About Us – an introduction

“If Glenn Hoddle said one word to his players at half-time..

… it was ‘concentration’ and ‘focus’.    Ron Atkinson


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PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY TUESDAY MORNING 4th. DECEMBER LATEST BY EMAIL  ‘ PHONE OR TEXT 07387 174934 IF a)size is wrong. b) you don’t want one of these garments.
Otherwise we will have a printed  garment personalised with your initials in the size below.
Initialising is sensible when up to thirty plus  people take off their jackets and leave them on the touchline !  Thanks
 Hoodie sizes: XXXL: Frank Matthews  XXL: Alan Graham
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Medium. Les Gillan, Karen Bemrose, Keith Oldham, Eric Thomas ,Trevor Brereton, Steve Johnson, Tony Cravagan, Dave Moore ,Stewart White.
– – –
Large: Roy Smith , Russ Martin ,Adrian Jones, Tony Berry ,Alan Brodie, Terry Harrison, Dave Cooper, Bernard Roddy, Graham Oakley, Mike Caldwell, Steve Foster ,Laurie O’Toole, Brian Stafford, Peter Quinn, Julie Walker ,Dave Partington, John Williams ,Rob Lake, Dave Wenham, Dave Wilson, Bill Lancashire (do you want WL or BL on the garment Bill?) Ken Dean , Pete Jarvis, Colin Fielding, David Lees.
– – –
Extra Large: Barry Smith, Keith Burrows ,Joe Bemrose, David Fielding, John Gaskin, Pete Dixon, Steve Tomlinson, Steve Wingrove ,Dave Gibbons , Hadge Cooper, Ivan Taylor, Gordon Nixon, Alan Richards , Martyn Heath.
50 in total. Newcomers or past players who have not attended King Street  in recent  weeks unfortunately don’t qualify.
Tameside Striders is a Walking Football group which meet to play every Tuesday throughout the year at Denton Youth F.C. King Street, in Denton. Also known as Denton Walking Football Group.
We are carrying forward the walking football initiative facilitated by AgeUK Tameside and although our ‘Badgers’ form the competitive element at Over 65 level we’re primarily concerned with ‘friendly’ games both internal, and external. Some of us do play league walking football once a month.
For beginners, men in their mid-sixties and over , and women over 35  years of age then we have a new session ‘DENTON THURSDAY’ could be for you – check out the page from the menu above.
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Our games are aimed at Over 50’s men with  a certain level of fitness who enjoy playing a game akin to football, however – – THIS IS NOT FOOTBALL – –. Due to increased numbers we have now split into two separate hours. 10am- 11am Over 65’s. 11am to Noon it’s the Under’s turn. Game fee is still £3. We aim for a prompt start so help yourselves and be early.
When new players turn up at our Tuesday & Thursday sessions they must first fill in a routine basic health screening form which is deposited with the Secretary. The form includes emergency contact details and a disclaimer to acknowledge the signee agrees they are playing the game at their own risk.
There can be no exceptions to this rule.
Walking Football is catching on all around the country. We play for twenty-five minutes each way in our internal games. Always on all weather ‘astroturf’ pitches.
There is a £3 fee (or subs) paid by each player on the day .  It’s only payable when you play.   There is  a signing on fee of £5 at Denton each August, or within a few weeks of your first attendance if you like us, there is NO commitment. After April, we waive the signing on fee until the following August.
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We always have a short warm up with stretching and limbering up to get bodies attuned to the demands of walking football.   Our internal  games are mildly competitive. The results matter but is not important. The games end with  handshakes and a cup of tea.  Cameras are often around and there may be a team photo and some action shots too.  Sometimes we video our games for the group’s website. Tongue in cheek match reports help reinforce a feeling of camaraderie and belonging.  Performances are NOT criticised. On an all weather pitch we PLAY in ALL weathers (except lying snow and thunder & lightning ! ) check out the forecast at the foot of the page.
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This is a great way to become a bit fitter and widen your social circle too..
For internal , weekly games we players supply our own shirts,  shorts and socks (or jog pants/track suit bottoms etc.  – any kind  or colour of tee shirt will do.  Players are supplied with different coloured ‘bibs’ to differentiate between the teams. Wear trainers or footwear designed  for Astroturf.  NOT FOOTBALL BOOTS
If we play external games against other clubs then we will provide kit,  and laundering.  The rules we play to  are easy to learn. The main one being – NO RUNNING.
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There is very limited physical contact with no sliding tackles or heavy challenges allowed. Walking Football is a non contact game. Shoulder charging is ruled out and there is a ban on upper body contact too.  No heading the ball.  Our aim is to reduce the chances of injury to  a minimum. So, rediscover the thrill of scoring a goal or making a decisive pass.  If you miss playing a team sport,  and have not played for years it’s never too late. There is NO upper age limit.Our most senior player is 83!  Just arrive with an open mind and don’t take yourself too seriously. Play with  a smile on your face and put some fun  back into your life.  We are all of mixed ability – some good players, some average, and  some who  might need to sharpen up  a little. That can come with practice.  All are welcome and the sessions are inclusive. Even the best players make mistakes at Denton – often.
For the rules of our games check out Manchester F.A. Rules from the ‘menu’ above.
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There are twice weekly sessions  at Curzon Ashton F.C. under their superb, community based walking football initiative. As some of our players also play with ‘The Nash Amblers’ you’ll find news of their progress here in addition to what goes on at Denton.   The game is growing remarkably quickly nationwide. Be a part of it and remember, with NO upper age limit – it’s never too late.
SESSIONS:  Striders: Tuesday at Denton Youth F.C. Martin’s Fields King Street 10-00am
               The Nash Amblers: Mon & Fri at Curzon Ashton, Richmond St. North 11-00am.
        Currently, these 3 sessions are not mutually exclusive you can play at each or all of them.
                                  Ring Alan on 07387 174934 for further details if you require…and feel free to ask questions via the panel below….
Our ‘Emergency First Aid’ plan. Copies available on request and on display at all Strider’s games and sessions at King Street : Names in smaller print are ‘HELPERS’ in the event of an incident.
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