Denton internals

February 13th at King Street…

I felt I had to do some justice to the badge I was wearing today. My new black waterpoof Nike Manchester County F.A. Referee’s jacket worn with a mix of surprise, and pride. Even if I was soon asked to cover it with a Green Referee’s bib by Cooper, after some rare errant distribution from ‘keeper Cravagan.
So, badge covered but still keen, I did my utmost to keep up with play. The result? Knackered after fifty minutes. Much harder than it looks chaps.

Another Smith and Jones

In traditional gloom and with a damp air to the morning we kicked off with an eight v. seven affair on the big pitch. Numbers were soon scaled back as David Wenham retired early (remind us and you’ll get a free one next time but don’t rush that hamstring) Barry Smith custodian for the Blue Bibs switched sides to provide equilibrium. Just two instances of running in the first half – I’d tried to get hold of it early to some avail.
There was a penalty though! Bill Lancaster between the sticks was guilty of clear egress and furthermore he had gained an advantage to take the ball. Up stepped Rob Lake to despatch a fine penalty past the man but with a micro shuffle the ‘goal’ was disallowed.
Several instances of contact with arms the main culprit (in both games) . Little running. Terry Harrison went close to scoring. Both teams were finding openings but nobody made the vital breakthrough . Three blasts on the Acme Thunderer with a flourish on the final note and that was that. A rare nil-nil.


Second game same Ref. Some younger men, including Ainsworth and Johnson who were thorns in the side of Blues. Some Overs lingered. 7 v.7 ideal numbers on the big pitch Teams picked by Burrows and Nixon, Green bibs dispensed. Green’s raced to a two goal lead. Barry Smith (was he running?) not in the Ref’s opinion…then Adrian Jones found the onion bag. Two nil at half time and David Wilson, the Green’s would-be tormentor on the left , could not carry on. Whistles exchanged, a new man officiating but the Blue’s sub felt buggered ! No further scoring followed in the second half. A brisker pace and impressive attacking play from Conroy, and Brodie for Blues linking well with the ex-Ref.

  • – – – – – – – – –
  • Dixon in Green (desperately trying to work a Police gag in here – Ed) was dangerous. Brereton, Green bib slipping off the shoulder  was busy blocking and prompting , Cooper moving forward looking for openings. Few came. Prompted by Partington the Blues driving force had a chance to pull one back from the spot with a faultless one step action. But he hammered the ball wide to leave Badger Burrows grinning like a Cheshire cat, to mix my animal metaphors. A calf injury to Joe Bemrose caused consternation – will he be fit for Thursday? – frankly unlikely. (A fiver refund if you have to bow out Joe – don’t chance it if it’s sore)

No photo’s today – always feels like something is missing on the handful of occasions we don’t even have a team pic…….but I was busy.  Other cameras always welcome.

See you next week.

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February 6th. 2018 ‘snow problem….

The snow began to fall during our Over’s game but thankfully it was light and absence of any strong wind made conditions bearable, the King Street pitch playable.  Eighteen players were involved in a remarkably good game of Walking Football with lots of skill on display. Graham Oakley struck the first blow for Plains and was creating consternation in the left wing berth, combining with new man Steve Rourke.

Graham Oakley – delighted with his brace
  • – – – – – – – – – – – –  –  –
    Oakley added a second soon afterwards and was well and truly in his pomp, making the most of good service from his fellow forwards. David Gibbons prompting from the back.  Both Bibs and Plains transgressed the running rule and the deficit was reduced via a Terry ‘Taxi’ Harrison penalty which Keith Burrows could do little about. At the other end Peter Jarvis struck in similar fashion from the spot to restore a two goal advantage. There was no further scoring in the match. The second half devoid of goals but not injury as David Fielding limped off.
  • ————————–
    The snowing intensified as the Under’s took centre stage. Numbers slightly down a 6 v.6 saw more good football and a first goal for John Gaskin.
  • He and his blue bibbed team played some neat passing approach play. At half-time David Wenham succumbed to a muscle injury and was replaced by Alan Richards. Blue ascendancy continued and Partington and Jarvis added to the account for a three-nil win.
  • Despite the best efforts of Bemrose, Brereton and Dixon the Yellow team couldn’t penetrate Blue defences with a couple of good stops in goal from Richards.
  • Bill and Al Brodie checkout the notice board
  • The groups Secretary/Co.Treasurer later attended a meeting with ‘Action Together’ in Ashton-under-Lyne, where a strategy for somehow uniting all the walking football groups in Tameside was mooted. He steered DWFG clear of such an arrangement, although he will attend again in perhaps in an advisory capacity. We will not dilute our autonomy. Everyone else at the meeting was in paid employment. We are volunteers who are making a very good job of it as attendances show. Our DWFG is different in nature to other groups, and is currently the most successful in the area in terms of numbers, but none of us are ‘on  a mission’ to attract as many walking footballers as possible. We will remain independent, and inclusive  I’m sure, confident that other Committee members agree.
    Curzon Ashton Walking Football was seen as an appropriate venue for expansion but the Professionals in the room seem to think there is a vast reservoir of untapped walking footballers in Tameside. In my view, there isn’t. I told them growth had been steady but slow. There are no doubt many men who might like to try the game who have not done much exercise. Most could not cope with our energy and play  in the short term.  This was recognised by  Sean Higgins –  who described what Social Prescribing* is all about. Thursday’s are there for them if they are Over 65. We already direct people to beginners sessions at Guide Bridge, and to Curzon when appropriate. We are doing our bit to encourage newcomers with Denton Thursday. Unlike some of those present at the meeting we have limited time to devote to recruitment, and deciding where individuals will fit in best etc. Not to mention  a lack of space.
    There was no mention of funding opportunities at this meeting. Although some may arise in the future.




  • *Social Prescribing*…G.P. Referrals pointing people towards activity and companionship.


January 30th 2018:  Sunny sky all the way….

but a few injuries and explained absences kept the numbers down just a little at King Street this morning. 24 Striders in total.
Before we got underway Chris from ‘Action Together’ introduced himself and we spoke about the groups progress and any publicity or funding requirements we may have going forwards. There is a meeting planned soon with Ruth Madden to discuss walking football development in the borough.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

An 8v8 Overs game got the proceedings started. Senior man Bernard Roddy  put the Plains in front,  and within a few minutes Graham Oakley had doubled the lead.

Ken Dean – threat

Ken Dean was the main Bib’s threat but the Plains defence, marshalled ably by David Partington and an in form Bill Lancashire held firm. As goalkeeper for the second half of the first half I was rarely troubled.(just as well…Ed.)

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

After the break Roy Smith became the latest casualty and limped off with a troublesome hamstring, followed by yours truly to maintain numerical balance. A shame really, as I was enjoying the game….
….Partington added another goal for Plains to cement a three nil victory. Many thanks go to Stewart White for Refereeing today.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Adrian Jones and Peter Dixon
The overs – a nice little gurner
    • – – – – – – – – – –
      The Unders took to the field with a new man John Gascoigne featuring. Teams in Yellow once more, and a delicate shade of Kazakhstan blue. Nip and tuck for much of it. Yellows playing the better football but blues stubborn, and in no mood to capitulate.


      Bemrose put the yellows in front and they seemed determined to stay there
      A penalty from Stewart White saved ! and then another, in the closing minutes as Adrian Jones failed to convert.

    • – – – – – – – –  –  – –
      the blues

      I’d taken myself off at this point to chat some ‘Overs’ who had stayed for a brew. All seemed happy at the groups direction and the way things are going. We spoke about the ‘Denton Thursday’ sessions which are of course open to EXISTING players as well as newcomers. These sessions will remain free for your first four games until February 22nd.
      Returning to the pitch as the game was ending, it was clear all had a good time and Heywood players were reminded of the need for shin pads which are now compulsory in the GMWF League. Thanks to Alan Graham for Refereeing.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

January 23rd… EGGS is eggs….

Have we created a monster?
That question was asked of me today when someone who knows our group was told of the numbers.
It’s certainly encouraging that numbers have more than held up over a miserable winter. Today was balmy compared to some Tuesday’s we’ve endured and 75% of our signed on players arrived for their walking football fix. We must be doing something right. Although I’ll always hear the odd gripe.
Thirty two players and three games.
Yours Truly Refereed the first. Over 65’s. A 6-2 win for Plains led by Barry Smith with a fine hat trick – it may even have been four. He struck a fine penalty amongst that goal glut. An art that evaded others on the day – including me!
With more goals from Nixon, and Bill Lancashire the Bibs were outgunned, although Terry Harrison scored from the corner quadrant and then added another. Some running , which I tried to keep a grip on but very little contact to speak of.

On Pitch One Alan Graham officiated another Overs match. Tony Cravagan reported back that this was a spendid ghame of walking football. He was full of praise for the players. Tony knows his walking football onions so that’s praise indeed. A four one win for Plains with goals from Jarvis, Wingrove (under 65 guest) Partington and a ‘roddy’ belter from Bernard!
Keith Oldham replied for plains but all enjoyed the game and that’s the main thing. Always remember that and we won’t go far wrong.

The Under’s game was again Refereed by Alan Graham. Barry Smith – smouldering if not quite catching light pulled two more goals out of the bag for Plains after Brereton had hit the opener for Bibs. Some good football here, once we established equal numbers it was a classic 9 v. 9. Rob Lake had a fine game for Bibs and along with Adrian Jones he kept them striving for an equaliser. Richards grabbed an opportunity near the end from the spot. Hs kick (like Jones earlier) was adjudged illegal but was saved by Burrows anyway. Back to the naughty step for me and I shall be practising penalties this week. Egg on my face I guess.
Let’s see what happens in half an hour !




IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER – Alan Richards reports on Jan 16th 2018……

Brian Stafford admires David Wenham’s headgear

We don’t often baulk in the face of grim weather at King Street but today’s session was a particularly stiff test. A hailstone shower of almost blizzard proportions and a sudden drop in temperature couldn’t put us off playing.  We almost needed floodlights at one point as the gathering gloom threatened to turn eleven am. into five pm.
The first hour saw two games. Yours truly doing his best to Referee ( no fee) AND play on pitch one with players like David Fielding and Hadge Cooper, whilst on Pitch Two Keith Burrows officiated (and donated his fee to club funds)…thanks Badger.
Both games were goalless at half-time. On pitch one goals from Cooper, myself and Bill Lancashire saw the Plain men home but far from dry. Wingrove and Lake both enjoying their goalkeeping stints one hopes.
Pitch 2 saw David ‘Pogba’ Wilson doing some kind of justice to those flourescent trainers with a hat-trick. At one point the plaintive plea ‘can I take the ball home?’

echoed across the King Street pitch – of course Dave, so long as you bring it back next week 🙂

Brian Stafford added a fourth for a 4 – 0 victory for Plains. Neither of the first two games saw any penalties awarded for three runs, and there was very little contact.

Winning Greens – plus man Dixon third from left.
Blues : out of luck today

The Unders game – reinforced with a few from the first hour (is it okay that we all pay the same? Please consider this ahead of Feb’s players meeting – date to be announced) was a nine versus nine Light Blue v. Greens extravaganza. Good to see Ivan Taylor back with us for the first team in  a while and Marple man Peter Dixon making a  debut appearance.

Main talking points were thus: Steve Wingrove with a penalty conversion disallowed (a micro, foot shuffling step). New man Peter Dixon scoring on his aforementioned debut with Barry Smith slotting home in reply. Adrian Jones was the blue ‘action-man’ doing his level best to get his team going.

Deep into the second half after the hail had battered us, a brief glimpse of winter sunshine! Three running offences resulted in a penalty to Green’s and up stepped a confident Keith Burrows. The Yorkshireman made no mistake, with a no nonsense one step approach and despatched the ball low past Gordon Nixon, who with his committee colleague Partington at the other end had excelled between the sticks.

Referee and penalty taker Keith Burrows

Get well soon Tony Cravagan – you were missed…see you next week we hope. In other news, David Fielding has ‘signed-on’.






Well that was a lesson learned.

Greens 0 Yellow 0

Alan Richards reports…

Far more players turned up for the first hour today than anticipated.
With a 10 v. 10 even the bigger pitch was crowded which leads to more running and can also mean more accidental contact as the play get frenetic. Alan Graham had his hands more than full and there were about SIX penalties awarded for running. Some were taken wrongly – this is NOT rocket science guys check out the link on yesterday’s  Nash Amblers report. Others were saved or missed. The game ended up an unlikely nil-nil. There was more unpleasantness on show today than for a long, long time – clearly the motivational banner with key words to celebrate our normally  pleasant atmosphere wasn’t working very well.

New arrival David Fielding (Welcome, by the way) should note it’s not always like this.

Mammoth turnout for the first hour

Game 2: Greens 1 (Richards)  Yellow 4 (Bemrose 4)

A better game followed. A 7 v. 7 between Green and Yellow. Richards in green bib and new yellow boots (yes, really) opened the scoring neatly after a good ball from Pete Ward. There were more penalties in this game too with David Partington stepping in to replace a struggling Colin Fielding between the sticks for the spot kicks. He saved brilliantly although this didn’t please everybody. None of this really matters so let’s not too serious about it please.
Some good stops from Barry Smith in the other goal including a penalty from Richards which he gathered safely.  Joe Bemrose got into gear to notch four goals. His Yellow team walking out four one winners.

New man David Fielding

Next week I need someone to arrive with me at 9-35am. to get two pitches set up and ready for TWO Overs games. We shall need another Referee (I’ll do it the first time). *Sod’s law* it will rain and we’ll get half the numbers we got today.  This unpredictability is at the heart of our problem.
At a time when some groups are struggling for numbers it’s a good problem to have and one we will get on top of sooner, rather than later.




Two games and two honourable draws confirm King Street is up and walking towards a promising new year.
With the predicted rain largely holding off we saw a 1-1 deadlock for the first game. Guest goalkeepers underage Rob Lake and Steve Wingrove did sterling work,
Terry Harrison struck first for yellow with a penalty !

Joe Bemrose equalised as the game neared its end. Splendid efforts from everyone. Thanks to Referee’s Stewart White (first half) and Gordon Nixon after the break. Fourteen players on the big pitch made for more room, time and space for players to think just a little about what they were doing.
David Wilson – in yellow bib – was seeing lots of the ball in advanced positions but couldn’t quite make it count. His teammate Bernard Roddy was revelling in his role and showed some really good touches.

Honours even then in Game 1. The Under’s were beginning to gather on the touchline and some put themselves through their own warm-up paces in preparation for tussle number two.

Yours truly Refereed this 7 v.7 again on the big pitch. Nash Ambler Steve Foster was a welcome guest and brought his cultured style of defending to the match. Brisk at times, the three runs a penalty rule was employed. First though Mike Caldwell, our relative newcomer and acclaimed  acute angle specialist, scored a fine goal for yellow when it looked unlikely.

Joe Bemrose always involved today equalised with an impressive strike, and then put Green noses in front with another. Caldwell stepped up to convert a penalty kick  given for Tony Cravagan’s unfortunate  ‘D’ egress, the Marple man planting both hands down firmly outside the marked area.

Sadly though it  was the same  Joe Bemrose – often in jogging mode –  who conceded a run once too often.  Just seconds after  a warning.  A little spurt of acceleration off the ball could have cost his team the game but David Partington – a newly installed goalkeeper dived to his left to deny Caldwell his hat-trick. Steve Johnson performed heroics in the other goal too with some tremendous diving saves. Well done that man! (some impressive walking today, too Steve).

Keith Burrows in Green bib was in  immaculate formvtoday, one particular passage of his play reminded me very much of  his fellow Yorkshireman and long serving ‘Blade’, Len Badger.


New W.F.A. rules were employed. Over head height deflections off keeper’s and defenders resulted in opposition corner kicks. A good start to the new format. Everyone one who wanted to play DID play – including press ganged  Linesman Tony Cravagan,  who accepted a late invitation by virtue of unequal numbers.

Obviously if the sun ever shines in Denton again, we may need to manage the numbers in a different way to maximise safety and enjoyment. We play with our feet, we think on our feet.

Your committee members know you’ll be understanding as players, because that’s the nature of this group.
No photography today as time had to be managed more tightly, they will be back before very long. See some of you overs on Thursday for another *FREE* miniature goal game.

Thanks Chaps.



The final session of a memorable year…

and there were more manageable  numbers at dear old King Street today. 21 players.

On the Overs pitch yours truly Refereed a close game and a narrow victory for Greens with two goals from Graham Oakley. Roy Smith replied for Yellows.  TWO disallowed penalties for micro-stepping.  When the whistle goes the kicking foot can only strike the ball – not weight shift or balance the body by taking a tiny step backwards. It’s not complicated but clearly it confuses some. David Partington had a remarkable game today both in goals and out.

From the Under’s pitch Trevor Brereton reports a 6 – 3  victory for his Yellow team. Seen home by four goals from Brereton himself and a couple more from Adrian Jones. Greens hit back via a hat-trick from Stewart White. Fine goalkeeping from Steve Johnson and a game played in good spirit with little running, or contact. Refereed by Alan Graham.

Eight lingered, hungry for more,  boosted by our two Referee’s of the day  and played out a 4 – 2 win for Yellow bibs over Green . A good passing game with Trevor  Brereton again amongst the goals. So , for now the Lingerer’s chapter closes and we move to  a different format. It’s had a good walk, and will no doubt be missed by some.  Unfortunately , there is little alternative.

pic. Alan Richards

Next time all change. 10-00am. the Overs, all who are Over 65 qualify, plus those recovering from injury or who are more suited to  a slightly more relaxed game.  BE A LITTLE EARLY TO GET WARMED UP AND KICK OFF BY 10.10am. At 11-00 am the Under’s take over…confused? You might be.  Those playing in the first game can take part in the second if numbers suit – ie. are EVEN., and with the agreement of the Under’s players.  No guarantees folks. All we can guarantee is that everyone who turns up at the right times will get one game.

If you prefer, or suit  a rather more intense game and have been playing with the Under 65’s (whatever YOUR age)  on Pitch 2 please turn up at 11-00am. to be SURE of a game.  If you aim to be a little early you can warm up for a PROMPT START. We aim to deploy the bigger pitch for both games – full length (or edge of box to edge of box) to give extra width and encourage more passing. Please co-operate and aim to b just that bit early – otherwise the games may have to be curtailed and nobody wants that.

Today’s ‘Unders’……..Pic: Alan Richards





Committee meeting December 12th. 2017

(with thanks to Stewart and Val for their hosting and hospitality)

 Chairman Gordon Nixon opened this meeting of the committee at 10.45am.

The Christmas Party was top of the agenda and David Partington , and Gordon reported everything was on track for a good night and settled a final ‘running’ order for the things they mean  – as organisers – to cover on the night. Quiz, raffle, award presentation etc.


A long discussion on managing numbers at Denton was next on the agenda.  It was decided to split the sessions into two separate hours. We realise that this will not please everybody but the status quo cannot continue for much longer.

From 10-00am. to 11-00am. The Over 65’s, or anyone more comfortable with the games that have been played almost all year on Pitch 2 will play. The games must get off to  a prompt start so players will be urged to arrive EARLY, warm up quickly and get underway for 10-15 at the latest. The aim will be to use one large pitch.


When the ‘Overs’ finish their game the Under’s will take over the playing area for the second hour until noon. This game is also open to those Over 65’s who have been playing on the Under’s pitch and wish to continue by turning up at the later time. 

If Under’s want to get off to  a flying start they can arrive a little early and warm up outside the pitch perimeter fence If the whole of the playing area is in use.

The format of both games will be decided by numbers present on the day. One pitch or two. If only one small pitch is used any early arrivals for the second game can use it for a kickabout/training/warm up.

 If any Overs who have played in the first match want to join in the second ‘Unders’ games this should not be taken for granted and will purely  depend upon numbers and the goodwill of ‘Unders’ in allowing this to happen.

This strategy means we do not have to close our list to new Tuesday members.  It also frees Committee members to Referee both Under and Overs. More on that later.

 The changes will apply from January 2nd. 2018. Players costs will remain at £3.00.  The above decisions were unanimous that this represents good value with  a cup of tea thrown in.


The Committee were also unanimously agreed that a less forceful  style of play at Denton  must be encouraged wherever possible. To try to foster a culture within our group where a flowing, passing game can be cemented in our ethos. There were a couple of ways of doing this which are being investigated. More than anything players need to remind themselves what walking football is. Whatever conclusion they arrive at we all KNOW it is NOT traditional football.

Passing, moving into space and a game of finesse rather than raw power is what we are aiming for,  and loosing shots off at every opportunity is detracting from the games enjoyment for most players.  It’s a percentage game and most of them are wildly off target anyway.  The thud of a ball striking against thigh, buttock or bollock  at speed is not an appealing one.

Running has to be kept to a  minimum  too, and widespread running makes a mockery of the name this group thrives under – Denton Walking Football Group.

The committee looked at responses to proposed WFA Rule change proposals and formulated a group response. This followed the wider consultation in four cases out of five. The one exception – ‘poaching’  a ball from the rear from  between an opponents legs was deemed too inviting of possible contact to give it group backing.


The financial report from the Co-Treasurer was well received by the committee.  Group funds are in  a very healthy state.


The Players meeting for February (we meet every six months remember, with an A.G.M. in August) will take place at Denton at  a date to be announced.  The Secretary will look to book the DYFC Portakabin for a further hour from 12 noon to One pm. Any concerns players may have can be raised at that meeting, by which time we should have an idea of how the new times are working out.

The Committee was informed of the voting results for the  Denton awards and it was agreed these would be announced on the night of the Christmas Party and not before  – 15th. December. (Unders p.o.y.  Overs p.o.y. Sportsman and Clubman f the year 2017.) 

Voter turnout was just over 70%.


Changes to F.A. Rules were also discussed.  We realise we need to include other groups in these discussions before the Refereeing course in mid-January.  A new definition of Running will be sought – the Referee to be  the SOLE arbiter.  “If in the OPINION of the Referee a players is running with the ball, running to seek and advantage or running to interfere with an opponent” an indirect free kick will be awarded against that player.

A non-contact ethos of ‘Some contact will occur but not ALL contact will be judged a foul. Some contact will NOT be penalised but ALL contact MAY be penalised.’ will be put to Manchester County F.A. and hopefully gain agreement.


 Cases of heavy contact, denying a goal scoring opportunity, cynical fouling and deliberate handball will, at the Referee’s discretion result in a clearly signalled DIRECT free kick. A ONE kick rule (like Penalty kicks) will apply and defenders must stand at least one metre apart and three metres away when the kick is taken.

It was thought that the F.A. Rule of allowing goal scoring straight from the kick off sets the incorrect tone for the game and we will urge Manchester County F.A. to dispense with it.

The F.A. Rule of scoring directly from  a corner kick however  IS acceptable when the ball is placed within the quadrant (not moved back down the pitch as in internal games). Corners have proved of  little advantage and it was deemed a useful alternative that the kicker could go for goal via a Goalkeeper error or a wonderful curling strike below crossbar height! 

We still await the outcome of the recent W.F.A. / F.A. meeting where rules were discussed and we hope to put our proposals to the F.A.’s  local man Tom Elliott after discussing the subject with other local groups ahead of the Refereeing course at Curzon  in mid January. 

If you need anything clarifying from the meeting please use the ‘contact us’ facility from the menu above



MATCH REPORTS ARE BEING CURTAILED FOR THE MOMENT beyond the briefest detail.  I think On the Over’s pitch  it  was a 2-1 win to Yellow with goals from Lancashire and Wenham.  Graham Oakley replied for Greens .  On the other pitch it was a similar scoreline with  Green’s  in the ascendancy beating Yellows 2-1….Goals from Brereton and Conroy with  a Wingrove reply.

I didn’t play in the initial games because the numbers were already too high for safety

I  played  later in the Lingerer’s game and cannot even remember the result – I was in  a yellow bib and I think we won, but other issues were occupying my mind today. The second half three touch experiment was welcomed by some but derided by another. Ironically enough I think I was the only one penalised for taking four touches!…and for running!  Such is life 🙂

Next week we will have linesmen picking up runners and looking for contact. Those committee men who do this for you will no doubt  enjoy a game with the Lingerer’s afterwards.

We all signed up to play with  a WALKING FOOTBALL group – let’s ensure we respect the game for what it should be –  I include myself of course. Numbers are going to have to be managed going forward.   Your committee will do its utmost to provide sensible solutions, and there is a meeting planned for Tuesday 12th. December .


November 28th…

ELEVEN GOAL THRILLER  FOR THE OVERS -twenty eight players at King Street !

AN OLDHAM BATTERY POWERS the ORANGES …..Alan Richards reporting

Tameside Striders 28/11/17
The ‘Overs’ Report….Blues 5 (Richards 2, Brodie,Stafford,Williams)
Orange 6 (Oldham 3, Grimbaldeston 2,Wenham)

What a thriller at King Street this morning. Blues took two nil lead but the Orangemen hit back in fine style.
Brodie put the Kazakhstan kickers ahead early doors, and Richards nutmegged the Orange ‘keeper with a cheeky toe-poke. Oldham volleyed a fine goal in reply and Grimbaldeston rifled in an equaliser. I think it was David Wenham who put Orange noses in front at the break . A tremendous half of walking football with the bright, low hanging sun often making visibility a challenge.

Orange surged ahead in the second half. Beware the the quiet man! Unassuming Gentleman Keith Oldham adding two more goals to make this his first hat-trick in walking football. Well done!
A goalkeeping calamity led to a further goal for Orange, but Grimbaldeston’s fine shot had nothing of the ‘fluke’ about it. Trailing badly now, Blues were not giving up without something of a fightback.

  • – – – – – – – – –
    An alert Alan Richards turned opportunist, and poached a second for Blues from the edge of the ‘D’ as his team rallied briefly and a disputed goal from John Williams & well taken effort from Brian Stafford  put Blues on level terms urged on by key defenders Partington and Cravagan but the winner came from ‘I told ’em’ Oldham (I think) how fitting that the Hyde man should have the final say in this , perhaps his best game ever. Last week Keith was stung by a running offence – also his first ever – this week he was the star of the show.
    Full marks also to Hadge Cooper, and to David Moore for good performances. Some good touches too from Bernard Roddy. We ended with what was probably a fair result but Blues were sometimes the architects of their own downfall.
    Thanks to Gordon Nixon for a fine Refereeing performance.
  • – – – – – – – – –
Barry Smith – about to score for Green Lingerers

The Lingerers game ended three-nil to the team in Green. Details are scant in my mind as I was busy packing up, but memories of Barry Smith firing home will live long, I think he got a couple of goals and he’s almost too good a striker of the ball to be playing in goal at all. Still lots of power in those short and stocky legs of his. Thanks to Alan Graham for officiating the two games on pitch one today.

He was the life and soul of the Green Party today with a policy of shoot on sight his main manifesto pledge. Next weeks Lingerers will see a second half experiment of three touch walking football at King Street – a useful training exercise if nothing else.

  • – – – – – –
  • Steve Wingrove and Rob Lake have confirmed for the Whaley Bridge friendly game on December 13th. We will be having a photoshot (weather permitting) on Monday morning 4th. December at King Street – just a half hour from ten am.before travelling over to Curzon. This will be a mock mixed gender ‘game’ with Karen Bemrose, my Wife Sue and Daughter Gina and hopefully Tony Cravagan’s friend Jaqui taking part. We might need a couple more men to make it look like a proper game. Stewart White is up for it, Joe will be there too. Lots going on of late – today we have sent off the Affiliation fee to the walking football association. Keep up with other news via this site.


Here are the Unders (well, some of them are – you can judge for yourselves which ones !

details of their game will follow on Facebook… Reproduced here at some point’

The Unders November 28th 2017

King Street 28th Nov
Under’s  – and a sprinkling of ‘Overs’ – Trevor Brereton reports….

Two equally matched teams on pitch 1, as the “Greens” took on the “Yellows”.  Early on there wasn’t much to choose between the sides, as defences were in control. Yellows began to create more chances, but found Greens keeper Keith Burrows in good form.  Greens, despite a strong line up, looked sluggish, as passes went astray and chances were spurned.

  • – – – – – –
  • Yellows had a chance to take the lead when they were awarded a penalty, but Burrows saved Mike Conroy’s penalty.  Early in the second half took Yellows took  the lead with a fine effort from Bemrose .  Moments later yellows took a stranglehold on the game, with a goal from Bemrose . Greens looked for a way back, but neither  White, Brereton or  Barry Smith, could get the decisive breakthrough. The more fluent yellows moved into an unassailable lead when Harrison scored their third. Greens morning was summed up when  Brereton’s late penalty hit the bar. An emphatic win for Yellows as they took their chances, and played the better football. Thanks to Alan Graham for refereeing.
    GREENS  –   0




November 21st.2017 – STRIDERS REPORT


A good game for ‘the overs’ this morning, another grey day with rain in the air, but mercifully it held off.
We were twenty four strong in total. David Wilson Refereed our game which was highlighted by a hat-trick from David Wenham. In the first half he hit the opener for Greens before Bernard Roddy levelled matters for the Yellow team.
David Moore made a fine penalty save for Yellows and then Richards hit the post, and I think it was 1 – 1 at the break.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    In the second half the Greens began to assert themselves, aided by some fine passing by Hadge Cooper, in a rich vein of form. Partington put a penalty away for Greens past Bernard Roddy. Wenham added his second. A rare own goal followed when goalkeeper Graham Oakley kicked into his own net from a powerfully struck Partington corner. Cooper added another goal and Wenham claimed his hat trick. At the other end John Williams had reduced the arrears but there was only one winner today despite a good looking line up in Yellow where Lancashire and Brodie were the main threat, Graham Oakley having a good first half too. Thanks to David Wilson for officiating.
  • – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – –  –  – – –  – – – –
    The Lingerers game was interrupted when veteran goalkeeper Jim Thompson suffered cuts to his nose after a shot hit him in the face. His spectacles did the damage. Jim took no further part and thanks to Tony Cravagan for escorting him home.
    The teams, in Yellow and the Blues wearing wore those new E.E.C. light blue Kazakhstan bibs , (thanks Ian Wilson) after singing a light hearted Denton version of the Kazakhstan national anthem prompted by perennial joker Partington.
    Stewart White drilled home in spectacular style, a fine shot for Blues and then scored another. I think it was a Joe Bemrose goal that made it three but I could be wrong. Sorry to be scant on detail but it was an evenly contested game and the score line may have flattered the blues just tad.
    Voting for our Denton awards closed today. Results will be announced NEXT week and then the trophies will be presented at the Christmas Gathering at the Nash Bar on December 15th.

I will post some pics either later, or tomorrow – thank you.

  • – – – – – – – —
  • Trevor Brereton reports on ‘the Unders’
  • KING ST DENTON 21st November 2017
    6 v 6
    Yellows took on Greens this morning in a hard fought, but fair encounter. Greens had Curzon man Mike Conroy, and  Gordon Nixon returning from  in goal. Greens had the better of the early play, and were unlucky not to take the lead, when a low Brereton drive, came back off the post. For Yellows,  dangermouse  Wingrove was looking for an opening, but White, playing in a deeper role, was getting the better of him.  Greens luck seemed to be out when a curling effort from Brereton cannoned off the crossbar. Yellows were creating half chances, but Nixon seemed to be relishing his role as last line of even the Bemrose “hammer” was kept out.  As we reached a surprising half time stalemate, there was still everything to play for. Early in the second half Greens were awarded a penalty, (3 runs). Brereton stepped up and lashed the ball past ‘keeper Fielding. Shortly afterwards Greens took a commanding lead, when a Brereton drive nestled low in the corner of the net. Yellows weren’t finished though, as Greens had to defend well to keep their lead.  Greens  talisman, and City fan De White, was displaying his customary vision and trickery.  Yellows were given a chance to reduce the deficit, when they were awarded a pen (3 runs) Wingrove’s effort was brilliantly kept out by Nixon’s reflex save.  Greens  looked to increase their lead with efforts from Conroy and Jarvis, and were awarded their second penalty of the game. As Brereton eyed his hat trick, taxi driver Terry Harrison was just around the corner, and sidled up to the mark. Harrison’s well taken spot kick came back off the foot of the post. And so it finished 2-0 to Greens, a deserved victory, on the balance of play. Thanks to Alan Graham for refereeing.

    BLUES – 2, Brereton 2, White , Nixon, Jarvis, Conroy, Harrison
    YELLOWS -0 – Wingrove Jones, Gibbons, Fielding, Johnson, Bemrose



Threatening skies didn’t deliver any kind of deluge but King Street numbers were affected this morning. Actually the numbers were almost perfect but If you stayed away because you thought you’d get wet, you wouldn’t have…and we missed you. A bit.
Michael Conroy is now a Strider – we have made an exception to the ‘closed membership’ for this established player who will formally ‘sign on’ next time – make sure you fill in a form Mike please
Yours truly Refereed the Overs game and was quick to penalise runners. The Green team had an injection of youth as Trevor Brereton, recovering from injury played on Pitch 2 by special request. He brought his ‘unders’ game with him .
Brereton scored the opener for Greens , then added another. Partington reduced the arrears before Alan ‘Chief’ Brodie notched another.
A Yellow spot kick (3 runs David Moore and ‘Chief’ Brodie x2) was missed by Partington but soon after an excellent ball from him fell to John Williams whose shot rebounded off a post.
The turnaround ( at 3-1 to Greens) brought a change of personnel. Brereton exchanged bibs with Williams and  began to pepper veteran ‘keeper Jim Thompson with any number of powerfully struck shots. Jim stood tall, and was bravely defiant standing his ground admirably, pulling off several fine saves and blocks.

David Partington scored to reduce Yellow’s arrears, then Roy Smith hit the bar with a shot.
Contact was penalised several times – perhaps moreso than any game recently. Let’s not forget we play WFA rules which means NON CONTACT. So ONLY sub-minimal contact will be tolerated when Richards Referees.
Brereton added another to make the scores 3-3. Partington then got his third from a very tight angle – an excellent finish. John Williams missed a penalty (taken illegally anyway) for Greens (three runs Smith, Partington and Grimbaldeston) and Brereton wrapped up the scoring to make his tally several and the game went Yellow by five goals to three.
Teams: Green.. Thompson Moore Wenham Brereton (1st.half *) Brodie Oldham
Yellow: Cravagan Partington Smith R Williams (1st.half *) Grimbaldeston
The Lingerers played a splendid game of 7 v.6. Barry Smith liberated from goal scored one for each team after being swapped at half-time. Other scorers escape me. Brereton with at least one I can only guess the other – usual suspects Stewart White or Stephen Wingrove perhaps? Once again Jim Thompson was outstanding saving a powerful shot from Richards and several other goal attempts, even ending up on his back entangled in the net at one stage.The game was notable for some really quick , accurate passing, particularly from the team in yellow. Greens dribblers tending to hold the ball longer and shaping up for shots. Burrows in goal for Yellow had a good game.

At 2-2 the last kick of the game was a penalty (three green runs) and the ball was claimed by David Partington. In an act of folly or a moment of pure sportsmanship he rolled the ball to ‘keeper Thompson with barely enough strength to make it, saying “a draw is a fair result”. In hindsight he was right although his largesse, seemingly at odds with his well known winning mentality,  puzzled me, at least  a few seconds. But it didn’t matter.

The Unders shared nine goals as I understood it later,  but I rely upon others for the details.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Next week some of the DVD’s will be ready so if you’ve ordered one have your £3 donation to hand please.  PLUS we are producing a flyer for the mixed gender trial….
    We are looking for ladies (wives/partners)  to take part in a photoshoot at a time to be arranged. This will involve them getting their kit on (just leggings and maybe a loose football type top/bib etc) for a few shots of them kicking the ball with a few men. This will NOT impact on the session and will be done when it’s quiet at King Street. The aim is to produce a mixed gender flyer/leaflet. My Wife has volunteered and Karen Bemrose is said to be up for it – we only need at least one more. (No drag artists please).
  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    I am attempting to source another (more sturdy) pair of mini goals and they won’t be cheap. This for the new Thursday session for OVER 65 men Over 50 women (we have already had one female enquiry) FREE to all comers for the first four sessions – this includes regular OVER 65 players. THURSDAY’S WILL MEAN PURE WALKING FOOTBALL STRICTLY REFEREED.
    Lingerers: Green : Thompson, Wingrove, Smith B (1st.Half), Williams, Brodie, Brereton, Nixon.
    Yellow: Burrows, Cooper, Richards, Bemrose, Partington, White, Smith B (2nd.half)


7th.November 2017


…Alan Richards writes..

Each week brings a different challenge. Today with nineteen players (later 20 as David Wilson joined in with the Lingerers) we were torn on what to do for the best.


In the end , once the warm up was done we went for game of 10 v. 9 on one pitch. (I actually thought it was 9 v.9 at the time.
Blacks played Whites.
A quick start but the pace was lowered a little after Referee Richards and one or two of the players appealed for more calm. There was some good play on display. Bernard Roddy had a remarkable game with deft touched and uncommon zeal for a man into his eighties. Bernard shared the dubious distinction of being pulled up for running in common with several of his team mates in white.
Goal chances were hard to come by. It was perhaps predicatable that the Black’s lead came from a spot kick (3 runs) Stewart White despatching the ball past Jim Thompson.

With no further goals in the second half – another penalty (3 runs) from White was this time saved by Thompson. Barry Smith first time goalkeeper for Blacks kept a clean sheet , passing on the gloves to Messrs: Gibbons and Lancaster respectively. A special thanks to our goalkeepers today for sticking it out in the drizzle. In the end White’s pressed for an equaliser, none more industrious than Steve Wingrove but that vital chance eluded them on the day.
Twelve lingered. Teams were selected and some donned soaking wet bibs for another black v. white skirmish. Steve Wingrove found the target in this match and the White’s led by the odd goal at half time. Nip and tuck it was for much of the match – the smaller numbers producing a more technical contest rather than the harem scarem of the main match. Goalkeepers Nixon and Smith again mentioned in Despatches for their weather proof commitment to the art. David Wilson scored a superb equaliser for Whites with just a few minutes left. As the seconds ebbed away Referee Richards penalised David Partington for running and this was Black’s third transgression. Could White’s win it ‘the death’. The very last kick of the morning saw Wingrove shoot wide, and that was that.

  • – – – – – – – – – –
  • A magnificent effort from the players over the two hours and thank for making the job of standing in the rain with a whistle for all that time almost exclusively enjoyable. Good to see Stewart White and Colin Fielding back amongst us. Roy Smith now completes the list of fully paid up and signed on players (38 of them) until next August. We may have to consider closing Denton Tuesday’s to new players and steering the more able towards the Nash.


  • – – – – – – – – – – –
    The lower turnout this morning shows  the difficult imponderables your committee face in getting future plans right. Bear with us. Turnout is clearly weather related – understandable as not everyone has a die hard approach towards walking football. To get twenty one people turning out on a day like is noteworthy.

Right …duty done it’s back to slaving over a temperamental   dvd writer and keyboard in an attempt to get this darned d.v.d. boxed off.






Alan Richards writes…

A new record turnout for All Hallows Eve saw the committee men a little flummoxed as to what to do with such high numbers. The weather may have had something to do with it but there is no denying we now require a plan ‘B’ to cope with popularity of our sessions.
It’s a good problem to have, but for now I think we, as a first step will have to CLOSE Denton Tuesday’s to new members. Other changes will be considered and you’ll be kept informed but a BIG THANK YOU for your continued enthusiasm for Denton Walking Football Group. Clearly, we all enjoy this great group and we need to carefully ensure all have adequate access whilst maintaining a sensible number on each pitch.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – –
  • I played in the Over’s game today. My team was losing when I left the field to film and photograph.. Gordon Nixon replaced David Partington and David Wilson Refereed. so ALL the committee men spent less time playing today and their priorities are worthy of note.
  • I can hardly remember the goals but I think Bibs were walking away with it thanks to strikes from Partington – who also had a Geoff Hurst moment when a fierce shot hit the underside of the bar and bounced off the goal line. Brian Stafford hit one as did Ken Dean and maybe A.N.Other I have forgotten. Forgive me please.
  • – – – – – – – – – – – –
    The Lingerer’s game was filmed and the new bibs looked good. Not everything in black and white makes sense it was once said but Trevor Brereton’s strikes were perfectly understandable – an emphatic statement ahead of the player of the year vote. He will be keen to hang on to that trophy but others are staking claims in the Unders AND Overs category this year. Please remember to vote – if you haven’t got a ballot paper yet there’s always next week. Voting closes on 21st. November.
    Some may feel a valid contender in the Over’s group is Joe ‘the Hammer’ Bemrose, who added another for the Blacks again today to maintain his consistent strike rate. It’s not all about goalscoring though as you’ll know. We have good defenders and some excellent passers of the ball too.
  • These awards are just a bit of fun and there are other categories available if you want to give someone your personal accolade.
    Black Lingerers were , I think Four nil winners as  the White team missed two penalties with Wingrove firing wide and Nixon’s spot kick saved by ‘Badger’ Burrows.
  • Bits and bobs of the filming will appear on Facebook soon. Thanks to Dominic and Keith Burrows today for their dvd donations – the disc should be ready by the end of November barring any disasters like a lap top failure or software seizure. One or two more are still available.
  • Thanks to all who attended today, including Jim Thompson, our lone spectator – who maybe deserves an award just for that ! 🙂
  • _________________________________________________


— – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – – –

HALLOWEEN UNDERS Trevor Brereton reports….


It was the first time that Adrian Jones had selected the sides, and it appeared that he had done a fine job, in this “chilling encounter”. Yellows were quick out of the blocks, with some crisp passing, and a couple of half chances. They got their reward when they were awarded a penalty, “witch” was  despatched at the second attempt by Brereton. Blues defence was looking a little “creaky “, and was breached again when Brereton fizzed a shot out of keeper Burrows reach. Brereton just missed out on a third when his low shot came back off the foot of the post. Blues were having good “spells” of possession, and were awarded a pen (3 runs).


The dependable Wingrove stepped up, but saw his powerful shot well saved by Barry Smith. Blues started well in the second half, with Jarvis shooting narrowly wide. Yellows defence was strong however, with Gibbons and Lake a “frightening ” partnership. Midway through the half , the game was effectively over when Bemrose “ghosted” in and finished well. This was turning into a “horror” show for blues, when yellows were awarded a pen ( 3 runs).


This time Brereton’s fierce drive was well saved by Burrows. Brereton immediately made amends when from the resulting goal kick, the “Jeckyl and Hyde” character, controlled the ball and finished well on the half volley. There was still time for a chance of a consolation goal for blues, as they were awarded another penalty. Again Wingrove took responsibility, but saw his low shot well saved by Smith , who kept his clean sheet. The game was hardly a “thriller”, but everyone had a “scream”, well done to the hardworking blues, and the ” fang-tastic” yellows.

Thanks to Alan Graham for refereeing today’s game.

YELLOWS 4- Brereton 3, Bemrose 1, Smith, Cooper, Jones, Lake, Gibbons.

BLUES 0- Wingrove, Ainsworth, Burrows, Johnson, Ward, Harrison, Jarvis


Tuesday October 24th…

Twenty players at King Street this day , divided into four five a side teams , Over and Under 65 (with some exceptions).

5 v 5

As the game kicked off late this morning, both teams looked good going forward. White and Brereton tested plains Barry Smith early on, likewise Bemrose and Ward brought fine saves out of bibs goalie Tony Cravagan. Bibs took the lead with a low shot into the corner from Brereton. This was soon followed with a second for bibs from Hadge Cooper. Bibs were playing the ball around well, with Nixon being the creator of some of their finest moves. Cravagan playing in a rare game for the “unders”, and nursing a sore back pulled off a string of magnificent saves when goals looked nailed on. Bibs looked to kill the game off before half-time, and were unlucky when a Brereton shot came back off the post, then from the same move White’s effort also hit a post. Moments later White got the goal he richly deserved, with a fine finish. In an attempt to even things up in the second half Pete Ward joined the bibs, while Brereton signed on for plains.

Early in the half Brereton had a chance, but was thwarted by his first half team mate Cravagan. When White found himself in space on the right, he made no mistake with a stunning effort past Smith. For bibs Burrows and Fielding tried to rally their troops, which resulted in a late consolation goal for Brereton. A good game with no penalties, no “dirty dirty dirty” challenges, and a stand out performance from gentleman Tony Cravagan. Thanks to our Referee,  Alan Graham.



  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

OVERS : Bibs 4 (Wilson 2, Harrison, Richards) : Plains 7 (Harrison 4, Partington 2, Stafford)
The ‘Overs’ played an entertaining game of miniature goal walking football. Plains storming to a six-nil lead with some excellent precision passes into goal. Four from Harrison, one from Partington and Brian Stafford also got in on  the act. Early doors their finishing was lethal. Half time adjustment saw Terry ‘the taxi’ Harrison switched for Bernard Roddy to try to level things up. Bibs were taken aback when from the restart Partington struck again to make it Seven-nil ! With veritable mountain to climb David Wilson established base camp with his opener. Slowly Bibs began to assert themselves and Harrison – his meter clearly still ticking –    added another before Alan Richards made it 3 – 7 with his left foot – marginally better than his right today ! David Wilson claimed a second goal after another fine move and Richards and Harrison went within a whisker, as did David Wenham at the other end.

  • – – – – – – – –
  • All seemed to enjoy the game and when there are low numbers (or few volunteer goalkeepers) this format is especially useful as a training exercise. It’s hoped the mini goals will be a feature of a possible new session aimed at Over 65’s and beginners – coming soon, subject to committee discussion. DYFC have been approached regarding pitch hire for one hour on a Thursday morning.
  • – – – – – – – – –
    The lively  Lingerer’s game was a high scoring affair by all accounts. although I was occupied elsewhere I understand Trevor Brereton and  ‘Smoking’ Joe Bemrose hit four goals each and Stewart White chipped in with a hat-trick as the men in yellow Bibs beat their plain opponents by eight goals to five. More detail of this morning’s ‘Unders’ game on Pitch 1 may follow.

Either next week or the week after  (depends on weather) the games at King Street will be filmed and brief highlights edited for the ‘end of the year’ dvd. All teams will be ‘bibbed-up’. At that point the dvd of 2017 will be finished , otherwise it will begin to resemble Gone with the Wind and need an intermission for ice-creams !

  • — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    After last weeks game Jeremie Coulon was locked inside the building. Graham did not know he was still inside taking a shower when he locked up. The Police were eventually called and Jeremie was freed ! Let others know if you’re showering please . I’ve been trying to imagine the call handler on one end of the line and a frustrated Frenchman on the other trying to explain his predicament. Hopefully Jeremie saw the funny side sooner, rather than later.
  • Here are today’s teams Overs and Unders – pic: Alan Graham


King Street Denton 17th October.
Pitch 1 “unders”

A report from Trevor Brereton….

After a warm up by Steve Wingrove, teams were selected by ref Alan Graham .Yellow bibs looked the stronger of the two teams, though the plains team boasted the ever reliable Rob Lake and Gordon Nixon. Bibs started well with Wingrove going close on a couple of occasions. When plains were awarded a pen (3runs), they had the chance to take a shock lead. Jeremie “Eric” Coulon ” twice taken penalty was saved the second time by bibs Barry Smith. Bibs took the lead when Brereton found Wingrove in space, and the Glossop man scored with a well struck shot. Bibs increased their lead with a well taken goal by Brereton. Plains immediately struck back with a goal by Coulon. Bibs took control of the first half with further goals from Wingrove and Brereton. Plains had a chance to reduce the deficit when they were awarded a second pen (3runs), this time Coulons attempt struck the foot of the post. In light of the first half 4-1 scoreline ref Graham tinkered with the teams, Jarvis going on the bibs team, and Brereton on the plains for an undisclosed fee. The change had an immediate impact as Brereton reduced the deficit to 2-4. Moments later Coulon finished well, now plains were breathing down bibs necks though not literally except maybe for Jeremie. Jones had a chance to equalise for plains, but shot narrowly wide. Plains were certainly in the ascendency now, and brought the game level through Brereton. Plains momentum continued as they took the lead for the first time in the match as Brereton completed his hat trick. Bibs must have been rued the decision to take Smith out of the goals in the second half. As the plains superiority continued there was time for plains to seal a dramatic turnaround , as diminutive Droylsden man Brereton scored with the last kick of the game. A classic game of two half’s, and a great comeback by plains, in a game that will be remembered for a good half an hr. Thanks to ref AG for and Stewart White for coordinating this mornings games.

Plains 6 Brereton 4, Coulon 2

Bibs 4 Brereton 2, Wingrove 2

Fourteen lingers stayed for game that was won 4-2 by bibs. The game featured a few unsavoury challenges, much to the displeasure of referee Gordon Nixon, and two goals for Coulon for bibs.



October 17th.  A report from Stewart White….

King Street,Denton
Tuesday 17th October 2017
Pitch 2 “Overs”
Orange Team: Jim (GK), Alan Brodie (1),David Wenham,Ken (1 pen), Bernard Roddy,John (Roy’s mate), David Wilson.
Blue Team: David Partington (2),David Grimbaldeston (1),Brian,
Keith Oldham,Roy Smith (1),Graham Oakley (2).
Referee: Stewart White.
Half Time: Oranges 1 Blues 4
Full Time: Oranges 2 Blues 6
The game started as a 6 v 6 contest but latecomer David Wenham bolstered the Orange ranks as they were already trailing at this early stage.
The Blues were more organised as a unit and had players willing to shoot at every opportunity as exemplified by David Partington’s superb strike midway through the 2nd Half.
It was by no means one-sided and the Oranges carved out some good chances with one strike from Alan Brodie hitting the post.
All in all a pleasant morning at King Street with some good football, some wayward shooting (possibly not helped by the strong wind sweeping across the pitch) but lots of enjoyment.



OVER 65’s….10th October 2017

White Bibs 2 (Oakley, Roddy) :  Plain Shirts 5 (Harrison 4, Richards)
Another bumper turnout with 29 men at King Street on a breezy Autumn morn but nothing mournful about the atmosphere. News of the £500 ‘Community Champions’ grant was greeted with applause.
The Over 65’s played a good first half of 8 v.7 under the supervision of Referee Stewart White.
A hat-trick from non-bibs front man Terry ‘the taxi’ Harrison and another from Alan Richards put their seven man team firmly in the driving seat, belted up with a full tank of gas. Brian Stafford put the icing on Plain’s first-half cake with  a superb strike, that left the ‘keeper groping at fresh air. Reminiscent of his goal  a couple of weeks ago which escaped this reporter’s attention.

Despite Graham Oakley (good to see you again)pulling one back – which probably curtailed the need for half time changes the white Bibs knew they were up against it. But walking football is a funny old game. This one was a classic ‘game of two halves’.

For despite the efforts of former petrol tanker driver David Partington the Bibs found their way back into the game and shared possession. Another goal had to come and it was Bernard Roddy – Strider of the week who got it ! In fact that was the only goal of the second half so it’s fair to say Bibs won it one-nil.

Energetic performances from Alan Brodie and David’s Wilson and Wenham got them on the right track. David Moore also excelled with yet another , Gribaldeston always looking for the incisive pass on the counter attack for Plains. Good goalkeeping by Jim Thompson saw Bibs thwarted on more than one occasion, and in the midfiels Brian Stafford worked hard to try to get his team going again.
I understand the Under’s (with some senior exceptions, including Bill Lancashire) fought out a 3 – 3 draw.

The Lingerer’s game attracted fourteen players on a pitch that was just a little too small. Played in great spirit though it finished 4 – 2. I saw two goals from Trevor Brereton, including a penalty. Barry Smith opened the account for White Bibs and I think Stewart White must have got in on the act. David Wilson scored but I’m not sure who got the other one. I did get a few pics of variable quality some will appear on flickr or Facebook.
The writer is taking a break and will see you towards the end of the month. Stewart White, Gordon Nixon and David’s Wilson and Partington have the gear you need and will answer any questions. Co-Treasurer Graham (in the DYFC Office) will take your subs and keep  a record – thank you.


Denton 3rd October Trevor Brereton reporting…. on the “Unders”

BIBS 3 (Brereton 2, Lancashire) :: PLAINS, 3 (Cooper Lake, Jones)

It was 6 v 6 this morning at King Street, with teams expertly selected by referee Alan Graham. With the few of the regular goalscorers missing, and with defences looking strong on both teams, one would have thought goals could be scarce. That certainly wasn’t the case in the first half as Bill Lancashire fired the bibs ahead with a fine finish from an acute angle. Plains were soon level, after a neat finish from Jones. Midway through the half Plains were awarded a penalty, which was stuck away with aplomb by Rob Lake.

Back came the bibs, who levelled with a fine strike for Brereton. Moments later bibs were ahead, when a Brereton effort took a slight deflection- and beat plains goalkeeper Barry Smith. Into the second half, and defences, were on top, as Fielding and Lake for Plains nullified the threat from Johnson and Brereton. For Bibs, Nixon was steady, Burrows was solid, and Gibbons wasn’t going ape. Chances were minimal, until a rare defensive Bibs lapse let in Cooper to bring the sides level again. In the closing minutes neither team could muster a clear cut chance, so it ended a draw, a fair result. Thanks to Alan Graham for Refereeing.


The ‘Under’s’ – September 26th 2017

King St 26th September – Trevor Brereton reporting:

Twelve “Unders” played out a tight game this morning , in the warm September air. Greens looked a strong team team, with Chelsea fans Wingrove and Lake, specialist ‘keeper Barry Smith, and the highly technical Stewart White. Plains were soon under the cosh, when after 3 runs in the first five minutes, they went behind to a Wingrove penalty.

Plains steadied the ship, as Gibbons and Fielding limited the greens to long range efforts . Plains had a chance to equalise, with a pen, but Brereton blazed over. Plains were also limited to shots from distance, most of which came from Brereton, those on target produced some fine saves from Smith, leaving the plains striker feeling ‘Heaven knows I’m miserable now’. Green’s were given the opportunity to increase their lead from the penalty spot, but Wingrove had his shot well saved. Into the second half , and clear cut chances were scarce, plains man Johnson, and greens White going closest. With just four minutes remaining Plains scored a deserved equaliser, when a long range effort from Brereton, took a slight deflection off Lake, and found the corner of the net. With 3 minutes remaining,  Plains ‘keeper Ward vacated his “D”, Wingrove buried the resulting spot-kick. On balance maybe a draw would have been a fair result, but congratulations to the Greens. Thanks to Alan Graham for refereeing today’s game.

Greens 2 : (Wingrove 2 pens) Plains 1 : Brereton


September 26th. 2017

Twenty four Striders assembled under promising skies. Peter Ward returned to the fold and paid his signing on fee cheerfully. He also retrieved another fiver I’d droped on the pitch – cheers Pete.

Overs: Bibs 0 Plains 7 (Harrison 4, Lancashire, Cravagan, Williams)
Over’s Bibs had one of those days. Conceding seven goals including four from Terry Harrison in a blistering performance from the Haughton Green cabbie. With additions from Bill Lancashire, Tony Cravagan from distance and a belter from John Williams the Bibs were well beaten but if they’d converted one of FOUR penalties awarded for opposition running it would he been a more close run affair. To be fair two were saved by Bernard Roddy – on a hot streak and displaying a lovely touch. Bernard is in the frame to do an interview for walkingfootballdotcom very soon. It finished seven nil despite half time re-configurations when Hadge Cooper changed sides.
The Unders , half resplendent in new, badged green bibs seemed to having a high old time on Pitch 1 but I rely on others for the details. Meanwhile this was the personnel..Steve  goes for an off the shoulder look as those new green bibs look nicely badged up…. (thanks Keith – need to talk about another order soon)

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Lingerer’s Bibs 3 (Fielding, Brodie, White) Lingerer’s Plains 1 (Brereton)
  • – – – – –
    Fourteen ‘Lingerer’s’ played out a spirited game under a warming sun. Shots rained in, especially from Plains but many were wayward. Yellows, approaching with perhaps a little more finesse carved out an impressive lead. With goals from Colin Fielding bursting through at walking pace, Alan Brodie well positioned on the edge of the ‘D’ and Stewart White with a spectacular finish from ten yards out it looked like game over . Three nil it stayed for a while but Trevor Brereton fashioned out a chance for himself and finished well near the end to claw back some Plain pride.
    Tireless performances from Wingrove and David Wilson out on the flank who chased (legally)down everything that went his way , but luck just eluded him today.
    Well Referee’d by Alan Graham just one or two ‘accidents’ in contact with Hadge Cooper and John Williams feeling the effects of challenges that really shouldn’t be made. Let’s be a little more careful out there.
    The best result of the day came when I got home but more of that later as we are driving out to North Wales for a few days.

More pics and good news when I get a glass in my hand and  my feet under t’table in our rural retreat.

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Trevor Brereton reporting on the ‘Unders’ September 19th 2017

Denton 19th September


Good game this morning with plenty of goals, shared between two equally matched teams. Plains started well, and we’re unlucky when a twice taken penalty by Partington struck the post. The same post was hit again soon after with a curling shot from Brereton . Capitalising on plains bad luck, bibs took the lead with a fine effort from Bemrose. Plains soon replied with a well taken goal by Alan (Prime of Miss Jean) Brodie. Chances were created at both ends, but it was the bibs was the who took control of the game with two Steve Wingrove goals- one a penalty. Early in the second half Wingrove struck again , with the goal of the game, a sweet strike from distance, into the top corner. Plains had a mountain to climb to get anything out of this game. Midway through the half they were awarded a penalty, Brereton went for power, and beat Smith. For plains the effervescent White was sensing a comeback, and fed Brereton , who narrowed the deficit to one. With time running out plains were given a chance for a most unlikely equaliser, when they were awarded a spot kick. Again Brereton opted for power rather than precision, and fired past Smith. In a game were chances and possession were shared, a draw seemed a fair result. As always thanks to Alan Graham for reffing this game.

Bibs 4, Wingrove 3, Bemrose

Plains 4 Brereton 3, Brodie.

Meanwhile on the Overs pitch , Referee’d by David Wilson – the team selection was a little optimistic and it soon became clear that the Thompson -Cravagan – Lancaster -Richards – Roddy – Axis was going to struggle against the allies superior in number with Grimbaldeston – Smith R – Oldham – Wenham – Williams -Stafford combining to rack up  a three-nil lead by half time…two goals from David Grim including a penalty, and an earlier finish from Wenham meant it was 3-0 at half time.  Despite switching Brian Stafford to plains from  Bibs the second half saw little better from the plain men. Stafford went down heavily and seemed to hurt his heavily strapped wrist ( broken at Hyde, remember – hope all is okay Brian)…Roy Smith increased the Bibs lead. Despite Lancaster netting a consolation effort , and an energetic display from Cravagan, the Plains were well beaten. Richards was slow off the mark all morning and couldn’t even beat his  camera’s  self-timer for the end of game photo…..he’s not sure what the others excuses were as several seemed ill prepared for a photographic capture.

The Lingerer’s game was a low key affair but there were plenty of goals. I really think the Bibs won by the odd goal in eleven.Jim Thompson retired early with a stiffening knee – hope all is well Jim. On the pitch  Wingrove, Bemrose & Jarvis did much of the damage for Bibs.

In response David ‘Pogba’ Wilson. fresh from  a delightful Turkish holiday had chances to fill those new boots with goals….I think he got one but a couple of one on one duals with yours truly as the United man advanced on goal went ‘My Way’ , to be Frank.

Brereton rifled home a penalty leaving the ‘keeper  with no chance.

Shortbread biscuits in the brew room were a  highlight of the morning, and enjoyed by several.





“The ‘match report’ page has been archived and the site will now carry more concise reports and occasional photographs from  internal games at King Street.  After almost eighteen months, I just felt the current format was getting a little tired. We’ll still carry photographs from time to time and news of goalscoring feats but comment less on individual performances. If anyone wants to submit reports going forward or even just highlight your own, or others personal achievements in these games just email them to me if you want them published here.  The situation will be kept under review….. cheers…Ed

New nets ! I think most of us were delighted to run up on Tuesday and find that DYFC had replaced those ‘holey’ nets with new ones. £50 each I’m told. Graham told me within hours of them going up some younger kids were climbing on them – I hope they last, they are a huge improvement. Incidentally the new welded frames are easier to move single handed.  I took one set about forty yards yesterday, admittedly, I was blowing a bit.

Tuesday’s turn out….12th.September 2017