Brew room banter


NOT JUST FOR THE COMPETITIVE ELEMENT – we will use this kit when

we put on the summer festival too – – friendly games.



Remember , remember the mood of Movember. Grow a moustache, shave one off ,or celebrate the one you have had for years in this now annual facial hair extravaganza ! All for a good cause.  Men’s Health – Some Strider’s have grasped the nettle . Here’s  a selection.

David Moore – extraordinary result !


Jim’s had his for a while


Stewart's 'tash
Stewart’s ‘tash
Trendbucker – no mo. Drop the eyebrows….
Brereton growth
Swarthy Dave Wilson
Swarthy Dave Wilson he’s ‘keepin’ his !
Davis Wenham – full set
Tony Cravagan - suits you Sir
Tony Cravagan – suits you Sir!







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Steve had a head start – making the mo of it







Trevor is catching up:

Brereton bedecked
Brereton bedecked


At Denton – we’re going to need a bigger brew room 🙂

November 8th 2016 – 21 players

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Very interesting football chats after the Ashton sessions lately, with Mark Bradshaw giving those who remain for a cuppa, valuable and informed  insights into the world of non-league football, and football generally.

Mark’s’s a former Professional player who has been in the game a long time. The Football Development Manager at Curzon, with responsibility for their large youth programme and the Reserve team.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mark for his commitment to the Walking Football initiative and for making time in his schedule to play, referee and support ‘The Nash Ambler’s’ sessions. That also goes for Curzon’s Chief-Executive Natalie Atkinson, and added congratulations for your recent ‘Tameside Club of the Year’

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A slow kettle is most appropriate for a group of spent walking footballer’s longing for a post match cuppa. The advantage is you can have a laugh without spilling your tea (or coffee Tony). because you haven’t got it yet ! A few of us stayed behind for a brew. Mark Bradshaw was surpised to see a couple of photo’s from his youth ! A shock of hair on the adolescent footballer – seems Colin Cuthbert used to run one of his teams. Must have been a promising prospect as a boy  – to make it as far as playing for Blackpool F.C. well over a hundred times.  Mark also told me he was N.W. of England table tennis champion four years on the trot too. Obviously a keen sportsmen… and a good one. We should have a Table Tennis tournament one of these days after  a sesh. I’ve not played in thirty years – sounds familiar I know. Anyone else ?

not sure what the joke is here but looks like Mark & Gordon have heard it before :-)
not sure what the joke is here but looks like Mark & Gordon have heard it before 🙂


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We all know that the after match brew is almost as enjoyable as the football itself.

Today the discussion was ‘is winning important’?
Consensus was NO, but it does ‘matter’ to most people.
Not everything that ‘matters’ is important.
Losing doesn’t lessen the enjoyment for many of us – myself included.

Here’s Graham dispensing the reviving liquid – Cheers Graham.

Graham Brown - Brewmaster and star in stripes! Graham Brown – Brewmaster and star in stripes!