Sec’s Report 2018

A summary of the Committee meeting held last Tuesday at Denton:

Five committee members met in Dressing Room No. 3 at King Street.

Chairman Gordon Nixon – Secretary / Co-Treasurer Alan Richards David Wilson David Partington and Colin Fielding.

The Co-Treasurers report was well received and all agreed that finances are relatively healthy and in good order.

End of Year award categories were decided upon.

Denton Thursday Player of the Year
DWFG Over 65 Player of the Year
DWFG Under 65 Player of the Year
Sportsman of the Year – this time committee nominated

Other awards at Committee discretion.

  • – – – – –

Voting needs to be swiftly executed and the Secretary will organise this as quickly as possible. Trophies held by last years winners will need to be returned by the early days of December please , of course they will retain their smaller , replica style  trophies presented last year.
Gordon Nixon and David Partington have agreed to organise the Christmas Party once again. A joint effort including the Ashton group and Curzon looks the likely venue. Last years ‘doo’ was a tremendous success and will live long in the memory.

  • – – – – – –
    The committee authorised the Secretary to purchase a new laptop and associated software for group affairs after listening to the reasons why we need one. This will of course remain the groups property and assist in our unrivalled coverage of group players activities both internally and externally.
  • – – – – –
    Colin Fielding is to under take a feasibility study around entering a team in next years Over 70’s LEAGUE at Heywood. March to June inclusive.
    The matter of catering after the FPL games at Curzon was raised. It’s felt a dialogue is necessary with Mark Bradshaw around possibilities for providing basic food like pies, or chips in gravy after the games at a very reasonable price.
  • – – – –
    The Meeting closed at 11-50am.


Ahead of the A.G.M. next week here is a rundown of where we are as a group….click to open or download please…