Denton Thursday


We have lowered the age limit for female players because the concept of women’s walking football is not appealing to too many locals aged fifty plus. The male age limit will remain at 65 under normal circumstances. We have had request from much younger people to take part but sadly can not offer such  an accommodation at this time.  The Committee agreed some time ago that Walking Football in our group has to be centred on age related qualification first and foremost.


David Wilson’s latest write up….16/8/18

Thursday Blues 0 Thursday Reds 3 (Caldwell, Oldham, Richards)

Weather not looking good at all as 10 players turned up today. A  5 v 5 followed, and wwe decided to play with the small net but different than normal with one defender nominated to be inside the ‘D’ who could  come out but could not handle the ball inside the D.  It will be automatically  a penalty if handled.  You could  change the person in the D at anytime during the game. Myself and Tony Cravagan  refereed half a game each.  I took  the first half . Some great football from both sides and the passing was brilliant.  Both sides had some great shots on goal.  Alan Richards handled the ball inside the ‘D’ for the Reds so there was a penalty awarded to the Blues. Tony Cravagan took it but missed , with the ball going well wide of an unguarded net from the halfway line. Just before half time Mick Caldwell scored a great goal for the Reds to make it one nil.

  • – – – – –
  • After half time both teams still played some good football everybody was still happy with the format we were playing both sides had lots of shots on goal especially Karen and Joe Bemrose.  Then the Reds were awarded a penalty when David Moore handled inside the ‘D’. Richards took the kick and narrowly missed.  Shortly afterwards  Keith Oldham scored a great goal  making it 2 nil to the Reds.  The Blues heads did not drop, they would not give up at all, still coming forward but very unlucky on goal. Then Richards found space took a shot and scored a great goal making it 3 nil to Reds. All in all a great day at Denton everybody really enjoying a mornings day of football.

*already had favourable comments on that format of the game – ideal for 5 v.5 or similar numbers. – Ed.



Thursday regulars who have all signed on for 2018/19….

Russell Martin, Tony Berry, Dave Cooper, Keith Oldham, Frank Matthews, Eric Thomas,Joe Bemrose, Dave Wilson, Tony Cravagan , John Gaskin, Steve Tomlinson, Brian Stafford, David Wenham, …..David Moore today (16/8/18)

THE WILSON REPORT – Denton Thursday 9/8/18 *edited*

Blues 2 (Oldham 2, ) Reds 4 (Caldwell 3, Berry)

Referee Wilson explains some of the finer points of ‘proper’ walking football

Today’s report Thursday 9th August:
2018 10am. at Denton, 12 turned up well come back Eric Thomas six-a-side me and Tony explained that we are going to try playing the normal game that we play on Tuesday’s larger nets they all agreed which we did it was due to some of the Thursday lads that are in team that are playing in the Summer festival have never played with big nets and can not go into the ‘D’ and can shoot anywhere outside the D and can also pass back to the goalkeeper at any time I explained it to them and they were very happy to try it. Reds v Blues, most of the Thursday team played in Red Tony Cravagan went in goals for Reds and Alan Richards went in goals for Blues and I refereed the game.

From the kick off both teams played well. Some great football with excellent passing. Eric Thomas was fantastic in midfield, especially playing along side Tony Berry and Dave Cooper.

You could tell Eric (back after a few weeks absence) had missed playing the game. The Reds took the lead scored by Tony Berry. Some of the lads that had not played this way before looked very promising especially Berry in defence and Dave Cooper. Even Karen Bemrose, watched by her injured husband Joe,  had a brilliant game today. Just before half time the Reds scored another goal, scored by Mike Caldwell, which was a great one making it 2 nil to Reds at half-time.

Caldwell and Berry did the damage

As the second half got underway the Blues soon scored a great goal which was scored by Keith Oldham which is one of my Thursday Team. So, 2 – 1 to the Reds. Some more great football from both sides Karen had a great chance which Alan in goals for the Blues nearly let a shot go in from Karen very unlucky she was, then the Blues scored anther goal scored once again  Mike Caldwell making it 3- 1 to the Reds some great passing no bad challenges just good football then another goal scored for the Blues  by Keith Oldham making it 3 2 to the Reds. There followed some bad defending from the Blues to let that man Caldwell in again (‘keeper cruelly exposed ! – Ed.) to score his hattrick making it 4 – 2 to the Reds. A great game all round and  we asked if they preferred this game or the one with the small nets, all liked this one great day at Denton.

(Editors note: We need to offer something different on a Thursday – otherwise it just becomes an extension of Tuesday. Keep experimenting with formats and there’s no need to go hard and fast on just one so long as everyone is enjoying it. Consider bigger D’s with small goals and score ONLY OUTSIDE the ‘D’ with limited access for defenders, maybe nominate 2. Goalkeepers are not always easy to find for the larger goal game and power shooting will put some off – although we didn’t see much of that today) Thanks to Tony Cravagan and David Wilson for their help with today’s session – which was notable for the amount of laughter !


  • David Wilson reports on today’s game 2/8/18…
Another good turn out 15 players 7 v 8 Blues versus Reds  one new player Martin Heath come today and  I took the warm up.  Some great football from both sides the new player Heath showed he had played this game before but he said he never played walking football at all.  Some nice touches from him to other players.   The Blues went one up before half time scored by John Gaskin, just after the goal Joe Bemrose went down injured.  Hadge Cooper had turned up to watch so we asked him if he would like to play due to Joe’s injury he was happy to make the numbers up.
– – – – –
Half time and it was still one nil to Blues, after half time some more great football from both teams.  New man Martin Heath went close as did  Keith Oldham.  Heath  really enjoyed himself due it being is first time but Blues went further ahead  due to an unfortunate own goal from Ken Dean. Still some good football from both sides no bad football at all, the Blues gave away a penalty due to three runs : David Wilson took it and hit the post.  All in all a great morning of brilliant walking football from both sides. Thursdays are getting to be very popular which is great for everyone involved.
Blues 2 (Gaskin ,  Dean o.g.)
Reds 0
Edited + for the record Alan Richards Refereed the game – Ed.

Here are some photo’s from today. A day when Martyn Heath, Keith Oldham and Frank Matthews signed on for 2018/19 joining other Thursday men Dave Cooper , Russell Martin & Tony Berry plus Dave Wilson , Tony Cravagan and John Gaskin…. all of August to sign up so no hurry. 🙂

August 2nd. Thursday line ups
Martyn Heath
John Woodcock







26th.July 2018 and David Wilson reports from King Street…

A great turn out today of 19 players I refereed first half the Tony Cravagan did the second on a long pitch 9-a-side and  everybody was happy with the teams selected. 9 Blues and 9 Reds some great football from both sides brilliant passing no running at all one contact, we had a water break half way in the first half then just before half time that man again Keith Oldham score a great goal half time Blues 1 Reds 0 we talked at half time we were all in agreement that there can not be more than three players in the D at one time, another great half of football with some brilliant passing once again. Just before full time the Reds equalized making it one all which we all said a great result, every one really enjoyed the game.

(David Cooper signed on for 2018-2019)  Thanks David for the report. Referees don’t pay to play so we owe you and Tony £1 each. Well done and thanks for taking the session to everyone’s enjoyment.

19th.July 2018….

A Bakers dozen at King Street today with  a few familiar faces missing. Red were six. Seven in the Blue team but this was not apparent as Reds looked superior. Roy Smith,  a Thursday newcomer took  a while to adjust to walking but he and Cravagan plus Caldwell made for good attacking intent. Blues packed their defence but  Keith Oldham bagged a fine brace to put them two up and in the driving seat in a game of thirds (heat) . Another relative newcomer John Woodcock found himself defending for Blues.  John Gaskin reduced the arrears with  a  smartly taken finish. Right at the end a third run (only four runs today in all) led to  a last gasp penalty. With  a chance to equalise the game Steve Tomlinson’s  long distance pass into an empty goal struck the right hand post. (not easy to convert) Final Score Six Reds 2 : Seven Blues 1.  Well done all.

Reds 2 (Oldham, 2)  Blues 1 (Gaskin)


IMPORTANT NOTE: Tony Berry and John Gaskin paid £5.00 each signing on fee today. If you did too please remind me – there may have been one more I did not record.  – let me know a.s.a.p. Sign on fees due in August (they help pay for ongoing insurance costs). Ed.



Reds 2 (Wilson, Stafford)  Blues 1 (Oldham)

July 12th…2018 and David Wilson’s recollections of another close encounter…..

I guess that’s why they call them the Blues –  pic:Alan Richards

Another great turn out once again fifteen,  A 7 V 8 Blues V Reds with brand new tops, the  weather was not too great but still,   some great football played from both sides the Blues took an early lead in the first half scored by Keith Oldham.  Then the Reds were awarded (handball)  a penalty which David Wilson took and missed. But near the end of the first half  Wilson got on the score sheet making it one each at half time. When some photo’s were taken…

We did not change the sides round as everybody was happy , second half the Blues were awarded a penalty (handball) which Joe Bemrose took and missed !  Still both teams were playing some great Football some brilliant passing: then from out of nowhere the Reds scored a second goal through Brian Stafford making it 2-1 to the Reds.  Near the end of the game the Reds got a second penalty (three runs) which Brian Stafford took and missed the Reds come out the winners 2-1 fantastic morning’s walking football played in great spirit by all.

Brian Stafford – winning goal

Ref’s note: No contact offences penalised and very little running made this an enjoyable game to officiate. Everyone played their part in an enjoyable morning of walking football.  Even me. 🙂

…send them victorious…pic: Alan Richards




July 5th – and David Wilson reports on a memorable  encounter at King Street…

15 lads plus Karen making it 16 today 8 aside Tony refereed,  but stilled played.  Good even sides we saw the return of Brian Stafford, Kazakhstan Blues  v.  Yellows some great football from both sides first half the Blues took the lead from a fine goal by Mike Caldwell, Frank played really well for the Blues he did not just kick the ball he look for someone to pass to he did not just stand in the box he played out a lot he as come on a long way from starting playing at Denton,  half time 1-0 to Blues, we also had two water breaks in-between.  Second half still an even game then the Yellows scored by the one and only Karen Bemrose assisted by Keith Oldham,  all in all a great game this morning  and everybody enjoyed  themselves.

Kazakhstan Blues 1 ( Mike Caldwell )
Yellows 1 (Karen Bemrose)
We played with the little nets and bigger D  Which was great.  (thanks David…Tony too.
New bibs next week !!  – and welcome back Brian …Ed.)

Note: The  £5 donated to Lottie’s Little Legs’ by Eric was handed over to David Fielding (Lottie’s Grandad)  today at King Street. He was very appreciative “thanks Eric”.

June 28th. 2018


Pic: Alan Richards
Oranges and Blues featured in an 8 v 8 in strong warm sunshine today. The King Street pitch was hastily re-configured.
Blues set about building a barricade in their goal with Bev Kirkbride and Frank Matthews both magnificent in repelling all Orange chances to score until Karen Bemrose put her team ahead.
– – – – – –
We had two ‘half times’ in the heat. Dave Wilson missed a penalty for Orange after Bev had handled the ball in her ‘D’.
Russell Martin’s back heel almost doubled the Orange lead but they had to wait for mobile Mike Caldwell to score their second.
Blues needed to press forward with more invention and Eric Thomas began to provide it, helped by David Wenham and John Gaskin, who pulled a goal back. John then missed a penalty which could have brought the teams level (3 runs). Solid performances from everyone. David Wilson scored the decisive goal for Orange and Blues knew there was no way back.
Eric goes into hospital soon and will be missing for a while. We all wish him well – and thanks for the fiver donation to Lottie’s Little Legs’
Yours truly Refereed.
Full-time Orange 3 Kazakhstan Blues 1

June 21st. –

Twelve Thursday regulars turned up today. First time we’d seen Eric Thomas in  a while. Mike Caldwell took the warm up and selected the teams. A majority wanted the novelty ‘points’ game where both larger and small goals are utilised.
Yours truly Refereed. The ‘Score’ ended  Fifteen points to Seven in favour of the team wearing white bibs.
Keith Oldham was particularly effective and Eric Thomas hit the ground walking. Bev Kirkbride scored a rare goal – or two points in the small goals.
Well done all.

News from King Street of the June 14th. session – Stewart White reports…

Denton Thursday @ King Street
14th June 2018

Blues 13 Oranges 12
(scorer’s goals in brackets)

Blues: Oranges:
Steve Tomlinson (2) Dave Wilson (4)
Tony Cravagan (4) Joe Bemrose (4)
Keith Oldham (5) Frank Matthews
Karen Bemrose Dave Cooper
Tony Berry Mike Caldwell(2)
Russ Martin (2) Referee White (2)

The weather wasn’t as kind as of late and the swirling wind across the pitch, on occasions, made it difficult to control the ball.
However, this didn’t deter this fine band of determined players in their quest to produce a feast of goals.

Today’s game had an amended format of a strike in the mini nets counting for 2 goals / 1 goal for a strike in the larger nets with no ingress into the “D” allowed other than for dead ball retrieval.

This produced a free flowing game of football with everyone seeing their fair share of the ball.

Tony Cravagan’s intelligent play and Russ Martin’s shooting accuracy produced 5 goals in the opening period for the Blues.
Mike Caldwell, Joe Bemrose and David Wilson replied for the Oranges to make it 5-5 at half time.
Frank Matthews and Dave Cooper put in steady performances for the Oranges and Tony Berry with Steve Tomlinson gave sterling displays in the Blues’ midfield.

The second half provided even more goals and Blues Keith Oldham really capitalised on some good positional play to score 5 goals aided by Karen Bemrose’s intelligent running off the ball.
Dave Wilson, Joe Bemrose, Mike Caldwell and Referee White all added to the Oranges’ scoreline but goals from Steve Tomlinson, Tony Cravagan and Keith Oldham’s late strike sealed it for the Blues to edge home the winners.

Apologies to the players for reporting the score incorrectly at the end of play but a later reference to my notes quite clearly shows the final score as Blues 13 Oranges 12.
Well done to everyone for a very enjoyable game.


The session on June 14th. will be taken by Stewart White.  The following week (21st.)  there will be a charity game on the  other pitch. ‘The Longest game on the Longest Day  for Lottie’s Little Legs’ appeal so the car park and the pitch area will be much busier than usual.


June 7th…More sunshine and a nine goal thriller !

It was a six versus five thriller at Denton today, for most of the game anyway.
Six Yellows faced five Greens. Keith Oldham back heeled on to a post for Yellows early doors and started very well. It was Karen Bemrose who levelled Mike Caldwell’s opener for Greens.
Joe Bemrose put the ball in his own goal after being pressurised and the game went from one end to the other
Both teams had chances but Greens had them by the truck load. No end of gilt edged opportunities were spurned by a variety of players.

  • – – – – – –
    Karen Bemrose went on to score a hat-trick in the game and Steve Tomlinson scored a fine penalty from the halfway line. (three Green runs)
    At 4-1 to Yellows Referee Richards joined the Green team. Mike Caldwell pulled one back and then Russell Martin set up a grandstand finish with two chances quickly converted into goals.
    It finished 5 – 4 to Yellows and a fine time was had by all. Tony Berry looks a much slimmer man than the one who first turned up at King Street about three months ago. A remarkable transformation he says he has ‘lost’ forty nine pounds with gym work backing up his walking football efforts. All the players have improved greatly and the increasing fitness is a pleasure to behold. Good to see John Race back after his calf problem.

May 24th..


A dozen walking footballers and one Referee at King Street.  Back to a mini-goal format and a really impressive display from all the players, especially the Black team and Steve Tomlinson deserves special mention. He hardly put a foot wrong.

Steve Tomlinson – impressive

An exemplary penalty put his team  further ahead after Karen Bemrose had opened their account. John Gaskin pulled one back before half time but after the break Les Gillan went close for Black’s and Keith Oldham went closer ! Adding two goals to seal the win. David Wilson missed a penalty with the last kick of the game. All players were really impressive this morning.  It was a good sight to see such improvement in passing and fitness levels. Well done all.

Todays teams

May 17th…

Denton Thursday 17th May 2018

Stewart White reports from King Street….

Black Bibs: 1
Dave Wilson (1 pen), Dave Cooper, Bev Kirkbride, Keith Oldham

White Bibs: 3
Steve Tomlinson (1),  Frank Matthews, Les Gillan, Tony Berry (2)

A lovely sunny day at King Street with 8 players taking the opportunity to shine.
No small goals today so the rules were amended and this produced a lively, entertaining game.
Everyone soon adapted to not entering the “D” and only scoring with a “hit” on the cone placed in the centre of the large goal.

This was a game of 3 “halves” to allow some respite from the very warm weather and Tony in particular was affected with his eyes streaming. White Bibs played with a compact shape and found the “net” 3 times through Tony “Aguero” Berry (2) and Steve Tomlinson (1).

Black Bibs never let their heads drop and played some decent football with several attempts on goal. Black bibbed Dave Wilson scored a late consolation goal from the penalty spot following ingress by Whites into the “D”.

Both sides produced good touches, passes and flowing football and it was a pleasure to referee with virtually no running nor physical contact.
Well done everyone!


May 10th.2018


WHITE BIBS 1 (Gaskin pen) BLACK BIBS 3 (Wilson 2, Walker)
A breezy day saw me struggling to get the banner up at Denton today.
First to arrive was David Wilson (thanks for the printing jobs Dave). We’d expected numbers to drop a little on last week with some hardy regulars otherwise engaged. We welcomed Julie Walker back from holiday in Spain.

  • – – – – – – – – – – –
    Warm up done and teams selected the game got off to a brisk start.
    David Wilson was again on target early doors, then hit another one to establish black supremacy. When Julie Walker added a third it was time to consider changing the teams. As Referee I let the game continue. This was not a trouncing but a fairly even game and we all have to take a defeat on the chin now and again.
  • Frank Matthews

    Frank Matthews must be singled out for praise as he is improving every week – a Rugby man, Frank’s started watching football on telly to pick up tips!
    On the other team Beverley Kirkbride also had a good game and is really getting to grips with passing and blocking the ball.

  • Bev and Russell

    Berry, Oldham  and Cooper tried to get the White’s back in it but it fell to John Gaskin to reduce the deficit with a penalty (3 runs Wilson/Wilson/Cravagan) from the halfway spot into an unguarded goal. A superb ‘straight down the middle’ kick of which Bing Crosby would have been proud !
    H-T 3-1 to Black’s.
    Wilson and Cravagan were again pulled for running after the break . David in particular escaped a blue card simply because it’s Thursday ! Blacks had the majority of the play but White’s were still in the hunt.
    The last kick of the game another penalty after three more Black runs Julie Walker made it a second half trio. This time Gaskin couldn’t apply the same steerage to his kick as it veered ever so slightly wide.

  • A good game , no goals in the second half so that was vindication for not changing the teams early doors. No White running offences all morning – well done.
  • Blacks: Wenham / Walker/ Cravagan /Wilson/Matthews/Martin
    Whites: Oldham / Kirkbride / Cooper D / Berry / Gillan / Gaskin – see photo below.
  • Pic:Alan Richards



When Thursday Comes…May 3rd. 2018

We had to lengthen then pitch at half time today. We live and learn, 8 v. 9 in the first half blacks versus whites. Some good chances fell to the whites as Eric Thomas put the ball over the small goals, Joe Bemrose did the same.  For blacks, Tony Berrie came closest.  The half remained deadlocked: there is video <here>

The teams were evened out in the second half as yours truly abandoned the camers and donned a black bib.  Our team took the lead when Russell Martin put the ball into the net smartly.  Whites were awarded a penalty for a third black run !  Joe Bemrose placed the ball four metres wide from the halfway line – an unguarded mini-goal awaited his kick. Just before the end Bemrose J atoned with  a good team goal and the game ended honours even. Deservedly so.

More video to follow – so watch this space.  If you haven’t heard we have been awarded £600 by ‘Action Together’ for new equipment.  Another set of goals is on the agenda because we will soon need to go to two pitches !  Well done all…enjoy the film which concludes <here>

Thanks to Stewart White for Refereeing.

Denton Thursday – April 26th 2018


Last weeks sunshine forgotten…writes Alan Richards…

Stewart White and myself shared the Refereeing duties today as another bumper turnout of Eighteen saw us move to three quarters of the bigger pitch at King Street.
Black and White, ebony and ivory with the only Race present sustaining a calf injury and having to leave the field in the second half. Treatment with a deep freeze spray may have helped but John was hurting and will need to rest that calf for a few weeks.

John Race – calf problem

The teams were deadlocked in a good humoured first half. No goals to report. Scoring within the ‘D’ was difficult, it seemed.

  • – – – – – – – –

Terry Harrison turned up to have a gander and was impressed by the numbers.  Our group is certainly  prospering as today clearly demonstrated once again.

  • – – – – – – – –
  • The second half saw Stewart White testing his fitness ahead of a Manchester Corinthian’s date in Fleetwood tomorrow. As I took up the whistle and quickly pulled a couple of white bibs for running, they were walking a tightrope. Russell Martin – slightly against the run of play put White’s ahead in accomplished style.

    Russell Martin – matchwinner !
  • Black’s were playing the better football but could not breach white defences which Eric Thomas was marshalling well.
  • – – – – – – – – – – –
    The game was played fairly and in good humour though but a third run gave Mike Caldwell the chance to equalise with virtually the last kick of the match ! Into an unguarded goal from the half way line – a long way today – Mike chose to shoot rather than pass and the kick went well wide.
    So , a White win – not that it mattered. Everyone seemed to enjoy the bigger pitch. Female players Bev Kirkbride and Karen Bemrose were always involved and  are clearly improving as they go, as are so many of our regular male players too.
  • We might well video next weeks game  – suggested by Karen Bemrose.
  • Bev and Tony – team mates today
    Keith and Karen

  • Frank

  • __________________________

Thoughts go to John Race – take care of that injury and we’ll see you back when you’re ready.

There will be photographs later – including one of match-winner Russell Martin,so check back on this page.






April 19th…2018

King Street bathed in warm sunshine? Surely not.

Why aye man…at long last.  A stop start start, as new players turned up.  I’d stripped Bob of his walking football innards, in [reparation for a quick getaway to the edge of the Berwyn Mountains (Wales).  So back home for sign on forms.

Steve Tomlinson – “ready for Tuesdays”

Warm up underway as I returned courtesy of Stewart White. Alan Graham had also put in an appearance. Teams selected your truly donned a black bib and proceeded to play poorly for the most part but with one or two flashes of modest talent.

John Race

The Black team was underpinned with Eric Thomas in industrious mode at the back. Up front Wilson, Karen Bemrose and Cooper were almost permanent features. Whites twin threat of Caldwell and Bemrose J. had a plethora of chances and managed to convert two of them into goals.  New men John Race (no relative of Roy, I asked)..and Steve Tomlinson…supported by nearly new man Gillan  (Les, sorry if I’ve got that wrong). The new Adidas Rosario ball was being stroked about nicely by both teams (sometimes) John Gaskin moving Blacks forward and the indomitable Frank Matthews – white bibbed-  often on hand to repel boarders. We were all warned that the warmth might catch up with us so ‘take it easy’ was the cry. Tony Berry left the pitch for a few minutes but came back looking lively. Everyone else played their part but it would be folly to mention each and every but Karen Bemrose was in the right place at the right time to pull one back for Blacks.

Thanks to Stewart White for his Refereeing, calmly and efficiently. Please let’s not question Ref’s decisions. This is a bit of fun for all of us – not discounting our volunteer Ref.

Final Score. Blacks 1 (Karen Bemrose) :2 Whites (Caldwell, Joe Bemrose)



Clocking on for a demanding shift….BLACK 1  (Oldham) – WHITE 2. (Wilson 2, 1 pen.)

Alan Richards reports

Thirteen on a Thursday, an alliterative gift  which one  can’t easily spurn.

We gathered by the new Jim Thompson ‘Memorial Clock’ in rare sunshine for a photo and paused to reflect.
The game was 7 v. 6 yours truly refereed. Blacks worked hard to overcome the numerical disadvantage. None more so than a seemingly tireless  Lawrie O’Toole who put in a committed shift, knee heavily strapped.
Blacks took the lead with a good finish from Oldham.  A name synonymous with Denton for many years. Oldham’s Batteries were perhaps  the towns premier employer for several decades.  Appropriate then that an Oldham should score the  inaugural ‘Clock End’ goal !  Full of walking today was Keith,  whilst using the ball intelligently.

But White’s fought back.  Eric Thomas the architect lying deep, for the most part. Joe Bemrose another, more advanced and  nursing his knee but  finding some commendable passes with his trusty left foot. The eager Wilson darting here and there,  usually within a few yards of the opposing goal.  Gaskin, ever ready to receive a pass .It was Wilson who drew the scores level and the game then turned into a closely ‘fought’ encounter. Russell Martin in white, eager to contribute,  and always in the thick of it covering every crumb of the rubber based 3g.
Canny Cravagan – who suits a black bib, Charlton-esque (not sure which one yet, maybe Tommy)  pivotal for Black’s and aided by a solid Frank Matthews, with a lively, aptly named Julie Walker up front, a thorn in the side of White’s (especially Joe). Karen Bemrose in support trying to capitalise on ghosting into the ‘D’ while nobody’s looking.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – –

Only two or three instances of minor contact, and the first half running count was low (Wilson one Blacks nil) but as the second half under a warming sun drained the  legs of some, and the end drew nigh, O’Toole – still with energy to burn –  transgressed , as had Cravagan twice earlier and a penalty was awarded.

Ebony and Ivory – feel a song coming on ?

Drama. Up stepped leading man Wilson. Full of confidence  and with a certain swagger about him today. From the halfway line into an unguarded goal a supremely confident  kick which tracked ‘straight down the middle’ unerringly, towards the ‘Clock End’, straight as an arrow to clinch white supremacy 2-1.

  • – – – – – —
  • Well done all. I missed my brew because in all honesty it took me five minutes, struggling on my Jack Jones  to get the clock’s backing panel off the fence!  Back to the drawing board – I shall sling those hooks and find some new, more functional ones. All agreed it’s a welcome addition and a great tribute – and so big you can see it from the furthest corners of our King Street ground – always the intention.
  • More words than normal today as I’m feeling  loquacious – it might be the sunshine (or the beer)  and the fact I later got my fence posts concreted in somewhat successfully. See you next week. Working on  a banner to  enhance  future photographs.
  • Teams:
    Black: Matthews / Cravagan/ Bemrose K/ Walker/ O’Toole/ Oldham
    White: Bemrose J/ Wilson / Martin/ Kirkbride/ Thomas/ Berry / Gaskin
zooming in on the clock – half time shot



Denton Walking Football Group logo with Badger motif courtesy of Keith Burrows:

A gift for Karen from Keith

DENTON THURSDAY 1  ( Walker) DENTON THURSDAY 2 (Oldham, Bemrose K)

Even with some notable absentees we still had a healthy turnout of thirteen players at King Street this morning.

Pic: Alan Richards

Newcomer John Woodcock and Dave Cooper joined in with the group and seemed to enjoy it.
Once the warm up was done we set about a 7 v. 6 game that was keenly contested in the best sense of the word.

Tony Berry and Dave Cooper

Only two running offences (Richards Refereed) in the first half and none I recall in the second half when Keith Burrows took charge of the old British Railways ‘Acme Thunderer’. Contact was virtually non-existent.But this was not a tame game . Everyone was moving and ball was being sprayed about the pitch.
Julie Walker opened the scoring for Bibs, a poachers goal as she turned in an effort from a teammate. An impressive Keith Oldham equalised for Plains who had slight numerical advantage. Some tricky play from Eric Thomas and Tony Berry is regaining his touch of old.
Russell Martin industrious as ever and the improving Frank Matthews were busy for Plains as was David Moore – who picked up a hamstring injury…hope it soon heals. John Woodcock has obviously played the game in his youth.

John Woodcock

The deadlock at 1 – 1 maintained until deep into the second half . Karen Bemrose, always lurking near the Bibs goal just failed to cotton on to a fine long ball from Richards but minutes later she was in just the right place to score the winning goal as Oldham (I think) laid on another glorious chance.
The result was not important though as everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
Another good morning. We may well have to go to the bigger pitch before long.


new balls please – size 4

March 22nd. 2018…

6 v. 6 Refereed by David Partington today and a 4- 2 win for the Plain shirts over Yellow Bibs.

We welcomed newcomer Beverley Kirkbride and it was a pleasure to meet Tony Berry for the first time.  Some really good passing once again and really relaxed, but purposeful  feel about the game.  David Wilson is one of the early goalscorers I can recall.  Bibs led 2-0 and Referee Partington changed the teams a little with Bev K donning  a bib. Eric Thompson played well for the Plains alongside O’Toole and Martin and they pulled the score back to 2-2 by half time. Karen Bemrose was on target for Plains as they started to ease ahead. Cravagan was bossing the Bibs defence with timely interceptions but all over the pitch there was effort and movement. Julie Walker for instance who was changing wins and offering an outball for her team mates. Frank Matthews and Tony Berry were also contributing to the cause and Berry scored another of Plains goals. An own goal from Keith Oldham put them further in front I can’t remember the rest of the scorers but it doesn’t matter.  Look at the photo, we all had a good time.

A special word for Jim Thompson’s Wife Jackie who came to see us and donate a very generous cheque to Striders funds, and to give the group a copy of the order of service for Jim’s funeral which took place last week. Another memento in his memory.   More on this in due course.

Well done today, I enjoyed it as much as anybody and thanks to David Partington for Refereeing and to  Joe Bemrose for your support .

Thanks on Thursday to Jackie Thompson for coming out to see us



Media man Cravagan reports…

Denton Thursday 15 March 2018 Tony Cravagan reports:
Venue – King St Stadium
Plains – Partington,Brooke’s,Berry,O’Toole,Mathews.
Bibs – Cravagan,Martin,Thomas,Gaskin,Walker.
Warm and Referee – Stuart White.
Attendance – 2 seagulls and a magpie.

All players shone on this grey morning, a magnificent 10.
An interesting experiment was the introduction of the smaller size 3 football. Initially strange but as the game progressed it resulted in some excellent passing and ball control.

Even at half time 1-1 with goals from Partington and Martin.

Second half pressure from the Plains resulted in two breakaway goals one from Brooke’s and a pick of the bunch debut goal from Berry !
Not deterred was queen of King St, Julie Walker, who was unfortunate not to be on the score sheet.

Result – Plains 3 Bibs 1

Great game concluding it may be worth trying out a size 4 ball.

Thanks to all


8/3/18  No ball  for Wilson’s hat -trick but he did take one today….

Ten of us this day on wet, snowy Thursday in Denton. These sessions are sustaining themselves, numerically and financially now.
Stewart White Refereed (thanks Stewart) and some very satisfying walking football ensued.
With a potential new player watching from the sidelines we set about our game and David Wilson – in a very advanced position at times – claimed a first half hat trick in a Yellow bib. (speaking of which we appear to be a couple of them light so if you took yours home please bring it back next week). David later took  a full blooded ball in his nether regions and he went down in some pain. A mixed day for our committee man.

Teams today Thursday 8/3/18 Pic: Alan Richards
Joe and Karen Bemrose

It was 3-2 at half-time with Plain ‘s trailing. They soon set about turning things around. Goals were shared around the team. Some really good movement  and passing as they overhauled the Bib’s and went into a 7-3 lead.

A foul in the Plain’s ‘D’ led to a penalty for Bib’s though- from the halfway point into an unguarded goal supremely confident Keith Burrows struck the ball unerringly into the small goal.

Thanks to all who turned up.

Bibs: Bemrose K, Martin, Burrows, Wilson, Matthews

Plains: Stafford  Bemrose J , Richards, Oldham, Walker



This is the report on today’s match. I think I have got this right, Dave asked me to write it….

Karen Bemrose reports…
It was a brisk, dry morning in Denton, the session was taken by Dave Partington, due to Alan playing in Burnley. There were 8 players, 4 bibs and 4 non bibs playing with the injured Joe Bemrose supporting his wife Karen.
It was a very one sided game in the first half with the non bibs leading 3 goals to nil. goals from Dave Partington, the new lady Julie Walker and Lawrie O’Toole.
There was a change to the teams at half time where Dave Partington changed to the bibs and Frank changed to the non bibs.
– – – – – – – – –
At the start of the second half the game changed, the bibs were attacking non stop, leading to a goal from David Wilson to make it 3-1, then Karen Bemrose scored to make it 3-2, Dave Partington levelled to make it 3-3, then Brian Stafford scored to make it 4-3 to the non bibs. The game was hotting up, the bibs were hoping for another goal to at least equalise. Dave Wilson trying to pass it to Karen Bemrose who was in the “D” to score but Brian Stafford was always in the way defending well. Lawrie O’Toole had a few falls ( Take care of your knee).
Eventually David Wilson scored to level the game 4-4 with 3 minutes to go, both sides wanted to score to win the game, Dave Partington passed the ball to Karen Bemrose as she was getting into the “D” to score, she actually scored it to make it 5-4 to the bibs.
With one minute to go, a long pass from Keith to Karen to certainly score, nobody was on her, just knock it into the net, she missed a sitter 2 feet away from the goal, the miss of the century, she couldn’t believe it. She won’t live that down for some time. (we have all done that and the century is still young Karen – Ed.)
A few new players didn’t turn up and were missed especially the two ladies, Margaret and Myra.
A good game by all and a thank you to Dave Partington for refereeing the game.
See you all next week.
ps. I am sorry if I got some of the goal scorers wrong, you can tell me off next week, haha.
(Sounds like a good game and a good time – thanks David)
I hope this is all okay Alan, I hope it makes sense.

Denton Thursday is back this week!  22/2/18 with David Partington *please note* THAT session will now be the last of the free to play offer, no matter how many times you have played with us…thanks.

 I’ll be at Burnley F.C. where we are playing their Community WF team (see  you on the 1st.March) (Ed.)

PLEASE NOTE:ALL *FREE* WALKING FOOTBALL ENDS with February  – £2 per player from 1/3/18


February 8th.. Benign weather and two new faces…

An encouraging turnout of eleven today plus myself who tried to Referee and to play simultaneously – jack of both trades master of neither.  A good friendly game and the warm up which preceded it was peppered with laughter. Good to hear. We do not take ourselves too seriously at Denton Thursday and hopefully it will remain ever slightly more light hearted than some walking football we know. (and love actually). Four ladies with newcomer Julie WALKER joning in with Myra, Margaret and our only ever present lady , Karen. Also linking up with us for the first time was Frank Matthews from Stalybridge. Good to have you onboard and on side. Julie scored a goa on her debut and the team in yellow bibs were the better side. The game ended 4 – 1 but the score was soon forgotten as we enjoyed a brew together afterwards.

Next week it’s hoped that Stewart will take the session (assuming he is over the ‘flu’) as yours truly is away at Heywood with the competitive team of Over 65 men. As the ‘Persimmon’ money is exhausted now, it’s the last *free* session no matter how many times you have been. From the 22nd. February we have to ask everyone for £2.00 please. Not bad with  a brew thrown in. This figure will be reviewed by the committee at the next meeting and discussed with all the regular players at the end of February (Tuesday) meetings. (more on those later)

I will be missing the next two Thursday’s as the Striders  have a friendly match at Burnley F.C. Community trust, Turf Moor on the 22nd.  David Partington will be there to greet you all (and take your money I’m afraid).

When the weather improves I can see twenty players turning up at King Street on Thursdays. We might need another set of goal posts or adapt some others we have. When numbers increase to sixteen or more we can use the bigger pitch lay out or ultimately go to two pitches.

If any regular Thursday player wants to attend an F.A. Emergency first aid course at our expense and become a regular first aider at our sessions please let me, or a committee member know.

Committee: Stewart White (get well soon) / David Wilson /David Partington / Graham Brown (Co-Treasurer) Gordon Nixon (Chairman)

Here’s a pic of today’s teams …

Pic: Alan Richards





The surface at King Street looked distinctly uninviting when I arrived this morning.
I set to, clearing the lines and after a quick word with Graham Brown we decided it was playable so long as people were sensible. Indeed they were – eminently sensible.

Clearing the lines
Groundstaff battled to get the game on
Karen Bemrose

Eight players for a four-a-side romp on something that looked like ice, but wasn’t. 3 – 3 was the final score so another honourable draw. The ladies were heavily involved with some good play from Margaret and Karen.            All the men gave it their all and a good workout ensued.
Slowly the 3g merged from underneath white stuff and traction was not a problem – no slip ups and nobody on the deck from what I remember, as Referee.

I congratulate everyone for turning up on a morning like that. I’ve just taken a ‘phone call from a ‘Julie’ in Denton who saw the poster in Morrisons and wants to come next week.
Let’s hope she does.

‘snow problem

January 25th…

DENTON THURSDAY – sweet sixteen finish all square…


Margaret & Myra

Some better weather saw a good turnout of sixteen players today! Well Refereed by Stewart White. A leisurely more relaxed game than  we see on Tuesday’s, but still  a decent work out.  Everyone was involved and we made sure of that. 3-3 at half time it finished 4-4. More importantly I think everyone had a good time. Welcome to new man Steve Rourke who has played at the Etihad complex.  Lawrie O’Toole was back,  his thigh has recovered from a strain. We were joined by two more ladies.

Steve Rourke

Margaret and Myra both  got stuck in and played some good passes.  Karen continued her improvement. Stewart reported a bit of dissent , swearing and people questioning his decisions.  This is a light-hearted  session guys so let’s not be silly about contesting decision.

Encouraging progress then. Soon we may need to go to another pitch which means more mini-goals (I’m going to look for a sponsor or some money from somewhere as quality ones are not cheap.  See you next week, let’s keep it going. Thanks to Stewart for Refereeing, and who even changed Margaret’s wheel for her after the game !  Hope the rest of the morning wasn’t as flat for you as your tyre Margaret.

two went half-time walkabout


Eight turned out today – January 18th. the weather was uninspiring and we had a couple of players who had made their apologies.  Yours truly Referee’d, and we had a good game (after all 4 v. 4 is like five-a-side when you don’t have goalkeepers) Dave Partington added to the mix of regulars with Stewart White on the opposing side there was some good football from the two playmakers. David Wilson & Joe Bemrose took the lions share of goals scored, Joe converting a penalty from the half way line with aplomb.  Brian Stafford and Russell Martin both worked hard for the cause.  Keith Oldham very mobile in an Orange bib. Karen Bemrose is becoming more mobile and dispossessed a couple of players with clean challenges at exactly the right moment, followed by good use of the ball. Alan Graham watched from the touchline and Mike Caldwell arrived with ten minutes to go. No photo today – largely because I forgot ! Some better weather would assist our Thursday turnout but I’d personally like to thank all of those who have 100% attendance and are now paying for the privilege. Russ, Karen, Joe, and Keith. Thank you. I hope the game today was worth two quid 🙂  – See you next week?



Compared to some of the weather we have played in lately, tomorrow (18th) looks relatively benign….however….

Yours truly wont be playing due to an injury flare up and Tony Cravagan is unlikely to be there after missing Tuesday with illness. Lawrie O’Toole may also be considered doubtful with his thigh strain.  Hopefully numbers will still hold up. We only need ten for a decent game of mini-goal score in the ‘D’ walking football so hopefully, with a call going out to committee members we can get  a game on. See you there with all the gear we need.


**we are lowering the age limit for women players to encourage more to try the game with us*

…this on a trial basis so let’s see how it goes…any woman over 35 – ish is welcome to play for free for now


Thursday 11th. January 2018 – steady growth…


new man…Eric Thomas

A growing number like it on a Thursday.  A  vague hint of a brighter morning greeted fourteen players for a mini-goal game.  We warmed up and off we went. Another new  face and a familiar old one swelled the numbers.

Three nil up at half time the plain jackets & shirts inspired by new man Eric Thomas, and Oldham, Bemrose J, and Caldwell providing the goal threat. Second half it was a different story. Lawrence O’Toole went off with  a thigh strain (get better soon but don’t rush it Lawrie) The bibs began to claw back the deficit with Terry Harrison on the mark. David Wilson added a second.  Plains hit back but the result didn’t matter it was a good game and good exercise. For some, this was the final *FREE* week (£2 next time please)  but let’s keep the growing momentum going. We might soon need a bigger pitch or even two of them ! If you are a Tuesday regular hovering around sixty five years of age get down on ~~Thursday’s you will be welcome.  If you do it quickly you will get four weeks in  *FREE* – ends on 8/2/18. Join this happy, smiling throng…

Wilson Thomas Cravagan Oldham Harrison Caldwell Cooper (crouching) O’Toole Bemrose J Bemrose K Martin Williams Stafford pic. Alan Richards



pic: Alan Richards

There shall be NO Goalkeepers.

Score ONLY within the ‘D’.  Any player can enter the ‘D’

Obviously no contact and no running.


RULE ADDITIONS. 1.  No ‘own’ goals can be scored from outside the ‘D’.

2. Penalties :all players behind the ball. Kicker attempts to find the empty net

from the halfway line, or roughly halfway down the pitch or thirty steps whichever is the nearer’ No step restriction in this form of penalty kick. If the kick strikes the frame of goal and rebounds into play it should be treated as a ‘dead ball’ and played out into play from the ‘D’ by a defender. No attacking players in the ‘D’ while he does it.

Other rules may be made up as we go along 🙂



Thursday 4/1/18  –

We are seeing a nucleus of players turning out on Thursday. stalwarts of old and new faces too.
Today we were joined by Lawrie O’Toole who soon settled in and showed some good touches and a willing work rate. He looked a bit tired at the end but most of us were.

Like Arnie ‘he will be back’.
A five v. five that saw a win for Plains by the narrowest of margins. One-nil the goal coming from Russell Martin. They defended well after that and rode their luck to deny the Orangemen + woman an equaliser. Tony Cravagan marshalling his men so well. Mike Caldwell led the orange charge and was in the thick of it often.

Lawrie O’Toole – he’ll be back !

The game was marred near the end when David Wilson went down with a calf injury, limping away from the field.  Hope recovery is swift David.

Richards took to the sidelines to even up numbers. Martin had a goal disallowed near the end and Orange hit an aluminium post.

A good workout for all, thanks to Stewart White for Refereeing and to Alan Graham for stopping by to watch. We will have clarification on some rules for this form of mini-goal no goalkeeper game in the next few days.




After our initial *FREE* session got underway last week with eight players, we had a 50% increase in the rain at King Street today. A tough game and a good workout  too, as  Yellow bibs won 4-0 with goals from Harrison, K Bemrose, Caldwell and Stafford. Try as they might Plains could not get on target within that ‘D’. Good to see increased attendance , we may need a bigger pitch soon.



I LOVE this…and it’s going to get better …good idea to leave the camera rolling <boysandgirlscomeouttoplay>

SCORING FOR FUN ! – more video from mixed-gender King Street <here>


One of our stalwart players Bill Lancashire anticipates and promotes the new session on a local community website <here>



News of our planned Thursday sessions – 10-00am at King Street First four sessions FREE of charge, based on an individuals attendance. Aimed at  OVER 65 MEN WOMEN 50 PLUS THESE TRIAL SESSIONS WILL RUN UNTIL END OF FEBRUARY

(probably longer but by then a charge of £2 per player will kick in for the hour long session)

Walking Football in nearby Denton is thriving with Tameside Striders about to start a new session. On Thursday mornings at Ten ‘O Clock for an hour.
Aimed at Over 65 year old men and Women over 50, and beginners, no football ability or experience is necessary. It’s hoped the Thursday session can build upon our successes on Tuesdays where numbers have risen to levels that now need to be controlled. 

— – – – – – – – – – –

The rules are tailored to make these games ‘player friendly’. A non-contact game is the aim and there are other modifications to remove the ‘power’ element that some younger groups are currently faced with. Nobody has to act as goalkeeper, dealing with hard shots and diving to the ground . We will  play with mini-goals. There is no heading of the ball , no tackling, and the whole idea of the game is to pass the ball and move into space, pass the ball and move into space.
The exercise element can be as demanding as you want it to be, and if you’ve not been particularly active of late don’t worry. It’s quite stimulating and you can always take time out if you need it. There are social benefits too. We share a brew after the games and there’s usually a chat about all kinds of things, not just football, or even walking football. Remember, the two games are VERY different.
You could be a part of a team working towards a common ‘goal’ and when you score your first one you’ll never forget it ! Even better news, your first four sessions are completely FREE.

— – – – – – – – – – –

If you decide to become a regular the charge for an hour of Walking Football will be £2 for this one hour Thursday session. Which includes a cup of tea, or coffee afterwards.
What a great way to walk into the New Year.
All newcomers fill in a basic health questionnaire before they start , and of course, playing with the Striders as in any sport is undertaken at ones own risk. So dust off your trainers (NO studded BOOTS) and get in touch.

current over 65 players are of course welcome and can take advantage of the ‘FREE to play plan’, remember though that this will be the mini goal game and Refereeing will be strict around contact and WALKING