STAY TUNED FOR ‘SUMMER 19′ (God  willin’)

Okay, so since typing that comment last August  God has indeed been merciful and we’re all still here given one or two who have fallen away in  a non-literal sense.  Summer NINETEEN is a feint blip on my radar, maybe yours too,  but it’s going to get louder for some of us as summer dawns.

I think we should be  looking for something of a novelty event, that’s fun and DIFFERENT.  I would like to return to Denton , and also employ the small goals. We have two sets which are not doing much at all apart from taking up space in my garage, and Tony Cravagan’s too.   I envisage – of course – bringing the Thursday crew on board for this. I think we could devise a system of say five a side teams scoring outside the ‘D’ only into the mini-goals. Not always easy and takes away the power element because placing the ball is more important.

I’d guesstimate that with some from Ashton interested, twenty odd  from Denton plus at least a dozen from Thursday’s. So we could probably raise eight teams.  Very short games of ten minute duration,  to limit waiting times.

If you think we should stick to what’s familiar and just have a round robin six-a-side competition then please feed that view back.

If you want something different too, but have other ideas please use the box below to communicate. ALL ideas will be shared with a wider audience.  I personally just think we have enough conventional walking football and any ‘festival’ is after all a celebration of the game and should  be a fun couple of hours, nothing more nothing less.  I’d envisage medals for winners and a trophy. What’s your view please?

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With thirty seven YES 37 players turning up for our summer festival two pristine pitches were seeing lots of action but few goals. About five or six games had gone by when Barry Smith struck first. Other goal scorers on the day included Stewart White, Steve Wingrove and Pete Smith. The penalty shoot out was the most common feature. Busy for Goalkeepers, of which we were blessed with one regular, two guests, an ex-pro who take ssome beating and our star striker poacher turned gamekeeper Terry Bertenshaw in the Strider’s goal.
All made for excitement and then some. The weather was largely kind. Summer18 it was and although the elements have been very kind to us this year they reserved a little rain and overcast skies for today but the only thing that suffered was the big whiteboard. . We reverted to paper and a biro in the end.

Most of the games have been captured on video thanks to camcorder operator Eve Richards (who went home with a medal to remind her of her Grandad and his walking football friends one day). Most of you will know it takes a day or two to get video up online (but I’ll do me best to be quick Ed.).
Summing up. It was a quite magnificent sight to see so many older people lining up to play walking football. Well turned out in a variety of quality shirts across the spectrum of colour. What can we say about the surface? Crumbs! That’ll cover it. But looking across that big, glorious expanse of synthetic greenness will have had walking football lovers  salivating at almost two hours ahead.
Goals were hard to come by. Action wasn’t. Good passing for the most part and good movement too. No team was head and shoulders above the rest but the Ambler’s edged a couple in penalty shoot outs. One-nil was the highest margin of victory. Enough ‘Keepers ‘clean sheets’ to keep even Mr.Woo happy. (George Formby reference)….

The class, relative  youth and reflexes of our former professional shone through both between the sticks and from the penalty spot. Precision strikes with the power that eludes many of us these days.
Striders, Badgers, Thursday and Bees hold your heads up high –  your  boys never took one hell of a beating. The Amblers edged victory ’tis true BUT  it was well deserved for John Smith and his men.

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    A complete absence of rancour – one or two decisions were disputed but assertive Referee’s brushed them aside. Some slight confusion at one shoot out but it was soon resolved. A plea for V.A.R.  and goal line technology was heard but soon dismissed.
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    Some good pics coming up on Flickr. <HERE>
  • Thanks to our Referee’s Keith and Garry (happy birthday Keith) Chairman Gordon for presenting the trophies. To Mark Bradshaw and Curzon Ashton F.C. for hosting our special day. To Tony Cravagan and Dave Wilson for the butties. To camera girl Eve Richards.  To all the spectators (most wearing football shirts admittedly) for turning out, and Martyn Heath for limping up to watch us….get well soon Martyn. Peter Jarvis was  spotted in the ‘crowd’ too.   To Tony, John  & Stewart for laundering their team’s shirts. We had injuries to Tony Berry (give it time Tony) , but Dave Fielding seemed to recover from his kick in the b**s quite quickly. A word for our only female Karen – who said she enjoyed the day – a pity the camera missed you almost scoring a goal ! Sorry.

Lessons learned? Whiteboards are useless in the rain ! 

Thanks all . I really enjoyed it. As I said afterwards all the organising in the world amounts to nowt if people don’t turn up.


I’ll be absent the next couple of Tuesday’s at King Street but sessions are  in the more than capable hands of committee men Nixon, Partington, Wilson and Fielding. Enjoy.

P.S. I wasn’t the last to leave but did clean up  a bit – hope the Nash Bar was left looking okay,  and sorry if there were a few un-binned plates.





*FESTIVAL NEWS* Referee Alan Graham has been forced to withdraw due to  a late holiday opportunity. Thankfully, another  Manchester F.A. accredited walking football Referee Mr.Keith Burrows has agreed to take his place. The most important job on the day – no Referee no game! Thanks to Keith who most of us know well, and we wish Alan an enjoyable trip.


Some players will sadly miss the festival due to injury. We wish them well and back playing very soon. Adrian Jones had had eye surgery and cannot think about playing for several weeks. Peter Jarvis will also be absent and Woz Taylor is in Croatia ! The good news is Eric Thomas should be joining Denton Thursday’s squad.


The trophy is here and the winners medals have arrived…


PREPARATIONS ARE WELL UNDERWAY….and the larger of the two new whiteboards is just the job!


















If your name is down for any of these teams and you’re unable to make August 14th. at Curzon 10-00am. please let me know a.s.a.p. – Ed.









John Smith to Captain the Amblers team.






David Partington to skipper the Bees.


+++++++Stewart White will Captain the Badgers





Note: Just spoken to Terry Bertenshaw and he’s happy to play for a Striders team  in the Festival The focus is on selecting mixed ability teams to give each other an enjoyable series of games on the day.

 Colin Fielding will Captain Striders.




The festival will be played on a Tuesday 14th August at Curzon Ashton F.C.

BE THERE FOR 10-00am. PLEASE We will kick off at 10-30am. prompt. There will be five teams and each team will play at least four fifteen minute matches.

Please note: There will be no session at King Street on that day….

These players have signed up to play – if you wish to add your name to the list please make it known…DENTON THURSDAY ARE ALSO TAKING PART – DETAILS OF THEIR SQUAD WILL BE POSTED ON THE DENTON THURSDAY PAGE

Mark Bradshaw is not yet confirmed but we will be asking Mark to play goalkeeper for

The Nash Amblers…..hopefully an offer he will find hard to refuse :-p  🙂

Players will be allocated teams with the onus on mixing abilities to make this an enjoyable day for all. The teams will be selected and published soon.