~ friendly walking football ~


A walk on the tame side.

Friendly natured fun for those Over 50’s who still like to kick a ball about. Who like to win but don’t mind losing.

+ ‘The Nash Amblers’ in association with Curzon Ashton Monday’s at 11am. Details  of other sessions in Denton and elsewhere on request. Or, see the ‘Tameside Links’ page

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Author: Strider7

Ex-lorry driver and various other things. Retired now I'm 64. I could be handy, mending a fuse - but I'd rather be playing walking football ~ my lights haven't quite gone out yet !

35 thoughts on “~ friendly walking football ~”

  1. Good to see Walking Football growing in that neck of the woods. Informative and informal site. Keep it going. Good Luck. I’ll be back from time to time.

  2. Just found this site, in spite of Alan’s exhortations. On Tuesday my and john’s wives came along to watch. Last time John’s wife, Marilyn, came (Glossop about 18 months ago) she says she couldn’t stop laughing! This time she commented on how much the quality of the football had improved (she still laughed a bit though). I think it’s true. And therein might lie a little problem. I used to tell people to come along, doesn’t matter if you can’t play, just play defence and get in peoples’ way!
    I have stopped saying that, there are a few people who would be put off by our ‘standard’ (not my standard! ). There is talk of a learners session, good idea, I think.
    The nature of the sessions has changed, it’s probably because we are more familiar with each other and that an atmosphere has developed. It’s much more friendly and more fun. A chap called Ridey would just not cope! I love it! May it continue and grow.

      1. As you mentioned it David….we reached a tipping point around the time those three Harridan’s from ‘Remain’ decided to fling insults at Boris Johnson on ITV. There’s till time for both sides to cock-up of course but I have always been quietly confident., as you know David.

        On the day the van will be dressed up in VL gear and I shall be touring the constituency here imploring people “who want their country back” to get out and vote. Today there is a ‘Eurofest’ event in Denton and we are mounting a street stall into the afternoon. Support, around here anyway is something like 75% LEAVE.

    1. Great comments David,it reminds me of playing in the street with a bunch of pals,you do get pushed about a bit by the big lads but no harm in it just good fun,Great group of lads

    2. I totally agree David, although the sessions are inclusive of all abilities it’s easy to see physicality and fitness have improved, even in the relatively short time I’ve started playing – February.

      Going forward there may well be a division of differing styles, and attitudes to the game. I have no idea how much longer I can continue to play, given my circumstances (hips) but for now they are coping well. When I stop playing I still want some involvement in the growth of the game. The spirit in which we play the game is brilliant.

      I stick by my assertion that though the result ‘matters’ , the result is not ‘important’ just as well given my own performances which are variable to say the least ;-p

      With an enlarged pool of players there’d be an opportunity to split into Over 50’s and Over 60’s which may be one way to go, one day. I hope as many people attend Tuesday’s meeting as possible to present and examine options for all of us.

      I’m so glad you found the website and have chosen to comment ~ I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Would love to see a few more doing the same. Cheers.

    3. Incidentally David don’t talk yourself down. You always make a decent contribution on the field – as I try to do – neither of us are going to pull up any trees but we both have our moments. All get stored in the memory bank – mine’s needed replenishing since 1979 when I last played regular football. I still get a buzz from scoring , or a good pass. It can be frustrating at times – of course but taking part and yes! *Competing* is fantastic. ~ Al.

  3. Good to hear the positive comments coming through. Thank You. I’m combining three of my hobbies doing all this stuff, writing, photography, filming etc…. not to mention actually playing the game ! See some of you tomorrow. Cheers Lads. ~ Alan 🙂

    1. Just like to ask players opinions on the way we play our walking football,it was pointed out by Dave Hardy who has Been playing for Vintage Celtic in the more competitive form of game said we should play the overhead rule and also score outside the box,I have also played this way but do we want to change to those rules,I’m fine the way we play but would like to see if others feel the same way

      1. I’m not for substantial rule changes – maybe make the ‘areas’ at Ashton a little larger. I’ve put the whole discussion up on the ‘News’ page. You started a good debate – cheers David. I’m glad Dave Hardy has got us thinking but it’s a shame if he stays away. Good bloke, and a decent player.

  4. Hi Alan I have read though the website and photos and videos also the content in the text is spot on I also like these that have contributed with comments which are great I myself really look forward to seeing the website every week thanks Alan

  5. I have played in some competitions for vintage Celtic and did enjoy the more physical Side of the game I could hold my own in most games,what I did find hard though was playing against men who are 15/ 20 years younger which happens a lot with some teams,I know playing at Glossop And Denton there are a good few younger than me play but it always seems to be games without any bad fouls and like myself everyone seems to enjoy these sessions played in a good spirit,long may it go on that way

  6. Really enjoyed Sunday at Ashton may have only been a small turnout but it just goes to show some of us are just like Martini any time any place any where just to play football

    1. I might have looked stirred AND shaken by the time we’d finished Gordon. I was knackered ! – the different lay out with a closed in pitch made for frenetic football – walking or not 🙂

  7. Hi im Trevor, I enjoyed playing football from an early age,and played most days till I finished secondary School. After that I kept fit by playing table tennis and badminton among other sport’s. I didn’t start playing again until the age of 35, when I played 5 a side with my workmates, and played until I hit 40. Inspired by the Great Manchester Run, I took up long distance running, since then I’ve ran in many organised races. I moved to this area last July and soon after saw the Barclays ad for WF. Just taking part is enough for me, but it’s nice to be on the winning team, and score the odd goal. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to play football again, with a good bunch of lad’s, and hope to do so for many years to come.

    1. Thanks Trevor. Your great stamina explains why you invariably block my shots on goal!! You’re a valuable addition to any team you play in and its’ great to play alongside you. Thanks for contributing – that’s what the site is all about. I will reproduce your comments on the ‘Contributions’ page along with a photo. – Alan.

      1. I’m also having problems getting past Trevors long legs,and reading he worked at Hollands pies the famous saying who ate all the pies does not apply to him,wish he had though lol

        1. Trevor is my nemesis – although I think I actually managed to get in HIS way today – for once.
          Good game today Trevor – and ANOTHER goal !

          1. David is a very good player,particularly in defence, I usually have to wait until he is occupied by one of my teamates before I get any joy.

  8. Walking football at Glossopdale school Newshaw lane tomorrow,2pm till 3pm all made welcome regardless of your football ability

    1. Thursday’s not good for me David as I collect my Granddaughter from School at 2-45pm. Also it’s my birthday tomorrow. 65 at last – – or at least !

    2. I think that’s important to mention David. Ability is secondary – if it matters at all. Turning up and having a go is the key. Personally, I think you’re one of the most cultured players we have, but none of us are going to pull up any trees at this stage – most of us (myself included) are not quite as good as we think we were – if that makes any sense. The tackling was always my least favourite aspect of the game if I’m honest. So I don’t miss it. I was a winger who tried to keep out of the way of fierce tackling full backs. It’s funny but when I moved back to full back myself I suddenly became a better player. But I always gravitated to the wing. I could not – for the life of me – fulfill a modern full back’s role…probably the most demanding position on the pitch in the modern game.
      So, in a nutshell if you can kick a ball at all, then you can try walking football. You do need to be able to walk. I daresay there will be other options for those who can’t. Rightly so !

    3. Hi Dave, sorry you were not at Northwich yesterday when we managed to take three points off you !!!!!!!
      Widnes chairman.

      1. Not been last couple of times due to playing golf,or trying I should say,nice to have seen you last time I was there,did not get the chance to say what a top boss you were,I thought so not sure everyone lol,hope to see you again so take care best of luck

        1. Cheers Dave look forward to it. At our club we enjoy the occasional afternoon on the bowling green – great moral booster !!!

  9. Hello I’m Dave Partington,aged 70 i got into walking football last year at Glossop,I met a good few men that like myself used to play football and some that came along just for the exercise,I also started to play at Denton and met more people who enjoy the game,I must say its not all about winning just taking part is a bonus ,and you can see that most players improving each week can’t wait for the next game,walking football come and try it ,I’ve got to know most lads at the sessions I attend and become friends,going out for a curry one night proved very popular ,and we’re trying to arrange a pub meal where we can bring our good ladies along .This social side would not have happened without walking football

    1. Cheers David – I’m going to message you a few interview type questions for our ‘meet the players’ feature. Please send the answers via e.mail to me – I’ll include the address. Thanks.

    2. Great idea David we are all very close as well as playing the game we all love and look forward to playing nights out are a very good idea can’t wait to get back playing every thing on the website very interesting read keep going

    1. Yep – seen showers forecast but we might get away with it. Looking forward to it – a few painkillers sorted out my er… difficulty. Should be okay to play tomorrow – after a fashion ;-p

    2. Hi all it was a great turn out at Denton on Tuesday weather great some great walking football Alan took some good photos and action shots everyone are so friendly seeing you all enjoying themselves Denton and Ashton are really going forward I can see a few changes with in the game keep going lad’s I am having the time of my life David

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