Sec’s Reports 2018



Bullet points from today’s committee meeting.
Where Chairman Gordon Nixon, Secretary/Co-Treasurer  Alan Richards, David Partington, David Wilson and Colin Fielding convened at 12-15 in the Tameside Stadium Grandstand.

  • – – – –
    Unfamiliar opposition will be sought for a friendly match in July to celebrate the laying of our new pitch.
    It’s thought this will be held on a Thursday AFTER the regular Thursday session. Enquiries ongoing from the Secretary but players need to put their names forward via the website. We need a squad of ten maximum for up to a seven-a-side game, and already have five names. Players do not need to be competitive regulars to volunteer for this game but there will be a cut off point so please apply soon.
  •  – – – –
    The ‘SUMMER 19’Festival will take place in mid to later August. It will involve two pitches back at King Street this year with a small goal format. No goalkeepers but one nominated defender can enter the ‘D’ but not use his hands. Four or five a side teams will consist of mixed ability players and those who consider themselves not quite as skilful as others will be carefully placed. David Wilson was keen to stress the need for this and the committee understood his point. This is the way we were thinking anyway. The emphasis will be on FUN and ENJOYMENT but there will be trophies and medals for the winners on Festival day. Again we seek names and as Gordon Nixon said we cannot plan much unless we get these names. Entry will cost no more than a regular session and the festival will be held on either a Tuesday OR Thursday not decided yet. Again apply via the website news page please – via the feedback box supplied. We will be looking to provide a buffet after the festival and volunteers (beyond the usual suspects) will be sought to make and bring refreshments/sandwiches/cake etc. Money to cover costs will be made available to those willing to do so.
  • – – – – – –
    The Over 65’s campaign at Heywood draws to a close on the 13th. June. Stewart White has withdrawn from the final day but has donated his £5 fee to group funds. Peter Jarvis is injured and has missed two rounds now , Pete has donated the £10 he has paid to the group funds. Alan Richards has not played a single game yet and has donated £15 to the funds. It’s not known if Alan will play on the 13th. However he told the meeting that this Spring League will probably  be the last he is involved with at Heywood. If we continue to field a team at Over 65 level we will appoint a GMWFL Event Player Manager / Secretary if necessary,  who can deal with league matters and team selections.
    ( not discussed at the meeting but there may well be some current Nash Amblers older than 65 now, who may wish to join us.)
  • – – – – –
    The Over 70 campaign concludes a week later on the 20th. June and our involvement looks set to continue into the Autumn under the leadership of Colin Fielding – to be confirmed.
    No decision has yet been made about the future of the Fair Play League although this was discussed briefly. The Secretary explained that we need to make some changes if it’s to go ahead from late September as before, and the delegation of duties was briefly touched upon.
  • – – – – – – –
    Tomorrow (4th. June) should be a D.W.F.G.’s final day at Curzon . I await confirmation tomorrow about THIS coming Thursday 6th. June.
    The meeting concluded in a Grandstand finish at 13.00.



First meeting today was the annual winter get together for the Over 67’s after their game at King Street. There was no need to open the classroom opposite and about a dozen gathered in the dressing room ‘brew-space’ a few were ‘lingering’ on the pitch and attended an hour later instead.
Secretary Alan Richards painted a continued healthy financial picture, considering the group have spent around three thousand pounds on pitch fees, computer equipment and a defibrillator since the A.G.M. last August. We have also topped up our £500 Duchy of Lancaster grant for our hoodies to the tune of almost £400.
The rest of the year sees at least two large purchases in insurance premiums and website hosting costs. The meeting agreed both should be secured from funds.
Two teams have been entered into the Heywood GMWFL at a cost of £286 and this has come not from funds but from the players involved, as explained to the meeting.
It was also accepted that any late call ups to the Over 65 to cover player shortage would not require payment from those called upon to help us out. Both meeting freely accepted this concession.

  • – – – – –
    The Secretary/Co-Treasurer explained that other committee members see photocopies of the monthly bank statement and there are regular deposits. £**** has been deposited into our account since the A.G.M last August.  Current funds hover around £****
    The same facts were presented to the later meeting, attended by a similar number of players . All seemed happy and there were no dissenting voices on the upcoming purchases, or other plans detailed above.
  • +++
    The Secretary concluded that we could well be in a position to provide individual players with more group attire before the end of the year.
    – – – – –
    Regarding the F.A. revised laws and our own version ‘Manchester County F.A.’ laws which have been serving us well.
    Two of the revised laws were put to each meeting.
    First scenario. A goalkeeper pushes a shot over head height. The ball falls behind him and rolls into the empty net. Goal or No goal ?
    Our rules state GOAL. FA Revision says NO goal – reasoning that any over head height ball is immediately deemed ‘dead’.
    A healthy discussion followed in both meetings. In the first , a second vote resulted in a UNANIMOUS eleven vote decision to adopt the F.A. ‘no goal’ rule.
    Oddly (cue twilight zone music) the second meeting UNANIMOUSLY rejected it.. GOAL camed the cry – to  a man in favour of keeping our current rule. As there were twelve people in the second meeting this decision carries for the group as a whole by just one vote. Reasoning – goals are hard to come by AND there is no danger from an over-height ball as only the Goalkeeper is in he ‘D’ area.
    Players for Heywood were reminded to check their new rules and familiarise themselves with them before the competition starts.
    – – –
    The other F.A. law debated was a six second time limit on goalkeepers to rid themselves of the ball and complicated back pass restrictions on who could and who could not play a back pass to the goalkeeper. Both meetings rejected the F.A. law overwhelmingly. We stay as we are and our Referees use their discretion if they see anything untoward in delaying tactics or running down the clock with timewasting tactics and a failure to progress the play.
    The second meeting concluded after that decision was taken.
  • Earlier, under any other business,  the first meting heard a proposal from David Wenham that if any player is absent for several weeks an effort should be made to establish contact and enquire as to their welfare. Described as a ‘pastoral’ role.
    The Secretary explained that not all prolonged absences require an enquiry. Some players do let us know if they are not attending, although they are in  a minority. He went on to say that though he has contact details for all players he cannot lightly hand these out to others. He offered David Wenham a chance to see if the meeting thought the creation of such a ‘welfare related’ role should be put to the meeting. He declined , and the mood of the meeting did not seem receptive to the idea.
  • +++
    The Secretary went on to add ‘we are a walking football group’ and ‘I’m not a social worker’ adding there may well  be exceptions where the welfare of some absentees is investigated – especially regular, longer standing players. The Chairman and Committee members all supported the Secretary’s stance on this. David Wenham’s concern for absent colleagues is understood . However the onus is on them if they want us to know the reasons they are staying away. If there is some serious health reason perhaps their families would let us know if they deemed it important to do so. If this is the case I’m not sure families or individuals would welcome what they may view as prying from a representative of a group of people they might spend just an hour a week with.
    The matter concluded there.
    The efforts of the Secretary were acknowledged by Tony Cravagan. The Secretary included the Chairman and other committee members when he thanked Tony , and others for their appreciation.
    The first meeting concluded at 11.35am.
    The second meeting concluded at 12-30pm
    Note: Signed on members wanting to know what £**** represents please ask me next week.
  • Alan Richards – Secretary/Co-Treasurer


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Thought some might want to see what the new laptop looks like. It’s an ‘Acer Aspire’ with a huge hard drive memory of 2 terrabytes !

welcome screen
start up



The Secretary has produced an end of year report which can be downloaded. 92mb with photo’s.



A summary of the Committee meeting held last Tuesday at Denton:

Five committee members met in Dressing Room No. 3 at King Street.

Chairman Gordon Nixon – Secretary / Co-Treasurer Alan Richards David Wilson David Partington and Colin Fielding.

The Co-Treasurers report was well received and all agreed that finances are relatively healthy and in good order.

End of Year award categories were decided upon.

Denton Thursday Player of the Year
DWFG Over 65 Player of the Year
DWFG Under 65 Player of the Year
Sportsman of the Year – this time committee nominated

Other awards at Committee discretion.

  • – – – – –

Voting needs to be swiftly executed and the Secretary will organise this as quickly as possible. Trophies held by last years winners will need to be returned by the early days of December please , of course they will retain their smaller , replica style  trophies presented last year.
Gordon Nixon and David Partington have agreed to organise the Christmas Party once again. A joint effort including the Ashton group and Curzon looks the likely venue. Last years ‘doo’ was a tremendous success and will live long in the memory.

  • – – – – – –
    The committee authorised the Secretary to purchase a new laptop and associated software for group affairs after listening to the reasons why we need one. This will of course remain the groups property and assist in our unrivalled coverage of group players activities both internally and externally.
  • – – – – –
    Colin Fielding is to under take a feasibility study around entering a team in next years Over 70’s LEAGUE at Heywood. March to June inclusive.
    The matter of catering after the FPL games at Curzon was raised. It’s felt a dialogue is necessary with Mark Bradshaw around possibilities for providing basic food like pies, or chips in gravy after the games at a very reasonable price.
  • – – – –
    The Meeting closed at 11-50am.


Ahead of the A.G.M. next week here is a rundown of where we are as a group….click to open or download please…