2017 Awards


with only six of our signed on Striders absent on 31/10/17 (Halloween) and all present were made aware of the voting slips we must assume that when Colin, Stewart and two or three other absentees are handed their ballot forms too, that EVERYONE who wishes to take part has had an opportunity to cast their votes.

We will close the voting process on Tuesday 28th.November.

David Wilson aka ‘Pogba’ is handling this process for the Committee. It’s a bit of fun but has a serious side in that some of those in our group deserve recognition.  This is your chance to spread some of that recognition around…..

Please take a moment or two to read this before you vote in November…a hard copy was attached to your voting paper.
Take a look at the ballot papers you’ve been given. You have a maximum of four votes. Your name is on there too. Therefore we are ALL nominees. You can even vote for yourself if you like. BUT, If you don’t feel qualified to vote in any particular category please leave it blank. DO NOT put your name on the sheets as voting is anonymous. This posting is merely intended as a guide.
For instance if you never play with the Over 65’s and don’t know who would qualify as their Player of the Year’ just IGNORE the category. Same goes for Under 65’s if the boot is on the other foot, as it were. Many of us will ‘linger’ from time to time and have a fair idea which players impress us the most. Of course this game not just about skill, or power. For instance, who NEVER gets pulled for running? Who is always keen to pass the ball quickly ? Goes out of their way to AVOID contact. Who tends to go for goal when passing the ball could be a better option? Who turns up in all weathers? For our purposes as an inclusive group, all of these factors are as important as who can stick the ball in the back of the net the most often.
Regarding the ‘Sportsman of the Year’ this man may well never get close to being elected ‘Player of the Year’ He will be concerned for the welfare of others and be an engaging character on the pitch and in the brew room. Passionate about walking football, he will stick to the rules of the game most of the time, and not challenge Refereeing decisions. He may well offer vocal encouragement on the pitch but will never be quick to criticise others. He may even volunteer to Referee sometimes. Maybe he is almost always on hand to help clear up and pack the gear away. He might offer additional services, like the warm up to help the group. Printing our literature, or doing laundry – even offering to cut sandwiches when we have friendly games. There are a few candidates for this award so please give it careful thought.
‘Clubman of the Year’ Will probably hold one of the comittee posts. He will go the extra mile for the group. Organising things and generally seeing that we progress in the medium and long term. Efforts on game days and behind the scenes in various areas of development and innovation which you may feel deserve recognition from time to time. Again please think carefully before you choose from the list.

And finally, last years winners are eligible once again.