. The first half  was end to end, with few clear cut scoring chances. Cudahy was the busier of the two keepers , making a couple of vital saves, to keep his blues team from going behind. Yellows Pearce junior went closest , when his low shot went through a ruck of players,  and hit the foot of the post. Blues relied largely on speculative efforts, in an attempt to find a way through a well organised yellows defence.
  • – – – – – –
  • As the second half got underway, yellows mobility in midfield proved telling,  as Hampson and Wingrove,  “turned it on” , and Pearce junior made a crucial contribution. Still the blues defence lead by Partington stood firm,  and hampered by a congested final third,  yellows struggled to find a breakthrough.  Blues David Lees did all he could to create a worthwhile opportunity for blues forwards. With the game heading for a stalemate,  yellows struck to give their opponents “the blues”. Not for the first Mike Caldwell  proved the match winner,  as he fired low past Cudahy from close range. As it turned out the weather gods were kind, as the footballing gods piddled on the blues from a great height.
  • – – – – –
  • Little running and minor contact in a most enjoyable game.  Thanks to referee Garry Pearce, and good luck to Mark Bradshaw in his first game as CAFC manager tomorrow.  (Sentiments echoed – Ed)
    Yellows -1, ( Caldwell )
    Blues – 0
  • all Nash amblers are invited to a free Christmas lunch at the club on Thursday 20th. December from 1-00pm to 3-00pm. Please text, message or ring Alan in the next couple of days and I’ll get a rough idea of numbers across to Mark Bradshaw and Andy Cheshire…..thanks to the club for extending this welcome invitation – please note Wives and partners are welcome to come along too.
  • NOTE: ****EVENT FULL!******
  • Hopefully see you there – Ed.
  • December 3rd. 2018
  • Some second half action here <click>
  • some video of todays game will appear here  < you tube link > 
  • Elliot Cooke serves up  a winner…Alan Richards writes…
  • BLUES  1 (Cooke)  YELLOWS 0
  • A really splendid 7 v 7 game at the Nash this morning it was a pleasure to be there, if only commenting and filming from the sidelines.
    More good wishes for Mark Bradshaw for his new appointment at the Curzon club, he’s looking forward to getting started in the role of first team manager.
    Long  established Amblers  and relative newcomers alike were boosted by two much younger players, Elliot Cooke and Rory Shadbolt.
    Impressive passing and movement from both teams with young Elliot in particular outstanding ! Linking up well with Gordon Nixon in Blue and some of the play was a delight to watch. Cooke’s movement was exemplary. It was the youngster who put Blues in the lead.
  • Elliot Cooke
  • – – – – – – –
    Stewart White went closest to equalising in the first half but couldn’t quite get a couple of shots on target. He long  looked most likely to break through, along with Tony Harrison and Martyn Heath.
  • – – – –
    When the teams turned around the good play continued.  Heath always involved on the right and improving  with every game. He’s now in contention for a Heywood squad place with Tameside Striders. Food for thought for Denton’s  Over 65 manager’s.
  • – – – – – –
    Three yellow runs saw a penalty awarded and up stepped Cooke . Good technique but his shot, though evading Shadbolt in goal, hit the base of a post and it stayed one-nil.  Partington shot just wide for Yellows but in the end the result was fair enough.
  • – – – –
    Thanks to Garry Pearce for his Refereeing and to Barry Thickett for offering his services as an assistant Referee in the FPL in January.  We are looking for two more volunteers to take up  a flag and look for runners and that fourth touch.
  • Incidentally, there is some news of the FPL on the dedicated website which will interest those who take part. Maybe those who  are thinking about it.
  • Todays teams: (game video footage will emerge in due course)

    Photo: Alan Richards
  • _______________
  • Garry Pearce reports on the game November 30th….
  • Seven v seven at the Nash today, the regulars supplemented by ‘junior’ Pearce. Just as well he turned up, as Dave Fielding, although in attendance, was nursing a rib injury. A fairly level game and the first half ended with a crisply taken finish from Terry Harrison past Mark Bradshaw, blues probably deserved the lead on the balance of play.To be fair, the second half continued much in the same vein until Terry Bertenshaw levelled the scores following a trademark dribble and shot past David Partington, Terry having missed a clear chance just moments earlier. Only three runs in total and four contacts in the whole game.

    Final score: Blues 1 v 1 Yellows.

    A good morning, mostly in the winter sunshine

  • – – – – –
  • Woz Taylor slots home a penalty today – seems to have lots of goal to aim at !
  • More ‘jacket’ pics…
  • I will upload the rest to Flickr and try to get a photoshopped image with every ‘jacket’ and accompanying body from the different days on the shot.
  • I think Colin Fielding is writing a Tina Turner flavoured match report: watch this space.
  • Meanwhile here’s a picture of the singer to whet your appetite (?) I’m  not a fan me’sen.
  • ________________________

November 23rd. 2018…

  • Today’s game ended in  a one nil win for Yellows with Terry Bertenshaw grabbing the winner. Later we took some photo’s ‘Shooting Jackets’ – we are an inclusive group. Some got jackets for just  a fiver due to Woz Taylor’s employer, and they are available to all at £26.50.  The photo session was not aimed at long term players – anyone could have had their photo taken in a borrowed jacket. There were three going spare today. Andy, included in the pics has only played with us this month!   If you want a photo in  a jacket we can do this again on Monday.
  • SHOOTING JACKETS – <the album>
  • – – – – –
  • Friday’s game on video (16/11) . Not for the purist. Commentary mildly controversial and introducing the ‘cockeyed’ eleven. Who will wear it next ? <video>
  • ____________________________
  • Colin Fielding’s Beatle inspired match report from today…or, was it….
  • ‘Yesterday’ on a cold, damp morning Curzon Ashton welcomed 18 ageing ‘boys’ who  ‘come together’ for ‘a day in the life’ of a walking footballer. ‘Good morning good morning’ rang out at Curzon, even a distant ‘blackbird’ was heard whistling ‘here comes the sun’
    Dave P did the customary warm up, ‘I feel fine’ said several of the players. I’m ‘getting better’ said another but ‘I need a little help from my friend’.
    It was 9 reds v 9 yellows with Garry P refereeing. Garry laying the law down early telling Colin F ‘you can’t do that’ ‘tell me why’ was the response. ‘I should have known better’ said Colin.
    Reds were on top and Steve H was ‘here, there and everywhere ‘ and was creating ‘misery’ for the yellows. A move involving Terry(George) Harrison who said ‘ you won’t see me’ as he went past a yellow and laid on a pass to Stewart White (Album) who took a touch before a ‘twist and shoot’ to score an excellent goal past Gordon N. The blues were ‘flying’ now and Pete S took a ‘step inside’ and produced an excellent pass to Steve H who placed it past Gordon N to cause ‘misery’ for the yellows.
    Yellows were ‘getting better’ in the second half and were determined to ‘come together’ and not becoming a ‘nowhere man’ and finishing as ‘Im a loser’. Alan G took over refereeing duties in this half and it wasn’t long before blues chalked up their third walking offence resulting in a penalty award. Steve W stepped up to the spot with ‘Maxwells silver hammer’ hitting a powerful shot which Mark B amazingly saved. ‘This boy’ doesn’t concede many goals. Dave L and Dave F were a constant threat to blues but Andy T and Hadge C remained solid in defence ‘fixing a hole’ in defence determined that they ‘don’t pass me by’.
    Thanks to Alan R for taking photos of the game in his wonderful warm coat.
    ‘Let it be’ and ‘good night’ said one of the guys after finishing his cup of coffee and sorting out Brexit, hope it’s sorted ‘when I’m 64’ it seems to be taking ‘a long long time’
    ‘The end’
    Report may be poor but 31 Beatle songs.
  • —————

November 19th. Colin Fielding will submit a match report. I shot some video which will eventually emerge.

  • November 16th.
  • Trevor Brereton writes up the action:
  • Curzon 16th. November 2018  Blues 1 (Bertenshaw) Yellows 2 (Taylor, Yardley
Some of the regulars at Curzon sessions were presented with posh new training jackets,  courtesy of Woz Taylor and his works, that’s my wife’s anniversary present  sorted :-). On the pitch we welcomed back Colin Cuthbert, a former stalwart  at the Nash sessions.  An excellent turnout of 15, along with Mark Bradshaw took part in the ensuing game. Yellows started brightly,  moving the ball well, and testing Bradshaw.  Yellows took the lead through Taylor,  who turned well, and fired low past a static Bradshaw.  Yellows lead didn’t last long, as the ball deflected to the feet of Bertenshaw on the edge of the “d”, the rest was a formality. The game was end to end, and quite congested at times, though both teams put some neat moves together,  it never reached 40 odd passes. Yellows re-took the lead through Keith Yardley,  who finished well, following good build up play.
– – – –
  • H-T 1:2
  • – – – –
  • Blues started the second half well, with livewire Bertenshaw a constant threat.  Dave Partington made one tremendous save to his left, another Blue effort flashed past the yellows upright. Yellows had been on two runs for sometime,  when late in the game they incurred a third. The resulting penalty was coolly despatched by Bertenshaw .  However player/referee Keith Burrows deemed it illegal .  Blues couldn’t find a way through in the final seconds , as yellows hung on  for victory. A tight encounter with no nasty challenges,  and only a handful of runs penalised  by referee Burrows.
    Thanks to player/referees  Keith,  and Mark Bradshaw.
    Yellows – 2- Taylor, Yardley
    Blues- 1- Bertenshaw
  • (I’m working on first half video -Ed)
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
  • November 12th. link to new photo site – hope it works

Blues 0 Yellows 1 (Taylor)

A more customary close game at the Nash this morning under bright skies and with  a nip in the air. Fourteen Amblers met with the game decided by Woz Taylor’s second half goal.

There is a link to some photographs above –  video later.



(Hope you’re soon back playing Peter Ward)as Referee Richards writes from the Nash…

BLUES 6 (Lees 3 – 1 pen,Seddon 2, Fielding D)  YELLOW 1 (Bertenshaw)

Never underestimate the difficulty of Refereeing a game of walking football. Especially at the Nash on a Friday. Especially if you want to try to make a decent fist of it.
Today we started with 7 v. 7 Blues and Yellows. This quickly became 7 v. 6 when Peter Ward suffered a calamity with his ankle early in the game . An audible crack, and off he went. Get back soon Peter, I think you’re due a ‘free’ game !

– – – –
Yellows took the lead despite this setback. Terry Bertenshaw with a fine shot.
The pace was picking up. What do you let go? what do you penalise? We all have differing opinions and decisions are made in good faith.
Three runs were racked up by Yellows – the last one an acceleration into a shooting situation. A common characteristic but not always penalised.
David Lees despatched the penalty past David Partington.

  • – – – –
    One all at half time and no warning of what was to follow in a reversal of last weeks ‘game of two halves’. The goal rush came in the second half this time.
  • Bradshaw gone to supervise dug out construction, Ward away home so now it was 6 v. 6the classic walking football line up. More space. Fewer runs, some sweet passing.
    David Lees, now a regular and a force to be reckoned (he’s almost a quarter century younger than some he’s playing with hit another one for Blues. Within a couple of minutes Partington was picking the ball out of his net once again. This time Rod Seddon on target. Septuagenarian Seddon has just signalled an intention to play for Denton Wednesday in the fair play league. If he can restrain himself from running he will be a real asset up front.

Lees completed a hat-trick half way through the second half. He, Hampson and Seddon were tormenting the Yellow defenders now. Fed from midfield by the insistent Nixon and the persistent David Fielding.
Peter Smith perhaps the jewel in Yellows crown along with Bertenshaw, who  battled to get them back into it.  Alongside Caldwell Terry  fashioned a few half chances but Danny Tipping – now in goal for Blues – was equal to them.

  • – – – – – –
    David Fielding scored the goal of the game with a volley on the turn high into the roof of the net, and Seddon gave the gloss of five-one a little extra sheen with a goal close to the final whistle.
  • Six one and a little flattering but no denying Blues were better today. No photo.
  • – – – –
    Note: the order for jackets has gone in and been paid for. (£21 from Amblers money box) I have just one  fiver to collect.
    Good to see Mark back in Blighty after a memorable trip to Ohio.
    We had a chat about Chips and Gravy, and Pies for the FPL days and decided the former was the easier option. How does Chips in Gravy and a brew for £2.50 sound ? We don’t want this to add to the workload for anyone on the day but it’s felt fast food might be offered and chips can soon be sorted for those who want feeding. I might take my own  buttered barm cake !



  • FIREWORKS AT THE NASH…November 5th. 2018 
  • first half Blues can’t hold a Roman Candle to the Orange’s gunpowder plot…
  • Richards writes…
  • As cameramen go I’m not the best. Nor the worst but I was left kicking myself this morning after only capturing one of the first half torrent of goals that came the Orange way.

  • Having stopped filming a fairly routine five minute sequence I moved to the back of the Blue goal to take some stills and that’s when the tide turned Orange’s way. To some tune.
  • – – – – –
    Harrison in particular with a performance of great zest peeling away fist in the air to celebrate a hat trick of goals scored within five minutes was another photo op. missed ! Remarkable.
    Harrison got a hat-trick, Dave Lees was  in on the act with a couple of smart finishes, and a superb long range effort from Keith Burrows following a Colin Fielding free-kick put the icing on the cake.
    Oranges were the only fruit in town this morning as in this fifteen minute purple patch they cashed in on good luck and excellent finishing – not to mention the lack of a really top notch ‘keeper in the Blues goal. Gordon Nixon and Rob Lake did their best but neither will mind my mentioning they’re not quite from the same mould as the man at the other end. David Partington.
    David was a change at half time with the score at six- nil. Swapping teams with Peter Quinn.
    There had seemed little between the teams, selected by Referee Pearce and your truly using well tried methods of co-matching pairs. So it really proved in the second half. Blues enjoyed more possession and in fact won the second period one nil. A sublime back heel from Stewart White, which I believe I did get on camera. We shall see.

    Stewart White – sublime back heel

    A good morning of brisk walking football enjoyed by all, I think. Thanks to Garry for Refereeing once more. Photo’s and video to follow.
    Fourteen players – £42 handed to Luke Davenport of Curzon Ashton F.C.

  • Pics here from Captain Blotchy (nothing contagious folks) <here>
  • ____________________
  • 2nd. 2018…
  • Kazakhstan Blue 3 (Fielding, Hampson, Conroy) Orangemen 3 ( Brereton, 3)
  • Thanks to the good offices of D.W.F.G. we got a game on at the Nash today.
    With mentor Mark across the Atlantic we couldn’t get access to our kit bag.
    Up to the top end of the 3g we went with bibs, markers and ball under the weak late autumn sun, which began to summon some strength as the forenoon  hour ticked by.
    Yours truly  refereed sans whistle. Utilising my megaphone’s siren call instead. Necessity the mother of invention.
  • – – – –
    Colin Fielding scored a good  goal to put Kazakhstan Blues in front. Colin had an excellent game today with several sublime touches and a further assist.
    The pace was challenging from the start, especially the Blue bibbed team and several verbal ‘slow downs’ were offered.
    Brereton equalised and the I think the Orange team went ahead with Trevor once more on the mark from the penalty spot after an almost inevitable third blue run.
    The sequence may be dodgy here but the score went to a ‘desmond’ thanks to Steve Hampson in blue. There was some good interplay and passing on show but purists – and there are some – would not call this walking football. Nevertheless it was entertaining for the protagonists. Some good saves from Partington including one remarkable double stop in the blue goal.
    Mike Conroy put the Blues ahead (I think) after Blues were awarded a penalty of their own (3 runs). Despatched eventually with some aplomb with the ‘Flamingo Technique’ . Again Brereton struck to equalise once again to claim another ‘goal machine’ hat-trick and it ended all square at three apiece. I couldn’t write down the details I’m so sorry if they are little out of kilter from memory.
  • – – – –  –
    We will no doubt reconvene on Monday – and may have a different Referee to take charge of proceedings. It’s always open for players to Referee the odd game themselves, to see just how difficult it can be when many of the players run, instead of moving at more measured moderate pace.   Some contact offences this morning but not many. There is a real opportunity for someone to start up a ‘slow senior soccer’ or ‘Super Vets’ football group at the Nash. There’s some vacant pitch time slots so far as I know. 1
  • 13 players today £39 handed in to the office at Curzon. Thanks to  DWFG Chairman Gordon and others for assistance with the gear.
  • — – – –
    (Note to self: keep a whistle in the van and don’t referee with a heavy object in hand again, because you’ll never know what you might be tempted to do with it.)
  • ________________________
  • Curzon 29th October  Trevor Brereton reports:
    Trevor Brereton
    Again a fine attendance of 16 amblers this morning,  for what proved to be a tight encounter. Blues went close early on, with a shot that hit the underside of the bar , and was quickly gathered by yellows keeper Mark Bradshaw. Yellows took the lead when Brereton found Taylor on the edge of the “D”, Taylor evaded his marker and cleverly dinked the ball over the advancing Partington. There was little to choose between the sides in the first half, though blues speedy counter attacks were always a threat.  Blues Partington made a splendid save from Harrison,  and on the stroke of half time yellows Colin Fielding clipped the outside of the blues post.  Blues were moving the ball well, so it came as no surprise when they drew level midway through the second half. Having had one free kick blocked,  a second one was buried by Wingrove,  with the aid of a slight deflection. Yellows were guilty of being wasteful going forward, as careless passes brought a halt to attacking opportunities. Player/referee Keith Burrows stroked home a fine free kick for blues , but had to rule it out as Colin Fielding was tying his shoelace.
  • Colin Fielding – loose laces
  • Blues took a deserved lead with a Steve Foster strike that was partiality saved by Bradshaw,  but looped up in the air, and over the line. Blues held on comfortably for a deserved victory,  in a game that saw little running or contact. Thanks to Mark Bradshaw and player/ referee Keith Burrows.
    Blues- 2 – Wingrove,  Foster
    Yellows – 1 – Taylor
  • ___________________
  • Whether today acted as  a release valve or antidote for a ‘fair play league’ I can only imagine,  but reports reaching the edge of the Berwyn Mountains suggest it was more like a game of football for old guys this morning at The Nash:  so I’m asking do we really need ‘excessive’ contact ?  It’s a fair question. (Ed.)


Trevor Brereton reports:

Curzon 26th October

A colossal 18 ambler’s took part in this Friday fixture that was decided by an early Mike Caldwell strike. Fortunately the rain abated,  leaving conditions perfect as we got underway.  Yellows had the better of the early exhanges,  but with congestion around the blues “D” found it difficult to get a strike on goal. Yellows keeper Partington was having a quiet game, as his defence comfortably dealt with the blues attack. Yellows took a deserved lead , as Bradshaw made a save, with the ball eventually falling to the feet of Caldwell, who stabbed it in the bottom right hand corner. Blues  were lucky to go into the break just one nill down,  as yellows dominated. The second half was quite a contrast as blues kicked into gear,  and finally put yellows under sustained pressure. Blues David Fielding went close, as the ball deflected off his foot and spun onto the post.
At the other end Bertenshaw crashed  a shot against the post with Bradshaw beaten. Bertenshaw was in the thick of the action at the other end too, as he blocked successive shots with his back and head, being felled in the process.  Referee Alan Graham had a busy morning  having to penalise players for excessive contact. Repeated warnings had little effect,  as free kicks interrupted the flow of the game, numerous times. Yellows keeper Partington was largely untroubled,  as blues struggled to find a way through despite a much improved second half display.  Hardly a “thriller”, but a good “ghoul” from Caldwell. “Fang” you to Alan Graham for refereeing.
(After the progress we have been making this sounds like a walking football horror show – Ed)
Yellows -1- Caldwell
Blues- 0
  • Blues 2 (Foster, Smith) Yellows 1 (Brereton
  • Richards writes from the Nash…
  • I think it was 9 v 8 at the Nash this morning. Desperately close to having enough for two simultaneous games.
    Blues v. Yellows . Blue had the extra man.
    Steve Foster with a number 9 on theback of his bib put the Blues in front. A bit of a scrappy game first half due to space restrictions on the pitch.
    Second half went to three touch with a Referees assistant to help Garry Pearce who already had his whistle full with so many players.
    The skill level in the second half increased notably. The Blue team especially were playing some slick passing walking football. First touches were pretty good too and the atmosphere of the game changed a little.
    Barry Smith put Blues further in front with about ten minutes to go before a viscious shot from Brereton pulled one back for Yellow.
    No photo at the end, I had my camera but forgot, and nobody reminded me- that’s why I’m not 100% sure of the total numbers. Barry Thickett was there as a spectator – thanks for my printed photo Barry- don’t get too many of those. (A few photos and some first half video to sort out this evening)
  •  – – – – –
  • .October 19th 2018
  • BLUES 4 ( Bertenshaw 2, 1 pen: Wingrove, Seddon) YELLOWS 2 (Brereton 2 pen)
  • FUN IN THE SUN FOR SOME….Alan Richards reports from the Nash..
  • With both of our regular Referees taking a well earned rest after their Heywood duties yesterday , it fell to yours truly to reluctantly take the field with trusty Acme Thunderer whistle in hand.8 v 8 in bright sunshine I impressed upon the players that I would be strict on running.Blues v. Yellow evenly matched teams looking to enjoy an Autumnal Amble .

    Keith Yardley
  • Good to see Keith Yardley back fit again, and another infrequent visitor Rod Seddon. Both would play their part in an intriguing game.Blues took the lead through Bertenshaw, also a welcome returnee after some knee trouble and a busy work schedule.
  • P1090686  (click for a moving picture, not emotional just moving – be quick or you’ll miss it)
  • Blues garnered three running offences first. Trevor Brereton converted past Bradshaw with the Mike Conroy Flamingo TEchnique, he’s obviously been watching our videos. Well done Trevor, Mark is not an easy goalkeeper to beat.One apiece at half time.Secod half the pace slowed just a little. Contact was nothing to write home about either just sme over exuberant coming together for the most part. Refereeing is not easy and there’s nothing quite so disconcerting as when you let play go on, and a trusted friend or acqaintance looks at you pleadingly with arms stretched wide. Oviuclyself-doubt kicks in – for a second or two.Steve Wingrove scored with a rocket shot that left Partington with little chance from distance. Rod Seddpn added a third after Party had saved from Bertenshaw. Seddon seized upon the parried ball and Rod’s yer uncle – Three one. The game was getting away from Yellow’s now and a third run saw Terry Bertenshaw convert a penalty to make it four !Yellows responded gamely. Stewart White the architect taking on several players at a time on occasion switching and swivelling and avoiding oppostion feet. Rob Lake eventually crossed the physicality line just outside the ‘D’ and upended White with a careless challenge. Penalty! Up stepped Brereton again, and Manfred Manfully put the ball wide of Bradshaw to ripple the net. Such a pretty Flamingo.It finished 4 -2. Most players enjoyed it and I’d like to say I enjoyed Refereeing it.But, you can’t always get what you want, and though I’d intended to film the session what followed was certainly a challenge.
  • A word of praise for Keith Yardley who got into some very threatening positions with his movement, only the final product was lacking.
  • — – – – – – –
  • Good to see the whole cast emerge looking relatively unscathed ahead of a big week for local mixed-ability walking football.
  • I look forward now to the F.P.L. next Wednesday, hope we get similar weather. For the record – under the F.P.L. criteria Yelows would have had a Referee’s fair play point awarded today. Not Blues. (Dissent) – nothing major but we should all accept decisions of the Referee because it’s highly unlikely he’ll change his mind.If anyone else (Trev) wants to write this game up from a player’s perspective please feel free.
  • Thanks to Jack Sloan for the photo – which will be up when it’s been developed 🙂
  • __________________
  • We’ll have a few photo’s later from today’s game at the Nash….thanks to Barry Thickett.
  • YELLOWS 1 (Wingrove)  BLUES 0…. pics<here>
    A lively and brisk affair ( familiar euphemisms as you’ll have gathered by now).
    With Heywood reject Richards stepping up to the plate to take a penalty, Mark Bradshaw must have thought he had a better than even chance of saving it. A perfect one step toe bung but safely collected by the ‘keeper fairly effortlessly low down to his right.
  • – – – – – –
    The scores were deadlocked at half time. Both teams shifting the ball sometimes to good effect. It would be pointless to point out individuaLs for special praise but international trialist nominee goalkeeper David Partington made some good saves in the Blue goal, particularly second half.
  • – – – – –
    Fluency was hard to find at times on a crowded pitch but it was the Yellow who clinched it after a pass from Mike Caldwell was driven along the ground with much force from the right foot of Steve Wingrove. Partington had no chance with that one. A fearsome daisy cutter indeed !
  • – – – – – – –
    Thanks to Garry Pearce for Refereeing this game and to all for a game played in the right sort of spirit. We may need to rediscover our three touch technique soon,  ahead of the FPL next week.
  • – – – –
  • …Trevor Brereton REPORTS FROM ‘The Nash’
  • Curzon October 12th. 2018
    Remember when we played the boys of Brisbane Academy in 2016?  Who could forget it? Well…..
    The low turnout (8), and persistent rain didn’t bode well for a rewarding game this morning,  but strewth!    Fortunately the Australian Youth Institute team enabled us to have an 8 v 8 game. If the international break is good enough for Premier League superstars,  why should it be any different for the Ambler’s ?  The Aussies adapted well to WALKING football, and placed more emphasis on attack rather than defence,  displaying excellent touch, flicks and passing.
  • – – – –
  • The youngsters took the lead with a penalty (awarded for three runs) , midway through the first half. Amblers hit back through Caldwell who  took  advantage of slack marking to level the scores. The Amblers took the lead early in the second half when Wingrove finished well from close range. Amblers defence was coping well in the face of what was at times mesmerising skill from  the budding Messi’s and Ronaldo’s.
  • – – – – – –
  • David Partington had to be at his best as our antipodean friends piled the pressure on. The Ambler’s counter-attacked swiftly,  with Caldwell in on goal, stabbing the ball past an unlucky ‘keeper. Just when the Ambler’s looked comfortable,  the young guns pulled a goal back, crikey! this wasn’t over yet. Following a stunning move that cut through the Ambler’s defence,  Partington had to make a terrific save to ensure  Ambler’s held on for victory.  There weren’t ‘Too Many Broken Hearts’, at the Ambler’s win. Such was the success of this game , a return fixture for next Friday has already been arranged. Thanks to Garry Pearce for refereeing today’s game.
  • (Sorry I missed this – I won’t miss it next week – Ed.) Any photo’s or was it too sodden wet?)
  • – – – –
    Amblers- 3- Caldwell( 2, ) Wingrove
    Australian Youth Institute.- 2
  • – – – – – – – —
  •   as Harrison comes up with an opener it’s Strawberry ‘Fielding’ forever as David wins it.
  • BLUES 1 (White) YELLOWS 2 (Harrison , Fielding)
  • (hope I’ve got this right)
  • With fourteen Amblers including Mark B. on the 3g – which looked splendid in the soft, Autumn sunlight filtering through clouds – Blue met Yellow. Bradshaw selecting both ensembles and the balance was to prove right once more as a closely contested affair followed.
    With Referee Alan Graham in slightly stricter mode than normal both teams soon clocked up three running offences each. Two penalties were dis-allowed due to errant technique. Micro steps involved each time and a half time discussion followed to try to clarify the position.
    Alan also declared a purge on tacking (even clean dispossession) – from behind.  Which he feels is at the root of much of the excess physicality we’ve been hearing about.
  • – – – – –
    Stewart White had given Blues a half time lead with a cleverly worked goal via Barry Smith.
  • Meanwhile Blue defender Steve Foster had pulled up with what looked like a thigh strain, but played on manfully. Richards attempting to cover at the back as Foster pushed forward. The lack of a defenders brain didn’t help but with vocal encouragement and guidance from teammates the damage was minimised.
  • – – – – – –
    Immediately after the break Terry Harrison equalised with a fine goal, greeted with a tremendous roar from Garry Pearce. Yellows had been building well, with Wingrove both carrying the ball and laying it off for Harrison and Fielding to threaten on goal. Fielding’s luck was deserting him today but he was still finding the right positions, having been ushered upfield by Pearce. Pearce the ebullient. The right wing back today showed no ill effects from last weeks painful shoulder incident. Fielding himself persevered as he always does,  and with  a slick piece of finishing, fashioned a  winner for Yellows.
  • – – – – – –
    Brereton lying in the deep for yellow, particularly second half stabilised the side and helped make it hard for Blues to establish a sustained threat. Cooper, playing left wing back also contributed to the Yellow cause.
    Blues main threats were Hampson and White, although Barry Smith worked tirelessly up front and both he and White attempted some visionary passes, which when they came off opened up good possibilities. Gordon Nixon was solid at the back for Blues too, with Richards happy to lay the ball off short after one or two touches, accurately for the most part. Steve Foster, hero-of-the-hour shrugging off his injury contributed much to the Blue’s valiant effort but it was that man Harrison again who popped up to plant a winner past Partington. Our goalkeeper had stopped a few good efforts earlier but he couldn’t do much about this one.
    Teams:Yellow – – Bradshaw , Pearce, Cooper , Fielding D (1), Brereton ,Wingrove, Harrison (1),
    Blues: Partington, Nixon , Foster , Hampson ,Smith B, White (1), Richards.
    No cameras today but another decent Monday showing for the regulars, with two or three missing – but we’ll see you soon we hope.
    I returned home to see news of the revised F.A. laws announced today. I shall investigate and post a link to them. Will be good to exchange views when we catch up with each other again
  • +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  • __________________
  • I wrote this for the Curzon Ashton official programme for the Boston game but the editor didn’t include it. Rather than waste the effort totally I’ve reproduced it here:
    For just the second time in the short two and a half year history of The Nash Amblers they face a team from Curzon Ashton F.C.’s first team National League North rivals on the same day.
    A squad of walking footballers from Boston United are taking us on today in a friendly match on the training pitch, and by the time you read this the game should be over, and it both sets of players should be watching the main event in the stadium.
  • – – – – –
    A squad with an average age of sixty years old was assembled to play this friendly match versus the visitors, who will field a similarly aged team. With some younger men in their fifties making debuts for the Amblers , older, regular stalwarts were called upon too. The Referee was Manchester F.A. badged official Keith Burrows.
  • – – – – – –
    Last season the Amblers travelled the shorter distance to F.C. United of Manchester to play the home team before the first team fixture. On that occasion we won a very enjoyable match by three goals to one and established good links with the F.C.U.M. Walking Footballers. Repeating that result may well be tougher today, as Boston’s ‘Pilgrims’ compete at various levels across the country and are recognised as a very good team. (We won 3 – 1 Ed.)
    As always at ‘The Nash’ the emphasis in the walking game is focussed on participation and enjoyment of older players, who still wish to play an approximation of regular football at sensible levels of physicality.

    one prepared earlier
  • – – – – –
  • – – – – –
    To this end a completely new project kicked of this week the Curzon Wednesday ‘Walking Football Fair Play League’. Attracting seven teams including Burnley F.C. Walking Football, Vintage Celtic (Stalybridge)  and Bolton Arena this is an innovative, and unique project where fair play points are deducted for constant running or foul play. With equal value to match won points the onus is definitely on playing the game as it should be played. Non-contact (within reason) with forceful challenges outlawed.
    Competitive walking football has definite problems around these areas, and it’s hoped this novel approach which should attract the semi-competitive player to league competition will catch on. Nearby teams Tameside Striders, Denton Wednesday and Vintage Celtic are also taking part to ensure a more light-hearted local rivalry with The Nash Amblers and The Nash Bees. Average age of the players has to be no lower than 62 although certain age restrictions are relaxed. To find enough goalkeepers for instance the age has been lowered to 45 for that position only. Many taking part will be in their late sixties or early to mid seventies.
    All games will be firmly Refereed by experienced , and respected officials, and there will be assistants on hand to spot off the ball running. Students from the club’s academy will be getting involved as part of their sports development course. They have already joined the Amblers in one of their Friday sessions and by all accounts adjusted well to the pace. Giving their much older teammates a lesson in walking. It’s also hoped they will involve themselves in administration and practical  duties. This is a ground breaking approach for trans-generational involvement in the game of walking football, and Coach Mark Bradshaw deserves great credit for his ideas in this area. His encouragement to the club’s walking footballers cannot be overstated.
    The build up to this league has already increased the Curzon Ashton F.C. profile within the walking football community and if the idea takes off it could be a Curzon blueprint for future tournament organisers to consider. I’ll be back with an update in a couple of months time assuming all goes well.
    Alan Richards – Walking Football Co-ordinator.
  • ________________________
  • Eight Amblers October 5th – numbers down following GMWFL…
  • ________________
  • AMBLERS HIT SIX IN THE SUNSHINE….October 1st. 2018
  • Seasons come and go  but for these ever youthful ‘spring-in-their-step’ Amblers it’s ‘Forever Autumn’…
  • Alan Richards writes from ‘The Nash 3g’
  • I try to apply an amount of logic when selecting teams to play each other. I usually have assistance but this day I handled the task alone. By the nature of our sessions all teams are mixed ability but at Ashton everyone can play – at least a bit. Assuming they’re fit.
  • So after dishing out the bibs this morning a retrospective glance spied an element of potent attack versus experienced and accomplished defence. However that wasn’t the full story as the attackers on both teams managed three goals apiece and the shot count was as numerous as it was a little wayward at times, hence my next job – ball boy – kept me busy and mobile !
  • – – – – –
    Terry Harrison put the Blues in front. Stewart White doubled the lead a little later There really was some excellent walking football on show. There were no running ‘penalties’ either this morning and few cases of contact. Garry Pearce let the game flow and kept his whistle in his hand rather than penalise the few marginal calls.
  • – – – – – –

  • Yellows  drew level. First it was Trevor Brereton on target to beat Bradshaw, then Stephen Hampson equalised after a flowing move exposed the Blues defence. At this juncture the fog descends but I  the yellow team took the lead, again via ‘goal machine’  Brereton.
    The day was warming under a mid-Autumn sun and the glistening brows of the players bore testimony to rising temperatures. They  rose on the pitch too in a good way, as Blues went forward – the ever menacing Stewart White levelled the game and that’s how it ended 3 – 3.
  • Well matched teams – a combination of design…and happy accident.
    Good to see our walking football promo/advertising board has found a good position by the new pitch, and we all gathered around it for a team photograph with a difference. Hats off to all of those players who contributed to the new pitch by funding this symbol of the local game – I think we’re all ENJOYING it – even if only as ball boy at the moment. 🙂
  • Curzon Ashton
    September 28th…
  • as Trevor Brereton tees up  a golf themed account of the action
    The weather was yet again kind to the players who made their regular Friday pilgrimage to Curzon , for a 5 v 5 game that was enjoyed by all. Garry Pearce’s son Elliott was a welcome addition today, and showed that he has inherited his dad’s football ability.
  • Both teams started well, particularly the blues, and had it not been for goalkeeping heroics from keeper Gordon Nixon,  they could easily have been out of sight by half time.
  • – – – – – – –
  • For yellows young Pearce and Brereton were combining well, ably supported by Foster and Gaskin.  Yellows took the lead when Brereton found space on the left, and fired high into the net. Shortly afterwards  they doubled their lead , again Brereton on the left finished well with a low shot. Blues White, and Wingrove created many opportunities,  only to see Nixon stop the ball with nearly every part of his anatomy.  Likewise Blues keeper White, then Tipping pulled off excellent saves to deny Elliott, who also hit the bar.
  •  In the second half the yellow defence tightened up , as the blues frustration continued. For blues David Fielding,  supplied Wingrove,  who’s shooting was unusually wayward in the second half. As yellows pushed forward Brereton “teed ” the ball up for himself a “fairway” from goal, and unleashed a speculative shot that was saved,  however the parry applied vicious spin on the ball, and it spun back over the line, to “putt” the yellows. 3- 0 ahead. The blues persevered,  and were rewarded with a deserved consolation as Stewart White fired in from a tight angle. A most enjoyable game once again , well refereed by Garry Pearce.
    Blues- 1- White
    Yellows -3- Brereton
  • ______________
  • A picture paints a thousand words they say, so here’s twenty thousand of ’em.
  • September 24th at The Nash – Blues won one-nil <pics>
  • Video here – half of the second half <click>
  • Curzon Ashton
    September 17th
  • An old friend returns – dear Desmond two – two.
  • By Trevor Brereton
    A decent turnout of 13 amblers  along with Mark Bradshaw ensured a intriguing encounter at the Nash. Blues boasted four attackers that would walk into most walking football  teams, Taylor, Lees,  White and Wingrove,  while yellows looked the more defensively sound. The early pressure came from Blues  as they stroked the ball around,  without really testing yellows keeper Partington. Yellows relied on counter attacks, with Brereton finding space, and testing Bradshaw in the blues goal. Yellows took the lead when Brereton capitalised on defensive uncertainty (thanks Trevor, I’d call it rank incompetence -Ed.) and fired low past Bradshaw. Yellows lead didn’t last long,  as the ever dangerous Stewart White fired powerfully  past Partington from an acute angle. Yellows stemmed the tide of blues attacks, and were rewarded when they were awarded a penalty  (3 runs ). Mike Conroy who has a high percentage of successful spot kicks, added another one with a pin point conversion past Bradshaw. As the second half got underway yellows opted for the five defender’s on the edge of the the “d” , and one man just in front of them. Tactics.
  • – – – – – –
  • Blues had the majority of possession,  as yellows defended resolutely under extreme pressure. Lees and Taylor were particularly dangerous,  bringing the best out of the Peter Pan of goalkeeping Partington .Blues were awarded a penalty after an ingress into the “d”. Taylor fired powerfully to Partington’s left, Party rose like a salmon to parry the ball away, remarkable !!..Still blues created chances as Richards found space on the left , and White and Foster joined the attack. With five mins remaining blues breached the yellows defence,  as Lees gained a yard on his man , and fired powerfully past Partington.  No further goals as ref Garry Pearce blew the final whistle  on memorable match up of attack v  defence.  As always a game played in a good spirit,  thanks to Garry for refereeing.
  • Blues- 2- White,  Lees
    Yellows- 2- Brereton,  Conroy (pen)
  • Mint Trevor 0
  • especially the   tictacs   tactics !  – thank you . Ed.

– – – – – –

  • Curzon Academy Students get an ‘A’ for Ambling …..
  • Trevor Brereton reports…
  • Sept 14th
    Curzon Ashton
    With only nine of the Nash  Amblers present this morning,  Mark Bradshaw boosted the player count with a number of lads from the Curzon Academy. The yellow bibbed team dominated the first half, clocking up 4 goals due to some clinical finishing  from the budding young Curzon stars. The second half saw a better organised black bibbed team dominate proceedings. The touch, power and passing accuracy of the young lads shone through in what must have been a new experience for them. Not to be outdone the “oldies” performed with great credit also.  The “blacks” peppered the yellows goal , and only some fine goalkeeping from David Partington prevented an avalanche of goals ” Black’s” did add some credibility to the score with 2 late goals.. Very little running or contact this morning  in a game that was played in great spirit.  Thanks to Mark Bradshaw for facilitating and refereeing today’s game.
    Yellows 4
    Black’s – 2
  • Reports on Facebook suggested the younger element adjusted very well to the pace of walking football and showed good discipline. – (Sorry I missed it – Ed.) photo below.
  • ______
  • A seven v. seven which included our coach Mark Bradshaw was played out in dry and pleasant conditions at the Nash today.
    Blue and Yellow Bibs were dispensed as fairly evenly matched teams – always the aim – were assembled and kicked off  this regular  start the week walking football event.
    Yellows seized the initiative early doors and forced Blue ‘keeper Bradshaw to make three quick fire saves and blocks in a crazy ten second spell.
  • – – – – – –
    The Curzon man repulsed these early efforts and Blues came back strongly with excellent passing moves that led to a Trevor Brereton opener, his powerful strike brushing the ankles of Steve Foster on its way into the net.
    Stewart White followed up with two good goals for Blues and then he and Brereton hit the frame of the goal twice as Blues threatened to run riot. David Partington pulled of a couple of fine saves to keep his team in the hunt
    David Lees and Mike Conroy threatened for Yellows but they were three nil down at the break.
  • – – –
    H-T Blues 3 -0 Yellows
  • – – –
    With Yellows beginning to mount a stiffer resistance via Harrison and Foster – some great cross field passes –  and prompted by Cooper at the back the only question was could they register a goal.  Lees and Harrison were sniffing, and Mike Conroy looking to let fly if the opportunity arose. Quinn always available on the right flank.
    In Blue, a  high octane performance from Colin Fuelding and willing defensive grafter David Carter both did their level best to prevent that happening . Mobile Steve Hampson was invaluable to the Blues effort , inventive and full of energy.
    Blues best second half chance was spurned by Richards, shooting wide from the edge of the ‘D’ after a fine ball from Stewart White.
    No more goals for either side. Many thanks to Garry Pearce for Refereeing, and to Mark and the club for facilitating
    Teams: Blues 3 – Bradshaw, Carter,Fielding C, Hampson, Richards,Brereton (1), White (2)
    Yellows 0 -Partington, Cooper, Foster, Lees, Harrison, Conroy, Quinn
  • ___________
  • September 7th 2018
    Blues 6 ( Jarvis o.g. Lees 3, White, Hampson) Yellows 0
  • – – – -Alan Richards writes...
    Steady drizzle dominated proceedings at the Nash today.
    A 7 v. 7 Blue v. Yellow affair with numerals on the back of Blues – a first.  I was handed number nine and in true centre forward tradition got off a few half decent shots, all on target but saved by a succession of goalkeepers.
    Wearing eight ‘young’ David Lees grabbed himself three goals. A shot from Lees had taken a cruel deflection off Peter Jarvis to open the Blues account. Stewart White a false number 2 in menacing, attacking mode all morning added another and after a slick, crisp move Pot One’s Steve Hampson put the icing on the cake – speaking of which it was Mark Bradshaw’s birthday today and though he didn’t get a cake, as a special treat he got to Referee the game !
    Thanks Mark. You did a good job and it was excellent training for your stint in the Fair Play League which starts later this month.
  • – – – – –
    Yellows were under the cosh but it was never too one sided to be fair. Just that the Blues finishing was clinical (apart from mine). With Steve Foster and Colin Fielding at the back their base was secure enough for others to break forward with confidence and some precision passing.
    For Yellows Trevor Brereton offered stoical resistance and Pete Jarvis also pushed forward but to little avail. David Fielding was another Yellow grafter. Unfortunate as Lees’s shot brushed his ankles on the way in.
  • – – – – – –
    David Partington switched teams at half time to keep goal for Yellows as John Gaskin was also good enough to swap teams. John completed a good stint in goal for his Blue new Blue team Not even ‘Party’ could stem the tide of Blues advances. It’s not often we get a six-nil result but that’s what happened today. The main difference was Blue’s clinical finishing (apart from my own of course – Ed)
    Mike Caldwell converted a consolation penalty but didn’t wait for the whistle and it was disallowed. The luckless striker put the re-take wide. He and Pete Smith battled constantly up front and on the right flank respectively for Yellow’s but the game was up well before the end.
    Sadly today’s photographs were too blurred to feature. Blame the rain.
  • – – – – – – – –
  • 3rd. Septembers 2018 – Autumn dawns and..
  • …HARD WORKING BLACKS BLUNT THE YELLOW PERIL  as  Alan Richards reports from The Nash
  • With the eventual decision that a big pitch was in order and a ten v. nine game the best bet for a grey, and eventually damp morning we got underway playing across the 3g.  ‘So many in the Autumn of their lives and a few younger men enjoying an Indian summer’ the seasons come and go but the game of walking football continues around the calendar around these parts.
  • – – – –
    Most of the early passing found intended targets and a fairly fluid game began to take shape. New man Peter Quinn settled in and played his part. Black’s having a majority of possession and taking the lead through danger man Stewart White after a slick move placed him in space with a clean shot on goal.
    Yellow’s hit back. Peter Smith , nimble on his toes went very close with a shot that almost deceived Mark Bradshaw in goal. Mobile Mike Conroy was keeping black defenders on their toes, but David Partington and Gordon Nixon kept him in check much of the time.
    Woz Taylor looked menacing in a yellow bib at times but could not fashion a clear cut chance.
    In Black, Trevor Brereton returning after a holiday was always involved in a creative sense and finding Terry Harrison with balls to feet, the industrious Richards playing  a supporting role and covering ground in keeping Blacks on top. Just.
  • – – – – – –
  • Shwarz superiority was underlined when David Lees, fortuitously positioned on the edge of the area doubled their lead with  a clinical finish.
    Two nil at half time. This was not a conventional walking football pitch as we were using six yard areas as ‘D’s which left goalkeepers rather closer to the open play than normal.(Perhaps a hazard in and around that angular area?)
  • –  –
  • Half time 2- 0 Blacks.
  • – – –
    To even out the numerical deficiency Mark Bradshaw played the second half in Yellow’s goal and Barry Smith assumed the role of right winger. Posing a threat for yellow and any breakthrough looked likelier to come from the right flank.
    Keith Burrows – now in the Black goal – was outstanding with a series of blocks and parries that kept Yellows at bay – much to the frustration of the likes of the Fielding ‘brothers’  and Foster who were foraging upfield as their team started to make the extra man count. Woz Taylor would have almost halved the deficit had he enjoyed a slice of luck  with  a tremendous continental style flick which crept just wide. Shades of Johann Crust.
    Black’s didn’t buckle however, indeed with the lively Hampson  and the front three axis of White – Brereton – Harrison they clawed their way to a succession of corner kicks taken by Lees but as we all know corners are difficult to capitalise on in this head high game.
    With the contact count creeping up beyond the average there had been few running offences. Sadly for Yellows though they did increase the pace once too often and a penalty kick was awarded.
  • – – – –
    Initial reluctance from Richards as he placed the ball on the spot and looked for perhaps better candidates in getting a dead ball past Bradshaw. The task fell to Stewart White who appeared to send the Curzon man the wrong way as he converted the spot kick. There was some discussion afterwards about the one-step technique but Referee Pearce was in no doubt. GOAL !
    A rousing game. Resulting in a slightly flattering three-nil win for Blacks. Both teams putting everything into it, and hopefully getting a lot out.
    Thanks to Mark Bradshaw for facilitating (hope everyone paid their £3  today) and to Garry Pearce – covering a lot of ground in a vivid orange EFL Ref’s top – quality apparel, dynamic officiating.
  • – – – – –
    Friday will bring new Blue bibs – numbered ones at that ! (I have a feeling we may run to two pitches very soon….Ed.) 
  •  – – – – – – –
  • 31st. August 2018
  • David Partington joins our growing band of match reporters….
  • Sixteen Amblers turned out this morning, making it an 8-a-side game in brilliant sunshine, it was very nice to see Alan Graham back to referee.  The game ended 1 -1 Steve Wingrove scored first for the black bibs with a trademark blaster that took a wicked deflection giving the yellow bibs goalkeeper no chance.  It was very hard to find room in this game, and that led to a couple of players running to find space.  The yellow bibs were awarded a penalty after the black bibs third run, the penalty was smashed into the roof of the net by Mike Conroy giving the blacked bibbed goalkeeper Barry Smith no chance. There were plenty of good passing moves by both teams but it looked like it would stay 1-1 no team creating any real chances,but with only a few minutes to go the black bibs were awarded a penalty.  Up stepped that man Wingrove and  he hit the ball very well but it was somehow saved by the yellow bibbed keeper Partington.
  • A fair result a draw well refereed by Alan Graham
  • – – – – – –

Bank Holiday Monday 27th. August and Garry Pearce reports from the Nash…

Head-Height Hadge seals it!

13 Amblers and Mark Bradshaw assembled at a drizzly Tameside Stadium for our Bank Holiday game. Teams were selected by referee Pearce and although the early exchanges were very level, it was a super strike from Dave Fielding that gave the Black bibs the lead. A stooping Steve Wingrove attempted to head the ball clear but only succeeded in adding a slight deflection, to take the ball past Gordon Nixon in the Yellows goal. Advantage called and the goal given. Yellows mounted something of a resurgence and equalised a few minutes later with the hard-working Dave Lees tucking a well struck shot past the partially unsighted Bradshaw. Again for the black bibs, the industrious  Stewart White, with plenty of attempts, eventually put one past Nixon with a scuffed chance. They all count!

– – – –

Half time: Blacks 2-1 Yellows.

  • – – – – –

In the second half the Yellows had a period of sustained pressure and it was the resolute  Hadge Cooper who blocked most of the attempts, giving away numerous free kicks for over head-height, all of which came to nothing. With some two minutes to go, ‘keeper Nixon was put under pressure, following a rare foray forward by Cooper. The roll out was too close to the defender, he took a side step and crashed a left footed shot into the net. Final score Blacks 3-1 Yellows. A fine game, played in a good spirit, notably by  David Partington, who was bemoaning the failure of his left foot strike when clear on goal! Two runs each today and a smattering of contact, all accidental.

Well done to all the guys for their efforts this morning.  (thanks Garry – Ed.)



Thanks to Stewart White for this report of August 24th. proceedings at ‘The Nash’

Mark Bradshaw selected teams from the assembled 15 Amblers and Nash Player of the Year David Partington conducted the warm up.
There followed a very enjoyable game of walking football with minimal physical contact well refereed by Keith Burrows.
For Yellows David Partington made several good saves and was ably supported in defence by Danny Tipping, Dave Fielding and John Gaskin.
David Lees and Pete Smith provided most of the legwork for forwards Wingrove and Caldwell but couldn’t find the breakthrough they deserved.
For Blacks Bradshaw in goal wasn’t called upon to make many saves but his distribution proved crucial to progressing play.
Gordon Nixon and Steve Foster defended solidly and Mike Conroy, Keith Burrows and Steve Hampson provided good cover for them as well as good creative play when attacking.
Woz Taylor and Stewart White combined well up front and it was a great pass from Taylor that set up White to score the only goal of the game.
Thanks due to David, Gordon, Keith and Mark for facilitating today’s game which was played, as ever, in a very good spirit.
Stewart White



20th. August (the year is FLYING by)

Garry Pearce reports from the Nash…

Leaden skies and high humidity saw 15 amblers and Mark Bradshaw at a busy Curzon Ashton this morning. Teams were chosen by Mark and although the Yellows looked to have the more attacking team, the blacks held their own and Bradshaw made a couple of decent stops. Gordon Nixon in the other goal was hardly troubled,save for one effort stopped dead on the goal line! No score at half-time.

The second half saw the yellows put the press on and they were rewarded when Bemrose stroked in a left footed curved strike from the right wing. Blacks were galvanised and prompted by the lively Pete Smith had more than their fair share of possession. Unfortunately for them, the game was put out of their reach, following a sweet move and a superb finish by  Stewart White. Final score:

Blacks 0 v 2 Yellows. (Bemrose, White)

Only three runs (although there were a couple of ‘borderline’ moves, not affecting play, so advantage was played). Not much contact either, what there was appeared mostly accidental. A good morning workout, with everybody perspiring freely at the end. Thanks to everyone who played the game in our usual good spirit.

Cheers Garry – Ed.



Richards writes – his summing up of a five goal thriller at the Nash…17/8/18

Blacks 3 (Conroy 2. Lees) Yellows 2 (White 2)

Today’s game at the Nash, was in my view a great advert for three touch walking football.
We didn’t play three touch – and that’s my point really. Just my opinion after all. Enough said on that. I like quick passing snappy walking football where players have their heads up looking to lay off the ball either forwards or backwards then move to create angles and space so they can get the ball back again. It’s hard work, no doubt about that.

  • – – – –
    I’m not sure what pattern the scoring occurred in today’s game. I tjhnk it was Stewart White, as nimble and energetic as ever opened up for Yellows. playing with Stewart you’re always likely to get a pass if you move into space and he can see you. He is an accomplished distributor of the ball and for me that’s his main strength.  Goalscoring comes second and indeed he did bag a second, but not before Mike Conroy had equalised, then put Black’s ahead from the edge of the ‘D’. The first goal came seconds after his re-introduction following an injury to the back of his neck. An accidental ‘coming together’ with Pete Smith which left Mike on the deck for a minute or two. As he left the field  Richards also withdrew to keep the numbers even .
    We had several goalkeepers on view. A double stint from Gordon Nixon for Yellows, his handling dependable as ever in that position, and it takes a good shot to beat him.
    Dave Partington spent the second half in goal for Blacks – we all know how good a ‘keeper he is and Danny Tipping reciprocated for Yellows with a truly outstanding performance of agility and reflex.
  • – – – – – –
    David Lees took his turn as did Keith Burrows who later acted as player /adjudicator because did I mention? We had NO Referee today ! Messrs Pearce and Graham were absent and no other volunteers. I declared some time ago that I’d only Referee over 65 games. My stance on running would not have gone down well today. There was a lot of it, especially off the ball. I think it was Black 2 Yellow 1 at half time.
    I think many of us are happier playing in the cooler, more familiar weather that’s circulating around us now. The energy levels today seemed high. Pete Smith solid and consistent, Steve Hampson always lively and popping up everywhere. Another Steve – Foster marshalling his defence but also making forays forward. Mike Conroy , looking lean and mean in his black bib was ever moving and looking for the ball in menacing positions. for Yellow’s David Fielding was a dependable receiver of the ball and seldom wasteful in moving it on. Steve Wingrove, in terms of stature almost head and shoulders above everyone else often overlooked the simple ball to make mazy, weaving walks but when he did release quickly the ball was played with skill and created chances for his team mates.
    White equalised with half of the second half to go. A good goal like all the others today.
    As the minutes ticked away towards full time the energetic Lees was making headway in pushing Blacks forward. He and Hampson , backed up by Burrows and Foster gave it their all and a winning goal came late in the game. I think the scorer was Lees but I might be mistaken, so apologies if I’m wrong.
    In the last seconds a deft flick from White almost evaded Partington and what would have been a hat trick, and arguably a justified equaliser on the balance of play but Yellow’s were denied.
    Other noticeable absentees today were John Smith, Colin Fielding, Terry Bertenshaw and Mark Bradshaw who was looking after his school holiday club charges on the cycle track – (hope you found that key, Mark. )
    Thanks to Dave Partington for collecting the money and Gordon Nixon for supervising the kit bag.
    A few more names garnered for the fair play Wednesday league. Keep ’em coming please.


Alan Richards reports from The Nash on  an unfamiliarly grey morning….13/8/18

Black 0 Yellow 2 (Foster, Smith P)

An unbalanced 7 v. 8 game had equilibrium restored today when Mark Bradshaw relieved David Fielding of his Yellow goalkeeping duties.
It had been All Blacks. But Yellows soon began to attack and after latching on to a good ball from White, Conroy’s shot brushed the crossbar.
Yellows took the lead after a fine goal from Steve Foster, the tall defender foraging forward fired a powerful shot past Nixon in the Black’s goal.

  • – – – – – – –
    In the second half the pace of the game was somewhat questionable but all seemed to enjoy the action as Referee Pearce let it flow.
    Peter Smith scored a second for Yellows – ‘keeper Partington blaming himself for an ‘own goal’ but the dodgy goal panel (me) credited it to Peter.
    Thanks to Garry Pearce for Refereeing this game played out before an audience of three very attentive youngsters plus yours truly. Gratitude also to Mark Bradshaw for facilitating and for the after match brews.
  • Tomorrow – something similar but different.  Plus photograph’s, hopefully.



THE BRERETON BULLETIN…Trevor reports from the Nash August 10th. 2018

August 10th
In cooler more pleasant conditions 15 Amblers assembled for the first Friday session on the re-surfaced Curzon pitch.  Blacks team included the attacking threat of  the star of the BBC 2 quiz show Eggheads John Smith, making a welcome return after a long lay off. The yellow bibbed team had the better of the first half, hitting the post twice, as Blacks  held on. Blacks keeper Steve Foster also made fine saves, as his team were pushed back , largely due to Yellows use of their extra man. Midway through the first half Yellows Keith Yardley sadly had to leave the game due to a calf injury.  David Partington in the yellows goal was having a quiet game,  as his defence of Lake, Gaskin  and Pete Smith dealt comfortably with  Black attacks.  The second half was more equal, as Blacks moved the better and created more openings. Yellows always looked dangerous going forward, with Hampson bullish in midfield and Wingrove always looking to take on his man. Midway through the half Yellows took the lead with a shot from the right hand side of the “D” , as the impressive David Lees scored his second goal in two games. To their credit Blacks upped their game,  with Mike Conroy bringing a fingertip save onto the post  from Partington .In a dramatic finale to this most enjoyable of games with time running out Blacks drew level. A speculative Brereton effort from distance moved at the last moment,  as David Partington tried to catch the ball,  it went through his grasp and over the line. Blacks were forced to defend for the remaining minutes,  but held on for the draw. No referee to thank this morning,  only the players who played at a sensible pace throughout the game. Thanks to Mark Bradshaw for the kit.
Blacks,- 1, ( Brereton )
Yellows – 1 ( Lees)
Editor’s note: Sorry to hear about Keith Yardley – (you probably won’t be playing for a while Keith if your calf has ‘gone’) it’s  another blow for the Amblers festival team means we may have to juggle players or even revert to five-a-side . Although a five man  Amblers line up would probably still be competitive versus the other teams, even  if they fielded six. Here’s hoping John Smith’s knee stood up to his return this morning (?).  Keith Burrows has signalled his availability  to play.
In other news Les Gillan has himself today pulled out of the Thursday team for Tuesday.   


WALKING FOOTBALL COMING HOME….Alan Richards reports from The Nash 6/8/18

The ‘boys’ were back in town today , a good turnout of seventeen players plus mentor Mark who kept goal for the Yellow’s on the new surface which felt a little bit like the old one.

Both teams moved the ball quite well but instances of contact were slightly above the norm there was not much running for Garry Pearce to penalise – the team run count ended two apiece for runs, so thankfully no penalty kicks conceded.

Dave Partington lifts his p.o.y. trophy aloft




An impressive debut for David Lees who is comparatively younger than most of us. He had a tendency to jog off the ball but looks an intelligent player, and could emerge as a good addition for the Over 50’s element. David Fielding, also making his first appearance at Curzon. In fact it was both of these players who figured on the scoresheet. Good goals too, to put the Yellow team in the driving seat.
Although it was a close game Yellow’s were worthy winners for the quality of their finishing. Bradshaw was seldom troubled too much as Blues forwards Taylor and Harrison struggled to conjure up clear chances and Trevor Brereton was unable to find enough space to get a shot off. Well defended Yellows,  organised  by Foster and Nixon  at the back.  Barry Smith released from goal in the second half made his presence felt but could not get the kind of chance he relishes. A good game from Pete Smith, who was possibly the best Blue on the pitch today. For Yellow’s it looked to me like Lees took those honours. Ed.

Blues 0
Yellows 2 (Lees, Fielding D.)


DAVID PARTINGTON’S  BEEN ELECTED THE NASH WALKING FOOTBALLER  OF THE YEAR 2018Congratulations to David, and to all the nominees….

The full voting details are as follows. With 5% Alan Richards – 10% Stephen Hampson

25% joint second place were Rob Lake and Steve Foster. David himself enjoyed 35% of the vote from his peers.  Here he sums up his feelings after he was presented with the award today (3.8.18)

“Thank you. There’s some very good players in our group and to win this trophy  is a very special moment, I am sure those players who finished behind me will get there chance again.  For me, I will enjoy the moment and think how lucky we all are to still be playing “

Here he is with his trophy at King Street.


The original Nash Amblers page has had 7,060 ‘visits’ in the last eighteen months. It has  almost reached capacity so reports and photo’s from now may well  be featured here on this second page.

Visitor Counter installed June 11th.

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Ambler’s leaving Denton to the youth…..


August 3rd 2018 and Trevor Brereton files his final report from King Street – walking football at the Nash is going home 

Pic: Dave Behave
There were 16 Amblers present for  there final away day, before they return  to Curzon, to play on a sparkling,  shiny , super duper new pitch. The first half was quite equal, with Yellows keeper Nixon,  slightly busier than Blues keeper Rob Lake. David Partington refereed the first half, which was good humoured as always.
– – – – – – –
At half time David was presented with the Curzon’s  PLAYER OF THE YEAR award , a very worthy winner.
– – – – — –
In the second half blues imposed themselves more on the game, with Stewart White chief play maker for them. Blues took a deserved lead through Pete Smith , a fine finish. Blues increased there lead when Terry Harrison slotted the ball past Keith Burrows. Blues defence remained solid as Yellows looked for a way back into the game. Mike Conroy was the pick of the Yellows forwards,  but couldn’t find a way past an array of Blues keepers. So 2-0 it finished,  with Blues good value for their victory. Thanks to Dave P and Gordon for refereeing..
Yellows- 0
Blues- 2, (Smith P, Harrison )
Editor’s note: Many thanks to Denton Youth for hosting out sessions, especially to Lee and Graham who have opened up on days they might not normally  be present. With one or two other small sums the surplus  money raised by these sessions had paid upfront  entry fees for the GMWF Over 60’s Autumn league (£130) to be recouped on  a monthly basis from players Sept – Dec. There remains a similar sum which will be kept to one side for any incidental expense we encounter in the weeks and months ahead. ~ Alan Richards



July 30th, Amblers at King St


The Amblers final Monday at Denton, produced a plethora a goals, interspersed with terrific WF from both teams. Six man yellows started the game with a man less than the blues,  but you wouldn’t have thought it. Yellows took an early lead, when a fierce Brereton effort was pushed onto the post by Barry Smith,  but then crossed the line. Yellows looked comfortable for most of the first half, but were stunned by two quickfire blues goals. First Pete Ward toe poked the ball past Steve Foster from the edge of the “D”, this was followed by an excellent finish from Dave Fielding. At the start of the  second half blues Gordon Nixon transferred to yellows for a shilling. Yellows started the half well, and were soon on level terms  when Hampson finished well, after a four man move. Partington playing outfield for yellows,  moved forward unchallenged,  and stroked the ball past Smith to put his team in front. It was mainly one way traffic now, as only keeper Smith and defenders Cooper and Lake prevented an avalanche of goals.
Partington replaced Foster in the yellows, and it was the tall defender who made the game safe for yellows with a cool finish. Late in the game referee Pearce donned a blue bid to help stem the tide of yellows attacks. Yellows had used the extra man to great effect,  as they ran out worthy winners. Thanks to referee Garry Pearce.
Yellows – 4, ( Brereton, Hampson,  Partington,  Foster )
Blues – 2, ( Ward, Fielding D )
Editors note: thanks to Colin Fielding and Gordon Nixon for money bib laundering !
Terry Harrison holds his sketch  of Hadge and Colin- brilliant

July 27th…the Amblers colonisation of King Street continues…Trevor Brereton’s latest bulletin…

An impressive turnout of 17 this morning,   as 9 eager yellows, took on 8 defiant  blues in the searing cauldron at Denton.  Not even temperatures  hotter than a Mumbai massage parlour (I’m told) were going deter the Amblers going all out to clinch victory for their respective teams. The first half was evenly balanced, with few chances going to either side. Woz Taylor was yellows main threat going forward,  but blues Tipping,  Lake and Gaskin were a sold defensive unit. Blues Harrison, Bemrose and Brereton had to cover a lot of ground to compensate for their lack of numbers. With no goals by half time,  it was decided to leave the teams as they were for the second half.  Yellows were gradually beginning to dominate possession as Blues dropped deeper. When called upon Blues keeper Partington comfortably dealt with Yellow attempts that were on target.  Yellows keeper Keith Burrows had little to do as his defence of Foster,  the Fielding brothers,  and Nixon, nullified  the blues attack.

Taylor – came closest to breaking the deadlock
The only real scoring attempt of the half came from a Taylor attempt from close range that came back off the inside of the post. And so it finished goalless,  a result that’s taking over from “Desmonds” as the most common result.  Thanks to Garry Pearce for refereeing this mornings game.
Blues- 0

July 21st. 2018 – and a walking football fun day organised by Garry Pearce attracted  an eight man Amblers squad to Stalybridge Juniors soccer school facility for a twelve team tournament.

Playing in red, the team reached the semi-final stage only to lose on penalties to  a team of much younger men half their age and more in many cases.  No goals were conceded in open play, neither were the team ever  beaten until the shoot out at the end. Highlights were a Trevor Brereton hat trick against a ladies team,Celtic Chicks and a simply stunning display of goalkeeping in the semi-final v. Inter Milager from veteran David Partington. Video is in the can but might take some time in emerging. A highlights package soon maybe. Longish job.

Below you can read Trevor Brereton’s account of the afternoon….

Following last years success the Nash Amblers entered a strong eight man squad for this years Walking Football Festival, at the Stalybridge Celtic Junior’s ground . The amblers were in group 1 of 2 with five other teams. , with the top 2 going through to the semi finals. Each game was 10 mins long, with the Amblers taking on Strolling FC in their first game. Stewart White and Gordon Nixon sat this one out, as the amblers started with a comfortable 2-0 win, with both goals coming courtesy of Terry Bertenshaw.


  • – – –
  • Second up for Amblers were Real Sausage Ya Dad, who were a very decent outfit , and as with Strolling FC, they had an average of 30 ish. This game had few clear cut chances, and ended 0 -0, a fair result.

  • – – – – – –

  • Amblers third game was against “Mighty Spartans “, again their average age being well under 40. We had to defend well in this one, with Hadge Cooper and Gordon Nixon outstanding at the back.. It was quite a physical encounter , with few chances, as David Partington made one tremendous save, to keep another clean sheet, with the final score 0 0 .

  • – – – – – –

  • Next came a game against the ladies team “Celtic Chicks”. Though the ladies possessed a number of talented players, not least their goalkeeper, Amblers won 3-0, with a Brereton hat trick. As our final game loomed, it became apparent that we had to win in order to claim a semi final place. Their opponents were “Soccer School Coaches “, a mixture of under sixteen lads , and 30 ish men. The Amblers were on the back foot for most of the game, but the “Coaches” keeper made a great double save to deny Bertenshaw. With only a couple of minutes remaining, and a semi final spot slipping away, Stewart White broke the deadlock, with an emphatic finish, as the Amblers reached the semi’s with a 1-0 win.

    Celtic Chicks
  • – – – – – –

  • As we  finished runner’s up in group 1 with 11 points, we  played the winners of group 2, ” Inter Milager” for a place in the final. . The Amblers carved out a few half chances against a very accomplished, mobile and powerful team. “Inter” had to settle for long range efforts, with David Partington pulling off saves that the opposition players sportingly applauded, and spectators marvelled at. The resulting goalless draw lead to the dreaded penalties, 3 from each team. “Inter” had a top young keeper who saved amblers 3 penalties, with “Inters” pens being 1 illegal, 1 saved, and their third scored, giving them a place in the final.

  • – –  – – – – All in all this was a very enjoyable experience, as once again our walking footballers, with a combined age, higher than the national debt, put in a tremendous performance, that belied. their years. Though playing against considerably younger men and ladies, they did themselves proud, with a semi final spot, and no goals conceded in 6 games. Thanks to Garry Pearce for entering our team Stewart White for organising our team, and Keith Burrows, and Alan Graham for refereeing.




July 20th. 2018

Amblers  at Denton, July 20th

A jovial sixteen Amblers stepped once more on to  the hallowed 3g  in tropical conditions.  The first half was played using the three touch format, that seemed to suit the yellows, more than the blues. Brereton had two early attempts flash just wide, and a third well saved by Danny Tipping.  Also yellows passing was sharper,  with Conroy, Richards and, Harrison,  dominant in the middle of the park.

Terry Harrison spot kick
Mike Conroy – on the mark
Of course it’s more difficult to create clear cut chances when playing 3 touch, and yellows had to rely on a penalty (3 runs), to reward their dominance. The ever reliable Mike Conroy despatched the pen comfortably into the left hand corner.
Half-time: Yellows 1- 0 – Blues

The second half got underway with  the teams playing  the  multi touch rules. Blues didn’t take long to equalise , as Stephen Hampson scored from the edge of the “D”. This seemed to rattle the yellows, leading to the great bearded one (Hampson) , scoring his second with a fine finish past John Gaskin.

John Gaskin
At this point blues defence of Tipping, Yardley,  and David Fielding,  looked very comfortable. Blues must have been thinking that victory in sight,  when a third blues run, lead to a yellows penalty.  This time Terry Harrison did the honours,  firing low to David Partington’s right hand side, to bring parity again. Yellows shored up their defence for the last ten minutes,  to ensure  they got a deserved draw. Another enjoyable  game played in a good spirit,  finishing in a Friday “Desmond”, 2 -2. Thanks to referee  Garry Pearce.
Steve Hampson – bagged a brace
Yellows-2- ( Conroy pen,  Harrison pen)
Blues- 2- ( Hampson 2)
Thanks to John Gaskin for gifting some football related gear today – balls, shirts
old trophies and the like. I’m still  sorting it out John but some of it is useful indeed – cheers. Ed.


Another Baker’s as Trevor Brereton reports from  a sticky, steamy King Street….

King St, 16th July

Amblers on the road again.
A bakers dozen for this mornings game, had all the ingredients for a stirring encounter,  as the blues sought to rise above their yellow opponents. Blues played the first half with the extra man, and carved  out some early half chances. Yellows with Partington playing in defence and refereeing, were having to work hard as blues effectively utilised their man advantage. Nullifying the threat of  Stephen Hampson, can feel like trying to pin down a kangaroo on a trampoline, as Partington found out midway through the first half. With Hampson through on goal  Partington impeded Hampson,  leading to a blues penalty.   Hadge  Cooper  took the spot kick,  which beat keeper Rob Lake, but hit the foot of the post.  That was the best chance of a tight   first half, which six man yellows must have been happy with.
Half time: Blues 0 –  0- Yellows

At the start of the second half Cooper adorned a yellow bib to give them numerical advantage.  Blues had a good early chance, when Brereton fed Conroy,  who’s low shot went agonisingly wide. Blues were soon up against it , as yellows moved the ball from side to side, with Pete Smith supporting the yellows attack of Bemrose,  White and Richards.  Blues defenders,  Foster,  Colin Fielding,  and his slightly better looking brother Dave Fielding in goal, were. being put under relentless pressure.

Hampson : Ferret fast but legal !
Hampson was covering ground like a Nagasaki racing ferret, in a bid to stem the tide of yellows attacks. Yellows playmaker  White had a golden opportunity to score late on , but couldn’t make a clean contact,  with his weaker left foot. Blues held out for a draw, in what was a happy ending for both teams. Thanks to player/referee  Dave Partington.
Blues -0
(I think all Amblers agree we’re missing home and missing our Curzon man Mark – Ed) In other news P.o.Y voting is underway ! Ask for your ballot slip if you want one.
Pic below: Trevor Brereton


King St , Denton  13/7/18

Ambler’s still on the road……….
…Fortunately the rain abated,  as sixteen amblers  strode purposefully onto the King Street pitch on this Friday 13th. Blues started well, with slick passing, and clever movement,  testing the yellows defence. Blues took an early when Bertenshaw squared the ball  to Brereton near the yellows “D”,  and Brereton slotted the ball past Keith Burrows. Blues defence were coping admirably with the attacking prowess of Taylor,  Wingrove and White. Yellows nearly equalised when a stunning Taylor strike hit the underside of the blues crossbar.. Midway through the first half yellows were award a penalty  (3 runs). Taylors confident low strike was brilliantly saved by Partington,  as he was on it like a tramp on a kipper.. (new one on me that 🙂 – Ed.)
Half time
Yellows started the second half well, stroking the ball around , with Hampson and Yardley  winning the midfield battle. Blues defenders Lake and Nixon came under pressure, as Wingrove turned on the style twisting and turning in his inimitable way. Against the run of play blues increased their lead , when they were awarded a penalty  (3 runs). Blues star striker Bertenshaw  making no mistake from the spot.. Blues scored a stunning third through an unlikely  source. As blues defender Colin Fielding strode menacingly forward, his mere presence brought about  a palpable sense of fear in the yellows defence. Having made an incisive walk down the right Colin’s love child Dave Fielding crossed the ball, with Colin meeting the ball  full on the volley , and giving  Burrows no chance in the yellows goal. Definitely one of blues best goals from open play this morning. Yellows had  put in a terrific second half performance,  and we’re rewarded with a tremendous left foot Woz  Taylor  strike, with the last kick of the game. Some excellent play from both teams this morning,  with the result flattering  the blues. An average amount of running and contact in this one. Thanks to referee Alan Richards.
Blues-3- (Brereton,  Bertenshaw,  Fielding C )
Yellows -1- (  Taylor



From Russia with Love ? Samara never knows…THUNDERBALL Brereton’s

World Cup themed match report here:

Amblers at Denton , July 9th

A bumper turnout of 18 players this morning,  played out a waistcoat-tastic, scintillating game , with quality displays from both sides. Yellows boasted the triple attacking threat of three lions, Taylor,  White  and Wingrove. It was evident early on that chances would be few and far between,  as defences held the upper hand. Taylor and White were looking dangerous, as blues Partington,  Dave Fielding , and Foster nullified their attacking threat. Blues Ward, Bemrose and Hampson were the creative hub of their team, giving Lake, Cooper and C Fielding a torrid time.

HT- Blues-0 – 0 -Yellows

Yellows started the second half well, dominating possession,  with  blues hanging on at times,  as they came under extreme pressure. Taylor found himself one on one with blues keeper Barry Smith,  but his firmly hit strike cannoned off the crossbar.  Blues were very much on the back foot,  as they struggled to play the ball out from the back. Yellows Wingrove went close close, finding space , and seeing his effort coming back off the bar. Blues defence eventually yielded to the pressure,  as from a free kick,  Wingrove fired low past Smith. Yellows defence looked comfortable,  with their keeper Keith Burrows being well protected.  With 10 mins remaining and Yellows looking  to be heading for a comfortable victory,  blues drew level. A swift counter attack saw Brereton pick the ball up in Yellows final third, his left foot dig was parried by Burrows, the ball rolled out of the “D”, Brereton followed up  putting the ball between Burrows legs, his most vulnerable point.  As both teams looked to snatch a victory,  defences held firm, as it ended honours even. A fair amount of contact today, but little running ,as referee Garry Pearce handled the large numbers with a cool head. Another excellent game played in a good spirit,  with everyone happy with the result.

Blues-1-(Brereton )

Thanks Trevor let’s hope most of those players sign up for our fair play NON-CONTACT walking football  league at Curzon from late September  (more details on how and when over the coming weeks – Ed)

P.S. The voting  process for the Nash Amblers Player of the Year will  start on Friday. Please ask Al for a brown dinner money envelope and return it anonymously with a pound – (No semolina, tapioca or sago  puddin’  – that’s a promise)  🙂 Ta!


Trevor Brereton reports from King Street  6th.July 2018

Amblers at Denton,  July 6th

An impressive turnout of 13 amblers, along with guest goalkeeper Elliott,  saw the Yellows take on the blues. Players voted unanimously for a traditional game of walking football, which was refereed by Yellow’s keeper Gordon Nixon. Blues keeper Elliott was called into action early on pulling off a terrific save from Brereton. Blues took the lead through Mike Caldwell,  , who put the ball between Nixon’s legs from a tight angle.  Blue’s increased their lead moments later, when the returning Terry Bertenshaw finished well with his left peg.  Pete Smith  brought the best out of Elliot with a tremendous drive. With Yellow’s two nil down at half time  they had a mountain to climb. Possession was being shared, as Yellow’s Harrison,  Bemrose and Jarvis looked to make inroads into the Blues defence. Blues Dave Fielding  and Keith Yardley who improve with every game, were keeping the ball well, as Yellow’s toiled in the midday sun Tipping and Colin Fielding  tried to rouse their team , as they struggled to trouble Blue’s defensive stalwarts Foster and Partington.  Blue’s scored a third late on through Caldwell , who after excellent build up play, was left with an easy tap in. So a 3-0 win that slightly flattered  Blues, and a spirited performance from the Yellow’s.  A good game with only 4 runs penalised,  played in a good spirit. Thanks to Dave Partington  and Gordon Nixon.

Blues-3- (Caldwell 2), Bertenshaw
Yellows- 0


Video from today 2/7/18 – only one man wanted it. Posted here for all (a bit more enthusiasm would not go amiss) <first half footage>

July 2nd. 2018 and once again Trevor has the low down….

Amblers at Denton,  July 2nd

No need for the “big coat” this morning as a bakers dozen turned out in the baking heat.  Alan (Tarantino) Richards stood this one out, opting to film the game, which no doubt will be coming to a device near you soon. Yellows had a man advantage in the first half, and put together some classy moves, with White pulling the strings, as Wingrove and Bemrose threatened early on.  Midway through the first half White lost his marker, and fired in a shot on David Partington’s goal..David saved the powerful drive well, parrying the ball down, only to see it spin back over the goal line. Blues had a decent share of possession,  and tested Nixon in the yellows goal, a couple of times. As half time loomed, with the blues about to benefit from the extra man ,both teams could be reasonably satisfied with their performance.
– – – –  – –
After a refreshing drink of warm water, Steve Wingrove joined the blues, as they looked to dominate the second half. With Rob Lake in the yellows goal,  his team were soon under pressure as blues utilised  numerical advantage,  with Foster , Fielding and Pete Smith supporting the blues attack. Chances were being created, with Brereton and Wingrove testing Lake, and Rob showing great agility for a big man. Blues Hampson was pivotal , as blues looked for an equaliser. Both teams were on ( two runs), as commendably the players avoided conceding a penalty, just. In the closing minutes blues piled the pressure on, but were guilty of poor finishing,  as the resolute yellows defence held firm. Another close one, with  a “squeaky bum time” finish to the game. Thanks to Garry Pearce for refereeing.
Yellows-1, (White )
Blues- 0

June 29th. Trevor Brereton reports on another hot one at our temporary home….

Amblers at Denton….A healthy turnout of 15 amblers this morning , as  the temperature  soared, and at times the standard of play was even hotter. The 3 touch rule was used again, which was a good thing on such a warm morning. There was never any doubt that  the teams were going for the win, as both teams looked to take the early initiative.  Eight man yellows were awarded an early penalty,  after an ingress  into the “D”. Richards  effort produced a comfortable save from Rob Lake.. Shortly after our VAR  (very adept referee) Garry Pearce awarded yellows another penalty , after a second ingress into the “D”. Woz Taylor took this one, with Lake again making the save. Yellows took a deserved lead when a fine Taylor  ball in from the right, was guided past Lake by Brereton. Yellows keeper Partington was able to top up his tan, as Tipping and Yardley easily dealt with the blues attack. Yellows increased their lead with a well struck Brereton shot, that went high into the left side of the goal. Further joy for yellows came when Seddon  found space on the left, and beat Lake with a decisive finish.

Yellows 3- 0- Blues
With the game , and the scoreline looking imbalanced,  David Partington defected to the blue’s goal, giving them the man advantage. It  didn’t take long for the blue’s to capitalise,  as Steve  Wingrove walloped the ball past Tipping from close range, good finish. Shortly after blues were awarded a penalty  (3 runs). Wingrove’s penalty was fired well wide as yellows breathed a sigh of relief. Blues were edging possession,  but yellows worked tirelessly to close them down, and at times being over zealous in their desire to win the ball.  Blues keeper Partington hardly needed to move from his deck chair , as Lake, Pete Smith and Fielding  kept the yellows at bay.. Blues Caldwell worked tirelessly up front, as did blue’s midfield general Stephen Hampson. Another enjoyable game , well refereed by Garry Pearce.
Yellows-3, (Brereton 2), Seddon
Blues-1- Wingrove
Pic: Garry Pearce
Editor’s note: I think in any ‘fair play league’ scenario the sanction for three team runs could be deduction of one point from the ten awarded at the start???  Too many penalty kicks are spurned for them to be a sufficient deterrent – have your say on ‘Contact Us’ from the menu.


Trevor Brereton reports on a hot Monday morning …..  here are the teams today. Ten hardy annuals..(alopogies for the badnana – Ed) – picture courtesy of Garry ‘Perennial‘ Pearce.

Denton, Amblers on the road, June 25th
 A meagre ten Amblers at Denton this morning,  no doubt due to holidays ,injuries,  and life rearing its head. Still  sufficient for an enjoyable encounter, that produced goals, good passing, and a thrilling finish. Yellows made the early walking,  and went ahead when Pete Jarvis found space and slotted past Barry Smith. Yellows were passing the ball well in this five v five as the blues defence was at sixes and sevens .In a rare good move Brereton found himself one on one with Partington,  and beat the keeper with a shot going in off the underside of the bar. Yellows replied almost immediately,  when dangerman Jarvis got in behind the blues defence, and beat Smith from close range. Stephen Hampson  was an integral part of the blues team, and was unlucky with a low shot that beat Partington,  but hit the foot of the post. Only fine goalkeeping from Smith prevented Yellows from being out of sight in the first half.
– – – – – –
Early in the second half yellows continued their passing  masterclass ,  Fielding, Foster and Ward, leaving the blues chasing shadows . Blues needed to improve, and this they did, Richards moving  up a gear, Hampson finding space, and Cooper more of a threat going forward.  Brereton had been knocking on the yellows door with two efforts that went narrowly wide, and with five minutes remaining his persistence paid off. A speculative effort from Brereton hit Fosters upper body and looped into the yellows goal . Referee Pearce turned way appeals from the yellows to go to “VAR”, as he rightly decided that the ball hadn’t gone over head height when deflecting off 5 ft 6 defender Foster’s torso.☺. With no further efforts on goal, it was the first “Desmond ” for a while. Very little running or contact  this morning. Thanks to Garry Pearce for refereeing.
Yellows- 2, ( Jarvis 2)

Blues- 2, (Brereton,  Foster og)

Editors note: Get your nominations in for ‘Player of the Year’ 2017/18 soon please


22nd. June 2018….

today’s THREE TOUCH TRIAL WENT VERY WELL INDEED….A goalless draw produced some extremely attractive flowing walking football. NO penalty kicks for running and the art of the pass was definitely in evidence. So much so that we are thinking of trying a months worth of Three touch Friday’s. Make your opinions known please….this was an 8 v. 8 encounter with very evenly matched teams at King Street, our temporary home. Pics of Steve Foster and Pete Smith receiving their Spring League medals will follow later…thank you.

Match report: Very evenly balanced teams at King Street this morning. Messrs Richards and Pearce used their trusted scientific method of knowing the players strengths and strengths.
A few faces we’d not seen for a while. Terry Bertenshaw for one. Played very well as usual. Does he have any poor games?
What a game followed. No goals but lots of artistry on the ball from a group willing to try something new and buying into an ethos of passing, moving and passing. Few cul-de-sacs of dribble, just an effort to progress the ball in the right direction, and a team ethic. Heads up and looking for the out ball before the numbers stack up and freeze you in your tracks.
The weather incidentally, was glorious.
Shots early doors were wayward. Might be my imagination but fewer players were thinking ‘shoot on sight’. Conroy and White had efforts that went closest.
Keeper’s Nixon and Burrows were really ‘on it’ today as the scoreline suggests. Burrows lauching himself full length to tip a shot around the post, and standing strong to fingertip a drive over the bar. Bulwark Nixon majestically pulling a ball out of the air from a well hit White shot at head height. Both put full shifts in between the sticks. Both enthused over the three touch principle, especially Keith Burrows.
The first half ended with Richards wasting a glorious opportunity after a fine move saw Bertenshaw lay on a shooting chance.
Foster was a rock for Yellows. Proclaiming innocence after a couple contact decisions went against him, but he is one heck of a player to have on ones side. Danny Tipping, another ‘returner’ after absence played well in defence. Yet another returning holiday maker Pete Smith was solid and hit the ground walking.
In fact there were only THREE running offences two/one. As many (or as few) contact decisions. Superbly Refereed by Mr.Pearce.  A special word for Pete Ward – always mobile and ready to receive a pass. He slowed  down  little this morning. We all did. Steve Hampson too adapting to the three touch so very well.

A game to dispel disillusion.  A game to enjoy. For all of us I hope.

Three touch – it might be a part of the future.



Medals presentation plus Barry’s Golden Glove award…

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Three touch trial / training exercise coming soon – nobody objected – some welcomed the prospect….

Amblers at Denton – continued….Trevor Brereton reports…

June 18th 2018

Another uneven turnout this morning (13), but as often happens numerical advantage, counted for nothing. Yellows had the extra man, and a team including Fridays hat -trick hero Mike Caldwell, and his buddy Hadge Cooper, returning after three months out, due to injury. After an even start to the game, blues took the lead through Mike Conroy. Mike made a surging walk into space, and fired an excellent low drive past Keith Burrows. Yellows came back strongly, and were unlucky when a low shot from Brereton hit Partington’s right hand post. Blues had the upper hand for the remainder of the half, without really testing the yellows keeper.
Blues- 1

As the second half got underway, blues looked the more threatening, with White and Hampson showing their class, retaining the ball well, and finding Richards and Conroy

Mike Conroy on target today
in dangerous positions. At times it looked like the blues had the extra man, such was the quality of their passing and movement. Yellows best chance of the second half came when Caldwell cut the ball back from the left side of the “D”, with Partington on the deck, Ward fired over bar , with the goal at his mercy . As yellows pushed forward looking for a late equaliser, Fielding was steadfast, in seeing his team through to a deserved victory. Thanks to Garry Pearce who had a relatively quiet game, which says a lot for the conduct of the players..
Blues- 1- (CONROY)
Yellows- 0


Denton 15th June (Amblers on tour)

After much anticipation and excitement , the greatest football spectacle,  came to King St, as the eyes of the world were probably averted. Yellows had the numerical advantage (8) , but blues had a well balanced team. There was little to choose between the teams early on,  as both defences looked comfortable. Blues went in front when Mike Caldwell cut a swathe through the yellows defence,  and finished well with a low drive. Yellows Steve Wingrove  was lively , and brought a good one handed save from David Partington. Yellows Conroy and Ward were finding space, but blues Foster and Nixon were providing effective cover.
Half-time – Blues 1   – –  Yellows-0
Blues were under pressure early in the second half, as yellows tried to make the extra man count. When blues were awarded a penalty  (3 runs), Nixon) was first to grab the ball. Nixons kick was parried by Dave Fielding , but Gordon followed up, and finished well.  Blues were passing the ball well, with Bemrose, Hampson and Brereton opening up the yellows defence at will. Blues put the game beyond any doubt,  when Caldwell grabbed his second from an acute angle. Yellows persevered, Richards encouraging his troops, to reduce the deficit,  as blues played on the counter attack. Man of the match Caldwell completed a fine hat trick , after a Brazil like sweeping move , culminating  with a stylish finish from the outside of Mikes right foot. Cruel luck on yellows, who played well, and had their share of possession,  but couldn’t find a cutting edge in the final third.  After so few goals in these games, and few emphatic wins, this was very much against the norm. Anyway, “Moscow”. Thanks to Garry Pearce for refereeing this mornings game.
Blues- 4, (CALDWELL 3) , NIXON PEN
(Another splendid report from Trevor – Ed.)

Amblers at Denton …a temporary retreat…

June 11th – Trevor Brereton reports…

An improved turnout on recent games  (7 v 7), saw a competitive,  and relatively fast paced thriller of a match. Blues defence was under early pressure,  as Caldwell looked dangerous. Blue’s defence of Partington,  Burrows, Fielding,  and Foster, couldn’t prevent Stewart White finding space and hitting a post. Blue’s attack of Taylor , Wingrove and Conroy were also finding space, but the in form Lake’s positional sense, and keeper Gordon Nixon’s agility kept the blues at bay.
Half-time – 0-0
End to end,  expansive sexy football  (oooer missus , Ed.) was the order of the day, as both teams strained every sinew, looking to get the upper hand. Blues man Woz Taylor  was having a fine game, and put his team one up midway through the half.  Taylor  turned his man, and from an angle, fired a ferocious left foot shot past Nixon, for what I think was his first goal with our group.  There followed two penalties,  both saved, Blue’s David Partington saved Caldwell’s spot kick,  moments later, Nixon saved Conroy’s flamingo style penalty. Yellow’s pushed for a late equaliser, with Richards, and Hampson industrious to the last.  The closest they came was a low Brereton effort that was heading for the corner, but Partington managed to deflect it around the post.
So another low scoring, but entertaining encounter,  with one goal enough for the Blue’s. Thanks to Alan Graham for refereeing.
Blues -1- (Taylor)
Yellows- 0