A website for anyone interested in playing , developing  or watching the game.

The Facebook group set up recently for ‘the Strider’s’ has limitations and not all internet users use social media. The tone here is one of gentle humour. We don’t take ourselves, or our games too seriously do we ?  Hence ‘The MildBunch’ As a group of over 50’s I’m sure we can all enjoy a bit of self-deprecating humour.  By incorporating a Tameside theme we bring together both Denton & Ashton sessions.

This site will bring you news of the wider game –  which is growing phenomenally.  To store and view  photo’s of our sessions from time to time – occasional videos too.  Just checkout the various pages available from the list above our header photograph.

Reports from Walking Football sessions around the country  will be posted regularly . What brings us together twice, three times a week is now available 24/7 on the internet.

Leave comments – start conversations.

We need volunteers for our ‘Meet the Players’ section where several stalwarts are featured.

What’s YOUR story ? What do you get out of Walking Football

If there are any aspiring writers or photographers amongst us then feel free to chip in as often as you like.


Author: Strider7

Ex-lorry driver and various other things. Retired now I'm 64. I could be handy, mending a fuse - but I'd rather be playing walking football ~ my lights haven't quite gone out yet !

8 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Like the website but didn’t enjoy the session. WF has some simple rules but the way it was played today was normal football but slower – that isn’t the intention when WF was created.

    1. Interesting Dave. I have been away from the internet for a few days but you have started a good debate. You are welcome here irrespective of whether you join in our sessions or not. Cheers- Alan (will comment more fully soon)

  2. Just like to place on record mine and lam sure all other Tameside Strider appreciation for all the work time and effort Alan as taken in setting up the great web site it’s good to read all the comments,see the photos and videos many thanks Alan keep up the good work.


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