Platt Lane plans

3:1:20…It’s more than likely I will consider organising a friendly, internal SPRING FESTIVAL at PLATT LANE once the F.P.L. has finished. More than likely on a Friday again… and will suggest this to our committee.  Unless someone else wants to organise something sooner – feel free to pick up the baton – Ed.

Big thanks Alan, what a great day, football, pie-n-pint, great Company. What more could you ask for.   Gordon Nixon D.W.F.G. Group Chairman….

…maybe our Chairman playing with us again, hope it’s not too long. – AR

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<video> Oldmen Pathetic v. C.F. Farcelona

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although I’ve just heard from Joe Bemrose that he lost his way and couldn’t find the venue – which is a real shame.  Apart from that setback…

…to say everything went well would be an understatement.
Just one player didn’t show up and now we know why! How frustrated Joe must have been..Two or three more had apologised for their absence.

We still had three teams. Two with eight players and one with seven. Half met at the Fletchers Arms and car shared, others made their way direct.
The venue was very well lit, not as dark and dingey (din-gee?) as I’d seen it on my last visit. Perfect for our purpose.
We laid down our own lines. Some used the changing rooms, others stripped off tracksuits before joining the ‘fray’ such as it was. Team photo’s done and Referee’s recorded we set about playing the games.  All well contested but not fiercely so, as we’d expect with this group.
A few goals too.  I think we had a nil-nil, a three-two and a two one.  The goals themselves were quite large and it was possible to get the ball into the net with an overheight shot. This happened just once however.  All the goalkeepers coped well with the increased area they were charged to defend.  There were options for different goalposts but the majority wanted to stick with the ones  we used.
Legs Miserable in yellow bibs,, Oldmen Pathetic blue  and C.F. Farcelona in red took to the pitch for two half hour games each.

Tony and Brian…our Referees today
the ‘Dome’

I’d like to place on record thanks for the efforts of our two Referees, Brian Coll and Tony Cravagan, the latter who also  played for about forty five minutes too.
Keith Oldham won the plaudit of ‘Platt Lane Player of the Day’ chosen by D.W.F.G. Chairman Gordon Nixon.  Deservedly so with at least two goals and a fine performance.
As the games were being played the rain was coming down and playing indoors was vindicated, if indeed  vindication was needed. As the games reached an end the heavens truly opened and the sound of the rain hitting the roof was quite remarkable. Captured on video, like much of the action – thanks to Gordon Nixon and Tony Cravagan for their help in this regard.
Personally speaking a change is as good as a rest. Playing in these different surroundings was intended as such and an end of year bonus paid for from a healthy D.W.F.G. bank account. I think to man, we all enjoyed the experience.  I even managed to get one and a half games in myself and feel okay.  It was good to see Garry Pearce playing for  change, and top of industrious performances with  a good goal the camera might not have captured. (Will check).
The venues, as expressed, was superb. As temperatures had risen  a little it was even too cold in there. The pitch was tailored to our requirements.  We will return there I think to play an indoor festival sometime in 2020 , along the lines of what we did at Denton this year. As it’s indoors the rain won’t threaten its success, or our enjoyment.
That’s in the future. The present brought  a day with a difference. A day when it was impossible not to impact attendance elsewhere but with an eight v. eight it seems our Ashton element had a good turnout too.  This Platt Lane game was initially intended as a D.W.F.G. Thursday v. Tuesday Over 65’s affair but it soon became clear many more wanted to play indoors.
The staff at the venue were welcoming and appreciative of our presence.  £80 for two hours was reasonable but they’ll need to negotiate with us if we’re going to return for more than an isolated one off occasion.  That’s in the future and 2020 will bring other things to look forward to for this group.
We had a pleasant couple of hours in the Fletcher’s Arms.  A rare chance for deeper conversation than we usually can enjoy as a group.  There’s more to this group than walking football. Most had lunch. I managed to put away four pints of the local brew and had a kip when I got home !  If you were there I hope you enoyed the day, I know I did.
More photos later, and video eventually. Thanks all.

For the record I think this is correct:

Legs Miserables 0  Oldmen Pathetic 0

Oldmen Pathetic 3  C.F. Farcelona  2

CF Farcelona  2    Legs Miserables  1

I know for sure that Colin Fielding tucked away two penalty kicks very smartly. Other goalscorers aside from Keith Oldham who bagged a brace (award will be presented at the Golf Club) and I think Steve Wingrove and Martyn Heath scored too.  Garry Parce as mentioned and maybe Pete Dixon but I’m really unsure at this stage. Fill me in below please….all feedback welcomed:





10-00 arrive in dribs and drab (rain forecast) and get changed.

10-30 enter the dome with balls – pitch and light familiarisation select goalpost preference.

10-40 bib up: Pathetic :Blue  Farcelona: Red Miserables: Yellow

10-45 warm up

10-50 kick off  LEGS MISERABLES V. OLDMEN PATHETIC 25 min game (B.Coll Referee)

11-15 breather

11. 20 OLDMEN PATHETIC  V.  C.F. FARCELONA  25 min game (T Cravagan Referee)

11.45 breather

11.50 C.F. FARCELONA  V.  LEGS MISERABLES 25 min game (B Coll Referee)

12.15 GORDON NIXON  presents the Platt Lane plaudit  ‘player of the day ‘ trophy.

12.20 get dressed and travel  to the Fletcher Arms Denton for lunch…hopefully.

We should have tea & coffee making facilities  in the dome if required – thanks to Tony Cravagan


A ghostly apparition manifests in south west Denton….

what can it be ?

Answer: it’s another boost  for the  Miserable Legs..Richards is fit !

“not sure we’ll kneed him” said Manager Cravagan , “and he can leave his long johns at home too ! “


This game is fast approaching.  Friday December 6th….Make your own way to Platt Lane where there is ample car parking for 10-00am., or meet at the Fletchers for 9-15am. and a group convoy in cars will motor to Manchester , maybe we can leave a couple of vehicles at the pub.  I was in there last week for a lunch and the carvery offers good choices for about eight quid. The beer isn’t bad either and there’s lots of choices there too. They are expecting about twenty of us  in the first room on the right as you enter, and we may exceed that slightly.  Please, if you have no intention of joining us for lunch- or at least a drink –  let Alan know and he can offer a place to someone else.  Likewise if you’re not in one of the teams but want to travel with us or rendezvous at the Fletchers about 1-15pm. that’s great.  Steve Rourke is keen to play and as such is first reserve.  I’m sure we can get him some game time somehow.  Mike Caldwell has been searching his kit cellars for some shirts for Legs Miserables F.C. .  I am told they’ll be wearing blue.  All other teams  will be in bibs.  It’s easier that way for the legions of laundry staff.

Here’s the story so far if you’ve not been keeping up !

So we arranged an indoor game at Platt Lane – the Manchester University complex that used to be occupied by Manchester County F.A. and was formerly Manchester City F.C.’s training ground when they played at nearby Maine Road. We hired the ‘Dome’ on Friday 6th. December for two hours from 10-30am.  Due to its popularity  we will probably play three eight a side matches with players from our own pool of ‘talent’.  Initially meant to be a Thursday v. Tuesday friendly game the numbers for that don’t stack up as this idea has proven very popular.  If you don’t get to play this time we may well be doing it again soon, as the pitch rental fee is not outlandish.


The idea is that after the games we will all return to the Fletcher’s Arms in Denton for lunch ( or just  a drink) as there is a reasonably priced carvery.  A side room has been reserved. All players are asked  to commit to this please as the socialising side is as important as playing together.  All players, part of the games are not,  are very welcome to join us at the Fletchers from about  1-15pm.

The games themselves should  be light-hearted in the traditions of our groups. Three teams managed by David Wilson (with Tony Cravagan) , David Partington and Colin Fielding. Because of numbers we’ll play either in bibs or large shirts to wear over your own kit – (the Dome is not heated and it could be chilly in there) not quite decided yet. So bring football  shirts, shorts and socks of your own please. More details to come. Team names, players etc.  Watch this space please.



Squad: Denis Cudahy – Peter Collins – Hadge Cooper – Garry Pearce  – Tony Cravagan

Mike Caldwell  –  Steve Rourke   – A.N. Other –   Alan Richards.

(select 8 from nine to start: regular rolling substitute every ten minutes ensures everyone outfield gets 85 % game time)

*David Wilson has had to withdraw after a recent health setback but he’ll soon be up and about and back at our sessions we’re sure.


OLDMEN PATHETIC – Party’s people….

The Pathetic’s squad:  David Partington  –  Rob Lake   –  Martyn Heath

Steve Wingrove  –  Lawrie O’Toole  –  David Wenham  –  Peter Dixon  –  John Kenyon

(select 8 from nine to start: regular rolling substitute every ten minutes ensures everyone outfield  gets 85 % game time)


 C.F. FARCELONA  Fielding’s squad named…


Mike Kieran  — David Gibbons  —  Peter Quinn — Colin Fielding  — Steve Tomlinson

Keith Oldham  —  Jimmy Stewart  — Steve Stafford  — Joe Bemrose


(select 8 from nine to start: regular rolling substitute every ten minutes ensures everyone outfield gets 85 % game time)