Sec’s Reports

Annual Winter meeting x 2 February 11th. (Thursday still to come)

Two well attended meeting after the games today 11th.February.
Each gathering was given the state of our healthy finances.
We will soon enter the GMWFL League at Over 70’s level at a cost of £176 thanks to all our Referee’s who contributed to this by way of their very modest match fees. Each player involved will pay £5 per Heywood months (March to June) back into the fund and collected by whoever leads the squad that month.

  • – –
    Following on from our generous grant from ‘Ambition for Ageing’ for pitch rental and training equipment the Secretary explained he had applied for a three figure sum to stage a Spring event at a recognised football ground locally.  He had been successful and May 20th. is the day our ‘Tiger Feet’ land at Hyde United’s Ewen Fields for an Over 60;s sweeper/keeper three hour extravagnza. WE may aso be able to offer younger players something too but the detail has yet to be worked out. There is lots of time to plan.
  • – – – –
    The Secretary has also applied for another three figure sum to part finance a quality match ball size 4 and another indoor rental of Platt Lane, although he will survey the pitch at ‘Active Tamesides’ Oxford Park for suitability. We will know if he’s been successful in  a couple of weeks. The offer came in the form of a Facebook message from a team of local councillors who last granted us £150 about eighteen months ago.
  • – – –
    We  discussed the problem of rising numbers, particularly on Thursday’s.  The new ‘beginners’ extension is attracting new faces (5 since Christmas) but these are not total novices, moreover some are half decent players.  This places pressure on pitch overcrowding. Tony Cravagan will keep  a close eye on this and a plan ‘B’ may eventually  be required. Possible number capping. House full notice or  a waiting list.
  • – – – –
    No update on the Queens Award for Voluntary Service nomination was possible as we will not know until April. The meeting was reminded that Bill Lancashire initiated the nomination and had good support from  Bernard Roddy and David Wenham.
  • Any Other Business…
    The latter queried the slightly  later start for the Overs games recently.  The Secretary explained that since summer  2019 we had rented an extra half hour for the pitch and the late start was offset by  a later finish. David was satisfied with the answer.
    No other business for the first meeting.
  • – – – –
    At the end of  the second meeting which went along very similar lines as the first. The only extra thing  we talked about was desirability of ‘proper’ warm up for the ‘Unders’.  An offer from David Partington to put players through their paces at around 11.15am. before the game/s get going was readily accepted.  We will see how this goes but the advantages of a warm up are well documented.
    Both meeting closed with  a  round of applause for the committee’s efforts.

Thanks to all for your attendance on a morning of bleak weather.


Committee meeting January 28th. 2020

Minutes/Report  supplied to signed-on players on request:

email please to




present: G. Nixon  A. Richards  D. Partington T. Cravagan  D. Wilson C. Fielding –


We got through quite a lot. I’ve tried to condense it so it doesn’t read like ‘War and Peace’.

Several topics were given a good airing and some decisions reached.

Bullet points:

The indoor game/s: at Platt Lane will be scheduled for 6th. December and the pitch rental paid for from our funds. Players will meet at the Fletchers Arms before heading out to Fallowfield. Anyone without transport can be offered a lift there and back. We should to fill cars, perhaps leaving a few in the large car park until we return.

The pitch will be booked for two hours and afterwards we will return to the Fletchers for a pre-Christmas social. Those who wish to take part and enjoy a meal at the Fletchers – lunchtime carvery or something else will order their own. We will make a booking to cover the room and a £5 per head deposit will be required by the pub. We need to gather names of the interested very quickly to establish whether this is viable. Players who attend Ashton on Friday will clearly see some conflict with the date but we cannot have the pitch on a Wednesday. Those who play on a Thursday may not wish to play on successive days and if that’s the case just stay at home on the Thursday should you wish to play.

Players will be asked again this coming week, you may already have signalled an intention to play. There will be a board to enter your name. It is – -envisaged the game will be Tuesday Overs v. Thursday regulars with a small mix and match element. If there is enough interest from the ‘Unders’ we will stage two games within the two hour booking at Platt Lane.

– – – –

Awards: This year at Denton we will again have a ‘player of the year’ in the following categories. Over 50. Over 67 and Thursday regulars. Voting forms will be issued in mid November. Sportsman of the Year, and Clubman of the Year (again) will be suspended. The committee will meet to consider two separate awards. Committee Player of 2019 for both Tuesday and Thursday. This will not necessarily reflect walking football ability but will take other factors into account.

– – – – –

Session times: An additional half hour will be booked on Tuesdays at King Street. This is NOT to cater for additional playing time but will allow a window for a longer warm up at ten am. A warm up for the Unders at just gone eleven. The Under’s game must be finished for 12-15pm. so needs to kick off by 11-30 at the very latest, hopefully a little earlier.

Rising numbers: Both days at Denton are seeing increased attendance at the moment. Of course this is not guaranteed to continue and may even fall back a little over the winter.

To manage this situation as now when 24 or more turn up at ten am. (including younger men) we will continue to have two games of conventional walking football.

Fewer than this we will have mini-goals on standby and play an Over 67 game without ‘keepers alongside pitch one. Committee men are going to get there early – as some do already – This means those under 67’s who turn up now and play in goal may be disappointed in these circumstances. Any committee men present will be the first to accommodate the changes and we recognise we must sacrifice our playing time for the good of the group if needs be. When there are two different types of game in progress then after 22 minutes approximately most of the players will be rotated. Please bear with us and be patient if this is the case. We will get back going again in a similar time which you currently enjoy your half time break five minutes or so.


As we are now focussing on smaller sided games where numbers rise the two pitches will be utilised for the second hour. Some lingerers may be needed to make up numbers BUT if the eleven o’clock arrivals want a conventional game on the bigger pitch then they will need to say so – quickly up to a maximum of eight v .eight. The extra time purchased will be sufficient to reconfigure the pitch and get kicked off by 11.20. Repeat that the ‘Unders’ game must finish at 12.15pm.

Nobody is entitled to a second game on Tuesdays and if you get one then that’s fortunate. The will of those who turn up at eleven must be respected.

We do not want to try and fix something that isn’t broken but rising numbers mean we have to try alternatives.

– – – – –

Finances: Are sound and building slowly. We are in a position to pay for the Platt Lane pitch from funds. Up to £100 as a form of Christmas ‘treat’ for any of us who want to play an indoor game in great facilities, and afterwards enjoy a get together at the Fletchers Arms, Denton.

Christmas Function: We have decided that we will not return to The Nash Bar for a third Christmas time get-together but  we thank the Curzon club for the facility which we have enjoyed. . David Partington and Gordon Nixon will look into alternative venues for players and Wives/partners. For either Friday 13th. or 20th. December. They will report back soon. PLAYERS WILL BE ASKED THIS WEEK TO DECLARE INTEREST IN ATTENDING.

Injured Players: Whilst anyone can limp off the pitch and then wave they are ready to come back a minute or two later, those that suffer obvious muscle strains and pulls OR who display a shortage of breath, dizziness or anything potentially more serious will not be allowed to return to the pitch. Sorry all, but we have a duty of care to our players and the boundless enthusiasm you have for the game must not be allowed to override concerns for your health.  This is not a nannying outlook but common sense policy from  all of the committee members present.


20th.August 2019….AGM minutes…

The Annual General Meeting was very well attended and took place after the ‘Summer 19’ festival at King Street, which was judged an enjoyable success.

It was opened by Chairman Gordon Nixon.

The Secretary stated that all the current  management committee had been re-elected unopposed by default. There were indeed NO other nominations so we assume that all are happy with the way the walking football  group is being run.

The Secretary reported the groups sustainable financial situation.  A steady spend (detailed in the report below) but also saving plenty on a weekly basis with the modest surplus our session bring. This amounts to  a considerable amount over time.  Regular payments into our bank branch at Hyde are now a feature of the Secretary’s monthly routine.  The festival itself for instance attracted thirty five players. As our Referees donated their time freely there was a £35.00 surplus after the pitch rental costs had been played.

A cheque for £320 has been sent to the GMWFL to pay the entry for Two Striders teams at Over 65’s and Over 70’s.  We are subsidising the 70’s for now to the tune of a modest £20.

We discussed the use of size four balls which we had recently experimented with.  These were seen as a positive move and a real option for use going forward.  It seems fewer penalties are conceded for three team runs with the size 4 option but perhaps it’s too soon to declare anything definitive. (Two more new size 4’s were purchased for the festival £20 in total)

A question from the floor asked of membership numbers. Sixty players are signed on now for 2019-2020 we have four ‘honorary members’ this coming season now in Garry Pearce, Alan Graham, Keith Burrows, and the latest of these Denis Cudahy who Refereed our festival for us, coming all the way from Horwich to do so.  Thank you Sir.

Gordon Nixon raised the festival organisation and was generous in his praise of the efforts of Secretary Alan Richards.  The meeting  agreed and there was loud applause (thanks guys)  The Secretary said how he enjoyed the organisational side but without the efforts of players and the help of the committee there would be precious little organising to do !

There was little other business to speak of really with all seemingly happy at our continued progress,  and the meeting was closed after just  a few minutes.

Alan Richards



As the A.G.M. approaches on August 20th a brief rundown of events since the last players meeting in February.

You may remember at that meeting that considerable expenditure was reported on boosting our £500 grant from the Duchy of Lancaster  for 50 hoodies,  a Defibrillator. Also  a lap top and associated software which has seen something like 100 videos edited and  uploaded since. The main further cost in terms of time is donated freely by yours truly and amounts to hours, and hours and hours. Good job I enjoy doing it.  Good job I have an understanding spouse. Our  youtube channel tamestriders tv gets modestly encouraging numbers of views. We have far more film online than any other group in the country that I know of.  Approaching three hundred  !

In January, with committee approval  we bought a Pro.Account at to maintain our photograph collection.  A £40 annual purchase which gives unlimited uploads. At the last count we had about 3,500 images on there all of which you are free to download yourselves. Think about this as one day these snaps  may be precious to someone – remember Jim’s photobook ?  If we hadn’t gone ‘pro’ all but one thousand of these images would have disappeared.

Since that February meeting…

Another grant  – £1,000 this time  from the Manchester Guardian Society CharitableTrust was ‘topped up’ to the tune of £350 give or take a pound or two to buy 51 personalised fleece lined rain jackets from Pendle Sports of Ikley,  which were well received by the players.

Eric Thomas has been sighted recently !

We also spent £78 extra  to buy a set of printed and numbered bibs for competition use to comply with the terms of the grant application.  We can apply to the Society again, but not before  March 2021.

Two teams competed at Heywood in the GMWFL. The Over Seventies did quite well after  a brilliant start. The Over 65’s held on to their place in the First Division and it looks like both of these teams will be re-entered from September into the Autumn league. Players self-fund the entrance fee but we may need to subsidise this temporarily until it’s all collected.

Website hosting with  was renewed for three domains with  a contribution from Nash Amblers cash to finance This hosting and the personal accident insurance amount to a considerable sum but the signing  on fee of five pounds goes a long way towards covering these items.

Smaller additions to group equipment range from two cheap umbrellas to a couple of wooden benches collected from Shipley, near  Bradford which have been taped up in group colours and replace the plastic stools, some of  which were becoming a health hazard due to cracking in potentially dangerous areas !

We have purchased five new balls and twenty more flat white markers. Stocks of these are now healthy. Some more first aid items were purchased and we now have TWO kits which I’m pleased to say are very rarely used.

Numbers on Thursday are holding steady at between a dozen to sixteen players. Tuesday has seen the Over 67 split work well with a more balanced attendance across both of the hours.Both sessions return a cash surplus.  All monies are accounted for, all expenditure is receipted and we make regular deposits into the Nat West bank.  More awkward now our Denton Branch has closed. More details at the meeting.

Garry Pearce has been  our most regular Referee, as Alan Graham had a serious health set back in the early Summer but is now on the mend. Alan Richards has been Refereeing more, as has David Wilson , Tony Cravagan and Peter Quinn.  All of whom attended an F.A. Referee’s workshop at Heywood in July.  We are all still learning.  We thanks all of our Ref’s for diverting the very modest single figure fee back into our ‘buffer’ fund which can cover purchases like trophies, buffet items and other more minor expenses.

The new pitch at King Street has been well received, although drainage in heavy rain might cause an issue going forward. A friendly game with Burnley Bees to ‘celebrate’ the new surface was a great success and a splendid sight as two teams – both equipped with our quality kits really looked the part.  A buffet afterwards represented modest expense and was enjoyed by all. Thanks to everyone who contributed food and time to making the food.

David Wilson and Chairman Gordon Nixon continue to assist with the groups printing needs.

All committee men have just been returned unopposed.

To conclude this report the future looks sound enough  for our group.  We continue to attract new players now and again and many  of them endure. Naturally enough we also lose a few familiar faces over time for one reason and another.  Injuries are fairly commonplace, particularly muscle strains and pulls.

We are not ‘on  a mission’ to grow and grow because we don’t have the capacity at Denton.  Ideally Thursday sessions would attract 24 players every week, and Tuesday’s 48 players  across two hours which would represent roughly a 30% increase.  That scenario might be a way off.  In the meantime let’s continue to enjoy what we do and keep things on  a sustainable footing, with  a responsible attitude towards spending.

Offer alternative types of games.  Play friendly walking football matches between ourselves and with others too.  When we compete in  a wider sense in leagues etc. let’s keep the sense of perspective for which we’ve become known.  Results matter, but nobody is going to lose sleep if they go the wrong way either at Heywood, or in the F.P.L.

We are all winners if we can just keep playing the game.



Alan Richards – Secretary/Co-Treasurer Tameside Striders – D.W.F.G.

___________________feedback or questions WELCOME

Comment or Message
“Good healthy report, thanks to all of Alan’s hard work. I totally agree with the final paragraphs sentiments on how we should be playing. Well done Alan and the committee.” – David Fielding



Bullet points from today’s committee meeting.
Where Chairman Gordon Nixon, Secretary/Co-Treasurer  Alan Richards, David Partington, David Wilson and Colin Fielding convened at 12-15 in the Tameside Stadium Grandstand.

  • – – – –
    Unfamiliar opposition will be sought for a friendly match in July to celebrate the laying of our new pitch.
    It’s thought this will be held on a Thursday AFTER the regular Thursday session. Enquiries ongoing from the Secretary but players need to put their names forward via the website. We need a squad of ten maximum for up to a seven-a-side game, and already have five names. Players do not need to be competitive regulars to volunteer for this game but there will be a cut off point so please apply soon.
  •  – – – –
    The ‘SUMMER 19’Festival will take place in mid to later August. It will involve two pitches back at King Street this year with a small goal format. No goalkeepers but one nominated defender can enter the ‘D’ but not use his hands. Four or five a side teams will consist of mixed ability players and those who consider themselves not quite as skilful as others will be carefully placed. David Wilson was keen to stress the need for this and the committee understood his point. This is the way we were thinking anyway. The emphasis will be on FUN and ENJOYMENT but there will be trophies and medals for the winners on Festival day. Again we seek names and as Gordon Nixon said we cannot plan much unless we get these names. Entry will cost no more than a regular session and the festival will be held on either a Tuesday OR Thursday not decided yet. Again apply via the website news page please – via the feedback box supplied. We will be looking to provide a buffet after the festival and volunteers (beyond the usual suspects) will be sought to make and bring refreshments/sandwiches/cake etc. Money to cover costs will be made available to those willing to do so.
  • – – – – – –
    The Over 65’s campaign at Heywood draws to a close on the 13th. June. Stewart White has withdrawn from the final day but has donated his £5 fee to group funds. Peter Jarvis is injured and has missed two rounds now , Pete has donated the £10 he has paid to the group funds. Alan Richards has not played a single game yet and has donated £15 to the funds. It’s not known if Alan will play on the 13th. However he told the meeting that this Spring League will probably  be the last he is involved with at Heywood. If we continue to field a team at Over 65 level we will appoint a GMWFL Event Player Manager / Secretary if necessary,  who can deal with league matters and team selections.
    ( not discussed at the meeting but there may well be some current Nash Amblers older than 65 now, who may wish to join us.)
  • – – – – –
    The Over 70 campaign concludes a week later on the 20th. June and our involvement looks set to continue into the Autumn under the leadership of Colin Fielding – to be confirmed.
    No decision has yet been made about the future of the Fair Play League although this was discussed briefly. The Secretary explained that we need to make some changes if it’s to go ahead from late September as before, and the delegation of duties was briefly touched upon.
  • – – – – – – –
    Tomorrow (4th. June) should be a D.W.F.G.’s final day at Curzon . I await confirmation tomorrow about THIS coming Thursday 6th. June.
    The meeting concluded in a Grandstand finish at 13.00.



First meeting today was the annual winter get together for the Over 67’s after their game at King Street. There was no need to open the classroom opposite and about a dozen gathered in the dressing room ‘brew-space’ a few were ‘lingering’ on the pitch and attended an hour later instead.
Secretary Alan Richards painted a continued healthy financial picture, considering the group have spent around three thousand pounds on pitch fees, computer equipment and a defibrillator since the A.G.M. last August. We have also topped up our £500 Duchy of Lancaster grant for our hoodies to the tune of almost £400.
The rest of the year sees at least two large purchases in insurance premiums and website hosting costs. The meeting agreed both should be secured from funds.
Two teams have been entered into the Heywood GMWFL at a cost of £286 and this has come not from funds but from the players involved, as explained to the meeting.
It was also accepted that any late call ups to the Over 65 to cover player shortage would not require payment from those called upon to help us out. Both meeting freely accepted this concession.

  • – – – – –
    The Secretary/Co-Treasurer explained that other committee members see photocopies of the monthly bank statement and there are regular deposits. £**** has been deposited into our account since the A.G.M last August.  Current funds hover around £****
    The same facts were presented to the later meeting, attended by a similar number of players . All seemed happy and there were no dissenting voices on the upcoming purchases, or other plans detailed above.
  • +++
    The Secretary concluded that we could well be in a position to provide individual players with more group attire before the end of the year.
    – – – – –
    Regarding the F.A. revised laws and our own version ‘Manchester County F.A.’ laws which have been serving us well.
    Two of the revised laws were put to each meeting.
    First scenario. A goalkeeper pushes a shot over head height. The ball falls behind him and rolls into the empty net. Goal or No goal ?
    Our rules state GOAL. FA Revision says NO goal – reasoning that any over head height ball is immediately deemed ‘dead’.
    A healthy discussion followed in both meetings. In the first , a second vote resulted in a UNANIMOUS eleven vote decision to adopt the F.A. ‘no goal’ rule.
    Oddly (cue twilight zone music) the second meeting UNANIMOUSLY rejected it.. GOAL camed the cry – to  a man in favour of keeping our current rule. As there were twelve people in the second meeting this decision carries for the group as a whole by just one vote. Reasoning – goals are hard to come by AND there is no danger from an over-height ball as only the Goalkeeper is in he ‘D’ area.
    Players for Heywood were reminded to check their new rules and familiarise themselves with them before the competition starts.
    – – –
    The other F.A. law debated was a six second time limit on goalkeepers to rid themselves of the ball and complicated back pass restrictions on who could and who could not play a back pass to the goalkeeper. Both meetings rejected the F.A. law overwhelmingly. We stay as we are and our Referees use their discretion if they see anything untoward in delaying tactics or running down the clock with timewasting tactics and a failure to progress the play.
    The second meeting concluded after that decision was taken.
  • Earlier, under any other business,  the first meting heard a proposal from David Wenham that if any player is absent for several weeks an effort should be made to establish contact and enquire as to their welfare. Described as a ‘pastoral’ role.
    The Secretary explained that not all prolonged absences require an enquiry. Some players do let us know if they are not attending, although they are in  a minority. He went on to say that though he has contact details for all players he cannot lightly hand these out to others. He offered David Wenham a chance to see if the meeting thought the creation of such a ‘welfare related’ role should be put to the meeting. He declined , and the mood of the meeting did not seem receptive to the idea.
  • +++
    The Secretary went on to add ‘we are a walking football group’ and ‘I’m not a social worker’ adding there may well  be exceptions where the welfare of some absentees is investigated – especially regular, longer standing players. The Chairman and Committee members all supported the Secretary’s stance on this. David Wenham’s concern for absent colleagues is understood . However the onus is on them if they want us to know the reasons they are staying away. If there is some serious health reason perhaps their families would let us know if they deemed it important to do so. If this is the case I’m not sure families or individuals would welcome what they may view as prying from a representative of a group of people they might spend just an hour a week with.
    The matter concluded there.
    The efforts of the Secretary were acknowledged by Tony Cravagan. The Secretary included the Chairman and other committee members when he thanked Tony , and others for their appreciation.
    The first meeting concluded at 11.35am.
    The second meeting concluded at 12-30pm
    Note: Signed on members wanting to know what £**** represents please ask me next week.
  • Alan Richards – Secretary/Co-Treasurer


= = = = = =

Thought some might want to see what the new laptop looks like. It’s an ‘Acer Aspire’ with a huge hard drive memory of 2 terrabytes !

welcome screen
start up



The Secretary has produced an end of year report which can be downloaded. 92mb with photo’s.



A summary of the Committee meeting held last Tuesday at Denton:

Five committee members met in Dressing Room No. 3 at King Street.

Chairman Gordon Nixon – Secretary / Co-Treasurer Alan Richards David Wilson David Partington and Colin Fielding.

The Co-Treasurers report was well received and all agreed that finances are relatively healthy and in good order.

End of Year award categories were decided upon.

Denton Thursday Player of the Year
DWFG Over 65 Player of the Year
DWFG Under 65 Player of the Year
Sportsman of the Year – this time committee nominated

Other awards at Committee discretion.

  • – – – – –

Voting needs to be swiftly executed and the Secretary will organise this as quickly as possible. Trophies held by last years winners will need to be returned by the early days of December please , of course they will retain their smaller , replica style  trophies presented last year.
Gordon Nixon and David Partington have agreed to organise the Christmas Party once again. A joint effort including the Ashton group and Curzon looks the likely venue. Last years ‘doo’ was a tremendous success and will live long in the memory.

  • – – – – – –
    The committee authorised the Secretary to purchase a new laptop and associated software for group affairs after listening to the reasons why we need one. This will of course remain the groups property and assist in our unrivalled coverage of group players activities both internally and externally.
  • – – – – –
    Colin Fielding is to under take a feasibility study around entering a team in next years Over 70’s LEAGUE at Heywood. March to June inclusive.
    The matter of catering after the FPL games at Curzon was raised. It’s felt a dialogue is necessary with Mark Bradshaw around possibilities for providing basic food like pies, or chips in gravy after the games at a very reasonable price.
  • – – – –
    The Meeting closed at 11-50am.


Ahead of the A.G.M. next week here is a rundown of where we are as a group….click to open or download please…